Sunday Style

You know I'm partial to a good high waisted jean. Well RIP to my Topshop Jonis as the fabric literally laddered and they are sadly no more. I considered getting another pair as I love the warm blue colour, but my hips don't lie and they were telling me that like other Topshop trousers, I just don't seem to fit them. The Joni jeans aren't quite denim either and so I have returned to my old faithful River Island Tube Pants that I picked up last year. They have lasted, they have kept their shape, they are just amazing. Very, very light denim rather than a stretchy denim-coated fabric. They also have smooth seams, as some jeans I find are too structured in different places so automatically don't fit certain shapes.

ASOS crop top, River Island Tube Pant, ASOS clutch bag, River Island heels

I was all set to slash the knees of these jeans now that I've had them for a while. I'm looking to get another pair in a different wash or try out the American Apparel Easy Jean. However my nan stopped me with the scissors, deeming ripped jeans as not 'smart', and it made me hesistate! Do I want to take scissors to the most decent fitting jeans out there? I've seen a few tutorials and like the fact that if you DIY a pair then you can place the slashes exactly where you want. It makes sense to do this on an old pair, so I'll hunt for my next high waist favourites before picking up the grater again.

Tumblr inspiration

Bralet Starlet

I've always said that in the spring, I only seem to wear jeans or trousers. It's not quite warm enough for bare legs and the air can be prone to a gust of wind, so black tights and skirts are not something I gravitate towards. In fact I haven't worn tights in around a year! I've veered towards midi dresses, maxi skirts, or high waist trousers for day and night, and I just got this ASOS Luxe pair. On the site they are more of a cool pink but in real life they are a blush colour with a slight metallic print. The chunky waist band makes for a more statement, definite high waisted fit but take note: they are rather prone to creasing! I've worn them to work with a blouse and pointy flats but can throw them on at night with a baby bralet. I've tried a few of these and I'm not really lucky enough to fill this one sans bra, but I think they're a new favourite for itty bitty gals like myself. I got this Topshop navy version as the material and cut is much more structured so when you cover your midriff, it's not quite like wearing just a bra. It's also only £22 which I thought was pretty decent for Topshop standards!

While writing this I almost forgot about these shoes! For months I was looking for an upgrade of the classic ankle strap heels, and these are the full throttle version from River Island, with a platform and chunky velcro strap. They sold out right away but there are similar styles here, and after a season of dainty heels, I'm back in platforms!

The Oasis Draped Coat

Oasis Coat, Topshop Jumper, River Island Jeans, New Look heels via ASOS

This is what I wore to my mom's ouse for Mother's Day and I really wanted to share my new Oasis coat as I've had it for a month but the magic hasn't worn off! I invested in a River Island embellished parka with a fur lining for winter as I have a good walk from the train station to my office. As soon as it hits around February though, winter coats feel extra dark and heavy and I had a more glamorous coat in my mind. I toyed with a pink coat for a long time and held out for maybe a lilac one, but nowhere really offered the tones I was after, so I started hunting for a camel coat. There's something luxe about nudes and the oversized, belted coats on the catwalk gave me dreams of Celine.

Fast forward a few weeks where I started buying a few new bits for my work wardrobe, and I wandered into Oasis to take a peek. Their lilac coat is a beautiful colour but it was the shapes of their camel coats that saw me grabbing five different tones and lengths. You know when you can't decide between a few similar things and you end up trying each over and over? Well I couldn't pick between this light colour and a true camel colour, but the lovely sales assistant suggested this colour was more suited for spring. I was talked into signing up for an Oasis card (which I proptly cancelled) so I saved 15%, so it wasn't too harsh on the bank balance and I'm sure I can wear it into the autumn too!

I got this coat in a size Large and have rolled up the sleeves, as you really can wrap it round so it has an oversized, cocoon fit. Sort of like a fancy dressing gown! Wearing it open means it falls beautifully but I'm not much of a fan of hanging clothes - hence why I don't wear necklaces or bracelets either! I have an all nude outfit in my mind for evenings but have yet to find the right items, but for now this coat makes me feel that little bit smarter with little effort. I took the photos below after work when I had a half day and headed to London fo a TGT concert - soon! These pink trousers are my new work favourites as they have a blushed, lilac tint and the fabric is a little embellished. I'm definitely after the matching jacket but I'm hoping it will go into a sale!

