What to take to a festival that you will definitely forget

Hello y'all! It's already been an interesting August and as I haven't had a holiday to look forward to, I've spent a few weeks dreaming towards V Festival. Bieber. RiRi. Sia. Little Mix. Um... hello ultimate fun! Probably one of the most tame festivals, this local beauty is only two days of music but offers massive (undercover) headphone discos each night and what feels like an older age range of folk probably heading to work on the Monday rather than school. I attended my first festival when I was 16 and we weren't actually allowed by our parents to camp there, which I'm quite glad about in hind sight! Aside from never fending for or feeding myself before then, I went on to hit up loads of festivals before starting University and then started returning once I was a working graduate who needed to spend a weekend completely away from running water, sleep and normal civilisation. Is it just an excuse to wear some teeny yet super cute co-ords? Maybe! It's like you're in a huge universe contained in one tiny bubble of sounds, views and vibes constantly stimulating your eyes and ears. Since planning my outfits, I've been revisiting my list of packing essentials saved from years gone by, and here are a few things you may not have considered packing but DEFINITELY need.


My ultimate item is a portable gas hair tong. Yes, they do portable straighteners too and they are pretty decent. Life. SAVER.

Guaranteed you'll be camped next to some super keen beans with a portable stove, trolley, perfectly arranged tent and loads of food. I only camp once a year so I tend to scale down on any food I take. I usually pack food for Day One only as any food I take to a festival, I tend to not use. Before you set off you could take anything you fancy as a packed lunch/dinner (I'll usually cook veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, pizza, etc, and wrap in foil) but for the following days, the only viable option is taking dried food like bread, crisps, etc, that really aren't appealing. You'll be craving proper, hearty, hot food as it could be days until your next main meal, and a cereal bar just won't cut it. There will be a stall for any and every cuisine you may fancy so if you can afford it, just eat on the go. You'll be in the arena all day too so are you going to want to be carrying food around in your backpack all day? The only thing I take is a LOT of sweets for energy hits.

Take a torch and before you leave your tent on the first day, tie it to the roof on the inside so when you return at midnight and it's pitch black, you're not fumbling around with your phone torch while trying to enter a damp tent covered in mud. Tie a bag to the porch of your tent too to keep rubbish (and wasps) out. Lots of plastic bags are handy to hold worn and muddy clothes. ALWAYS take wellies off before entering the tent - it should be a no mud zone! Before leaving your tent for the day, move everything to the middle so if the tent sides get wet, your things may stay dry.


Take a flag, balloon, stickers - anything to separate your tent from the rest as it truly is SO dark at night that finding your own tent is a very difficult task indeed.

This is not advice I condone but if you need to smuggle alcohol into an arena, take water pouches (like Caprisun pouches) as they are much more maleable to conceal than a hard plastic bottle. Don't forget a batch of plastic disposable cups too and straws if you are feeling flashy.

Ear plugs and an eye mask might feel really odd but you'll be way too tired to mind and they really will buy you a few more precious minutes of sleep before you get woken up by early birds playing music and cooking sausages at 7am, only separated from your face by a thin tent sheet. Once you're awake, you will not be able to go to sleep again so make it last!

When you do wake up, you'll have to make the sorry walk to an awful portaloo or to the tea/coffee van, probably ASAP, and just imagine thousands of hungover, sleep-deprived, unwashed people waking at the same time. Plan an outfit or suitable pyjamas that you know you can walk straight out of your tent in and stand in a 20 minute toilet queue clutching a loo roll. PJ bottoms and a hoodie should cover it - nothing that can drag on the floor. Take your usual cleanser too and take it off with a flannel or baby wipe dipped in water.

You might have your little brother's sleeping bag from his Scouts days packed but don't forget a pillow.


I learnt last year to take a proper mac as it's going to cover your outfit anyway, and those cheap colourful macs do ABSOLUTELY nothing when it rains. You will be soaking wet and clammy because they are in no way made for rain. Take a proper waterproof (I'm borrowing my brother's) and when the rain does stop, you can emerge pristine rather than sodden. A mac can also double up as something to sit on as the ground will be trashed and you will definitely be sitting at some points during the day.

