Copenhagen Fashion Week

Minimarket, big shopping list

Minimarket is my favourite show of the season so far,the show was so perfect! Great styling and colours mixes and just enough deets to make your eyes dance and later keep rediscovering new aspects. The Copenhagen Fashion Week website has fab videos of all the shows from start to finish, check them out here. Minimarket is my idea of the height of Swedish style; despite being utterly stylish, truly every Swedish girl wears hair buns and denim with boots all the time. So even though I don't usually do this, I had to post some looks from the lookbook! I've got about a month left and will probably try to fit in one last raid of Monki, Gina and Weekday, but it will be painful!! Nice to be back to the British high street, have you been tempted by the Luella rip-off heart cut-out dresses? I love them but are they a bit too blatant? The day Primark brings them in is the day I stop coveting them, or have they even already? Maybe this autumn I'll take Minimarket ideas by wearing pastels with primary coloured tights and cute little a-line skirts. There's something new about a straight, thick cut skirt, maybe because all the past seasons have produced skater or tutu skirts. I haven't had a slim skirt for ages.

I love the pastel boots and the little black and white fringed twins. I find wedges quite hard to walk in, especially if they're turned up at the front and have a very thin middle section. Then again, my wedges have always had sandal fastenings so you can easily fall off one side! Happened many a time! Maybe ankle boots would be different.

The next lusting is animal prints too, as in Miu Miu style cartoon animals, not animal skins. Minimarket have the most perfect jumpsuit to satisfy this, that thankfully belongs to their Mini for Many collection at a lower price point!

I never thought I'd be a fan of graphic prints bit they've turn out to be the most wearable things ever. Florals and polka dots already lend themselves to one style but abstract stripes or block colours can be thrown on really casually and wearing them in a basic way just makes them even cooler and more minimalist.

Copenhagen Fashion Week Day Two


The second day of Copenhagen was full of gossip and scandalous activities! Blogger Claire and her guest Ruth went off for the morning to explore and I got ready for my first show of the day, David Andersen. It was freezing cold and windy, and I already had a cold myself but this didn't affect my outfit choice?! I wore new thigh high boots with Henry Holland tights so you could juuust see the fake suspender lines, and my Gina Tricot coat. A bit of pink hair and a hair bow too!


 Tiiiired! I knew there would be no time to eat so I had breakfast at Cafe Flora; Scandinavian countries always put hot drinks in glasses, no idea why!


I rushed to the town centre and as I was walking up the steps to the city hall, I saw Yvan the facehunter!!! I knew he was in Copenhagen and I thought it would be a chance encounter if I saw him, but the likeliness is he plants himself by the show space of course! He was taking a photo of a blonde girl in all black but it's not on the site, maybe it's on his personal site? It's hard to work out who he picks to photograph as I could have seen 90% of the people at the shows on his main site, maybe he waits for the perfect person at the perfect time. As I hurried past he'd stopped taking the photos and as I was looking at him, I saw him look me up and down. The idea of someone taking your photo is actually a bit weird and scary so I hurried on inside! Again I didn't seem to have a seat but there were no standers at the show so I must have been seated somewhere! I hovered near the press pit brandishing my camera and the Facehunter was right nearby chatting with some people! I sneakily filmed him, check out the video at the end of the post! Soon enough most people were seated and a man came up to me and told me to take a seat anywhere, pointing to one in the second row. It clearly had a name on it and I gingerly sat down, and the worst nightmare thing happened when the man beside said 'oh that seat is for my colleague'. I was like eeek but then he said it was OK and a few of them moved down! He had a crazy curly quiff and cape and restored my faith that there were some friendly people there! I was still feeling a bit awkward perched there though, trying to look important. I had a notebook so could write random things down as a distraction, such as the way absolutely everyone was wearing fur and there were a few pairs of the Acne Atomica wedges clomping around, and they looked quite comfy!
Copenhagen14 Copenhagen15

As you can see, from the second row you can't see a thing! The catwalk wasn't raised so I had to wait for the model to pass and have a peak of their torso through the gap between the people in front. There was a live singer for the first few minutes which was pretty cool, and the show had a circus theme with the models wearing top hats and carrying canes. There was medals, gems, slicked back hair, leather shorts, and major gold safety pins all over a collar or gloves. A lot of it wasn't a surprise, like bright red tartan, but there were a few random bits like feather earrings, even on the men. I thought the models would seem taller but from ground level they just looked very lean and fierce. I couldn't get any pictures at all so I'll find some online and post a real review! By this time I had considered if I really liked the whole show experience and if you got more than you would by just looking at pictures online? I changed my opinion when I saw the shows that really made an impact but for now I felt quite uncomfortable!


