Number time

I wore my number dress to an indie/electro club last night, which is huge with 7 rooms. Everyone makes an effort and dresses up, rather than just wearing jeans. I bought the material because it brought out the 5 year old in me, and wasn't actually planning to ever wear it, but my friend wore a rainbow glitter dress and we thought what the hey, lets dress up for the night. Loads of people said they liked our stuff and we danced all night. Unfortunately my whole history of ex boyfriends/friends seemed to be there. It was just one after another all night. I've given up caring about what people think now. What's the point? If I want to look like a reception class poster I can!

Also there are bright makeup features in just about every magazine right now. I'd wear a flick of neon eyeliner, but I'm not brave enough to wear orange or magenta lipstick yet!

Image from The Observer magazine