Failing that, keep a bunch  of hair ties in a memorable place and tie that hair back before the rain does any damage.

Try on outfits before you go, including accessories. Not having a mirror is really annoying and you want to trust in what you are putting on and feel super confident. Sense check what you will be wearing at home before you leave.


YES I am going on about outfits because everyone looks damn amazing at festivals. Unless you want to stand in an hour-long queue for those stands that do your hair and glitter, you need to turn your tent into beauty boudoir. The only way to feel half decent is to buy awesome outfits and go ALL out. Plan your makeup looks too as sitting in a field is not the time to try out a cool new eye look.

What is your day bag going to be? I'm trialling a bum bag this year but carrying a mac will mean a backpack may suit better.

This is top secret but if you look at the festival map of years gone by, you can choose a car park to aim for in advance. Instead of the stewards ushering you to the one that's a two mile trek away, we always continue into gold car park and we're literally parked up next to our tent. We can keep half of our belongings in the car until we need to refresh our supplies each morning, and if we have a tent leak again, we will be leaving our clothes in the car also. Take some cash too as they do charge you for parking - ew.

That's everything for now but please let me know if you have an amazing festival tip! Unfortunately the V forecast is rain but I'm really, REALLY hoping it is more of a brief shower than torrential downpours. Touch wood!

Competition Time! MTV Crashes Plymouth

Hi guys! I have a cheeky treat for you and myself to brighten up the beginning of our week! Myself, my squad and six of you lovelies will be hitting MTV Crashes Plymouth on Plymouth Hoe this month! I won’t be cramping your style – I have two VIP tickets to give away to you courtesy of CrossCountry trains! There are only 150 VIP tickets available each day and two of those babies could be yours. With the natural harbour backdrop, you could party with Example, Rudimental, Jess Glynne, Afro Jack, Subfocus and more – and when I say party with, I do actually mean there is a chance you could definitely score a selfie with some of those acts when you’re schmoozing in VIP on the Friday.

Plymouth hoe

I am from landlocked Birmingham in the centre of the Midlands but I’m hopping on a CrossCountry train directly there, easily whisking me away to the scenic coast. Along with the VIP tickets - which include exclusive access to mingle with celebs and artists in the VIP area, a cash bar, a buffet (no burger van for you my friend!) and a welcome drink – plus a VIP lanyard to flaunt around in your snaps, I also have four standard event tickets up my sleeve for two runners up to bag. The CrossCountry network is the most extensive in Britain so Plymouth is in reaching distance, and don’t forget your 16-25 railcard (mine has officially ran out, SOB) and 10% off with NUS Extra. Simply enter below for a chance to win the VIP or standard tickets for Friday 29th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions. The prize doesn’t include travel to or from the event. Please note there are age restrictions for each day.Three winners will be chosen at random and tickets cannot be exchanged for monetary value.

Fusion Festival 2015!

My festival mood board sure came in handy as I went to not one but two festivals this year. 4Music offered a pair of tickets to Fusion Festival and I grabbed my festival friend for a day of music and dancing. Festivals are such a mood-booster as there's nothing like sharing live music with thousands of others, plus a chance to hang out with friends all day and wear a cute outfit of flower crowns and glitter tattoos that would be wholly inappropriate for any average Saturday. I said in a previous post how it's essential to have dates in the calendar to look forward to and Fusion Fest. falls on the Bank Holiday - perfect timing!

Cofton Park is only 15 minutes on the train from Birmingham city centre and is minus all of the camping horrors, as I found the weekend before in the soggiest tent that ever existed. We cruised into the fest with iPhone weather promising clear skies each hour, and there's something so satisfying to be outdoors all day in the sunshine.


We were delighted to head straight to the VIP section with a huge canopy bar area full of comfy soft seats and high bar tables to perch at, plus the heavenly clean toilets. I cannot look at another port-a-loo again! I've never done VIP at a festival apart from when I scored a backstage pass, and it's so nice to sit on something comfortable and have no queues!

We chose a Vimto Sunrise from the Vimto bar that was totally delicious - I love pineapple! - and I'll definitely be making that again. Determined to sample all of the music on offer, as I love seeing acts and artists that you are only just familiar with, we sat back to enjoy Ella Henderson at the main stage.