High Waist Heaven

Hi guys! It's Saturday night and I am staying in with a Pretty Woman DVD, tasty treats and a Google Reader (RIP) full of Tumblr posts to space-bar through while gossiping with my housemate. We have been shopping all day and I picked up some strappy sandals, a nude maxi skirt, a crochet dress and a neon sports bra for bargaineous prices at New Look and H&M. Yay!

I've been wanting to show you my 'daily' look which I've been wearing basically all the time to work - high waisted skinny jeans and ankle strap pointed heels; these are from ASOS. I work in an office where there is no dress code so this won't be deemed office-wear traditionally but wearing trousers/pants and small heels makes me feel pulled together and ready for the day ahead. I've tried all manner of high waisted jeans and the River Island tube pants are my favourites because the denim is stiffer rather than elasticated so there is a smoother, matte finish so they fit without being stretched to fit. I found the Topshop Joni jeans were too big in the waist and too tight elsewhere or vice versa, and the AA Easy Jean were again too stretchy, but that's just me. As a rule, Topshop trousers rarely fit me very well - some shops have certain standard shapes that they size all their clothing to and Topshop just doesn't suit me argh! Also I haven't had a haircut since October seriously and my hair is getting really long! I was contemplating dying the tips blonde for fun...

I repainted my nails white too as the American Apparel green was just not the shade I wanted it to be; maybe I had too many coats. White is a new classic and makes all jewellery look great, but next time I'm thinking of going matte red. My ring is from H&M and the hand chain was £1 in a New Look sale. Never pass by a jewellery sale!

A Quest For Lazer

Hey guys! Hmm I'm not sure where to start with catching up with you, I've had a few weeks of busy, busy weekends and busy, busy weekdays. By busy, I mean travelling lots to see family and friends and then keeping all of you fashion shoppers stocked with the latest Motel offerings. In my eyes there's always something productive to do so you won't often find me without a to-do list, and in the past few weeks I've continued to eBay like crazy too. I've made a tidy sum to save for a rainy day so the lengthy uploading process and lunch time trips to the post office do pay off.

I'm hoping I'll have more exciting outfits to share when the weather heats up, but right now we are stalling through a chilly spring and I have stayed true to my spring-means-trousers habit. I think I tend to always go for trousers during this time of year because I don't like to wear black tights when the days are light and breezy, and it's definitely not time to get your legs out yet. Enter my new Topshop joggers, which I actually got on eBay for £6. I was hunting some 'smart' joggers for a few weeks and Topshop only had pairs with graffiti prints, but some searching on good old eBay lead me to these. 

I had so many outfits in mind when pairing these with my ASOS ankle strap nude shoes. I've worn them SO much, literally every day to work, as they add a totally chic twist to every outfit. Kitten heels may be small but they make as much of an impact as towering heels do. They also feel very grown up and ladylike! 

I'm also still chuffed with the Zara lazer leather sweater I managed to find in the Birmingham store. I don't really shop a lot nowadays as I had a much larger disposable income when I was a student, but I am a lucky shopper and always seem to find popular, sell-out items. There are so many things to love about this sweater, from the faux leather applique front to the quilted sleeves to the sheer back panel. It's also the easiest thing to quickly throw on but will look eternally chic, so it's perfect for a grab-and-go outfit that still looks smart. I've streamlined my wardrobe so I can find an outfit in five minutes that will have as much effect as one that was carefully pulled together in twenty minutes by investing in easy pieces like this and not buying filler things like plain leggings or cardigans.

I hope that gives a snapshot of where my wardrobe is in terms of fashion lately; this blog has seen me go through so many different styles and inspirations over the years! You can also see my Tumblr for what I am feeling at the moment but I'm excited to bring more real-time outfits to this blog soon... and maybe with some sunshine too!

Skater Skirt Nights

I've had a week that seemed to never end, with the Motel staff party on Wednesday (woah - there are stories never to be shared!) and a fab night out on Friday with dancing to the best (not the cheesiest) of the '90s. I've been casually Christmas shopping but honestly nothing has taken my own fancy, despite wanting some heels. On Thursday ASOS were offering free next day shipping - and let's face it, almost every retailer will be offering it in the coming week - and I nabbed a dress I was thinking about all day.

