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The £16 outfit

Happy Monday all! I have a disjointed week as I have some work events and one part of tomorrow is a visit to the Sea Life Centre aquarium! I visited for the launch of their penguin attraction through work too but I am rather excited to go to the depths of the sea again, even though the shark tunnel is so freaky! This early end to the day also gives me chance to get my nails and brows done straight after, which I usually only have Saturdays as my window to do so.

I wanted to tell you about a recent bargain of an outfit and share a few money saving tips. For the past few years I have really homed in the way I spend my money and do live quite frugally. I know what it's like to be the blogger to impose those month-long no spending bans and 'must use up all of my products' resolutions, but essentially it does not work. I suppose it's a bit like dieting, where you can't actually make a lifelong change if you only make temporary, radical plans.

My main prerogative style-wise at the moment is having an inspirational and forward-thinking look in mind, and reminding myself of that when I go shopping. You can see from my Tumblr it's a mix between Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner really! When I find myself pondering over a bracelet on a sale rack or walking into Topshop and being hit with so many trends I am so not up to date with, I remember my inspirational themes and know I am focusing towards my own look.

This also helps when it comes to sales, discounts and flash offers. When a brand emails you a coupon code, you should only need to check out the store to see if something you were about to purchase anyway is in the deal. This is my bugbear with loyalty points cards - you have to spend money to 'save' money! You don't actually make any money so you almost 'fail' if you don't spend! It's better to not spend anything than make back a few pennies.

Alas I frustrate myself because we are all working or studying to be able to buy ourselves lovely things, treats experiences anyway, so by all means you should spend how you wish. However if you are spending yourself into debt or using shopping as a way to cure self esteem or fill a gap, you'll always be going around in circles of guilt. You want to be able to spend without the guilt! Just being conscious of this can help you control your spending more and allow you to still be frivolous in fun and non-detrimental ways.

Recently I practiced this when finding some total bargains to fill gaps in my wardrobe. I have two pencil skirts which I have worn to death so needed a little wardrobe injection to be able to mix and match a few new outfits. It was around the time of Black Friday sales which I avoided as I wasn't planning on buying anything at the time, but I saw on Facebook that Missguided were throwing a £5 sale from 10am - 12pm on the Sunday morning. I scooped up six items including some Christmas stocking fillers and this khaki set. I haven't worn the top and skirt together yet but it is such a chic yet different outfit, and I've worn the skirt twice already. The rouched material is so unique and it has a flattering sheen.

On the pictured night, I went for drinks with friends and it was a rather chilly night, so I wore this roll neck top I got for £3 in Lidl. Seriously! I go food shopping there because they have such a good selection of veg and fresh fish, and they often have a menagerie of random homewear and sometimes a few clothing items. This turtle neck was just touted as a 'ladies top' in a wrapper with a cheesy stock photo and unlike the skimpy, cropped ones on the highstreet, this one is a soft, opaque fabric with a truly chunky roll neck and decent length. I tucked it into the skirt and voila, you would never know it was from Lidl! I can even wear this for work.  The further £8 was spent on some New Look heels I got a while ago in their sale. I always find New Look have great shoes that you never notice or aren't available everywhere, so it's effective to browse all of the odd shoes on the shelves of their sales and unearth treasures.

It does make me wince that some shops now sell 'going out' outfits for £100+ when a lot of us don't want to wear the exact same outfit twice; especially a statement one. I never used to mix and match but now I get full use out of my separates. I also included the outfit in a vlog which was really funny to watch when editing as believe it or not, the graffiti background walls were in front of the toilets of a bar, and every time a dude came out of the men's loos, my friend turned the camera on them and so I've got loads of footage of men looking really taken aback and walking away really confused! It sounds ridiculous but there is nothing like being silly with your friends.

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