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Ohhh it's nearly the end of the week! Another one flies by, and I'm looking forward to February fun (and pay day!) while trying to resist thinking about my SS15 wardrobe too much. It's just not warm enough to invest in any of the new trends on the high street yet and then spoil them with a gigantic coat, but I might think about some transitional trends to try for Feb - Apr. My most worn clothes are for work though and it's not the place to make a fashion statement, but I'm feeling a '70s blouse maybe.

Otherwise, the weekends are free for me to wear anything I fancy, even though I don't do much in the day time aside from running errands. If I do find myself meeting friends, shopping or doing anything out of the ordinary, I would spend about an hour on my makeup, catching up on YouTube videos as I go.

My hair does look every colour under the sun in these photos but it is more of a sandy colour all over in real life. I do have a hair appointment at the end of the month as I want it to be more of a uniform colour, plus I've just about got rid of these darn blue bits! I dyed a few strands blue in November and they are still tinged with green! The dye said 2-10 washes but proved absolutely indestructible! 

So in the week I wear just foundation, concealer, mascara and a touch of blush or bronzer - literally! I feel like nowadays makeup has streamlined as much as it has exploded, so on one side we are all contouring and over-lining out pouts, but the other side means heavy eye kohl and mahogany fake tan is never to be seen. I'm totally comfortable without eyeliner, even though a few years ago I would not have felt complete without any! However a weekend is a totally different story and I do break out my favourite items. Here's the recent run down...

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - I had used up a few samples of Benefit POREfessional and found this primer in a Superdrug deal. It's more of a silicone gel formula than Benefit's cult offering so it goes a long way and leaves a noticeable base. I wouldn't rave about it but otherwise I do still find applying heavier foundations to just-moisturised skin to be a little patchy.

Sleek I Divine Pallette in Storm - I've had this palette for so long and it really prevents me from wanting a Naked palette as the shimmer and matte nude shades are all gorgeous. The additional jewel toned brown, copper and rust colours are my go-to for a more lavish look and I wear these in the crease to frame my eyes, plus a touch along the lash line.

L'oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara - This is a repeat buy of what I felt was an amazingly lengthening mascara for serious doll eyes. However my second tube did not agree with my eyes and left them super dry. My lashes started breaking off and I have ended up with a few stubby parts. Since moving onto a Benefit They're Real sample I had stashed away, the problem has stopped!

MAC quad with Orb, Kid, Swiss Chocolate and Corduroy - I've used this palette for my brows for the longest time! I would only use the shades on my eyes for a super matte look, but for brows I mix the colours to get a suited shade and use a stiff angled brush with a small handle.

MAC Harmony Contour Powder - Tanya Burr always raved about MAC Harmony and when it was used in a MAC makeover I one had, I knew it would be a worthy staple product. After using a heavy foundation, this adds the dimension back to your face and is never a conflicting colour to any look. Great for pale gals.

Illamasqua Sculpting Powder Duo - Oh horror of horror, I dropped this and the highlighter smashed! Well I actually smashed the powder when out and about but it was all still all inside of the case, so I vowed to use it carefully at home. Then I went ahead and knocked it off my makeup shelves, covering the floor in shimmer - great! Goodbye beautiful highlight. If I didn't already have a few highlighters, I would definitely buy this again. I do have the contour powder intact though and it's a lovely rich, warm brown that really warms up your look. I wouldn't use it all over the face but save it for some life to my cheeks.

Rimmel Lip Pencil in Addiction - This lip combination may seem a bit odd but stay with me. I've been looking for the perfect matte rose colour and purchased MAC Chili. This is too orange so I layer it with this Rimmel deep rose lip liner to counteract this.  Then to tone down the brightness of the lipstick, I added a touch of the MUA Luxe Velvet Matte Lip Lacquer in Tranquility. I should have bought MAC Retro lipstick I think but it wasn't in stock and Chili looked like the shade I wanted. Oh the error of testing lipsticks on your hand!

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