Forever 21 Cinderella Sweater Sale!!!

Hi dolls! Thank you for being such babes about my last post, I'm really glad it didn't seem like I just hadn't been bothered with blogging any more! It's a working progress and I won't address it again. However of the 5% of my free time that I'm not thinking about it, I am developing 'blogger brain' syndrome again, where a shopping trip turns into a haul and everything is a photo opportunity! I have even realised my new house has some absolutely amazing walls to take photos against. I have an iPhone for work now so you can follow me on Instagram at @motel_selina and don't forget to follow Motel too at @motelrocks! Remember I help run it and also run the Facebook page and Twitter so it really means a lot if you follow there too.

Now I have a little treat for you! I know the Forever21 Disney jumpers were really popular and I spotted a whole rack of them in F21 when I went home to Birmingham for a Katy Perry gig last October. I got the navy Little Mermaid of course and I've worn it constantly! To work, as pyjamas, you name it. It washes extremely well and the transfer print stays perfectly intact. I also got my sister Chloe the grey Aladdin version for Christmas and she loves it; my sister is so easy to buy for that I love spoiling her! Lots of people have tweeted to say they love the jumpers but as F21 stores are so sparse and the jumpers are so popular, so not many people have them.

So I was shopping in the Bullring Christmas sales (and I can never resist going into Topshop and tidying up the Motel concession and placing random pieces all around the shop lol!) and in Forever21 I spotted three lone Cinderella sweaters! I don't know why these weren't snapped up already as they're meant to be sold out but I bought all three! 

Maybe it seemed greedy as even the sales assistants were cooing over the jumpers, but I bought them for you guys! I kept one and I want to offer the other two to anyone who loved them but weren't able to get one. I would love to give them away but I did just get this letter in the post and I absolutely am not in the position to be giving things away sadly! So I have 2 Cinderella jumpers that I'll sell for the original price of £16.75 over Paypal with the following postage:

UK: +£2 (= £18.75)

Europe: +£4 (=£20.75)

Worldwide: +£6 (= £22.75)

Just comment on this post and make sure you fill in the email address box, and I'll pick two names out of a hat this time next week, where you have a week to pay before a new name is picked. I though that was the fairest way! They are both size small and I'm an 8/10 and they fit perfectly. The sweaters are a comfortable, loose fit but the sleeves and length make them suited to an 8/10 and maybe a petite 12. They have lots of boob room too if that's a concern of yours (certainly not mine!). It's so worth it and I'm really pleased to start off hopefully a great year of blogging by offering something some of you might like! Have a wonderful week xx


Snapshots of the Week(s)

Right, it's time! Face mask - check. Internet TV - check. Munchies - check. Finally a night off, woop! Not that I work at night, but my brain does work at night and I live with a million people, so there's not many chances to relaaax in peace and quiet. I've had some holiday from work this week so I've been home to Birmingham again, but I fully booked up my time so haven't stopped! I haven't been snapping photos for blog posts very much but I have been logging things with my Blackberry camera so here are a few buys, outfits and outings, including what I came home for - a Katy Perry concert!!! I have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go on a Zombie Walk back in Bristol.... how do I get talked into these things?!

So starting from two weekends ago when I came home for a friend's birthday, it was of course tan o'clock! I am a rubbish tanner and it all may seem OK in a dark club, but I am streaks galore the next day. My sister just came home too and had a quick outfit change that desired a tan, and she was quite alarmed when she started putting on this DARK lotion! On my pale skin it makes me a nice warm colour though.

This is a sort of 'Nails of the Week' post as I had these flouro green nails for a while! I was fed up of about 4 months of coral so I went for the craziest colour and sort of hated it but sort of loved it.

My Mom gets my sister and I very random little presents sometimes as we both live away now and she found these tweezers that look like me! Seriously, haha!

I live by quite a cheap and cheerful highstreet so I raided the shops and found these mini drawers in Poundland which can house my every-day makeup, and stocked up on cheapie lashes. I forgot to add a disclaimer to my last post on how I store my makeup as I do know I have loooooads of it! However, watching loads of beauty videos showing people with huge collections made me loose touch a bit, even though most of those people are actually makeup artists and if I went near anyone else's face, it would be a disaster!

