Skort Tart

I was having a Missguided browse and among a few bodycon dresses as weekend potentials, I added this skort to my basket. I wasn't too taken with this trend in the beginning as I didn't have anywhere to wear something so short and found the white skorts looked a bit like a paper bag on me. However this tartan cutie is a chic way to wear checks and the black in the print welcomes black tights when the seasons change for good. I really liked the navy and green versions but they didn't have my size, and the red and black was a more casual approach.
'Fraid to say sadly I don't have my mom's garden to take photos in now, so I will be getting crafty in my new area looking for walls, fences and doors. Or some daylight would be good; we are back to leaving the house in the dark and arriving home in the dark, right! I'm ready for those cosy nights though, and really want a fur hat!


Nails Of The Week 26: An Old Favourite and a New Ring

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I do not have much to share in the fashion stakes as I am going through a process of spring cleaning my wardrobe and selling anything and everything. I see my wardrobe almost like a bank account and as I don't buy a large amount of cheap, fast fashion, usually I can sell most things on. I only like to wear a dress for a night out a few times too so I sell those on eBay often!

I'm waiting until I've sold anything I know I won't be wearing anytime soon and then I'm going to assess anything new I really need. I've also been thinking about the items I grab quickly to wear on a daily basis and how they can be dressed up even more easily. Say if it is so easy to grab leggings, I can swap those for Riding Pants or high waisted jeans and wear ankle strap kitten heels instead of flats. Both only take the same amount of time to throw on but then you are stepping it up in the style stakes!

As you start selling things, you become quite tentative about putting things back into your wardrobe. If I buy something new now I wonder how much I can sell if for a few months down the line! Topshop items often sell well for example because they are so memorable. This is where accessories enter the menu! A new piece of jewellery can kick a shopping craving and can be mixed and matched with everything, so is a worthwhile buy. H&M does such chic jewellery on a budget and you don't have to dodge past any skulls or crosses usually. I was the ultimate magpie with this ring and for someone who wears so little jewellery like me, it makes enough impact alone. I love anything iridescent!

Also my favourite nail polish of all time made a comeback, W7's Fluroescent Pink 2. The fluro coral is ridiculously hard to photograph but it gets lots of compliments. I'm on a kick for brights as I've had nude nails a couple of times already. Oh the perils and indecisions of choosing nail colours!

Kitty Rug!

I'm absolutely cream crackered (knackered yah!) this week - the run up to Christmas is getting faster! I've surprising done 90% of my shopping and can't wait to wrap it all calmly. I am a terrible wrapper so it will take some time and effort! I'm having trouble with guy gifts though so I'm getting my paws on any sort of gift guide. Speaking of paws, I just had to show you my new H&M rug!

I left a little corner of my bed in the snap so I could show you how big it is, and it was a grand total of £3.99! Amazing! It's probably made for a kid's room but I love it, it's so cheery. Sadly you all love it too but it seems to be sold out on H&M online, boo! Their delivery takes a while but they are a decent website to use and have am amazing host of reasonably-priced homewear. Wipe away your tears as I've pulled together a selection of other gorgeous pieces, including a cupcake rug/bath mat and a classic heart print bedspread. Along with the kitty rug, I ordered the heart double bed set of the bedding too but that sadly also seems to be sold out now. Alas now we know, order from H&M quickly if you see something you like! Also they don't list their sale items in normal categories, so don't forget to check the sale tab for extra items!

Mickey Mouse double duvet set, Velvet floral cushion cover, Shoe guest towels, Flamingo double duvet set, Feather cushion cover, Hearts single duvet setMinnie Mouse bath matRabbit cushion cover, Owl guest towels.


Hi lovelies! I've had a really productive Monday calmly working through my to-do list, and I have a wee outfit to share from the weekend! I took the chance to go home and usually I'll team it with a night out, but I stayed in with family to make the most of it and relax! I wouldn't advise all graduates to move away from home so quickly as it really is hard to fit in time to see and do everything in a short weekend at home!

My Mom has recently moved so I timed it with my sister visiting her too so we could have a catch up and gossip - and she gave me my belated birthday present of a MAC lipstick and a lush body butter! I cannot tell you how VERY little makeup I have bought in the past 3 months at least, and how many things I've hit the metal pan of! I'm still awaiting this damn camera charger lead in the post so I'll definitely be making makeup videos again ASAP.

It was a rather hot weekend but I have some stubborn tan streaks again so I brought my non-fuss H&M net skirt home and a few bralettes. Everyone thinks this skirt is American Apparel but it was only around £15 about a year ago! My hair looks slightly purple but it is just a bright red.

Motel bralettes, H&M Skirt, Topshop studded flats

I had a busy week with a trip to London for a My Celebrity Fashion event, and there is another this week for fashion week! I'm going to wear something crazy, I have decided! Motel's SS13 range definitely has some beauties. Also I want to shout out to a really lovely and impeccably gorgeous blogger I met at the MCF event called Henriette, check out her YouTube channel too! Sometimes I forget I'm Flying Saucer Selina and well as Motel Selina when someone says they know my blog haha. Here's to a great (and very fast!) week x


    28th. Something everyone has now

Everyoneee has creepers now who I think would ever want creepers, which is pretty crazy considering it's the sort of shoe that this time last year might have been considered the grossest thing ever. I love mine and have been holding them back these past weeks as it has just been too hot to wear them. Now that the heat wave seems to be sadly ending, I can bring them back out with my Riding Pants, skater skirts and new Motel Palm Print Jeans (yes I caved and got them when they came back into stock!). Since Chanel even showed flatforms in their Resort show, I think they will be around to stay. I'm slowly having a little wardrobe clear out and guess I can always sell my creeps' if I get bored of them. For now, the novelty hasn't worn off.

