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Boohoo set me a challenge to choose a celebrity icon and pick a favourite look to recreate. This was a task I could certainly taken on but who to choose? Who do I look towards? Well in truth, the styles I stalk are those of my favourite bloggers, vloggers, and Instafamous gals. Sometimes I'm blown away by how these people can look so damn put together every other day but when you have the incentive of being a full time blogger or in a career that gives free self-expression, you do live for what you wear. When I used to work in fashion we could literally wear absolutely anything, from tiny crop tops to mesh to bodycon, whereas now I can't even show my upper arms! So I live vicariously through my favourite Instagram accounts on a daily basis as I commute in my office attire, and the weekend is my time to break free. I went through a phase of stepping out of the fashion leagues and buying a few things I really loved, but accepting that no matter how many fashion purchases I made, I'd never have chance to wear them! However I've slowly learnt to find joy in the clothes I buy for work and home in on buying some fierce weekend-wear, so every time Saturday rolls around, my only option is to dress in something damn fine.

Weekend evenings have never let me down though, and over the past year or so my hem lines have came down but my desire to wear something a little bit different has increased. And so enters some of my favourite Instagrammers (style wise that is, I follow a million people I love) who I often stalk, of course, but also pick out just why they look so good. It's the super curly hair, statement curves or the man-repeller heels (although I'm not 100% sold on that term as any man who passes comment on your style should always be repelled), 


missjoslin || amrezy || xanetia_unnarae || spikesandsequins || _nataaalie || x_carms

I hope you can discover a few of the girls above for flawless, endless inspiration! As for myself, I have been stalking the boohoo Kirsty-Ann dress for multiple weeks and it came out in this berry red shade. Gorgeous! I teamed it with super dark lips, lace up heels and a top tail, but I'm thinking next time it could even be added to knee high cage heels or slicked back hair. It's carefully concocting a recipe of different style elements that might be slightly off the radar but somehow clash in a good way, and committing. I'm still getting back into my stride but I have booked another holiday destination - I swear I save £££ by having my job as my boyfriend - and I've stashed away so many things from the boohoo summer sale including maxi dresses, kimonos and boohoo Night dresses like these. Watch this space!


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