I had some time to kill so I checked out the 'It's a small world' exhibition at the Danish Design Centre. It had loads of interactive things like swings and the crazy car wash thing that you could walk through, which I filmed when passing through! This might not be so interesting to recount here but I've done loads of sustainability courses in Sweden so it was interesting to me!
Copenhagen16 Copenhagen18 Copenhagen19 Copenhagen20
Copenhagen21 Copenhagen22 

Then I attempted to follow my map down the icy streets and went to the Recycled Realness boutique at K29 where I had a chat with the owner about Alexander McQueen, news my Mom had texted me the night before.

Copenhagen28 Copenhagen27 Copenhagen23 Copenhagen24
Copenhagen25 Copenhagen26 

I travelled on towards a few shops I'd marked down and went into a little shop that sold those quirky gifts that Urban Outfitters is full of. The man at the counter offered me a sweet but haha I don't take sweets from strangers! That was good thinking as I browsed a little and as I was leaving he said 'I like you... very much.' In was like er huh?? ummm thanks..heh... and he said 'you are very interesting to me... you do not take compliments well?' in his Danish accent. Do you find that if you don't gush over a compliment and say ohhhh wow thank you and act all girly and blush, then people get a bit shirty? I don't know, he was about 40! I carried on and stumbled upon this little vintage basement shop called Kitsch Bitch where I asked if they happened to have any sailor dresses and the lady found this stripey 50's style dress which I ended up buying! I had second thoughts when I left the shop and singled out that second hand smell but a few boil washes should sort that out!

The town had huge screens showing the shows and I had a little peek in the shops without looking to buy. Then I got insanely lost trying to navigate the town hall again. I sort of walked in the direction I thought it was but ended up going in some crazy direction! 

I got to the Margit Brant show just before it was meant to start, but of course it was late! I met Claire in there but at this show I was seated! It felt super cool to have a seat with my name on it, my name!! It was right in front of the press pit though, four rows deep, so it wasn't exactly the view of the year. I realised by people watching that fashion week isn't about standing out. It's much more comfortable to wear fabulous clothes that are great if someone looks at you, but doesn't make people look at you.


The show was all 50's silver-screen glamour, even with leather pilot hats. The hair was fantastic, in big blown out waves. There was even the only non-white model there in every show I attended.


Again I had the problem of only seeing heads, but I did get a goodie bag! The seats next to me were empty until someone crashed them and they left without taking their bags, so I nabbed them for Claire and her friend Ruth! Outisde the show we spotted the Facehunter again, and Claire dared to snap him! Ruth and I were like omggg Claire's facehunting the Facehunter! She will put the photo on her blog soon I'm sure. We went to a fab little cafe to get some lunch and talked blogs nonstop, then headed back to the Minimarket show. Wow Minimarket was something else! The Swedish brand was one of the big guns and everyone wanted to get into the show. I was way more confident by now after my fashion week crash course and asked if I had a seat or not. The guy with the list on the door said no but produced some tickets for spare seats and gave me one! Turns out the seat was front row!! It was right on the end too, I felt so lucky! I put my bag down and went to talk to Claire but people were already buzzing round it so I had to park myself firmly down. It was the scariest wait of my life!! As people started coming in, you could tell this was a big deal. And then I saw an amazing sight, Gala Gonzalez and Pelayo Diaz!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's a blurry photo as I tried to be subtle and they were moving, but they both looked amazing, Gala in those sky high Burberry boots and Pelayo majorly studded up. Gala was so tall she made him look small!! After a while it was apparent that a lot of people didn't have seats, a lot of very important people. The obvious front row regulars I'd spotted before were wandering round and looking confused in a dramatic diva way. The seaters were rushing around trying to seat people but all the front row seats were full! I realised that I was given a seat that shouldn't have been free at all and was petrified I'd be asked to move. 


The show was getting on for half an hour late now and even the influx of Minimarket boots on the show-goers didn't distract me from the fact that I had 'non-important person' flashing on my forehead! I tried to look extremely haughty and confident, but I was preparing to get up and have someone sit in my seat. To distract myself, I started talking to the lady next to me, who was on her 5th fashion week and was a stylist! I didn't want to pry so I'm not sure what kind of stylist, but I told her I was worried I'd be moved and she was like nahhh. As Claire was saying later, there's no rule book for fashion week and no one can appear to be more entitled than anyone else. For all the others know, I could be the editor of Vogue! Well of course not, but you get the picture. I didn't know who everyone else was but some people just looked more important. They strutted round and took their seats so confidently. I must be more like them! The seaters actually laid out another row at the end of the runway and then added more next to me so the rows were extended. So Gala and Pelayo got their front row eventually!