I also debuted the highly popular H&M neon gem necklace yesterday, which I think works great with the bright blue in the Big Daisy print. Isn't it funny how the way to wear a bright neon colour is to clash it with another bright neon colour!


    23rd. Something from your favourite store

Oooh it's nearly the end of May! I WILL finish this challenge in time! My favourite physical store/brand is definitely H&M - I can't resist going into any one I pass because of their frequent stock replenishment and reasonable prices! Their Trend collection at the moment is insane. I saw this necklace on Frassy and Carolina and hunted through a few H&Ms before spotting a stack of them, causing a mini fashion gasp. It's gooorgeous! I love everything neon yellow or green at the moment so the zesty gems are right up my street. I haven't worn it yet but the weather right now calls for just about any outfit so I definitely will - maybe tomorrow! My outfits are somewhat hindered by some fake tan stains that won't budge, so I'm stocking up on lemon juice tomorrow definitely.



I had a scoot around town this evening as I had a return and wanted a little overview of the shops too. I try to go to H&M as much as possible as they always have things in for such a small amount of time and nothing seems to touch the sides in the Bristol stores, despite not stocking the Trend collection. I really want to try the black and yellow fade daisy print matching set! Anyway, I bought a little crop top in Topshop and some conditioner in Superdrug (John Frieda Radiant Red) and was feeling OK but a little wary. It's that scary time of a 5 week month where payday feels close but there's still over a week to go and you never know what might hit! Also I always end up stumbling upon great buys that if I want, I will buy.

As it happens, these aren't too bad! H&M lured me all round with the cute Divided things but then I finally found some gold cuffs! I saw the giant ones a while ago and even spotted the gold hair ponytail cuff (but when do I ever wear my hair up?!), and sadly missed out on the thin gold bracelets a while ago. I spotted these cuffs and bit the bullet with two as you can squeeze them tigher for the perfect fit for your wrists! As I have a peach blazer, I'm going to roll up the sleeves and wear these matching cuffs all spring long for definite, with gold hoops too!

I also had a bit of buyer's guilt about my return! I never have buyers guilt, I believe in treating yourself as you only live once, but I bought another pair of American Apparel riding pants!! I got the Easy Jean with a gift voucher I had from Christmas, which I was hoping would be the denim version of the riding pant but my ordered XS were too small. In the store though the S was massive, another XS was too big, and the XXS was insanely small. What is this crazy sizing! American Apparel's things are all cut slightly differently so I couldn't get a great fitting pair and was thinking they would stretch out anyway as the easy jean are just made of light stretch denim. As I had a return (even though you're not meant to exchange online things in store - eeek more guilt!!), there was nothing else that I could justify the price for and as I had got the jeans with a voucher, I got the navy riding pants instead! They're just as navy as the jeans and riding pants are THE. BEST. Definitely worth the price (though always shop when they have a discount code running - sign up to their emails!). I tried on some jeans in New Look just before too and shopping for jeans/trousers is the worst thing ever!!! Especially when the changing rooms are hot and the denim is stiff and nothing fits and you were wearing tights that you have to keep putting on and taking off.

Haha ramble! I'll try to cure my buyer's guilt by waking up earlier tomorrow to take a photo. Even though there are only so many days in the week that I need to actually get dressed, I don't think two pairs of riding pants is too bad as it's almost like owning two pairs of jeans. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

Swim 2012

I feel like I've mentioned this a million times or not at all but I am stillll in the process of *hopefully* booking a girly holiday with my friends and I need need need a break! Sometimes it's just one thing after another and right now I'm in wisdom tooth hell; my mouth is so sore. Ouch! I don't have a dentist appointment for a few weeks so I hope it will go down, staying in with sugary treats probably doesn't help the situation! However today I did have a nice cook up of a bean chili and loads of roast veggies and stocked up on lots of good stuff! I have a busy week ahead with a few visits to London so need to be feelign tip top.

I've been browsing the shops as spring fashion is so exciting but I'm not buying yet. I'm not sure what trends will stick around for good and Motel has loads of great things coming so I could practically shop exclusively there! We have a new line for March that even we haven't seen properly yet so I'm exciteddd. Bit weird that we will preview the May/June collection on Tuesday but haven't had the March drop yet! Bloggers look out. If you'd like to hear Motel news, I can add you to my updates, just comment here.

My sister always goes on holiday and I went on a mini 4 night break last year so we have promised to share holiday wardrobes for this year; think maxi dresses, skirts, sarongs, etc. I was checking out H&M though and saw this goooorgeous bikini, I LOVE it!! Next time I'm in town I'll have to hunt it down as the neck detailing is so nice and I love the nude/coral colours. They have it in hot pink and black but they are nowhere near as nice. Bring on spring/summer 2012!!

Big Bow Time

I love a bit of good old H&M and went stalking for this bag last week. Despite LOVING the bow, I think I'm taking it back as I wish it was more of a coral pink so it looked more expensive. It did come with a cheapie gold chain and I swapped it for this lighter one but still the pink is too bright to be what normally suits me. Love bows forever though! I am zzzz right now as it's been the most hectic few weeks and I've just been tumbling and browsing ladies watches all day! Wishing for LDN life and summer sun.

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 26

    26. A hat

Ohh I meant to post this before my hair post so it would secretly blend into the blog quickly! I feel super ridiculous in a hat. It's no big deal in the end as who cares what you look like when everyone is rushing to work in at 8.45am, but I feel silly taking a photo of a hat with myself in it! Also what do you do with a hat indoors? Do you take it off every time you go into a different shop? Do you wear it around the store? I do like this H&M hat and snapped it up before they sold old, but I'm not sure when the day will come that I wear it. It could be tomorrow, it could be in three months. However next time I'll try not to be munching a breakfast bar during the photo!