30 Day Clothing Challenge

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 29

    29. Something from your favourite store

 This was a tough question!! I can't decide if my favourite store is H&M or River Island, but if River Island had H&M's price points, it would seal the deal. I do have a soft spot for River Island as I worked there as an SA for nearly a year, and I love going in and seeing the new or move-on lines and how they are merchandising the store. I got this black maxi skirt with slits up the sides for only £20 a few weeks ago and it is a staple already! It goes with everything! I wear maxi skirts SO MUCH it is unreal. Well fitting trousers are too hard to find and it's too hot for tights yet. I got this Forever 21 top when I visited home for the birthday and it's my favourite at the moment; a bit Wildfox inspired I think!

I also snapped up these boots of PERFECTION in River a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for some chunky ankle boots with a little heel but all the nice ones in Topshop are sold out or are too expensive. These aren't real leather so they were only £40! They're hanging them on the clip hangers so move quickly because I predict these will sell out at that price. They are so comfy too! I can't wait to wear them with tights so I definitely need to bust out my huge bag of a million tights ready for a few weeks time.

It's been extremely busy at work at the moment so I haven't had much time to blog and I am having huge sleeping problems as I'm sure I heard a mouse in my room at 5am on Tuesday! I stayed in my housemate's spare bed and last night too but he is not in tonight so I am braving my room! I am listening out to every little sound and am definitely not paying rent until it is sorted; our neighbours had pest control in yesterday so I'm thinking they will all visit our house instead aaaaargh!!!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 28

    28. Something that is your favourite brand

Wow this challenge is nearly over! Not that I completed it in anywhere near only 30 days but I got to about 19 without stopping I think. It's been fun but it's definitely a challenge. I'm not sure what I'll post after now...!

Sometimes I don't have chance to take photos in the morning as usually there's time for just breakfast or an outfit video/picture. As breakfast is made first, it usually wins! But I thought I'd show you how I take photos now that I've got a a really big room. I have a mirror that my Mom got when my bedroom in Birmingham was made-over. It's from Habitat I think and covered in gorgeous fabric. It's balanced on my heater thing so I just put my tripod in front of it so I can see the camera reflection in the mirror to check I'm roughly in the frame. When I make YouTube videos, I have to prop a mirror behind my camera so I can see; really need a flip one! It's really annoying that I can't upload any videos at the moment as I'm on BT Openzone right now but I'll maybe go to a cafe with wifi this weekend.

I almost forgot the question! Here I'm wearing a dress from of course my favourite brand, Motel. The 'favourite store' question is tomorrow but as for brands, I can't not say Motel as I work there! But my wardrobe of their/our stuff is proof enough that they/we make killer dresses that are hot bodycon but aren't made of cheap material that shows all the outlines of your underwear! That is the true test of a good bodycon dress for me. This is the Alexa Dress in a gorgeous lace 3D pattern with a white silk collar but sadly it's not on sale anymore! However it kind of makes me wish I worked somewhere really corporate as it's very 'smart' but feels super hot on! Will look into more pencil dresses. This is my 11th Motel item!

I love walking to work along with everyone else walking to work in the morning and wondering what all these people actually do! Like when you're a student, I've barely seen any young children in weeks! Really looking forward to the weekend as there's a girly housemate night out on the cards for Saturday night, so I'll spent Friday night and Saturday pampering and planning for the week ahead! I'm planning on buying loads of fruit and veg and whizzing it all up with my new hand blender. I made a peach, banana and spinach smoothie today inspired by Laura and it was fabulous! You eat so many great raw things in one go and barely notice. 

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 27

    27. An outfit you are ashamed to say you wore

Today's challenge is a little self demeaning I think! I know we all have fashion horror stories but the way I used to look does haunt me a little so I try not to be mean to myself! At the time I loved fashion and style but now I feel like I know much more about what suits me. I wouldn't go back and change anything but my fresher's year might have been easier if I knew how to blow dry my hair and not straighten it all the time, and knew which killer dresses to buy. Then again, back then bodycon dresses and all sorts of things didn't even exist in fashion!

So I took a trip down memory lane to fondly look at some really old outfits on the blog. I'm not ashamed as each was great at the time! I still think I dress similarly in the way that I always choose something a bit special to me to wear each day, so each outfit has a reason or thought behind it. I definitely wear less no vintage now and dress a bit more grown up!

