American Apparel

Bubble Tea Meets

Hi guys! I've had a few days away from this blawg which consisted of going to a blogger meet up, completing my maid of honour duties at a hen do and finalising my plans to move house! If we chat in chronological order, a few weeks ago I tweeted that I was looking for some new blogs to read and spoke to Cara of super sweet blog Glacial Glow, where I spotted she was organising a Birmingham blogger meet up! After working so many blogger events and barely going to any recently for just myself and my own blog, I was really excited to meet some like-minded bloggers and new people. 

On Saturday I stood at New Street Station and did think the effortlessly cool girl nearby in a great coat with popping red lips may be a blogger, but I was not keen on asking a stranger if they were attending a blogger meet up if they actually weren't and thought I was crazy! It turns out it really was delightful Jess of Jessthetics and we linked up when Cara came in her enchanting doll-like, porcelain beauty, and we know how much I love girly vibes! We had a hunt for the second WHSmith in the station to bump into Elizabeth of new beauty blog MungleVille - go over and show some welcome love! Elizabeth seems the perfect candidate as a beauty blogger because she can size-up and recommend cosmetics perfectly both online and in person, and has the pretty face I certainly would like to see adorned with products I may like to purchase! We were expecting a few more people but as with many meet ups, people may be nervous or a bit flaky, so we went off to Café Chino in Arcadian for some bubble tea and cake!

Yum! If I am around town I will definitely stop by for a bubble tea, and I think I prefer mine warm without the pearls. We were all set with tea and cake and my talented friend Leah came; a blogger I've known for many years now and always a source for inspiration, wisdom and awesome charity shop finds, including some Luella jeans that looked beyond fantastic.

As we nibbled, we chatted blogging, feminism, various highlights and crazies of the Midlands, and it really is a hive of inspiring thoughts when chatting with ladies with something to share with the world. I do think surrounding yourself with different and diverse people who have goals and dreams really does enhance your own, and I'm sure we will meet again soon!

Sadly I had to rush off soon after our lunch as it was the hen night of my oldest and dear friend, where I will be a bridesmaid in November! I wish I had taken a photo of the treats I had prepared, which included some flash cards of funny questions about her, tiaras, glowsticks, wine jelly, a 'Guess the Groom' game with various celeb grooms in envelopes, a pass the parcel, VIP passes, and a selection of dares that possibly weren't appropriate for her grandma to pick out! I really enjoyed the DIY aspect as I was browsing Pinterest all week, so I will certainly look into more fun and inexpensive wedding ideas to make her day even more special.

I stayed at my nan's house but I thought I would post these photos anyway as I am loving my new Motel Rocks Folly Top in Sun, Moon, Stars, my favourite print in a while! I did actually order the Kimmy Skirt also to wear as a matching two piece but it's really slimming for some reason, maybe due to the dark colour and large print, and I didn't really look like myself! The shape of the top is really chic though, with a high neckline and strappy open back. It will be my go-to top for weekends under a few layers! I also made a quick OOTD video to see the outfit in more detail. Loving blogging and vlogging again!

I'll be your American Dream

This post is a few nights merged into one, as I first wore this American Apparel floral dress for a Kendrick Lamar gig when the photo was taken above, and below is a video I filmed before I went on a night out a month later. I bought it after buying a lace dress I wanted for a while online, and when realising AA ships online orders all the way from America, I popped to the shop to buy it myself so I could have it to wear just in time. In the end I tried on this dress instead and walked away with it!

American Apparel clothing always fit my shape for bodycon (Topshop never does!) and I  don't mind spending there because the quality is so long-lasting and the styles will tweak you in at all the right places, plus the colours are spot on. The flowers on this dress are a little '50s but the backless cut brings it right up to date, and I definitely want it in other colours. I tried on the neon yellow and - KAPOW - it was a wonder dress, but heading out in fluorescent bodycon would surely bring you catcalls you would not necessarily need! I'm hopefully about to book a late holiday to Ibiza with my friends so it would be perfect for then; let me know if you spot a 30% off deal from American Apparel any time soon! For reference, I got this dress in a medium and it was still rather form fitting! Size up gals.

Bring Me Sunshine

The photo of these shorts has been circulating on Tumblr for a few days and they have been tracked down to a new American Apparel pair. Hello beauties! I don't have a particularly short body and I have a definite booty so high waisted things never sit very high on me, but American Apparel has the highest of high waisted bottoms out there. My Riding Pants definitely hit above my belly button! So I'm hoping these Bull Shorts will have a great fit and I love the chunky cuff too. 

