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Beauty From Within: #SaveOurSkin

As part of my insider beauty quest - believing that results can come from within - I've been trialling a few new supplements. I'm don't eat meat so I need to take B12, and I've been under the weather recently so it's plenty of zinc and Vitamin C for me. I've been tentatively researching pill popping vs. solutions without getting too deep into the latest claims and spin stories, especially as the new 'working woman' should be juicing, jogging and meditating basically every day. The funny thing is that taking care of yourself actually doesn't take up too much time and the more simple, the better! If it's filling up a water bottle or a 45 minute exercise class, it all works. I was sent this Vitamin C supplement so wanted to share with you a straight-forward alternative to tablets. One shot of these babies a day and hello scrumptious skin. The big V.C. also naturally boosts collagen, and the gel formula hits the blood stream straight away so I'll be helping my skin as well as my tired body. I'm going on holiday this week (eeek!) and after pouring all of my savings ever into it, I'm putting 100% into feeling better ASAP. Here we go!