Oh ma goddddd!!! If you haven't seen my tweets or video, I was very kindly invited by Dare to go along with them to the Chalet Girl premiere!!!!! They are repping Clean and Clear who are sponsoring the movie so C&C I loooove you because who is the star of the film?! Ed Westwick!!!!!!! Aka Chuck Bass!!!! Aka my all time boy crush!!! I even have the Yatt Chuck Bass tshirt!! It's at Westfield so no scariness of Leicester Square but I'm hoping I get to at least talk to Ed! Also other celebs in the film like Tamsin Egerton, Bill Bailey, Sophia Bush, etc! And maybe there will other celebs too! Eeee!

I will definitely take an outfit photo, and my bessie Melissa is coming too so we will try to take as many as possible! I had NO idea what to wear and ordered three Rare dresses in different sizes, I think I'm going to wear the coral although it's a 6! They're all quite tight though and at least it is less likely to fall down! My dress falling down infront of any celebs is most likely to happen, as is me falling over or babbling rubbish! I'm also wearing my Miu Miu shoes! Why not! Ahhh I'll keep you updated on Twitter, wish me luck! I need to prepare a possible script although so far it will go 'Ed! Hi! Can I marry you?' Might have to rethink that!!