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The Bodyguard @ Hippodrome Theatre | Birmingham Life


Oh wow! I had the pleasure of attending the press event of The Bodyguard last week and it was just the most amazing evening. Accompanied by my nan of course, we were delighted to head to the Hippodrome and get one of the hottest tickets in town. I attend concerts, festival and shows all the time and try to go on as many holidays as I can because life is all about having something to look forward to and experience, and this West End show is the absolute shiny star of Birmingham right now. 

Romantic, thrilling and often startling, the love story of Rachel Marron and her secret agent-turned-bodyguard Frank Farmer is intertwined with the lurking stalker, lit in dark corners of the stage at the most unexpected moments. Rachel's sister peppers the show with Whitney Houston's most heartbreakingly beautiful songs, but Alexandra Burke absolutely brings the show to the highest standard with an incredible performance that manages to stand out above the drama of the storyline and breathes such passion into the show. I often find stage shows can be static in parts and once a scene is set, the parameters of the action is set, whereas the production of The Bodyguard is a fluid movement across different acts with intertwining sets, solos and montages that meant you never took your eyes off the stage and the interval ice cream time came in  flash! And that is without mentioning the amazing range of Whitney Houston's greatest hits and how incredible Alexandra Burke's voice and performances are. The audience went from transfixed to a standing (and then dancing) ovation of which I've never seen before,

It's also worth noting my nan has limited mobility and our aisle side seats were roomy and comfortable, and the Hippodrome has no issue with those pesky theatre drafts. My nan was a bit nervous about sitting for a long time but she had no issues and had an absolute blast - and has told all of her friends! Thank you to Hippodrome for a fabulous evening.


Edit: New dates have been added for September!

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