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Boohoo #nightsbeforexmas

Everyone is saying this but I can't believe Christmas has came upon us so quickly, and now I'm so ready for an amazing Christmas dinner. It's all about the food, right?! Well it's also about the events in my eyes, and I haven't stopped for nights out, work parties, exchanging gifts and of course ticking off every last one of the present list, which I have just about  wrapped up (excuse the pun!).

I haven't had any time off work among this so I have even been tracking my outfits in my phone notes just to be sure I knew what I needed for each night, and of course, wouldn't wear the same thing twice! Boohoo offered me a piece of their #nightsbeforexmas collections, each gathering the essential items for any event, from those festive winter markets to nights out with the girls, aka the night of the year that sequins and sparkles descend. My finger has been hovering over the buy it button of this Alex Faux Fur Tee ever since I realised that fluffy shoes would be a sticky nightmare after wearing to bars! There is something so satisfying about a clean, smart top with such a sweet, unexpected edge, and the fluffy layers are SO festive! For a winter night, it's an elegant alternative from a jazzy Christmas jumper and I managed to mix it in with my work wardrobe too. Fluffy tops have been out for a few months so I will trial this after Christmas and hope it will transition into SS15 too!

Curling with BaByliss Boutique Salon Rollers


Hi gals, happy midweek! I have my work Christmas party approaching and a few nights out planned, although I couldn't really find anything new to wear this season! I've been going all out with hair and makeup instead and even sported an Ariana-style high pony on Friday night. BaByliss recently contacted me about their Boutique Salon Soft Waves styler which I actually already have a version of, so their heated rollers caught my eye instead.

You know I'm a curly girl and straight hair just doesn't suit me - plus my hair doesn't go straight easily! It's almost like it wills me to go curly and often when I'm out and about, people will ask how I curl my hair, which is usually with a curling wand, and I NEVER brush my hair! It's always going to be a little frizzy as the heat takes it's tole, but I do want to explore options other than my uniform tonged curls and try something more effortless and natural looking.

So the Boutique Salon Ceramic Rollers arrived in a huge parcel (which I picked up from the post office during my driving lesson!) and I opened it to reveal this glorious powder pink box. The Boutique collection is all about goddess-like, bombshell looks with a really flawless just-left-the-salon finish, so the gorgeous rose gold accents and illustrations on the box made this seem very special. The actual smooth black set itself isn't too large and houses twelve heated rollers and twelve heated clips. I was ready to read an essay of instructions but the process is so simple that really you just switch on the button and in five minutes, one roller with a red dot turns white and you are good to go! Don't do what I did and wait for the red light on the front of the box to go white and think the set is broken and worry you had to send it back to the PR saying they had sent you a faulty item, haha!

Once discovering the rollers were nicely toasted, I set about curling up my locks. The curlers have a velvety coating so you can actually hold them, unlike the fiery burn of a curling wand. This means your hair can be rolled up delicately around them and the touching strands won't be frazzled, and they can be rolled right up against your head for super volume at the roots. A normal tong can't go too close or you may end up with a side-burn style burn like I was sporting last month - ouch! Sometimes I find that curling my hair only half way does make the curls obviously not natural, so curling right to the roots makes for a much sleeker, seamless look with no kinks. Also if you curl your hair slightly wonky or in the wrong direction with a tong, it almost dries out the hair to that position and if you try curling it again, it just won't go right!

You then take one of the clips from their own heated bars and secure the curler in place, leaving these dual heated pieces to cool down and form your curl. The whole head took me around five minutes and I have a LOT of hair so some of the curlers did come loose. The teeth of the clips aren't very strong so I did worry I would break some of them off when fiddling with my hair at the back, but all were intact and after a few tries to really anchor them in, all the curlers were firmly secure and I got on with some work for around twenty minutes. Here's the frizzy, kinky 'before' picture of my second day hair:

Due to the velvet coating, the curlers slide out very easily and reveal the fluffy, light curls in the left picture below. My hair does look a slightly strange colour here (that blue/green hair dye is still there - argh!) but you can see on the right where I have shaken out the curls a little with my fingers and revealed bouncy, tousled waves. A curling wand just doesn't deliver something as light and voluminous, and so soft! Heated curlers are perfect for fresh every-day hair looks but for night time you could wear them while doing your makeup and then have perfectly sleek curls that can be whipped into any other hairstyle because they have movement, rather than being stiff and dried to a finish. I'm totally going to be using these over the coming months and experimenting with new hairstyles. The set is £37.50 at the moment too, ohlala!