Fusion Fest is super youthful and cool, with plenty of teens and families alike enjoying the ice creams and laid-back vibes. The food stalls are a notch up from any festival grub I've seen before, with a few quirky vans like the No Dog Quorn offering below! I am going to have a bash at a few of these myself for a quick lunch.


Sigma was up next and had everyone jumping, and we soon retreated back to the VIP area for a a break in the comfy lounge and a sample of a Vimhito, with extra bon bons! Some guys asked if they could sit at our table and when I asked about their press lanyards, it turned out the were Facebook millionaires (in terms of likes, not pounds!) and were going on stage with The Vamps the next day. Complete with manager and body guard (really) we joked around that they must be members of The Vamps as we'd never heard of them (lolz) and recommended a few places to go out later. As someone who has the full time job but blogs on the side for love rather than a career aim, it was interesting to meet people doing it as their main income. You can see the guys in my vlog below, and they get mega points for thinking we were in their main 16-24 age bracket of fans!


We were soon back in front of the stage for the final acts of Labrinth, who was truly a master of the crowd and can jump at least 7 feet in the air...


... and Rudimental, who I have seen a few times before and love the live band set-up and how they bring on a host of different singers. Such feel-good music!


It was such a fun day and so effortless; it was as easy as popping down to the park and stumbling across some of the best stage acts out there. 4Music will be showing the highlights of Fusion Fest in the 90 minute show ‘Fusion Festival 15: The Best Bits’ on Saturday 5th September from 3pm (Freeview channel 18, Sky 360 and Virgin 330), featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage, including backstage performances and interviews with the acts. Enjoy my vlog below too and see the pranking in action! Muhaha...

V Festival 2014 - The highs, the stories, the scandals

Guys! Hey! So I'm working chronologically through my recent happenings and I have so many funny, amazing and downright crazy things to tell you from V Festival. I've seen quite a few blogger festival posts this summer so I've kept it to the nitty gritty, juicy bits and some things I am fairly confident you will NOT expect!

1. SO we bounced down the motorway in Stacey's ride and luckily I had peeked at the festival map before travel (a seasoned V attendee right here!), so we knew to drive to a certain car park and be right by a campsite. No walking from the car laden with bags like camels! We camped in the quieter Gold campsite but it did make us feel quite far away from the atmosphere so we might change that next time. Our morning routine was to wake up to the sounds of children (yes really - see below) and go to sit in the car for about an hour, drinking two litres of water, as it was so close!

2. We met many a fabulous person, as detailed soon. My best buddy Barrie from work is potentially the best festival wing-man ever and even brought us both festival presents and made us loom bands while watching Rudimental! Can I just make a side note and say how much I fancy one of the dudes in Rudimental. I had to state how much of a nice man he seems many, many times while gazing at the Main Stage screen with heart eyes. I've seen Rudimental a few times this year and they just know how to work a festival stage, even if they're not the typical band or singer.

3. Back to the first day of Friday evening where they open the arena before the bands kick off on the Saturday, and I was especially keen to hit club MTV in the massive circus tent, followed by a silent disco. Many (I was going to say a few but I'm old now!) years ago at Reading Festival, we had to run to the queue for a silent disco even before the headliner had been on, so I wanted to be all queued up and prepared for this baby, and make the most of the first night. We ventured down to the arena before grabbing out wrist bands from Barrie on the gate (he worked there!) and partied it up in the club/tent! At one point Stacey made me go on a fairground ride which I am so scared of (and made her go on them on her own at Wireless Festival), but I was talked into a swinging, spinning, upside down monster, and screamed and closed my eyes throughout! We queued for the silent disco and we danced with 18 year olds until 3am to the two different DJs playing different songs simultaneously - you just flick a switch on your headphones to change the song and everyone is dancing and singing to different things! Amazing!

