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Palette Profile: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk

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In the past 12 months or so, I've gone a little nuts for eyeshadow palettes. With 500+ makeup screenshots saved on my phone, there's always a new colour combination I need to try, and any makeup hoarder will know that a "similar" shade just will not cut it (or cut the crease shall we say).

I've also grown to appreciate how palettes are designed as a family of shades, and generally sticking to the curated selection will mean all colours work and blend together seamlessly, resulting in that dream of wearing ten different shades without looking like a clashing rainbow. You can dive in and dabble without very much planning, and only need one set for a whole week when travelling.

It just so happens too that the current trend for pinks, purples, warm oranges and reds are totally my shades. Each palette offers a billion new looks and once received, I'll be absolutely scrolling through hashtags and searching YouTube for tutorials, fawning over my new obsession. I'm going to start a series of posts called Palette Profiles to share my favourites and not-so favourites with you. I'm totally an enabler! 

First up is the shining star of my palette collection right now: the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. At a hefty £50+, this bad boy offers a range of 18 matte, pearl, duo-chrome and glitter shadows in opulent sunset hues, each almost 1 gram, plus a hugeee mirror. 

Huda5 (3)

Starting with the mattes, they do air on the chalky side but a tacky primer will allow you to pack them on and maximise on the warm peach of Eden, the coral pop of Saffron or the surprisingly flattering orange Blazing. This palette offers the ultimate rose gold eye! Amethyst is by far my favourite though as it's so hard to make a magenta classy rather than barbie.

Cosmo is a satisfyingly chunky glitter that definitely needs the aid of a wet brush or balm.  I've dabbled in the pearls as a contrasting layer over the lid and inner corner, with Twilight and Retrograde lighting up any look without being frosty.

Huda6 (2)

Here are a few (rather filtered) looks I've pulled from the past few months, from deep purple to a fiery sunset. If you're thinking 'oh that bottom right picture looks ten times better than the rest' it's because I had my makeup done by a local artist to get some new inspiration and damn, those brows were amazing! She used the rose shades and a gold pigment for a sparkling lid, plus heavy winged liner that I never thought I could pull off. I did inquire about a Huda makeover but the new counter in Selfridges Birmingham only offered foundation matching at the time as they were so busy! I really want to do the full sunset package next with the burnt oranges and bright purples, so I'll need to hit YouTube!

Despite the price, this really is a shape-shifting palette for bold looks. The colours will surprise you and it is much easier to use than you would assume at first look. If you like playing with colour and going to town on the eyes, you definitely need this to complete your palette arsenal. Thank me later!

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