For some reason I've gone off skirts for the moment as dare I say it, I'm swaying from my girly looks to something hopefully a little more chic and grown up! Still of course with some nail gems and sugary phone cases thrown in, but a little more streamlined maybe. We'll see! I'm not wearing my skater skirts mostly because I'm not a fan of tights in spring and at the moment it's too chilly to go bare legged. At the moment I'm living in high waisted jeggings and I would only wear these shorts with bare legs too, but next week a heat wave is coming right?! We'll also see! Motel shorts are pretty high waisted too but I think American Apparel go the each inch, and it's one of those shops where everything fits me. I don't have as much luck with Arcadia!

I was told there is a 20% off night in the Bristol AA store on Friday when I was in there this Saturday comparing Topshop's Joni Jeans with their Easy Jean, but I was planning on travelling home straight from work. I will wait to see if AA will release an online code for the bank holiday and maybe snap them up then after payday! I know they will be fab quality and these are the only things on my fashion wishlist at the moment!

A Manchester OOTN

Here is an outfit of the night as I went to Manchester on Friday! It's the first time I've been since July 2012 on my graduation so I was EXCITED! As a city, Manchester feels like home after studying there and all the vibes there are right up my street. You wouldn't go out on the town in trainers, put it that way! I love the pace of the city and how everyone takes the weekend as the chance to go all out. It was payday weekend too and I booked the day off work so I could travel up early. 

I had some Debenhams vouchers at Christmas and luckily in Bristol the MAC counter is there, so I booked an early makeover with my favourite makeup artist Claire and got a few new things! As I've said before, if you're spending £30 at MAC, you might as well get the free 1 hour makeover! Book in advance though as they sell out quickly! When you start getting a few, the makeup artists will remember you and know exactly what your into. Even though my appointment was at 11am, I knew it would stay on until the evening so later I just topped up this Kimmy K look with a bit more eyeliner and blush, and of course my favourite Eylure 202 double lashes. 

I thought I ordered this American Apparel dress when they had a 30% off day but it turns out I somehow didn't! I barely ordered it properly in time and thankfully it came; I always get AA dresses and the shiny effect on this one makes it super flattering. I recommend! I wore my tan Jeffrey Campbell Litas too as I realised the new black heels I bought didn't exactly fit outside the shop - have you ever done that? I swear they were fine when I tried them on but as soon as I paid, they were pain city.

As for Manchester, the shops were glorious and the night was full of party people. Such a good city!!

Off Shoulder Florals

Evening all! So last week I had a brainwave at work as Motel girl Sophie had started a fashion blog! Sophie works with me talking to all bloggers out there about the current Motel gossip so it was fitting that she joined the blogging world, and you can find her super cute blog Across The Universe here! I've been struggling with ways to take outfit photos as the set up and lighting is just not working in my current room, so I thought maybe we could take snaps of each other when Sophie is in the office! These photos were taken by fellow Motel web team babe Lora, who also takes photos for Motel, and I'm so excited to finally share my current wardrobe with you again! This should make my blog much more accurate with what I'm wearing day to day.

Motel Debbie DressAmerican Apparel Circle Skirt, Topshop studded flats

So my off shoulder obsession continues with this Motel Debbie Dress worn as a top - one of the few bodycon dresses that I have just worn in the day time! I would have thought off shoulder things would be slightly uncomfortable but you pretty much forget about the neckline as they don't ride up or fall down. I'm still wearing my peach American Apparel Circle Skirt into autumn and want to team it with berry red and dark blue too, and I just wore my studded Topshop flats which are now only £15 in the Topshop sale?! For me I feel totally made together if my shoes and hair are both looking good! Wearing old, tattered ballet flats makes me sad.

And how amazing is this inspiration wall?! The Motel design team have an office below ours but they are usually based in Bali, Indonesia, so we can pop in and admire all the upcoming pieces.


Bank Holiday Baby

Hi guys! Good news, good news, it was finally pay day so I could finally order a charger lead for my replacement camera! There should be more photos and videos coming to this blog near you very soon. I also spent about £30 in Boots just on essentials I was putting off - the amount of beauty 'empties' I have is insane! I haven't been buying anything beauty/cosmetic-wise in the past few months so it was a much needed spend.