I feel SO lucky to have sat front row because the show was incredible. I was flawed! First the colour palette, all block acid pastels in such saturated shades that every model popped right off the runway. From head to toe, the models were so amazing, I didn't know which part to look at! Their hair was moulded under the hats in the smoothest, shiniest curve that they reminded me of toy lego figures, just with oversized, moulded curves. It's quite genius to be that feminine but not sexy at all. The tights were pink or yellow and the boots did not disappoint. The thigh high yellow suede pair raised a lot of muttering and I had my eye on the patchwork pair, the wooden wedged pair, and the classic black wedges with mini ruffled black and white fringing. And then there was the face paint! Sort of tribal but childlike. I got some footage of the models too, check the end of the video! There was even feathers that were patterned to look like an aztec print. It made me really want to buy the American Apparel print leggings!


Us girls headed back to the hotel and had a break, and I applied some more makeup and changed my tights! I was determined to wear heels to at least one show. Claire was napping and wasn't planning on going to the show but as I was about to leave she suddenly said yes she would! And it turns out Claire is the most fabulous show partner EVER. We went to the Gudrun Gudrun show and I sampled the mini yet super strong cocktails (cosmos) and we went around the side of the runway to take a standing spot. It seems the later the shows, the busier they are. Claire was like hey lets just sit in those second row seats and I was like nooo! But she coaxed me in and we were sitting second row, plus goodie bags! After a while Claire considered the front row, and I was really against it, fearing someone would come claim their seat soon enough, but she persuaded me and in a moment we moved forward and two girls were in our old seats straight away. How fab is Claire! She really put into perspective that no one is entitled to a seat and we are part of the marketing for the show. She is fearless! She'll make a great lawyer!


As the lights dimmed, a girl walked out in the most incredible, light flurry dress covered in sparkles and gem stones, and took a guitar from a nearby person in the front row. It turned out to be Danish artist Aura, and she sang with just a light on her and it was amazing! So intense with the whole room in darkness and just her voice and a guitar, it really set the mood for the show. And we were so glad we were front row!!! The show had male models who had the most insane six packs ever. Check the video! The male models I'd seen before weren't too hot but these were fashionable and built ohlala! The show was a range of sheer, soft knits, a bit Rodarte with the big weaves. I noticed the girls had bleached eyebrows and they wore studded cowboy boots! Check the video, I like orange cardigan man!

Copenhagen51 Copenhagen52
Copenhagen53 Copenhagen54Copenhagen55 

Despite being bloggers, I only got one photo of my outfit! Claire wore a fab Topshop sheer and striped dress with tights that looked like they zipped at the back, and I'd just added some ASOS heart tights and my pink Dotty P's heels. Thanks for the photo Claire!

Copenhagen56 Copenhagen57 

We met back up with Ruth and went for some incredible Indonesian food, where I had a delicious lychee cocktail too! It was a great end to a great few days and I was sad to leave! The next day was a nightmare of cancelled trains and stations in major cities that have no physical person there at all argh! At least I can say I've been to Malmo and Lund, even by accident. In the end it was such an educational trip, if I'd gone to London Fashion Week without going there, I would be clueless! Not that I know what to expect now as I'm sure shows at the major fashion weeks would be very different, but I know you have to be super confident, or just have to be able to fake it!

Copenhagen Fashion Week Day One

I actually wrote this post last night and then Typepad was all messed up and it disappeared in front of me! GUTTED!!!!! Aaaah! Fmylife. But here's round two! I hope you all had a good weekend, I really missed blogging! Copenhagen exceeded all my my hopes and so many great things happened! At the first show I was practically fashion roadkill but by the last I was sitting the the front row! The flights competition was in the end won by Claire of The View From Here, whose blog I've followed for ages so it was great we could go round together and share a hotel room! And I spotted internet celebrities, I was so starstruck! I've got Facehunter on film but I'll put up the video later once it's edited. My camera work hasn't exactly improved but I tried! Also we renamed him Facestalker haha.


I took an extremely early train to Copenhagen on Thursday morning after only one hours sleep due to a stuffy cold. I battled to keep my eyes open and look for the right stations but found UK Elle and tore through that on the final leg into the central station. As I came out and hovered at the entrance trying to figure out the right map angle, a girl approached me and asked if I needed help. Then she said she'd direct me to the hotel but walked for ten minutes in totally the wrong direction! I was too polite to ask exactly where she was going until she looked at the map again and said 'ohhh that street, this is the wrong way!'. Then we went back to the station and the hotel was literally two minutes away! Thanks!


I did have a ticket to show in about half an hour but I was so tired that I slept for an hour in the amazing bed and then with a slick of red lipstick I was out the door, Luella bag in one hand, bundles of tissues in the other! Copenhagen was absolutely freezing and very windy, so I grabbed a drink and tried to get my bearings. Copenhagen is similar to London in my opinion, in the way people dress. You're no longer in a Swedish sea of blonde hair and black clothes! If London was subjected to freezing temperatures then I don't think it would be dissimilar to the boots and duffel coats that are on the streets of Cph. The boys are quite Swedish in the way that they have slicked, 50's style hair and amazing cheekbones and complexions. Also it's so strange to see people smoking in McDonalds! 