Clothes Show Live 2014 | Harry Styles, Alfie Deyes and The Vlog #2

Hey sweet peas! Ahh putting together these photos made me feel really happy as I had such a good time at Clothes Show Live this year! To fill you in if you are thinking 'woah, what now - a show about clothes!?', the Clothes Show is a shopping event held at a huge exhibition centre with hundreds of brands selling beauty, fashion, hair, and a whole host of fun things. There's also lots of celebrity meet-n-greets, live catwalk shows, model scouting, and a 45 minute arena show with dancers, and most importantly, those topless male models. A teenage dream basically! It's a rite of passage for many Textiles GCSE courses and Birmingham gals alike.

I attended a fantastic Merumaya event last Thursday (more on that tomorrow) and met some of the most fabulous bloggers; especially Hannah of A New Addition, who I have met a few times before. We linked up at the Clothes Show after both planning to get there really early but ending up arriving around midday on Saturday!

As hoards of girls dressed up to the nines stomp through the many walkways of the NEC, the noise of the crowd gets louder and soon enough you start spying many shopping bags and see the heaving halls. I caught a few glimpses of the stands before collecting my snazzy freebie blogger pass and refueling in the press area with Hannah.

We just missed Millie Mackintosh walking in as we set off for the stands. Last year felt much busier and tiring, yet this year's show felt easily browsable but still absolutely full of energy, despite it being the Saturday event. The vibes are very much the feeling you get in a shopping mall but cranked up by a thousand as you get drawn into each stand flaunting new brands or flashing favourite products. As you move around, you see most brands sells bundle offers at highly discounted prices, and funnily enough almost all were £10! It's not hard to grab an offer, but I came away with some magazines with lots of freebies thrown in and a sweet Secret Santa present for a lucky someone in the office. I was tempted by the Rimmel and Models Own goody bags, but I knew I have a bunch of stuff in my makeup collection that I like already of course!

New features to keep your attention high across the entire day were some vlogger and blogger interviews alongside the celeb slots! I'm loving Fleur De Force's vlogs at the moment so would have really liked to see her talk, but Alfie Deyes was interviewed on the Saturday, and Hannah and I marvelled at the teenage audience all thrusting their phones in the air to get a blurry shot of the millionaire heart throb. We bumped into lovely blogger Karina too!

We then topped up our rainbow hair with HairFX and came away with a rainbow selection of colours! Why I didn't use these when I dyed my ends blue a few weeks ago I do not know as they are still so green. Disaster!

Soon enough it was time to hit the fashion arena and we got to troop to some seats at the very front, which made for perfect six pack viewing! After Rick Edwards pumped up the crowd and Jetta blasting out a tune, the show kicked off with a mixture of high octane hits, serious dance moves, catwalk strutting, and those half naked men coming very close to us at the end of the catwalk, hallelujah! The 45 minute show absolutely flew by as you were caught up by every back flip, sashay, and embellished outfit. I felt really ready to hit the town that evening as it was such fun to watch!

I did vlog the weekend below so do check out the show section and I hope you enjoy watching!

December Mood Board

Hey y'all! So you might be wondering 'hmmm, I wonder how that gal got on with those style promises for November?' Well I'm right here to tell you and indeed my November mood board spurred me on for a fun month, style-wise. I decided against buying even more jeans as my current ripped pair only just poke out under my long camel coat. With 'trendy' items I would not buy more than one item, so I'll stay satisfied with the Topshop Jamie Jeans I have now, even if the rips are small. If you keep buying and buying, it makes you feel like you have less things!

I actually did add some blue to my curls but it has faded to a turquoise, which I don't mind but it literally. Won't. Go! Eight washes later and it remains... watch this space. For nails, I did go for a matte look and I haven't got bored, and I did buy those Missguided lace up heels when they came back into to stock, but the stiletto heels were SO high and spindly that one lean sideways and you would be in trouble. They were sadly returned!!

So for December, it is of course the old Christmas shenanigans of expensive nights out, work Christmas parties where you aren't quite sure what is 'appropriate' attire, and tricky New Year's Eve! However this year my friends and I have planned to party at home to avoid overpriced NYE and have one big night out for the festive season. I already have quite a few outfits I could wear that haven't had much of an outing this year! I am currently looking for a top to wear for my work Christmas party as I have a few options but don't fancy getting my midriff out with a crop top! Outfit-wise I'm just liking jeans and a simple turtle neck at the moment with my long camel coat, but I do think coats look great styled up like the outfits above with heels.

For hair, I still want to try a sleeker style, but I don't know if I have the right face shape! That or super curly while I have more blonde in my hair. I love blonde curls. For makeup, I want lots of lashes with a hint of gold shadow and a matte, statement red or berry lip. Any nude shades can be kicked into the new year as there's nothing like a bold lip at Christmas time!

I didn't include any nails because I just don't know what to go for next week. Maybe 'negative space' aka a portion left unpainted, and a glitter or metallic jewel colour. I really need to decide what I am definitely wearing for the month and I did pull out all of the options from my existing wardrobe, but will have another check across the shops before I decide there really is nothing out there I fancy buying!