I have a slight Forever 21 addiction (see below) as they make amazing tops as far as I'm concerned! I got this Disney top with Minnie Mouse bows on a few months ago from the London Oxford Street store and it is sooo cute.

And from cute to erm, glam? Haha my green nails really were a sight! Here I am about to go out for my friend's birthday, wearing double lashes and the Motel Elsa Dress, which is my current 'wear to every occasion with every group of friends until it is all over Facebook' dress as I love it x a million! But I am of course biased :)

Last Friday at work we were discussing top secret and confidential Christmas plans (ooo it's only round the corner!!) and I ended up wearing 3 different types of animal, so to speak. I got a fur coat off eBay that was in River Island last year, and wore a huge River Island Dalmatian print sweatshirt with velvet leggings and New Look leopard print loafers. Usually I dress a lot smarter for work but there are very few of us in our office on Fridays so I take it down a notch.

Also in that animal photo was my GlossyBox under my arm! I can't really review mine as I always share it with everyone in the office, and I don't review things here exactly, but sometimes I just feel like I need to top up my makeup collection, you know? I do sometimes feel mine has space to grow (LOL).

I came home on Tuesday night after work so I could spend Wednesday preparing for Kaaaty Perryyy ahhh! I went to the nail salon as I had desperately outgrown gels by then and couldn't decide on bright coral (again) or neon yellow/green.

I had a little peek in New Look and spotted these gorgeous heels in the blue that I am obsessed with at the moment, I am very tempted!!

Also did a little shop of the cheapie stores and got my favourite hairspray and tan at discount prices and some blood for this zombie walk. Not sure I'll be walking the streets saying 'bbbrrraaaiiinnssss' but I intend to at least have good makeup!


First though, omgeee Katy Perryyyyy!!! I went with my FAB uni friends Ellie and Natalie and wowowow it was SO GOOD! The whole thing was a story with your expected crazy sets and antics and it was amazing! Standing in an arena is great as there was loads of room and we could basically stand where ever we wanted! I didn't actually take my camera as I knew I'd spend lots of time taking photos rather than watching but I'll try and nick some of my friend's for you!


Haha Natalie got us all blue wigs!! We wore ours for a few comedy photos and during one song but they were quite wild and made us look mental haha! There were loads of great Katy Perry costumes at the gig though. I really want to see The Saturdays and Rihanna now!

Today I shopped round the Bullring and got a few payday purchases! However I'm curbing it now as it's all Christmas present shopping from here on!

I saw these F21 sweatshirts on a few American Tumblrs but I'm so glad they came over here, OF COURSE I got the Little Mermaid one! They also had Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Cinderella there.

Oh Lordy, here are my nails for this week! Like I said, I couldn't decide which colours to go for so I went for both! Very Katy Perry in the Last Friday Night video I thought! I was also talked into getting a tacky flower gem on my ring finger, I have problems saying no!

After Katy Perry, we went to an infamous Birmingham club called Snobs and I just discovered this in my bag that I stole off the wall, haha I'm sure you Midland people will have a chuckle! Snobs is the least calm place. EVER.

And so we come to tonight, where I was chatting to my sister while she got ready to go out and she showed me her new MAC lipstick collection addition- Ruby Woo (on the right). It's really funny how every MAC lipstick she has is an insane colour! (Impassioned/Morange/Cyber/Ruby Woo) I suppose if you are spending that much, it might as well be worth it! I should remember that thought :)

It is a '70s summer

Maybe if you're a long time reader (which isn't hard because we're almost at the 5th year of Flying Saucer, OMG!), then you might know I have a soft spot for '70s style! Not exactly ABBA platforms and white disco suits but I love the tight denim but carefree styles in films like Dazed and Confused. If you like old American teen movies, check it out! The '70s were actually a really sexy era in my opinion because the jeans were super high waisted and tight, and there was all the free love of course! Watch that movie and I'm sure you'll agree, '70s girls were hot!