So until my charger arrives I don't have much to share but I do have a snap from the bank holiday weekend which my star Nan took! Recently I've been stepping away from my standard bodycon dresses and trying tops/skirts/playsuits/shorts - a nice change! It does make things a bit more interesting, though I am bodycon for life. I wore a similar outfit to one on holiday as I wanted to wear a new Motel off the shoulder top which isn't on the site in this colour yet but is in others! Off the shoulder things are all I want to wear right now. And I wore my American Apparel circle skirt, where I have a birthday voucher for but I'm not sure what to get! I'm looking at the rose jumpers but I'll have to try in store I'm thinking.


Motel top, American Apparel skirt, Forever 21 heels

I'm in London this week to work a Motel table at an event but have had a lovely weekend in the country, although I haven't bought anything in the shops for autumn yet! I need to have a major shopping trip to look at absolutely everything in the stores before parting with my money - peplums are on my mind right now!


I haven't done an official NOTW in so long! I don't stick a bunch of gems and jewels on my nails anymore now that I have to be taken 'seriously' at work so I'm choosing my colours carefully and going for something always noticeable instead! When I visited home a few weeks ago I had in mind to wear a neon green polish that night but was surprised I couldn't find one on the high street by any brand at all. Why are none doing neons yet? I chanced upon the shade on the right at a market but it turned out to be similar to a Star Gazer colour I already have - more of a Hulk green!

I had to bite the bullet and get the original American Apparel neon green as it was the only one I could find in the shops rather than online. I took it to the salon when I got my nails infilled but found one coat is better than two coats with a top coat as then it looked more yellow. One layer is just enough for a lime neon, especially over a white polish

Did you spot the blue mark on my little finger nail? I was painting my toes blue, my favourite tootsie colour!


    31st. The thing you're obsessed with at the moment!

I actually bought a roll neck sleeveless top for around £8 in Forever21 a few weeks ago and loooove it! I was after one for a while and when it was right in front of me in store, I had to snap it up even if it is a Large. It fits fine but now I want a form fitting one - they are so flattering! Cropped ones are great with anything high waisted, which is basically everything that I own! 

I was pondering the American Apparel stripy versions but they come in at a steep £23 - until I found the ASOS versions at a tiny £8! I really like the dark red colour which could be amazing with a dark berry lip, so I'm going to hold tight and hope they have a bank holiday discount deal on - retailers ALWAYS do something over an event or payday *hint hint*.


I had a scoot around town this evening as I had a return and wanted a little overview of the shops too. I try to go to H&M as much as possible as they always have things in for such a small amount of time and nothing seems to touch the sides in the Bristol stores, despite not stocking the Trend collection. I really want to try the black and yellow fade daisy print matching set! Anyway, I bought a little crop top in Topshop and some conditioner in Superdrug (John Frieda Radiant Red) and was feeling OK but a little wary. It's that scary time of a 5 week month where payday feels close but there's still over a week to go and you never know what might hit! Also I always end up stumbling upon great buys that if I want, I will buy.

As it happens, these aren't too bad! H&M lured me all round with the cute Divided things but then I finally found some gold cuffs! I saw the giant ones a while ago and even spotted the gold hair ponytail cuff (but when do I ever wear my hair up?!), and sadly missed out on the thin gold bracelets a while ago. I spotted these cuffs and bit the bullet with two as you can squeeze them tigher for the perfect fit for your wrists! As I have a peach blazer, I'm going to roll up the sleeves and wear these matching cuffs all spring long for definite, with gold hoops too!

I also had a bit of buyer's guilt about my return! I never have buyers guilt, I believe in treating yourself as you only live once, but I bought another pair of American Apparel riding pants!! I got the Easy Jean with a gift voucher I had from Christmas, which I was hoping would be the denim version of the riding pant but my ordered XS were too small. In the store though the S was massive, another XS was too big, and the XXS was insanely small. What is this crazy sizing! American Apparel's things are all cut slightly differently so I couldn't get a great fitting pair and was thinking they would stretch out anyway as the easy jean are just made of light stretch denim. As I had a return (even though you're not meant to exchange online things in store - eeek more guilt!!), there was nothing else that I could justify the price for and as I had got the jeans with a voucher, I got the navy riding pants instead! They're just as navy as the jeans and riding pants are THE. BEST. Definitely worth the price (though always shop when they have a discount code running - sign up to their emails!). I tried on some jeans in New Look just before too and shopping for jeans/trousers is the worst thing ever!!! Especially when the changing rooms are hot and the denim is stiff and nothing fits and you were wearing tights that you have to keep putting on and taking off.

Haha ramble! I'll try to cure my buyer's guilt by waking up earlier tomorrow to take a photo. Even though there are only so many days in the week that I need to actually get dressed, I don't think two pairs of riding pants is too bad as it's almost like owning two pairs of jeans. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)