Moving back in with the parents: Pros, Cons & Moms

I have lived in terrible houses, I have lived with six boys, I have lived in houses where I didn't really know my housemates, and thankfully I have mostly lived in houses where my housemates are BFFs for life. However after six years living away from home for university and work, I found an unmissable job opportunity back in my home town and moved back in with my mom in her new house with her new partner. I've read lots of articles about recession-struck people moving back in with the 'rents and I can say that I am as happy as Larry! It was not a hard decision because so many of my friends do live at 'home', and they have actual savings, are stress free, and do not spend weekends travelling to see their loved ones. My group of friends from college are all confident, independent career women who also let their hair down and basically win the world, and they can afford to do this because many have financial freedom and the support of homelife. Moving home seemed very attractive as when hearing all of that. Why was I living away?!

Really I wish I had moved back home after graduating as the money I have spent on rent, bills, council tax and transport, especially as I moved south where it is so much more expensive to live, really makes my eyes water. I had forgot what it's like to have a motherly figure around who will just change your bed sheets or replenish the shampoo randomly. If your housemate changed your bed, that would just be slightly weird! Suddenly you don't need to juggle the expiry dates of all the food items in the fridge, avoid the bill at the end of winter, fork out a huge deposit and a month's rent before you've even unpacked, or deal with mould, mice or a panic when you drop a black eyeshadow all over the carpet. I do still pay rent but it isn't the huge chunk of my wages as with rented accommodation, and let me say if you want to work in fashion marketing, prepare for minimum wage. If you ever want to make money, don't choose fashion! I know many popular bloggers earn a living through blogging but I make money from sitting at a company desk and it certainly is a tough old financial time out there for graduates.

However it isn't the home you left as a teenager, now (hopefully) you will have a job and maybe a car so if you do fancy a takeaway or something specific for dinner, you can pop along and get it yourself. You'll have no curfew so you will be late-night shopping, staying out for cocktails, and generally your lifestyle won't be compromised. I'm lucky that my mom still loves to cook and my nan loves to do washing (truly!) so I don't always need to anymore. Half my things are still at my nans in the room I stay in when I sleep over each weekend and I swear every time I go there my things have been tidied and sorted a little more. That woman loves to damn tidy!

The negatives may be the freedom, as your parents may want to know where you are and who you are with and not approve of coming home in the middle of the night. I can say my mom is very lenient and I remember years ago when she went on a trip and I suggested my younger brother definitely would have a secret house party, and she just said 'Well, a house is there to be lived in!'. I can do as I please but actually it's generally a decent thing if someone does know where you are.

I visited some friends on the weekend who have an amazing flat in London and did miss living with your mates where you are always laughing and gossiping, but I chat to my friends daily and see different groups weekly anyway so I don't mind too much. I do miss the independent feeling of being a single adult and going with the flow of just your own feelings as I do like my own company! So I think in a few years I'll be looking again to live completely independently and do everything my way, but for now my priorities are saving money, having fun adventures and working hard, so not having the responsibilities of living alone really isn't a loss at all!

Catch up time

Hi guys! I really apologise for my absense for the past few weeks, I'm afraid I have not had internet for a very long time and my laptop has broken, eek! As you know, I recently started a new job back home in Birmingham and I stayed with my nan for a while, which was a little stressful while starting work at a brand new place but very nice to have my breakfast, dinner and washing all done for me! Thanks nan! I will still go there to stay on weekends as I have for my whole life and for now, I'm living with my mom during the week. I am still storing half of my things at my nans so I have to make sure I have everything for the week ahead here, and it's quite a journey to work, but for the first time in a long time, I feel very much at home! As I type this (on my mom's computer) I have a cat sleeping on my lap, so yes, it is definitely home!

I have also not been very well since the weekend when I went to V Festival, which was the sort of amazing, once-in-a-lifetime whirlwind weekend where you take no photos and return as if it were just a dream! I had the sweetest time in front and backstage, dancing around in printed two piece outfits every day. At the start of this year I often wondered if things could feel any worse, but as 2013 came into season, it's been a year of flowering ambitions and incredible happenings so far. I'm spending the Bank Holiday Weekend inside with flu but things have never felt so real.