I had a huge obsession with flared jeans and lusted after a brand called 18th Amendment who made a bunch around 2007 and named them after old movie stars. They were super expensive but I randomly found a pair in a mall in Gothenburg when I studied in Sweden, knocked down to £45 from £240! I hadn't bought jeans in a while so I should of got them tighter, but today was actually the first time I've ever worn them! It took me a while to get the length altered and then there was no way I would wear heels to a lecture in final year as it wasn't worth the effort, and these look best with height. Mine are the Bacall jeans with heart pockets and Cheryl Cole even wore them once! You can still get them on eBay for bargainous prices.

They're quite hard to photograph but they are tight at the top and do flare out! I wore them in more of a '50s way I think, with a Forever 21 bodysuit, a New Look belt and white heart earrings which you can't see. I also wore my Weekday leopard wedges, also bought in Sweden! Now I really want to be asleep for midnight so I must quickly get ready for bed! I want to film my June Favourites video in the morning. Here's a video compilation of this outfit and two others from my YouTube channel; one outfit I didn't post on here is in it!xx

Ring Things

So Easter has officially begun and I did my last shift at River! I don't know what I'll do on a Wednesday and Thursday now! Well, I know it's going to be time for revision and exams but I haven't done anything else on those days for about seven months. It was sad to leave, I love my job! And I'll always have a soft spot for River Island when I go shopping, that store has some serious hidden gems and the new Chelsea Girl collection is based on archived pieces. Loads of customers come in to say they used to work at Chelsea Girl (before it became River) and recognise the clothes! There's a styling competition on the website for Cosmo too if any of you are fashion students!

I was looking round the store this week for any last buys with my staff discount and I am very intrigued by all these 'palazo' trousers. When I was at the River charity jeans day in Liverpool, there were loads of girls shopping in super tall wedges and huge, floaty floral trousers looking great! Maybe if a pair were short enough they could be worn with flats, almost disguised as a maxi skirt? I could get away with wearing them to lectures with flats, they just look super comfy! I'll have to have a day in town and try on loads of pairs, the most reasonably priced ones I've seen are in River Island; have you seen any nice ones anywhere else? They would also be PERFECT on a beach holiday, of which I haven't booked yet but I am definitely planning for!

I bought a couple of things recently online and in shops, I think it was the great weather and because I didn't really buy anything for the whole of March. I was home a few weekends ago and popped into Forever21 in the Bullring after I'd met my friend, and was pleasantly surprised! I actually got some clothes, which I showed in a haul video that I still have to edit. All my editing programmes put the sound out of sync so I'm still searching for something that works! The F21 jewellery section is like nothing else and I got this ring for only £5.90. It's like an amour ring with jewels in and it moves into three different parts. Sadly the quality is rubbish as another ring I got from there broke straight away and now one part of this one keeps falling off. If I'm in town soon I'll see if they have any more in stock or see if my brothers can fix it.

It's not my normal style but you can go a bit crazy with rings; it's only a ring! I also got this black and tarnished silver ring below, almost like a 'tube' ring. I put it on my little finger for this photo though as it's gets totally stuck on my other fingers and is so thick, it won't come off! It was £4.90.

In the River Island sale right now I got this huuuge ring that has already been in a million sales! I kept seeing it and now it's only £4, so I thought it would be good on a night out with no other jewellery. The middle part is a mirror!

I don't normally buy into blogger trends but one day I thought 'I need a double finger cross ring in my life!!!' So I got this cute tarnished gold one from Dainty Dollymix, also a fab beauty blog!

I'm still not sure on this Revlon polish, it's quite milky so it can look a bit dirty and dull. It's just not doing it for me! I'll wait until inspiration strikes to do my next nails though, at the moment I'm trying to crack on with work! I've got my GoogleReader down to zero and brought home a million heavy books yesterday so I'm on the way! I sound very on track on here but I'm trying to do it early and slowly so I don't get the exam depression and desperation!