These outfits were from my first year of university in 2007 in the bathroom I shared with about seven other girls! I used to sneak in quickly as, if someone would have caught me with a camera in the bathroom, they would have thought it was well weird! If any of you remember these outfits, hats off to ya as these are around four years old!

So above, the top left is a Topshop blouse that was about £45 at the time, so REALLY expensive but it was good for interviews, and I loved boyish trousers back then! It was quite new to wear men's tailoring. I actually wore the red dress outfit to a club night at my halls (Owens Park for any Mancunians!). The dress made up part of the comic strip dress below, and I teamed it with a pink polka dot hair bow and mary jane shoes. Very cutesy! Then the American Apparel u-neck dress was literally the first time I considered wearing bodycon. Because I have small boobs, I always thought I fell into the 'boyish' shape category but really I'm kinda pear shaped. This was the start of my bodycon dress obsession and now I wouldn't go out not wearing one. Then on the right is my beloved Zara coat which I got three winters' wear out of and the Luella bag that I bought when my Nan won over fifty grand at bingo! I still have the bag but it is SO HEAVY!! However it is incredible quality, it hasn't aged a day.

I bought this stripy blue H&M skirt with braces in my freshers week; it must have been the first ever thing I bought with my student loan! Back then I made the mistake of buying all cheap things because I was a poor student, when really I would have looked much more put together if I'd hunted out better quality items to buy. Also the shirt is Viktor and Rolf for H&M with a big heart on the front. It will definitely be part of my winter wardrobe this year still! The second left is a super short Topshop tutu skirt that I used to wear with white tights to a club. You wouldn't catch me wearing white tights in a club today - in fact the total opposite, I am always tanned up! However at the time, it was a little bit vintage inspired and cutesy. Hence the next outfit which is basically school girl inspired. The pinafore is vintage from eBay, and knee high socks were very big with fashion bloggers back then as they were quite a new, unheard of accessory! Prada did two-tone ones and they really took off. OK I will admit that I might be considered a bit crazy to wear the dress covered in numbers on the right but it might have been for a themed club night! I did wear this to normal club nights though seriously. I loved vintage style prom dresses back then and made this myself due to my love of numbers and maths from fabric I got off eBay! Remember I nearly did a maths degree. The dress was tongue in cheek though!

Now we're getting to really old pictures with my old hair! My hair was a huge feature then as it was so noticeable and people used to come up to me on the street to talk about it all the time! It got a bit restrictive when I started uni though as it felt like quite a childish hairstyle and I just wanted cool, sleek hair like everyone else! Maybe that is sad or maybe I just grew up a bit? Anyway, on the left is my Zara coat again, which really was lovely. It was £90 in 2006, which I bought with my EMA bonus! If I could find that coat on eBay again, I would buy it! Next is that H&M skirt again but over skinny jeans. I was the first person to wear skinny jeans in my college in 2005, haha literally they didn't exist before then! I wanted some after seeing maybe one girl on the street in a pair and randomly my Mom's boyfriend at the time found a pair in USC for my birthday! I remember on the first day of college people were like, 'Where did you get your jeans?!'. I used to buy skinny jeans back then and put then on inside out, then sew up the sides to make them even tighter! These ones are high waisted Mango jeans that used to leave huge groove marks on my legs and turn them blue after a day of wearing because I sewed them so tight! I used to sew and DIY things back then because I couldn't find what I was looking for in the shops. Now I can see my haphazard sewing skills are too rubbish but I definitely had unique items!

Then on the right are REALLY old pictures, circa 2006/7. The gold dress is lamé, vintage off eBay and altered by me so it fitted super tight on the waist. The shoes are also pink vintage heels from a car boot sale. The dress on the right is a vintage red prom dress that I got on the first day COW vintage in Birmingham opened (or the yellow vintage shop in Digbeth)! On my lunch break in college, I travelled 45mins each way into town and back to hit this new vintage shop, and snapped up a strapless bright red prom dress for £10. It was £12 but I only had £10 cash on the day and the guy let me have it! I shortened it and wore it plain, but I also ordered some comic strip fabric off eBay and made a full skater skirt by sewing it to a red waist sash off another vintage dress. Then I made the comic strip bodice/bralette, and wore both over the vintage red dress. It was fab! I wore these two outfits to sneak into clubs with my fake ID, and remember the comic strip dress literally falling apart as I danced because my hand sewing was so shoddy, haha! My sister also got wear out of this dress and I think we still have it. 