4. The next day but embarked for my only favourite act of the weekend, Jhene Aiko. When I saw Jhene on the line up I nearly whooped out loud on the train to work and immediately felt very excited. She was so lovely and sweet and just amazing, and not many people were watching her so we were very close. I had already looked at a recent set list of hers so when some girls infront of us were saying 'I don't know this song? Maybe it's new?', I could input 'She's covering Tupac'. Now I don't particularly know a Tupac song from any other but they were very impressed with my worldy music knowledge until I did reveal to Stacey later that I only knew because I had read it recently! Haha!

Mounting created Bloggif

5. The second surprise highlight was Childish Gambino, who I have only been listening to recently and did a major set at the MTV stage to a crazy crowd. His dancing and strutting across the stage really drove everyone wild and instead of sitting to eat pizza with Stacey, I decided to venture towards the thick of the crowd at the stage and go back to Stacey after a few songs. Somehow I always end up getting into VIP areas, backstage and behind barriers where ever I go, through no effort of my own really. A man next to me was also alone and after a few songs feeling like we really should start talking to each other, he started up a conversation and it turned out he was the DJ at the cocktail tent! Now this 'cocktail tent' was more of a huge open VIP house with fancy bars and a DJ platform high above the bar, so you could only see the DJ if they hung over the wall in front of the box. Around the clean, plastic bars were dance floors spilling out onto the festival field and music pumping, so as you walked by you were almost drafted into a totally new section! In fact some people spent more time there than watching bands! The DJ said we should stop by for some drinks, so I returned to Stacey with news of my new friend, and we went to meet Barrie to see my dreamboat Rudimental dude and party with him.

6. We felt the festival vibes and skipped off to the cocktail tent, where I waved down the DJ and we got some cocktails and met his male model friend - well hello there! They both took a break to come with us to see Jason Derulo, who was smooth like a smoothie from the veeery far away place we were standing as it was SO busy.

7. We decided for myself and DJ man to go back to the cocktail area for his set, and Stacey go with Mr Model to watch their favourite Paolo Nutini. I'm not a Paolo fan so I was eeeking inside with excitement as myself and the DJ went backstage and climbed the ladder up to the cocktail DJ floor/box, where you looked over the whole crowd dancing from above. Of course my exterior was cool and collected, but as usual when you are backstage, inside you are thinking 'Well this isn't daily life! Hell yea!', just like a rock star. I put in my favourite requests and channelled my inner Kate Moss festival vibes, and soon enough the DJs friend returned... without Stacey. Somehow he was lost her along the way and we had no phone signal so we were stuck!! Red alert! 

8. I made the most of hanging out in the cocktail area with all of the crew before saying goodbyes and skipped off. While considering my plan B now that I was alone and couldn't get hold of Stacey, one of the barmen I had been chatting to a little while before when I was partying with the DJs (be nice and chat to everyone - a good life motto) said he was going to see Chase and Status at the big circus tent with another dude while on their bar breaks. I said 'Sure!' and by then it was night time so I found myself in a strobe lit, floor shaking, 10,000 deep crowd all raving to thumping dance music in the dark. It was wild! And I found Stacey, wahoo!

9. The second day was all about the music, with so many swooning gals at the Ed Sheeran set, and a host of indie bands bursting out tunes. Justin Timberlake rounded off proceedings very nicely and added a new twist to the day's line up.

10. And we find ourselves at number 10! I'm sorry I deceived you into thinking I would summarise my experience but I have just ended up typing and typing for hours tonight! Onto my outfits - I wore my lemon Motel set again as I love it and a festival setting is the perfect place for it, and a new identical set in a green tropical print! Stacey also wore all Motel, with the sunflower skirt and off shoulder dress! I wore some nail decals on my face (also asked to borrow from a random girl in a crowd?!) and a head piece, although it was very wonky and falling off most of the time but I did feel very cool!

Until next year, Weston Park!

Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Three

Hi guys, happy Friday! I have that Friday feeling and I hope you do too! I'm starting this post on my lunch break but will likely add the photos and publish later, which is my usual posting pattern. When I'm on my laptop, I'm usually in bed so it's more difficult to write the reams I usually do!