A Stress-Free Sunday

Hi guys! I'm in a bloggy mood today and have been brainstorming posts all day - there is lots I want to share with you! However today was a day of major relaxing as it's the Motel Christmas blogger event tomorrow and I am going to London bright and early! Considering the events don't start until the evening, I have to stay full of energy all day so I've been taking it easy today and pottering about at home. I feel full of adrenalin so won't be able to sleep any time soon!

I work up to an epic online supermarket shop delivery, which I tend to do on pay day usually (damn this five week month!) but I needed to stock up again. If I visit the supermarket myself, I can't carry much, so I buy loads of juice, tinned soups, sauces and other heavy things online; then top up over the month with fresh veggies and fruit.

My sister visited on Friday and I've been craving milkshake ever since (hangover cure?). Drinking pink things taste even better I swear!

I slapped on a hair mask and left it on all day before I showered as my locks are feeling a bit dull and dry of late. This one smells a bit herby and funky so I'll probably try another next, although it does make for smooth ends!

High stress levels mean a LOT of warm tea and some treats - it's all about the treats! I've packed up a whole picnic of food for tomorrow as you never have the chance to go off and eat when you are perfecting a party, so I am well prepared!

A routine to make me feel very organised and fresh is to clean all my makeup with antibacterial wipes and wash my brushes in baby shampoo! They make your makeup feel brand new and I know I will be transporting my brushes tomorrow so I made sure they are squeaky clean.   


I also have a delve through my makeup collection and pull out a few lost and forgotton items. I quite fancy a bit of glitter for tomorrow and maybe a red lip! This all depends on how long and where I have to get ready, which might end up being a couple of minutes!

This is the dress I am wearing! It's actually navy blue with a velvet bodice and hugh, umbrella tutu skirt. There is nowhere else I would be able to wear this dress and I think I will feel like the belle of the ball, which is a good thing when you are hosting a party! It's called the Tera Dress and will be on Motel Rocks soon.

Then I spent the afternoon planning for Monday and Tuesday and sorting the final party guest list. I cannot tell you just how much work goes into an event so fingers crossed everyone has a lovely time! There are so many presents!


I'm a bit on the fence with candles as I get used to the smell as soon as they are lit! It's nice to walk back into the room with a gorgeous scent though but I won't be spending loads on posh candles any time soon.

I'm going to blend up a super green smoothie in the morning with apple, courgette, spinach and banana, hoping it will be my mega energy boost! People think they must taste really peculiar but I love a random smoothie.

And now it is bedtime and I know I'll have trouble nodding off! I hope tomorrow goes so well - there should be lots of coverage on Twitter and Facebook, and hopefully everyone will love it! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favourite blogger faces x

My New (Old) Beauty Tower

Hi all! I hope you are rather swell, as am I right now; I've been looking through the Victoria Secret runway show images and loving being a girl! I'm super girly across basically everything I do and moving house meant I had a new room to decorate, which is rather exciting. I'm constantly browsing Achica and Dolly Bow Bow in my lunch break dreaming of new bedding and kitsch bits!

I would like to have a clutter free, bare bedroom with a few scattered candles, but when you rent just one room, most things you own are in one space! I had these Argos shelves in my old house but only had a few layers up, but this time I knew I wanted to make it a super tall tower of beauty, hair and accessories!

The shelves are the easiest DIY set as you just twist on the poles by hand, it's not very heavy, and you can have as many layers as you want. I have kept most things in a few recycled Glossybox's from work as its easy to just chuck things in. If you have to keep arranging your things neatly, it will never stay that way!

After a few months of using things up and not replenishing my collections, I feel I've got a more manageable stash of perfumes, hair products and body moisturisers, eventually just working my way down to my key favourites! Not so sure that will happen any time soon!


