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High Definition Brows @ Benito Brow Bar, Debenhams


Did you know HD Brows is actually a brand and not just a treatment to get those brows on fleek? Well I've experienced a brow revolution and now I'm worshipping at the alter of brow benefits. I get my brows trimmed and threaded every month and there's nothing like the sleek transformation they give to not only your face but also the way your makeup looks. A tidy brow means a tidy look. There's an ahhh-mazing Polish salon near me that has the best brow gal who charges just Ā£3 but I'm never in that area so I'll just get them done at my nail salon. There's no direction there though and while I am left with neat brows, you don't get the custom look that you get at a dedicated brow bar. The way they are shaped determines how they then grow, so a qualified brow professional will encourage and cultivate your brows to grow into the shape that best defines your features.


High Definition is the brand that started the brow craze and they recently collaborated with Benito Brow Bar in Debenhams, Bullring. I had the premium brow treatment and it has literally transformed my look from the 3-week-post-threading version above to the defined sisters below. There is no 'one shape fits all' treatment here; my Elite HD brow stylist carefully tinted, waxed, threaded, plucked, trimmed away to reveal a set worthy of any Instagram close up.


A life transformation may be a little extreme of a description but I've absolutely reaped so many benefits of having such defined and groomed brows. My beauty buddy Georgie always sang the praises of brow tinting as you wake up already feeling made up, but brows are such a natural part of a beauty routine that it's not comparable to fake lashes or makeup tattoos. They subtly frame your eyes and nod to your cheek bones, lifting your face shape, and if dyed correctly, the colour should compliment your eye and hair colour. When I look in the mirror first thing in the morning and attempt to get from the 'head smooshed into the pillow' look to 'fresh-faced and professional' and out the door by 7.32am (the 2 minutes is very important), my face already looks ready and presentable.
My brow artist explained how she had left certain areas to grow while trimming others in order to start to achieve the new shape naturally. She also showed where any make up was applied, which you can pick up from High Definition's own range. I've had my brows tinted at high street salons before and the dye has faded after a few face washes, but these brows still stand strongly a few weeks later. There are also no signs of needing to get them redone any time soon but I'm definitely going to book in again before my Abu Dhabi/Dubai holiday as they are perfect for a pool-side no-makeup look.


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