But lets rewind to the final day of Wireless and I woke up wondering just why I had hit the town the night before, but we were just in such a good mood! We knew a few more people going to the third festival day and it was again an even busier day than before, and seemed to go much quicker. I woke up and had no idea what to wear but I consulted my Wireless moodboard and added a bright Iggy Azealia matte pink lip and some hefty jewellery by my own standards. I'm having a bit of a shorts crisis recently as mine just seem too short, and wanted something that covered me a little more than the short-shorts I would wear at a camping festival. I had pulled out all of my optional outfits before the festival started, and picked out my Topshop bralette which is super sturdy and I've had lots of wear out of for night time, plus a pair of shorts from a Rihanna x River Island co-ord set. The aquatic blues somehow worked together and it was never an outfit I would have imagined in my mind but I liked it! I also wore my Roche Runs again which are so cute and make your feet look teeny tiny - so sweet!

We headed to the festival site and planned to sit back and soak everything in for that day. We were just right on time for Iggy Azalea, who I was seriously excited for out of the whole line up. I just like her songs and her crazy vibes! She had one of those relentless sets that pumps out the tunes non-stop, pow pow pow. She was really loud and clear too so everyone heard every expletive and she played my favourites too! Her dancers were also awesome! Sassy x 1,000,000!

This was followed by Tinie Tempah, who I feel like I have seen before but maybe I haven't. Playing a festival really needs you to bring something different and to interact with a crowd who maybe aren't all fans, so Tinie literally spun the audience into a frenzy and was super energetic. I think he is at V Festival so I'd definitely watch again!

Then we found my sister's friends and Pharrell came out to play a very slick, smooth set that was actually very warm and fuzzy. He brought some of the crowd on stage and even serenaded a girl, giving her life advice on stage. It was very sweet and we had such a great spot so we could see everything, especially when the artist walks to the side of the stage that you are at!

Then the weekend was crowned with a memorable performance from none other than Kanye West, plus that rant about the media. I was just more in awe of him because he was Kim Kardashian's husband! It was dark by this time and the hugely glittering, glowing stage transformed the day's field setting into a huge, monstrous music power house, and everyone knows the words to Kanye songs!

And then it was a wrap - the festival was over! Phew!! When I have holiday from work, usually my thoughts aren't far away, but over the weekend I was totally transported into music heaven and just had the best time ever! Thank you Live Nation! I've never danced so much.

Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Two

Hey guys, I have returned from my Amsterdam holiday and am back with a bang! The bang of the plane that is, as I spent yesterday sleeping and watching Friends re-runs to feel up and ready for the new week ahead. I ran out of time before going away but I have been so excited to tell you about the second day of Wireless and one of my favourite festival days ever!

The weekend is still a blur but after the first day of torrential, relentless rain, I woke up in my own bed instead of a tent, washed my frizz-ball hair, and had a facial. Yes, a facial! I was a £10 one at my local market at a Chinese medicine stand, but the lady is my favourite person right now and I've been going to her for months as I sometimes get shoulder pain from typing on a computer all day. She suggested a facial last time I went, and after 20 minutes I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe the difference! After a day in the rain and wind, my face was scultped and smoothed, with no puffiness at all. Magical!

We didn't hit the festival until around 3pm and it was thankfully such a beautiful, sunny day. I was waiting until the final day but I bit the bullet and donned the most vibrant Lemonade co-ord from Motel that I have ever laid eyes on! The lemon stamp print is absolutely gorgeous and really warms up a fair skin tone like mine, and literally feels like a ray of sunshine all day long! Also a skirt is much more handy in those festival portaloos, which I can say were so clean at Wireless! I also wore my black Roshe Runs that I usually wear to the gym as they are dream-comfy and it wasn't muddy at all!

The festival site was much busier as we expected after the first Drake day, and we found a spot on the grass for J. Cole, who I rather like but admired from a distance. We were accosted by some dudes from London (and swiftly sidestepped) and a random boy asked if I was Selina and named the place I work before just walking off - so bizarre! We grabbed a snack and caught a few notes from Ellie Goulding, before cramming into the BrumBrum tent for a totally classic set from Sean Paul! The tent was rammed and we squeezed through the crowd to find a decent dancing spot. Last year at V Festival I met a new friend in our camping group of gals, who was literally a pro at weaving through the crowd with so much charm that any standing crowd members didn't even notice her chatting them up and subtly maneuvering in front of them before continuing towards the stage! I however do not have these skills, so we danced in the middle of the crowds to the old school songs and new favourites, Got To Love Ya beings our Madrid holiday song from 2012! It was awesome!