Busy Bee

 Busy busy, lots to do! I've got a hectic week ahead and have to stay tip top in the brain, bod' and soul! No I don't know what I'm talking about either but I'm trying to go back to my healthy eating ways and get lots of shut eye, which I never do. There's the Motel press evening this week which I am equally excited and nervous about as I've organised it again! Our team for the web is quite small so I can guarantee you I'll be cleaning the loos in the morning and be all dolled up in the eve! Well hopefully; last time I had about 5 minutes to throw on my dress and a bit of lipstick! Then I've got my hols next week which can't come soon enough, I've already got all my outfits and more! Hopefully everything will work out, especially as it's sunnyyyy <3

Glossy Brushes

Hey dollface! Now then, now then, happy March! I've spent the past week off the radar as my wisdom teeth suddenly decided to make a break for it and my cheek swelled right up!! I went to some emergency dentists but they just said they were coming through so I now have a lot of sympathy for teething babies. Waking up after sleeping on that side of my face was agony! They've calmed down a bit today so *touch wood* they'll stop as life has to go on as normal! I went to a few events last week for work and powered through with either pain killers or wine but by the weekend I couldn't chew so no treats for me! A lot of yoghurt and soup.

I'm in a strange bloggers rut where I feel like I read loads and loads of my favourites and loads and loads for work but don't get my teeth into many blog posts nowadays! I think I've subscribed to many snappy bloggers in recent times and not so many wordy ones. Can you recommend any wordy blogs even if they're your own? I love ramble! I've got lots to post about but it's late now as I met my sister for dinner to finally give her her birthday present: American Apparel disco pants! I will live vicariously through her as I have the riding pants and I'm not great at toning things down, as I think disco pants are gorge when paired with things that can normally be quite casual. Also I booked tickets for the Drake and Nicki Minaj day at Wireless!! Also I booked a holiday to Madrid too! Not my beach destination but that can come later in the year and this can just be for party times. Also this week I'm going to the Company blog awards and for my first ever massage (Swedish) and the dentist an hour after (sob!). Also I bought Litas!!! OK enough already, here is the point of this post as I'll go into all of that tomorrow. To be honest it was more of a mental list so I don't forget my head! Wondering what to do with sweet GLOSSYBOXs and their stuffing? Use them as brush stands! Night night sleepy heads xx

Hello Bristol!

I'm currently sweltering in my new room in Bristol! I have almost unpacked but I left unpacking clothes until last and now don't have much room left! I'll show you some pictures or maybe do a room tour when I'm finished. I start work tomorrow so have got some time to sort everything out and prepare; very daunting as I have a new job in a new city and I'm living in a new house and I know no one! I'm living right in the centre in a huge old house (see I even have a fireplace!) and as a few people have moved out and in, I'm living with six boys! There are two girls but they are not here right now, although I met one before and she was lovely. I am the total opposite of those girls who prefer male company and don't have many female friends, I've never understood that! I'm definitely used to girly gossiping and both spending the whole day getting ready to go out and watching makeup YouTube videos together and talking about celebs and walking round the house bra-less, etc. Not that you can't do any of those things with guys but it's just a bit different! I've never lived with guys apart from in student halls in Sweden, but all the guys here seem great and we're all 'professionals' so it's a different sort of lifestyle! Who knows, it could be just as good as living in an all girlie household. Not sure a request of a topless Ricky Whittle poster in the living room will go down as well as in my old house haha!

I'm still in uni-mode in my head so it doesn't feel like I'm not a student anymore, staying in the same place for up to nine months. I am mourning the loss of student discount and will craftily try to flash my card while covering the date. In a few months I expect to wonder where the summer has gone, as I'm used to a few months at home! However I won't have to read any journals or rush any essays so I'm eeeexcited for tomorrow! As a student you don't have much routine, so working 9-6 could mean I'll have more time in the evenings with my laptop. Also I'm so close to the shops! I'm on a self-imposed clothing and makeup ban though as I've never worn anything in Bristol so practically have a brand new wardrobe at the ready. I also need to demolish the overdraft, let alone start paying back student fees which are gaining interest as I type/you read! I haven't been on here much recently as I was moving home to Birmingham and then here, and I managed to squeeze in a 3 day holiday, which I booked the day before! I'll do a post on it as I took photos of every outfit and had an excuse to wear all the super summery things I bought over the past few months hoping they would tempt fate to get me to a beach!xx

A Picture an Hour: Borås (to Munich) to Birmingham

I'm home, wahoooo! It's so good to be chilling in my own house! Insanely good. Today I went to the Bullring shopping centre, it was still glorious and I only went to H&M! I documented the day of travelling again at each hour...