With older clothing you can sometimes accumulate them, even though they're not in the current cycle of dresses you like to wear. I don't want the clothes clogging up precious wardrobe space, but can't imagine just throwing them away. One way of keeping all the clothes back home secure, without using up wardrobe space is to put them in suitcases and then store them somewhere out of the way. I LOVE all these outfits, they're all classics so no shame here!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 26

    26. A hat

Ohh I meant to post this before my hair post so it would secretly blend into the blog quickly! I feel super ridiculous in a hat. It's no big deal in the end as who cares what you look like when everyone is rushing to work in at 8.45am, but I feel silly taking a photo of a hat with myself in it! Also what do you do with a hat indoors? Do you take it off every time you go into a different shop? Do you wear it around the store? I do like this H&M hat and snapped it up before they sold old, but I'm not sure when the day will come that I wear it. It could be tomorrow, it could be in three months. However next time I'll try not to be munching a breakfast bar during the photo!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 25

    25. Shoes you love but hardly wear

Were you thinking I'd say I wear my Miu Miu shoes the least? Well I've worn the tea cup shoes to a Girls Aloud concert (haha!), London Fashion Week, and I think somewhere else that I can't quite remember! But I have only worn these River Island shoes to my Nan's 80th birthday meal and a club. In that said club, the whole load of gems on the inside of the left shoe must have been scraped off! I'd still wear them as you can't tell too much, or just sew on some more gems, but they are not very secure shoes so I'd wear them to somewhere that I was staying in, rather than a night of bar hopping. 

After a lovely, relaxing weekend, on Sunday night the fire alarm was set off at about 2am as one of my housemates had some people round (Dirty Sanchez guy included!). It's like living in student halls again as the alarm went off in every room, and there's a lot of rooms here, and loads of random fire doors automatically shut over the normal doors. Not great for Monday morning haha! I just braved my first ever exercise class though and it was great! I went to a Zumba class (thank you Hannah for all the tips!) and didn't realise how uncoordinated I am as I couldn't keep up with anything! But it was really fun so I'll be looking into classes that are nearer or as part of a gym.

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 24 (and haul!)

    24. Your favourite pair of shoes

It's my birthday on the weekend and I'd love a new pair of shoes but there's not that many chunky heeled options out there! My favourites shoes are hands down the Forever21 Mary Janes which I got on eBay US, and the F21 UK site has been taunting me with the black floral version for months. Sadly they seemed to have never arrived so the option is to hunt maybe the plain black pair on eBay US or search for some new heels, as these are looking a bit worn now. Do you find that you see a fab pair of shoes but they always have a bad heel? I just don't buy stilettos because I'm worried I'll slip on cobbles or spilled drinks. I was quizzing Fritha on Bordello shoes at the Brum Blogger Meet so I might have a look into the alternative shops in Birmingham to see if there are any I can try on.

If you're a long time reader, did you think my favourites would be the Miu Miu Tea Cup shoes that I got reduced to £100 in about 2009? That post is so old, I can't even find it to link to it! I got them at the Manchester Flannels outlet in the Northern Quarter but I don't wear them enough to be favourites! These might have been good graduation shoes but I didn't want to wear heels and they are fine perched below my mantle piece (that also displays all nail polishes!). It annoys me that the gold curls are plastic and one broke off the first time I wore them, but the Miu Miu shop sent them to Italy to be fixed. Then they snapped again! There's just no way you're not going to knock the back on something so I'd only wear them to somewhere I'd be sitting at. If I'd paid £400 for these, I'd expect maybe metal curls?

I bought lots of makeup and hair bits on Thursday and did record a video haul, but I have a red hair video to put up before that if I can get my Mom to email it to me. Today I had a really lovely day wandering around town as I wanted to go to Poundland or Wilkinsons to get some house things. I'll have to go back to get the mini ironing board from Wilkinsons but I got 12 hair rollers, a Disney Princess bowl and a cute lunch box from Poundland. I also went by the better H&M in town with the Trend and Divided ranges and picked up the floral maxi dress that's been haunting me in the sale for ages! I picture it with a flouro coral lip and either no jewellery at all and just really long hair, or loads of tangled bracelets and big feather earrings. I got MORE feather H&M earrings too and two pairs of flats for every day work. I also picked up a little waist belt from New Look with a gold rose clasp as I only have plaited belts that I have to tie because they're too long, and some jegging from Miss Selfridge. The ones I have worn constantly this year are still super tight but quite worn-in now. They don't seem to have that style and they were only £22, so I got some that I hope are similar. I really want some coloured jeans and tried on a dark green and burgundy pair, but they didn't fit at all!

