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Hair Thoughts: Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Curling Wand


I've always felt like a 'hair girl' as I'm lucky to have a few traits that on the one hand are awesome. but they could also be considered as not so heaven-sent. Super thick hair that raises even a hairdresser's eyebrows is a money-can't-buy thing but it also means it takes me at least 40 minutes to do a 'quick' blow dry that inevitably ends up five times bigger in the morning. By big I mean it has layers and layers of volume and texture, so there's never any need for extensions but also it's a one way ticket to frizzville in rain. The dry texture means I will never have the sleekest locks, but whatever I do to it will stick. Curls will last days and days until they are washed out, and I only need to wash my hair every four days as it doesn't go greasy, just frizzier and dryer! So I have no hair complaints but it is work, and I wouldn't change it as you should always count your blessings. I wouldn't change anything about myself as I try to work with what I've got, and remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not an industry standard rule book!

I've really been pondering recently how individuality is actually hard to form or indulge in today as there is so much inspiration and trend saturation out there. With Instagram, Tumblr, blogging and vlogging, it feels like I'm gulping in other people's style in droves rather than considering myself as a blank canvas and exploring my own style. You know I'm a huge Tumblr fan and I feel like my choices are a mash up of those already made by others, but I try to also tune into what I gravitate towards naturally. There's no feeling like an item or product or look that is just at one with your vibe, and you unashamedly feel aligned with it, no matter who you've seen in it before or how it fits with any pretension you are trying to achieve. I don't feel shallow talking about hair in this sense as throughout history hair has prevailed as a key characteristic of times and eras gone by, and it's high up in my life of importance. Having curly hair just feels like me, it just gives me life

Like Samson, my hair is the source of my sense of self, and recently I've been through a few changes. After having ginger hair for most of my life and having endless strangers commenting and hairdressers running out of salons, I went from an on-trend bright red to a caramel version of my natural colour, and now I've got blonder at each root touch-up. I've always had blonde hair in my mind as a look that I love but I could never purposely become a blonde. I feel like being blonde is an earned title and I had to warm into it, literally. I'll never suit platinum locks but I've got honey streaks now and I think blondes look AMAZING with curly hair! The image of blonde ringlets has always been in my mind when imagining the colour. It could be because most blondes don't go for curly dos, and in fact a lot of people don't go for a super curly head of hair. This could be because curls are hard to keep intact for some or it's considered a less sleek look. I feel curls give you an energy, presence and confidence that you can't convey otherwise.

I have been using the Enrapture Totem tong for around three years and it sadly broke recently. Once you have to position the wire in a certain way for it to switch on, it's time to get rid! It had a good run and gave me solid, chunky curls with good lasting power. I didn't use the whole 1-2-3 system, I just cranked the barrels to the highest no.3 heat settings. I alternated this with the Babyliss Diamond Waves wand which gives very natural waves that soften as the day goes on. Other bloggers may agree that when your inbox is lucky enough to be filled with blogger requests, something you can bide your time and a post you had in mind will come to life through a well-timed email. I needed a straight tong back in my life after I said goodbye to the Enrapture offering and I went back and forth across websites. As I was about to bite the bullet, an email pinged into my inbox and I was offered a product from Irresistible Me to try and I found the curler of my dreams. The curler of any girl's dreams! It shall be known as THE curler. Because curling wands begin and end with this item. Oh my gosh!


Yes this curler is basically EIGHT curlers in one. The Sapphire Curling Wand has eight different interchangeable barrels that click straight into the base and are ready to go. From bouncy, natural texture from the 32mm barrel to corkscrew curls from the 13mm, to those soft 70's waves from the pearl, the possibilities are endless. The set comes in a roll up case so they all fold up into a space smaller than a shoebox too. As someone that likes to think they travel a fair amount, this is so handy! 


And this isn't mentioning the quality of the wand. I have received so many compliments over the past few weeks because not only am I showing off some serious curls, but they are sleek and shiny. This is down to the negative irons from the tourmaline and ceramic barrels - the natural positive charge that hair has causes dryness, and negative ions smooth down the hair cuticle, cutting down on the frizz. I had dinner with friends on Friday and my bae Melissa out of the blue said "I'm using your hair curler in Dubai OK", and she didn't even know I had a new one! My friends are going to freak when I bring this baby on holiday, I'm sure there will be a queue to use it!


It also has a digital screen so you can literally watch the numbers go up to as high as 230C within seconds. The blue base is very light and quite short so you're not manoeuvring a huge appliance to odd angles around your head, causing aching arms. I cannot sing the praises enough and I am already planning my holiday hair styles to go with each of my outfits. Is that sad? I live for holiday planning!! I took a bunch of photos of my hair too but they just did not do the effects justice! I wasn't happy with them so I made a fun video below - you can see just how far this tong goes, and how my hair began as puffy and dull. I cannot sing the praises enough and can't wait to try out more of the barrels. Bring it on!

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