Late to bed, early to rise- always the way! I was quite at a loss with what to pack this time because I should really start bringing things home but didn't have much room left and didn't want to eliminate anything! I got these furry hand warmer things as a goodie bag freebie from the Gudrun Gudrun show in Copenhagen and they came in handy when pulling heavy cases that make your hands sore! I reckon they were made from leftover fabric.



On the airport bus very awake and superbly exciting to be visiting home! Usually I have a little snooze time but I was just thinking of all the things I could do and all the people I could see this week!



I had three hours to wait for the first flight so I mooched around the Gothenburg international airport for a bit, obviously loving the HK pez! I did actually buy some spray from Clinique which is basically like water and you can spray it on your face throughout the day, almost like washing and hydrating your face but not moving your makeup! It is so good!



I typed an article for the Manchester student paper and checked out the start of NYFW; I'm incredibly behind on blogs and shows this week, my google reader must be 3000+ posts now argh! I read an interesting article on blogging on style.com but I'm getting really fed up with this blogging hysteria concentrating on blogs with headline grabbing gimmicks. Whatever happened to the content? You rarely read an article that says 'real girls go home and write interesting things other girls want to read!!', it's just about the super rich or super young. Not that there's anything wrong with that but it gives the wrong impression of the fashion blogging world as a whole to outsiders who are just hearing of the phenomenon. It annoys me that some bloggers too have no time or limited content now on their blogs because they have to maintain different sides of their blogs, like dealing with media attention. It's like a catch-22, if your blog is popular you end up having no time for it! I think a motto should be to put your content first, as that's what people return to your blog for, and not just check it out once because they read a scandalous article. But hey, that's just my opinion! Maybe it's different because I've never pushed out my blog, I just let it run it's natural course. I didn't have a comment for about the first six months and I didn't care, it was just fun to blog! The media articles make blogs sound like they're only good for the experiences the blogger can get and you need an amazing life to be popular, but really it's all about dedication and simply enjoying writing; being popular isn't the priority or a measure of a successful blog, I know my favourites haven't been hitting front rows recently (apart from Style Bubble, my eternal favourite!) and I'm more than happy with the content! Thank you for the kind comments on the Copenhagen post; whenever I read about bloggers going to fashion shows I don't care about the review- sure I want to hear the trends and interesting bits (like how Susie writes), but I'd MUCH rather hear about the actual week. You can't go from blogging from your little town to hitting a real life show- what's it like?! Aren't you scared? I was so intimidated and lost and starstruck just in Copenhagen! Hmmm OK an off-course essay there but blogging is so in your face right now, and the majority of blogs that make the blogging world such a success are the ones that are never featured in the media! I might have to do my own post on my favourite blogs because none get the recognition they deserve too!



On the way to Germany! No special reason other than flying to Birmingham makes a huge difference to getting off the plane in London after the tiring flights and having to go underground with cases and keep travelling north. Usually I fly to Copenhagen but there happened to be some cheaper flights via Munich this time so why not! I still haven't posted the evidence of incredibly snowy Sweden- apparently there's the most snow for fifteen years?! It's just not cool now!



My first plane meal of the year, half a sandwich! I'd already ate one but a girl needs her strength. There was a man opposite me who was tapping away on his laptop SO HARD! Like he'd go 'tap tap tap TAP... tap tap tap TAP', bouncing his finger off the enter key about ten feet in the air! I was like please stop pleeeeeease! But inside my head of course.



Munich airport was veeery nice, with a super tempting MAC, Bobby Brown and Kiehls. I had a little look but held back on the impulsing, although I liked this sign! Skeleton boyfriends are underrated.