ASOS Dress, Topshop socks, River Island Creepers, Vintage bag

I've shifted my style recently so that when I go out at night, it is a chance to wear a few trends to the max, as I often buy cool accessories and lipsticks and headbands but don't get to do them justice when I'm doing my daily rush. Before I was strictly bodycon at night, but now I'm so happy to wear flats, socks, skater skirts or shorts, and just have a good old dance. It's probably because Bristol isn't all about the glamour and also I don't like putting tonnes of pressure on a night now. I've always been one to care about my hair and makeup a bit more too.

However I was wanting a fresh injection in my wardrobe and this ASOS dress caught my eye because a) I love a good waist cut out, b) the double straps were mighty cute, and c) it has a gorgeous skater skirt that is made of twirling and dancing around in. I was concerned that it is classed in the petite range but as you can see, it's not short on me, so I reckon it would be knee length on a petite girl. It should be a bit tighter but I got an 8, and it is quite loose on the waist, so I would just get your normal size! They have it in red which would be absolutely lovely for Christmas, but would totally clash with my hair, so black was my choice! I know I can wear this at night and then it can transfer to daytime too with tights, so it should fare me well! I added creepers and socks for a '90s nod too. Girl Power!

I Want It Now: ASOS Cartoon Suits

Ohhh emmm geeee OK, so, apologies for the girly start but who remembers Veruca Salt? Of course you know the film, but cast your mind waaaay back to about 2008 (yes, my blog is an oldie!) when I used to post about something I was 'wanting right now' by using Veruca. Well I feel it's time to bring her back because at the moment I cannot afford anything, yet I want everything! If any of you remember when I used to blog Veruca, I'd love to know!

Yes my friends, it is a sad time where I really want to start digging myself out of any student debt, and even though that will take years, the motto is to 'get better and not worse'. I've reached a point where I scrimp on food, travel, makeup, basically everything and now clothes are taking the hit. I still buy clothes and get the odd Motel treat, but I don't want to be spending and spending. I figure I can get just as much joy as posting (hmmm) so from now on I am sharing all my lustings on here and only purchasing where absolutely necessary! Sounds like a plan.

Some things I have had open in my tabs for about two weeks are these AHmazing jogger and sweatshirt sets from ASOS in Disney and Barbie prints! Of course it's the Barbie one I want in all it's amazing '90s wonderness - what fun I'd have in this! I have no idea when I would wear it but it would definitely be a weekend and it would definitely be a time to party!

When my sister and I were younger, we had loads of Barbies and I remember on had chopped off, wonky hair due to a hair bobble tangle incident, and for some reason we dubbed her Rudie Nudie Barbie and she was always naked! And as our posh American Barbies were doing Barbie things like dressing Shelley or changing velcro outfits in their plastic houses, Rudie Nudie would come knocking on the door all naked and crazy and be like 'Heeeey I'm Rudie Nudie!', and all the other Barbies would scream and shun her, hahahahahha! I've probably proved I'm insane but hey, I hope it made you smile :)


    31st. The thing you're obsessed with at the moment!

I actually bought a roll neck sleeveless top for around £8 in Forever21 a few weeks ago and loooove it! I was after one for a while and when it was right in front of me in store, I had to snap it up even if it is a Large. It fits fine but now I want a form fitting one - they are so flattering! Cropped ones are great with anything high waisted, which is basically everything that I own! 

I was pondering the American Apparel stripy versions but they come in at a steep £23 - until I found the ASOS versions at a tiny £8! I really like the dark red colour which could be amazing with a dark berry lip, so I'm going to hold tight and hope they have a bank holiday discount deal on - retailers ALWAYS do something over an event or payday *hint hint*.

Capes way ahead of time

Someone asked if I was thinking about what to wear in Autumn and it's just about all I'm thinking about! Last year I couldn't buy from the UK high street and had to gear my funds towards travelling, but this year I'm back at Uni for the final time and am really, really looking forward to getting some new stuff! I didn't buy a lot of anything last year and realised that most of the things I wear are years old. I can't get my head around getting rid of old purchases even if they're all miss-matched and worn many times. I've been trying to be as sustainable as possible and haven't bought any clothes for ages, but working in a shop and watching haul videos of people often buying new things is making me reconsider. I never actually 'shop' in the sense that you wander round looking at things that catch your eye and come home with random buys. I always think things through meticulously and buy things if I need them. I only have one pair of shoes to go out at night in and I'll wear them until they fall apart. Why would you need another pair? On a student budget, I don't have the luxury of being able to buy a range of things to choose from, I have to prioritise essentials, but the truth is that there's nothing fresh about my wardrobe. I'm going to do an overhaul as the bank holiday in two weeks means there will be loads of carboot sales, and my sister and I are planning on clearing out all the things we leave at home when we go to Uni. 