This flowed beautifully into the cool vibes from Outkast at the Main Stage, which was pretty damn rad to see - especially their outfits! It felt a bit like being transported back in time to when I watched music channels as a teen (when YouTube didn't even exist!). Knowing it would be the last song, we hit the BrumBrum tent again for Robin Thicke's set just as he closed with Blurred Lines, which was hilarious! Is there a better feel-good song?!

Now the headliner for Saturday was Bruno Mars and I wasn't a fan before. He reminds me of an old idiot boyfriend and I just didn't get him. Howwwever his set was SO fun and SO happy and his live band moved in sync, almost like a fabulous boy band. It was still light as they played and while standing at the side of the stage, it felt like they could see us as we danced away! It's so funny that you get to a festival and tentatively side step the mud and attempt to walk casually in wellies, but soon enough you're dancing away in a field! Amazing! We were so hyped up we decided to head into town and carry on dancing (in Snobs of all places for you Birmingham residents!) and seriously looked forward to the next day full of even more acts. To be continued!

Postcards from Wireless

I'm SO tired but SO delighted after an amazing weekend at Wireless! I'm just gathering up all of my photos and footage, whilst also trying to coordinate everything for my holiday on Wednesday! Eeek! I'll give all the details of the crazy happenings tomorrow and I have the day off work so will also share my holiday vibes and plans! I just heard Holland are still in the World Cup and whilst I'm not a football fan, it's sure going to be amazing to watch the game live in Dam Square! Speak soon!

Wireless Fest | Fashion Moodboard

Oh gosh guys - where has this week gone!! I'm coming up to 10 days off work so I'm arranging everything there whilst also trying to arrange my holiday and Wireless. I have a couple of days before Amsterdam to sort things and pack, but Wireless begins on Friday. I'm going to decide on my final outfits tonight and then I have tomorrow eve and Friday morning to do hair/nails/tan. Thankfully I'm just going to hop on a bus to Perry Park so do not need to pack a tent and copious amounts of baby wipes in a rucksack!

As I said, I haven't actually decided on all of my outfits yet as I haven't had time to go through my wardrobe this week. The forecast is warm with rain so it looks like wellies is a must. Sigh! Otherwise the looks I'm feeling are a little gypsy boho mixed with a dark edge. Crochet with mesh, flowers with gold. These pictures are from my Tumblr (which I post to obsessively!!), and I would simply dress as a mix of all of them if I could! I love Jhene Aiko right now too. Now I'm off to pull together some outfits and forget about a little rain! 

A Wireless Wardrobe Countdown

Hi guys, welcome to a new week! I spent the weekend in Sheffield as a random change of scenery with a few friends and it was fab! Just the right size to explore for one afternoon and the night life was made of a few buzzing strips with the bars spilling out into the streets. I'll do a longer outfit post this week!

It's going to be potentially the most hectic few weeks of my year as I'm going to Amsterdam next week as my 4 day 'summer' holiday (1 star all the way!) and before that, I'm going to Wireless Festival this weekend! I've been for the past few years in London, and Wireless is literally my dream festival music-wise, and plus you don't camp overnight in a tent so everyone looks amazing. You can wake up on the day and dress perfectly for the weather forecast - and you can have a shower! I'm extra thrilled it's in Birmingham too this year as it is literally 10 minutes from my house on a bus and I can go home to my own bed (and wardrobe!).

I think Amsterdam will be seriously casual so this week is dedicated to planning Wireless outfits. Looking at the ever changing forecast, it looks to be hot hot hot with maybe a few dotted showers. I can take my bright rain mac and will wear wellies (thanks for the tips Hannah!), but the outfit could be anything! Each year at Wireless, my friends and I have found an awesome spot on the grass at the mainstage and spent the day gossiping, dancing and meeting new people, so your outfit is less about trekking around and can be any sort of style.