Maybe I'm a bit weird or sheltered but I thought a shoe shining booth was really strange! It made me a bit uncomfortable to see a suited man on the phone up high while another man was on his knees shining his shoes- can't you shine them yourself Mr! I guess this is a totally normal thing but I thought is looked so odd!



On the plane to Birmingham with Cosmo. I've never read the magazine until one of the Warwick girls in Sweden leant me a copy and I realised it was finally a magazine geared to girls around my age. And the issue was dedicated to girly friendships which was great, I don't understand girls who say they don't like girls and guys are much better to be friends with. Sure I have fab guy friends but I couldn't live without my girlie mates! I liked the playsuit in the top corner by PPQ for Very, but just looking at their website they've used Portia Freeman as the model and after watching her in a random TV documentary there's something about her I'm just not taken with. Same with Daisy Lowe, they seem a bit like they follow the London crowd? I don't know, I don't like slagging off girls I don't know but I do like the playsuit, although I'd have to try it on to see if that shape suited me!



This looks like a what's the object quiz! It was in fact my third sandwich of the day, another twin from the one offered earlier. I had no other options though so it was another plastic wrapped snack fest!



Whenever I pack I always make a reserve pile for the things I can live without taking, but would if I had spare room. The red skirt was one of them and I thought I might as well wear it instead, so I ended up in velvet leggings, my Monki over sized sweater, a tutu skirt and the red skirt underneath. I thought I'd be keeping my coat on but forgot you have to remove it when you go through security checks and it was getting warmer the further I travelled. So I looked a little bag lady crazy, a little kooky, but I was past caring! On this flight there was a bunch of excited school girls who must have been on a German school trip, and for the whole flight they were singing and giggling at the plane noises and screeching, I was like aaargh! When we landed they all applauded and the teacher kept shushing them, although they are forgiven because I was totally an annoying school girl once. I remember one trip to a giant choir concert where my friends and I got lost on purpose just to be naughty! Our designated safety friend told on us though!



Nearly home! I got the train to Birmingham centre and my Mom picked me up. To add to the crazy bag lady look, I had this bright pink shiny case from New Look and to top it off, my main case was this battered fake Burberry affair that my Dad ever so kindly leant me once. I'm not really snobby about things like gadgets or luggage but I wasn't too proud hauling my case off the luggage conveyor belt!



Home finally!! My Mom sometimes writes a cute note on my door and left this postcard reading 'You can never spend too much on ebay.' What a genius statement! She's a rather cool lady but is doing a challenge to not buy any new clothes for the whole year. This means she buys me and my sister things instead though! If you're wondering why my bedroom has a door number, it's not actually my official room, it's just a spare room after I gave my basement room to my brother. And if you're wondering why the spare room has a number, our house was once a guest-house that my Mom ran and the upstairs was for the guests!



I had an insane amount of post for some reason! I finally had the Office velvet platforms delivered to my Grandma in the end and my Mom got me some tights and a book, and then there's another book I got sent to review, a £2.20 fur coat from ebay (yes another one), a new phone so I've actually joined the 21st century and I've totally blinged up, and some London Fashion Week invites!! More on that later...



Chilling on the sofa with my kitty cats, who I still forget we have until I walk in the front door and see them. That's after like three years or something! They don't actually have names still because we couldn't decide. There's just the fat one and the skinny one and then there's the huge, beasty white one from next door that sometimes makes an appearance to chomp some of their food while they just watch on!



I miss 4od and iPlayer so much! Do you have Come Dine With Me anywhere else but the UK? I'm pretty sure I've seen an advert for the Swedish version but my svenska isn't up to much! I can get a few English programmes like Skins online but am missing Friends reruns and the new Snog Marry Avoid season!

