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On a weekend you'll find me in rather a few too many taxis as my heels are not made for pavements, but I've never been in a taxi quite like this! A few lucky black cabs were treated to a Charlotte Tilbury makeover in aid of the Selfridges Live + Loud event and the email jumped out as a great way to get to know a brand I've never really tried. If only you could jump in every taxi, have a fabulous make-over and then come out the other side looking glam! Well the #TilburyTaxis offer just that when they pop up across cities, and my blogger credentials meant I had an appointment nice and early on Saturday morning to experience a complimentary quick trick by one of Charlotte's backstage Lead Artists Julia. I heard the appointments got booked up like hot cakes so I arrived fresh faced and ready to experience something magical.


Now truth be told, I've never 'got' Charlotte Tilbury. The first time I explored the brand, the make up artist told me that Charlotte herself feels she has to always wear black eyeliner because she's a redhead and has fair skin. Now I'm a redhead with fair skin and I don't feel I have to, so that comment always stuck in my mind and whenever I pass the counter, I always think of it. I dabbled in the brand by purchasing Pillow Talk lip liner after Amelia Liana raved about it, and yes it is the most perfect pouty 'my lips but so much better' colour. At night I find it too pink but in the daytime it really enhances your make up to the most gorgeous level with just a sweep of the pencil. I checked out the Norma Parkinson collection launch too and that's where I just didn't feel the brand was for me. I put it in the box that I consider Benefit in - it's all about the brand. It's the packaging, the product names and the 'magical' effects that they promise that my sceptical side feels are a bit excessive. They fit perfectly into the world of marble beauty blogger photos, but I always feel to me that the most important thing when buying make up is the shade and finish on your own face, and it makes me feel dizzy when the fancy names and decadent packaging gets in the way. I feel I'm just being sucked in by the noise around the product rather than the actual thing!

But how many people rave about Charlotte Tilbury? Possibly every single blogger. So I have been itching to have a makeover at CT as you know that I usually always trial products at counter makeover appointment where you can redeem the cost. A qualified makeup artist hand-picking the shades and products for you is so important to me as you never know how something will look for certain before you've parted with your cash. My funds have been put towards different brands this year though, and so having this makeover was definitely a test for me. Could I be a Tilbury girl?

The answer is yes or else I wouldn't be writing this post! Charlotte Tilbury has a range of set make up looks where you can purchase the products as a set in a box. These have the hefty price tag of around £200 and a make up artist once told me that a gentleman selected a set for his wife, mistress and daughter one Christmas, choosing a suited look for each! My make up artist Julia was so sweet and was really excited to get started, as was I! Once I stepped into the taxi, I got swooped into the hype, with the mirrored draw stack full of the products awaiting. We chose the Vintage Vamp look, using antique gold and deep rouge tones for the classic siren look, swapping smoky shades for deep brown liner and rust eye shadow.


And predictably I'm hooked! From talking to Julia, I learned that as Charlotte is such a well known and acclaimed make up artist, she would never put her name to any product that was not of a superbly high standard. After experiencing the range, the high price tags are justified in my eyes, which were framed in the most beautiful shades from the Vintage Vamp Luxury Eye Palette. That palette is what dreams are made of! I love the Barbarella Brown eye pencil too and the pop of ruby red blush in Love is the Drug. I really think I need to get this lip combo of Night Crimson Lipstick, Savage Rose Lipliner and Unleash Me Lip Lacquer. If only I wasn't going on a super expensive holiday next week!


I did walk away with a few products and let me tell you, the £58 dent in my purse was definitely noticed. However I really was in love with these items and they were on my shopping list that day. They're not in a famed colour but it was the quality of all of the products that really made their mark for me. The Airbrush Flawless Finish powder was SO fine yet made such a difference. It felt like absolutely nothing on my skin yet did all the work of a heavy duty powder. A dust of this on your brush leaved a feather light layer to set your make up beautifully. I can't believe how great it looks without any cake. The Retoucher just seemed the perfect concealer. Hydrating, smoothing, pigmented, this was created by Charlotte to take out imperfections at the most close-up photoshoots. I am a little sceptical about pen packaging and I think it can conceal only a small amount of product, but so far it's a dream to use. I've been saving these for nights out and weekend looks, and even kept them in the boxes - such respect! I'm excited to feel part of the Tilbury gang now and will be scoping out the rest of the products for the Christmas party season.

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