Copenhagen3 Copenhagen8  

I grabbed a drink there and had a show across town but instead went to the nearby town hall early for the one right after, Munthe plus Sinsonsen. I could have made all the shows though as each started at least half an hour late! I was quite apprehensive and a bit scared as I've never been to a fashion show before, but joined the crowd just inside the main entrance. It was such a fashion cliché of people air kissing and pushing their big bags into you, or standing intimidatingly silent yet amazing. I felt really short and certainly not meant to be there with my spots and runny nose! I stood my ground and the crowd surged forward into the hall. It seemed most shows let people in to stand freely and I wandered round trying to figure out how you knew where to sit. Did you look at the names on every single seat? I approached the champagne people who directed me to the people with the seating chart. As you can see in the before and after pictures above, fashion people are thirsty! My approach was all wrong though because the seating lady asked me first where I was from and when I said I was a fashion blogger she said I didn't have a seat without even looking at the list!! It was a total Devil Wears Prada moment. I walked away feeling extremely small and unimportant, but in hindsight I probably did have a seat because I applied for and received an invitation. Instead I went right around the side and stood near the very front of the runway so I could see the models come out. 


I was quite glad I wasn't wearing anything too childish as the style was frills-free blacks and high wedge boots. Speaking of children, I think the seats in front of me were possibly for friends and family because there were so many little boys! I was so jealous of the kid seated in front of me, and later he practically sat on the runway to take wonky snaps. You can see him in the photo below! There was also many more men than I thought there would be. It intrigued me to wonder who everyone was and what was their purpose in going to the show? I felt very minute as a blogger, especially with the negative press some industry members are sending from the shows. I do think attending a show is valuable as we can write about the whole experience whereas other press members and buyers and stylists can't, but they benefit from seeing the show before everyone else, and also their job titles make them entitled to have the pleasure of viewing the live show. I can see why people always stress that the shows are not a totally pleasurable experience though- they're hard work!! It's like going through airports, you have to queue and stand and search for seats and spots to stand and juggle all your papers and camera, while being aware of everyone else around you. And there's no time to eat or rest, you have to be constantly watching the clock and planning journey times and the shows of course don't start on time ever! All this was super cool to me but if I was there for a week, plus other fashion weeks across the world right after, I can certainly see how tiring it would be!


Soon the lights went down and the first model strutted out. It's so intense to have hundreds of eyes and all your senses focused towards one thing; with the music and the lights and the buzz of conversation dying down, it was so exciting! I admire models so much, it must have been hard to step out first in front of all those people and walk in the highest heels! My position at Munthe plus Simonsen was great because I could see the models standing just before they went out, and then as they walked back sometimes they smiled secretly at the model they passed! Just before the first model walked out, a snow machine started from above, which created a wild winter wonderland and totally changed the atmosphere of the static hall. As all my shows were there, it's crazy to think they were all so different yet in exactly the same place.

Copenhagen6 Copenhagen7

As the models walked back through the snow it went right in their faces so most had a bad blinking attack or just walked with their eyes closed! The first row started getting snowed on after a while, much to my amusement hehehe. There was a lot of Rodarte inspiration throughout the shows, with soft, loose knits and Balmain style low-slung trousers and shoulders. The first thing that struck me were the amazing eyebrows and hollowed-out cheeks. The black brows went right to the temples and the orange blush made the models' cheekbones look incredible. I loved the big gem stones in this show in aquatic colours, almost like you could find them washed up at a forest lake. The gems were a bit Marc Jacobs from a few seasons ago and they're so versatile- you know I'm thinking they're great for in the hair! There was also more capes and knee length scarves, which ultimately look best when strutting in thigh high leather boots with the wind in your hair! I thought the styling of this show was great, see there's so many different textures and fits but they all work together don't look too much, they still manage to look casual and earthy, even a bit rustic yet glamourous.

Muntheplussimonsen Muntheplussimonsen2

 The 'goodie' bag from this show was just a bag with nuts and water in, so finally I wandered the streets near the hotel and got an amazing Vietnamese noodle salad minus the sushi as they didn't have any vegetarian dishes! I wish I could try sushi so badly!


Then a little later at midnight Claire and her fab guest Ruth arrived and we gossiped about the internet before crashing in bed! It's strange to meet a blogger you follow for about the first five seconds and then it's like you're old friends! More about Claire later, she is so fearless and did some daring deeds that involve Facehunter and the Gudrun Gudrun front row! And the video will come too, and gossip on celebrities with no seats and amazing freebies! Plus a hell of a lot of blagging!