Speaking of SMA, I went out in London on Friday with a girl who was on the show!!! One of my friend's housemate's friends and she was totally fab and revealed lots about Pod and the show and everything she owned was all blinged up and fabulous. I'm here for about ten full days and funnily enough (or not hehe) my dates coincided with London Fashion Week, where I went on Friday! It was an incredibly different experience to Copenhagen but in unexpected ways and as usual there were lots of gossip worthy happenings I will write all about asap!! I saw my idol, met incredible bloggers, suffered immense pain, and got shot by loads of random people that I can't find online at all! If you see any photos of a red curly girl in stupidly high shoes, send them my way!


Ahhh this weekend needs to be over! I woke up yesterday and had a mad cleaning session which only ever means I'm hungover or stressed. Thankfully either happens at least once a month so I am usually dust free! But seriously there are a few things worrying me right now, topped off with dramarama and general insanity. I'm resisting throwing a few eggs at one of my flatmates' door and it's so confusing to know people so temporarily. And to top it off just as I was listening to music excessively loudly and speed eating jelly tots, a day doesn't go by without a random middle eastern student lurking your Facebook and saying they are the man of your dreams. Euuurgh you positioned my friend last week! When I lost the post below after writing it for two whole hours I nearly cried. But no when you are existing alone in the world you just have to hit yourself a bit and read some calming fmlifes.

It's all starting to kick off here now as I had my first class on Thursday which is photography!  I would never get to take a class like that at home though so I will try to blag it! It was interesting to learn about light sensitivity and shutter speeds but I think I've reached an age where my brain just doesn't hold information. It's like a leaky tap and I can sit and listen avidly to a lecture but forget everything in a matter of hours. After fifteen+ years of education, I might have reached the limit. My porous brain has absorbed as much information as it can! I'll have to try to get rid of some useless knowledge, such as Ed Westwick trivia.

My new flatmates are all very cool, and the other new students I've met are lovely, especially the textiles girls! Last year felt quite cliquey after about a month but I made such good friends I don't think I can match it! There are some great new students though, like a boy from Hong Kong who studies fashion and in the night club I was like 'you're so fabulous!' and he was like 'darling, I know!!' hahaha! The new people on my floor are from Indonesia, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Austria, and then there are the Spanish guys from last year and my Chinese bestie Chichi of the Nutella and stirfry on toast fame. Oh and the Iranian guy we now don't need to talk to! There was another welcome dinner on Friday that I wasn't allowed to go to, but us old students crashed the after party and I watched in awe as about 100 people from all over the world jumped around to pop music in one big huddle. English people must have dancing barriers because here the exchange students always just go super crazy. I would blame it on alcohol but it's extortion! I also realised where all the Swedish people hang out when they're not in the one club. They go to McDonald's! Yes Chichi and I hit there after the afterparty for a midnight feast and it was rammed with young people generally flinging fries and acting rowdy in their super-sized duffel coats. On Thursday I spent the whole night looking for people, then going to the bar, then the toilets, then repeating that, so I don't even think I danced to one song! They have an English DJ up until around midnight who I tried to tempt into playing some Girls Aloud, but he sticks to terrible 90's RnB. I saw the Swedish guy I went on a few date things with last term and he invited me to his birthday party last night but by about 5o'clock I was ready to either kill myself with the aid of makeup brushes and felt tips or just end it quickly by jumping off the seventh floor balcony. So that's what has happened this week! Well only the things that have just came to mind, some nice and happy things did happen!

One such thing is this hello kitty watch that I picked up while stockpiling chocolate in England. Something told me 'No Selina put down the watch filled with sweets', but out the packet it is amaaazing. Especially the secret compartment! It has a pink soft plastic polka dot strap too.


under 16 models banned

but still no size zero ban...

"I do not think putting a limit on size is the answer. Saying someone cannot work because they are not a certain size is not right, but no reputable London agency looks after size zero models... I have been quite vocal on the fact that we would like it to be 16 or above. We do have models below that age but very few, and whenever they are on jobs they are accompanied by parents and do not do shows."
                          -Gavin Myall, managing director of ICM Models

"The British Fashion Council commissioned the independent Model Health Inquiry to look into the health issues of models on London's catwalks and looks forward to receiving the interim report on Wednesday."
                          -Hilary Riva, the BFC's chief executive