I almost forgot, I also went to the cinema by myself! I had lunch/dinner at YO!sushi as, if you fill up on the limitless miso soup and only get a few dishes + 25% student club discount (hehe), it's really reasonable. It was still the afternoon and it was one of those lovely relaxed Sundays, and the cinema is right by the Cabot Circus restaurants, so I just thought, 'Ah wouldn't a nice movie be great right now?', so I went! I very nearly saw Harry Potter alone but the lovely Leah invited me to go with her, but after discussing solo cinema with Fritha and Lil, I was confident enough to buy a single ticket (whilst also using my feminine charms to get a student ticket, even though I very much am not!), get some popcorn, and walk in alone. Horrible Bosses was starting in 5 minutes so it was perfect, and it was lovely and relaxing to just enjoy a movie. FYI, if you liked The Hangover, you'd like Horrible Bosses. It's that kind of 'average men go on a crazy adventure' type of film, and Jennifer Aniston is fabulous. 

I have no idea what I want to wear in the Autumn so I'm not making any big clothing purchases yet. September Elle landed through my (huge) letter box this week so I'll have a flick through that now. I know all the tribal stuff it going to be a transition trend as I got a thick black knitted poncho in the Topshop sale, which sounds random but it's lovely and I thought it would be great thrown over things! I'll have to show you. I also have lots of other treasured coats but I'll need to be buying up some thicker maxi skirts and trousers/jeggings, and I really want a felt floppy hat. I tried on two today in H&M and New Look (both were identical but H&M's was cheaper), and loved them but I'm not sure I'd wear a hat. However that's just because it's so hot right now; I might snap the H&M one up tomorrow in case I regret it later!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 23

    23. An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky

This has been the fastest week ever! I still haven't packed for the Midlands Blogger Meet, although I'm not too worried about what to wear as I think it's much less nerve-wracking to be simple and comfortable and feel fine all day than wear something super cool to live up to your 'fashion blogger' status and feel a bit awkward, if you see what I mean! I am so excited! But I want to get the train from Bristol to Birmingham straight after work so I'll have to pack at lunch or get up super early. I went into town after work and fiiinally Back-2-MACed for Ravishing lipstick and had a trial of bareMinerals with a Cosmo coupon. My foundation is just sliding off my face and getting super oily throughout the day right now so I was thinking of switching to a powder foundation, although the coverage wasn't as heavy as I like. Do you have any recommendations? I'd be really grateful!

Now I don't really have any item that is lucky, as though I'd wear it to an exam, but for a night out I do consider the fate or karma attached to my dresses. If I have had a bad night in a dress or an especially good night, I always remember! For some reason if I make videos before a night out it never seems to go great, which is a very scary superstition! These two American Apparel dresses are at least three years old and they are my ultimate lucky dresses as, if I'm visiting a friend or home, I'll always pack them as a safety as I know they'll look fine if my first outfit choice fails. The purple one is for more special occassions as it's very figure-flaunting but the long sleeves of the black one are SO flattering, and it's understated as it's one colour but still feels great as the material is quite sturdy even though it's thin. I'd wear the black one to a party or club!

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 22

    22. Something you only wear in the summer.

Uh oh, my bad luck continues! I went into town in the pouring rain to find Debenhams shut at 6pm so I couldn't Back-2-MAC some used up things, and then my phone accidentally posts a picture to Twitter 19 times! Big apologies if that spammed your feed. Haha not all bad luck though don't worry! Today's challenge is a bit ironic because of the pouring rain but I definitely have summer and winter wardrobes and wouldn't wear a flowery summer dress in any other season; maybe Spring though! I know you can 'warm up' summer clothes with black tights and cardigans but that always makes me feel a bit messy so I retire my summer dresses every autumn and revisit them later.

