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Fusion Festival 2015!

My festival mood board sure came in handy as I went to not one but two festivals this year. 4Music offered a pair of tickets to Fusion Festival and I grabbed my festival friend for a day of music and dancing. Festivals are such a mood-booster as there's nothing like sharing live music with thousands of others, plus a chance to hang out with friends all day and wear a cute outfit of flower crowns and glitter tattoos that would be wholly inappropriate for any average Saturday. I said in a previous post how it's essential to have dates in the calendar to look forward to and Fusion Fest. falls on the Bank Holiday - perfect timing!

Cofton Park is only 15 minutes on the train from Birmingham city centre and is minus all of the camping horrors, as I found the weekend before in the soggiest tent that ever existed. We cruised into the fest with iPhone weather promising clear skies each hour, and there's something so satisfying to be outdoors all day in the sunshine.


We were delighted to head straight to the VIP section with a huge canopy bar area full of comfy soft seats and high bar tables to perch at, plus the heavenly clean toilets. I cannot look at another port-a-loo again! I've never done VIP at a festival apart from when I scored a backstage pass, and it's so nice to sit on something comfortable and have no queues!

We chose a Vimto Sunrise from the Vimto bar that was totally delicious - I love pineapple! - and I'll definitely be making that again. Determined to sample all of the music on offer, as I love seeing acts and artists that you are only just familiar with, we sat back to enjoy Ella Henderson at the main stage.


Fusion Fest is super youthful and cool, with plenty of teens and families alike enjoying the ice creams and laid-back vibes. The food stalls are a notch up from any festival grub I've seen before, with a few quirky vans like the No Dog Quorn offering below! I am going to have a bash at a few of these myself for a quick lunch.


Sigma was up next and had everyone jumping, and we soon retreated back to the VIP area for a a break in the comfy lounge and a sample of a Vimhito, with extra bon bons! Some guys asked if they could sit at our table and when I asked about their press lanyards, it turned out the were Facebook millionaires (in terms of likes, not pounds!) and were going on stage with The Vamps the next day. Complete with manager and body guard (really) we joked around that they must be members of The Vamps as we'd never heard of them (lolz) and recommended a few places to go out later. As someone who has the full time job but blogs on the side for love rather than a career aim, it was interesting to meet people doing it as their main income. You can see the guys in my vlog below, and they get mega points for thinking we were in their main 16-24 age bracket of fans!


We were soon back in front of the stage for the final acts of Labrinth, who was truly a master of the crowd and can jump at least 7 feet in the air...


... and Rudimental, who I have seen a few times before and love the live band set-up and how they bring on a host of different singers. Such feel-good music!


It was such a fun day and so effortless; it was as easy as popping down to the park and stumbling across some of the best stage acts out there. 4Music will be showing the highlights of Fusion Fest in the 90 minute show ‘Fusion Festival 15: The Best Bits’ on Saturday 5th September from 3pm (Freeview channel 18, Sky 360 and Virgin 330), featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage, including backstage performances and interviews with the acts. Enjoy my vlog below too and see the pranking in action! Muhaha...

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