For the sake of me only having a few times in my calendar where I can dress in something I love, I want to look slightly different each day! I'm not a mega fan of shorts any more so will not be sporting denim hotpants exactly, but I love a crop top and cute two piece!

For my first outfit I wanted a fresh co-ord, and I wore my palm print two piece from Motel to last year's Wireless. I was considering wearing the same outfit again as the skirt was actually really suited to a festival. It was light, cool, and crucially, it meant ease when balancing over those festival loos! (Wireless has vans of actual real toilets though - win!!)

I spotted this outfit of sunshine though and have refreshed with this absolutely gorgeous lemon stamp set, which literally gives me happiness and life! Yellow is my new favourite colour with my blonde tinted hair and it has just the perfect festival vibes. Motel have a lemon print on a black base too for the more colour-shy (my friends definitely won't loose me!) and I really like the Ballerina body too.

As for the other days, I just don't know! Tonight I'm going to sift through my wardrobe and assess what I have. For one day I'm feeling maybe jeans and a backless body, as the evenings will be cooler and I've never worn jeans before to a festival. Maybe they wouldn't be as appropriate though! I want to look more Iggy Azelia fun than Kate Moss boho. We'll see! Of course I'll be recording said outfits and maybe I'll even do a little vlog!

Wireless 2013!

I am so glad I booked a very last minute ticket to Wireless Festival! It dawned on me earlier that any international readers may not be so familiar with festivals and I've seen a lot of bloggers attending Wireless last weekend as guests. Wireless is a London based festival without camping so you just rock up each day looking fresh and fabulous, and my friends and I travelled there on the day and checked into a hotel before hand. We went last year for Drake and when we realised a few of us could book Monday off this year, we booked up and hit London! The current heatwave in the UK means after travelling on the train to London and across on the tube, I had another cold shower at the hotel before pinning in a standard hair flower and throwing on my Motel two piece!

Haha obviously loving life in these photos, the festival was amazing! This year it was in Olympic Park where the 2012 Olympics were held, right by Westfield Shopping Centre. In a strange school trip-style formation, you had to walk through the shopping centre along with all the other festivaal goers and then onto a looong, dusty walkway to the park. It was more of a building site than a park as there was no grass anywhere at the festival but instead this green straw sheet on the ground at the stages! It totally looks like grass in the photos though right? Well it wasn't!
The heat was sweltering but we got through the gates and headed to the main stage where A$AP Rocky was about to come on stage. I've seen him (and met him!) recently so we dove straight into the thick of the crowd near the front. On TV the crowds look so close together but when you're in them, you do have space around you and we were dancing and putting our hands in the air, loving the show! At one point A$AP Twelvy crowd-surfed and fell into the crowd but couldn't get back over the barrier so stayed behind it and carried on haha! There were girls all around him screaming in his face and the cameras for the big screens were just showing him and the whole crowd were laughing so much, it was hilarious! I think it was a little early for such stage craziness as the crowd wasn't really hyped up yet, but the day was just beginning.

Most people were sitting so we moved back and found a spot to chill, where we stayed for the rest of the day! When you're in the crowd you can't see over people's heads and you get jostled and pushed so we laid back and enjoyed all the acts where we could dance and pop to any food or drinks stands. As for my outfit, I got the Motel Fonda crop top with the matching skirt AND shorts as I was sure the skirt would ride up when you walked. After some road testing, I found it was fine so I was super comfortable all day as this outfit is so light and breezy! I love everything matching right now.

We made loads of friends and none-stop danced right through the day until Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake made the crowd all stand up, and then Rihanna came out for a suprise set! I thought it was just a soundtrack as I was having so much fun dancing and then my friend Vanessa was saying 'Look Rihanna is on stage!'. I wish she had played a longer set but I'm so happy to have seen Rihanna live! Also these girls are the most fun ever, I can't wait until even more of our group head to V Festival in a month! 

It was such a fun day; a festival really feels like a holiday but with tens of thousands of other holiday makers around you and constant great music. The next day Vanessa and I recovered at The Breakfast Club, a retro London cafe with the best menu! I had a veggie English breakfast with pancakes and a green smoothie; it was all so tasty and was the perfect setting to remember the festival highlights.