Within reason, I'm going to make a list of new things that I need to invest in, and I've been circling things in the September issues and saving runway images with ideas. I'll document all that on here as I haven't finished yet, but for the past few weeks I've been thinking about one cape. I have three coats; one is the amazing purple Reiss swing coat I got two years ago, one is the military, ruffle Gina Tricot coat I got before Christmas and wore to London Fashion Week, and one is a black New Look toggle coat I picked up to wear all the time in Sweden. They're all swing or dress shapes so aren't right for maxi or calf length skirts. This is where the cape comes in! I'll probably take all my coats to Uni and I love buying a new one almost every year because you get so much wear out of a great coat. I wore my Reiss one in my second year from about October to March, that's so many times! All the things in my wardrobe that I've only worn once or twice could equal the price of it.


I was thinking of a camel coat ever since the fashion weeks but don't think I'd do the androgynous shapes justice, and then I saw the Olivia Palermo shoot in ASOS Magazine featuring a great cape. It's featured twice in the issue and both times it looks different. Even on the buying page on the site, it's featured on two models and it doesn't quite look the same. There's even a video of the shoot and the standard ASOS item video and they still look different! I haven't ordered it to try myself because 1) Even if it's amazing, isn't it a bit early? Would I still love it in two months when I first get to wear it? and 2) Will something better come out on the high street? My thoughts were confirmed when I spotted this cape in a H&M Autumn preview post on Nitrolicious, which is great for checking out new monthly and seasonal H&M stock but a lot of the rest is American brands. I'm guessing this cape would be more like £50 to ASOS's £80, but I wish the piping colour swapped so it had brown leather like the ASOS cape! Both need to be tried on so I'm tentatively watching ASOS as no sizes are sold out yet, and I might try to find out the release date of the H&M cape, or at least keep tabs on the store!


I've actually got to zero on my google reader for the first time since April (woooohooooooooo!!!) so I'm getting on with the rest of the Internship Guide and also have someone for you to soon meet! Have you got any premature Autumn buys in mind?

Midnight Twirl

My post on longer lengths wasn't in vain and like I said, I've been searching for the perfect autumn maxi dress. I settled on this ASOS jersey dress because it was long sleeved and high necked, which both minimises shoulders and makes the dress more 90's than beachy! It's also flared so it's easy to walk in and it's seamed, which I think makes it look a bit more expensive, or at least of better quality. This would be perfect if it wasn't grey, but it's much darker than in the website photos. Light grey does nothing for my skin tone or hair colour but this colour could be fine as it's more charcoal. I'll still research dyes when I get home though, I've been sitting on (not literally) this dress for must be over a month now and am itching (again, not literally, haha) to wear it! I might make it black though. They also do it in navy fyi.


Finally some outfit photos, so happy! I'm trying to grow my eyebrows out so I can have them shaped at home. Here is like £15 to get them done?! They're really annoying me though so I penciled them out and covered them with concealer. If you watched this season's ANTM, there was great bleached eyebrow inspiration on some girls. Funnily enough I think a bleached eyebrow would be way better than no eyebrow, even if they have the same effect from afar! I've also found wearing a nude lipstick under MAC's creamsheen black lipstick from the Style Black collection creates a much more even coverage, as it is very sheer but doesn't blend with your normal lip colour of course, so it can look patchy. How good would this dress be with a washed-out lilac or pink hair streak? Sadly I'm not sure that would be right in my hair but if I was a brunette I would so be sporting spray-in colour right now. Maybe I will anyway!

The problem is what type of coat or jacket to wear? In my inspiration post all of the pictures had a short jacket. A long coat really would make it seriously grungy. Depending on how cold England is now, I would wear mine with the over-sized hoodie I got from Monki on the Jimmy Choo day. I've never bought a hoodie in my life! It has pompoms on the hood strings!

I thought Manchester was known for rain but here it pours non-stop for hours and hours and hours. And it's dark by 3, it's so strange! I've had an essay so I've stayed inside all week. Some of my friends here have finished their placements and gone home now so it's very quiet. After Christmas I will be the only girl left on our floor! I hope the new people are nice. And a maxi dress is a great investment because once you have one, you don't exactly need another as they are so distinctive! That's much more ethical. Can you tell what my essay topic was about?