Gossip Girl

I'm Chuck Bass

You know I am Team Bass. Forget all this Twilight stuff, although my good friend pulled a guy who looks exactly like Taylor Lautner, hiii Ellie haha I hope she reads this! I miss my friends in England!! Anyway, I will always and forever more be Team Chuck Bass, no matter how desperate the Gossip Girl story lines get. Dan's curly college hair certainly didn't sway me and Nate is pretty but sooo booooring! I like arrogant guys! So one day I thought I should express my love to the world and happened across the Yatt Chuck Bass t shirt that quite a few LookBookers have, just check google images! As I just got the link, I found it's now sold out! They say they'll bring out new designs and want to keep them exclusive, but really how many girls across the world actually have this t shirt? Maybe quite a few, after all CB is the hottest. In fact now I just regard him as my secret boyfriend. But yes I truly have no qualms about wearing this, it's the best thing ever! Granted I won't be wearing it to important, life changing events, but I totally wore it to class and then to the impromptu sauna party last night with a massive vat of sangria. Sadly nobody actually noticed it, or maybe they wanted to avoid the strange girl who's acting like a crazed teenager.   


Just Christmas Cheer Here


I was just going to write a last minute letter to Santa but seems a Christmas miracle is not needed. Net-A-Porter has restocked the Christian Louboutin Barbies! I am very tempted to spend all my Christmas money on one for no apparent reason other than it is just the coolest thing everrr!

First Newt from Hollyoaks lost his wig and eyebrows (whaaat), then we see Dan used to have a curly mop, and now I find out Taylor Momsen was Cindy Lou in The Grinch?! OMGEE

Gossip Girl Series 3: They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They? and The Last Days of Disco Stick

My friend asked me, "Omg, have you seen the gossip girl with the vanessa-dan threesome?!" I was like whaaa! So that was kind of spoiled. But still, what a crazy episode!

They Shoot Humphreys, Don’t They?

First I'm loving that Blair's whole head bands, block colours and great tights have evolved to Jenny's leather jackets and black bandage skirts. Fab! Totally funny how they were checking guys out on facebook. How long are Jenny's legs?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so preoccupied about her falling out her dress though.

Noooo why is Serena going to get with that politician guy!? Surely there are a million guys in New York!! Did you see Serena's casual dress for work? She could have worn something more fabulous!

Ahh so funny that beer pong is on the list of things to do at college! And Chuck mentioned Laduree macaroons! Do these writers read fashion blogs? Hahahaha did you see Dan's dancing just after they did tequila?! LOL. The whole threesome thing is a good way to highlight how Vanessa and Dan totally have something between them, but might be a little naughty for GG?

I've realised why Blair is not so fabulous this series, her hair isn't as luscious, and as Jenny said 'Your reign is over, just like that headband'. Chuck threw it down the stairs for a reason! What was with that Cotillion girl's makeover? Gram Collins was hot though!

The Last Days of Disco Stick

How hot are Olivia and Vanessa at the start of the episode!  But really all teen dramas go through a gay story line so hopefully it won't be too predictable. And why is Nate some kind of sex agony aunt? Please Nate! Good for Vanessa for shunning Dan finally, he's getting toooo cocky.

Olivia is so curvy and fab! Love that character and her wardrobe. But seriously, what is this Lady Gaga fake play thing about?!?!?!?!?!?! And does she has to make a rubbish appearance? Kind of lowering herself to the levels of Tyra?

Funny how Jenny is just ready to step out for the day with that ambassador after lounging on the couch reading Nylon. I feel shabby one hour after stepping out the house when I try, and never even leave my pjs if I've got nothing to do. The girl must go through a lot of eye liner!

Love Serena's shoulders in the first scene. HATE Tripp! Urgh Serena find someone your own age!!!!!! He's not even cool or hot! You can't find a better guy in NY? 'Oh Nate, I think I'm about to get involved with a married man'... well don't!!!!! Find another job! Get a grip woman!! Her and Nate deserve each other urgh!