Pull&Bear dress, New Look belt, H&M sunglasses

This is a Pull&Bear dress that I wore at to the P&B party in Spain; I think it's a little bit Scarlett Johansson as it's fitted at the waist with elastic and has a mini ruffle along the bust and thin straps. I wore this the other week but didn't post it as I thought it was a good idea to wear sunglasses and it really wasn't! I never wear sunglasses as they usually leave a mark on my nose, and who wants that?! So I didn't truly look like this as I wore the sunnies for a few mins on the quick walk to work, but the thought was there!xx

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 21

    21. Something that you only wear around the house

I've had a very weird day! After all the bad luck last week, I did manage to get back my email account thanks to a very clever guy (aww), and had a good graduation. It was much less scary than I thought it would be, super quick, and I wasn't too stressed or worried. As I walked on stage I just smiled really brightly, and it was cool because my name was announced separately to my coursemates along with my friend as we both have 'with study abroad' at the end our degree names (I did Management and Marketing of Textiles BSc Hons). I had no time to get ready for 8am so wore really simple makeup and a £15 River Island dress I got in the sale last summer! I've seen a few bloggers post or link to pictures but I'm not sure if I'll put one on here; you might notice that sometimes I don't even announce my birthday, I'm very modest!

One thing I am not modest about is my luuurve of Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick and I got to be a metre away from him at the Chalet Girl premiere! Oh Ed, that made my life. I haven't even watched Gossip Girl for the past season but it may be my daily viewing after I get through every Gilmore Girls series. I did actually wear this Yatt tshirt outside when I lived in Sweden! But I'm not sure what would happen if I rocked up to work in it and it is very much a fan girl thing, but I now wear this in the comfort of my own room. It seems on the grapevine now that only one girl is moving in, so the house might be a bit quieter!

Today was weird because I was rushing around all lunch time and had a bad hair day and tried to film a video this morning that really didn't work, and then as I picked up some posters from the Motel shop for work, I bumped into a random boy that had started talking to me in the street (???) the other day again, which was a bit stalkery but now I know his name is Jamie (I think). When he spoke to me before I thought he looked about 18 and was like I think I'm a bit old for you byeee but he was like 'Why, how old are you? I'm 23,' so I was like 'Oh...er... byeeee!'. And then I was going to go into town because I have a to-buy list for Superdrug and have some things to Back-2-MAC but it was drizzling and I felt gross so I grabbed some dinner from Tesco but when I got home, got settled, put something on to watch and came to eat it, it turns out I'd bought something with salmon in?! My head is not screwed on! Oh and before that, I accidentally shut myself in the loo with no door handle and my housemate had said a girl who came to stay with him did the same thing on Friday and climbed out the window above the door, but that looked insanely high to me so I contemplated staying in there until someone came home but managed to pull the door open! OK so that is a day in the life of me, obviously not the height of cool! I had to go back out to buy dinner after all this too, how annoying!

I got the Chuck Bass tee as a bit of a joke but Yatt still have it online if you like it. I really like the tops below as I love cute tees right now; my Wildfox ones are firm favourites.

P.S. We're running competitions every day on the Motel Facebook page to win dresses so check it out every morning as I usually upload the photos to tag :D

P.P.S I hope you all know of the Midland Bloggers Meet Up by now! I don't want anyone missing out if you haven't heard of it and I will be there with Motel goody bags!xx

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 20

    20. All your earrings, rings, necklaces and/or bracelets. 

This doesn't seem like very much to me but it manages to fill up a few makeup bags; this is all my jewellery! Actually this isn't my necklaces as I momentarily forgot I even owned any because I never really wear very much jewellery. I've trained myself to add one thing but that's enough for me. My necklaces hang off my TEENY wardrobe; it's like the width of half a wardrobe! I'll have to do a room tour sometime soon as this is the best room I've had since living away from home, and I hear on the grapevine that three boys are moving out and three girls are moving in. I'm still a little bit restless in Bristol as I don't really know anyone so don't have anything to look forward to after work, apart from cosying down with my laptop! I might start an exercise class or join a gym but I've never been to one before so have no idea what it would be like, and I'd have to buy some trainers or something, eek! Where can I get a pair of trainers that aren't much money? Not Primark though!

I've been looking at Zumba classes though that might be too much for me, I am very unfit! I also have no interest in loosing weight or body shape or anything, just want to have something to do. I'll google around a bit and maybe try a free day at the gym.