I Want It Now

I Want It Now: River Island Skater Skirts

Hey guys! Now then, I have a rather slightly large addiction to skater skirts and I'm not afraid to say it! In my eyes, you can never have too many, but I definitely have almost too many. I think bottoms are a good purchase as they go with everything and can be worn many times a week, whereas a top can only be worn once before washing and wearing again. I have no hesitation in buying well priced bottoms I like so right now I have a heap that I love wearing. This means a)  I don't have lots of tops and b) I don't need any more bottoms!

However I love these skater skirts at River Island and they are all just £18 and under! They look the the comfiest things ever and I just spotted the tapestry one in the Just Arrived section - gorgeous! I'm really into berry and burgundy right now but I'll try to stay away from the skirt and invest in a burgundy knit instead, but another weakness is leopard print! The dark black version is a great alternative to an actual black skirt, and the right skirt is just the perfect tone and size! Alas, I do have a leopard skater skirt that actually is from River Island, so I can admire from afar but try to focus my shopping attention on other things. Now I just need to find a decent jumper without a cross or skull on it!

I Want It Now: Topshop Show Offs

Oh holey moley, I love these shoes!!! I saw them on the Topshop website at the beginning of August and dubbed them as THE pay day purchase. I was biding my time as was very excited for a pay day shopping spree in Merry Hill in the Midlands - the kind of shopping trip where you really want to find something you LOVE and will let yourself get anything. Well I did not realise that nowadays Merry Hill is actually a rather small shopping centre and I saw nothing I loved, BUT I did find The Shoes. Yay!

Sadly the shoes were on the dreaded 'Last Chance To Buy' shelf and both were a size 4, as apparently they were just pairs returned to the store. Gutted! The nude pair are just beautiful, in more of a creamy colour rather than a pink colour, but if I did purchase them it would have to be the black so they wouldn't look dirty easily. They are extremely high but I've had a life-long love affair with Mary Janes and could wear these all season until they broke. As long as a shoe is really high, they will be fierce even if they are girly.

Alas I have not since had funds to purchase them, especially as I'm not hitting the town each week like a student, but I will keep my eye on them in case I have a sudden windfall.

I Want It Now: ASOS Cartoon Suits

Ohhh emmm geeee OK, so, apologies for the girly start but who remembers Veruca Salt? Of course you know the film, but cast your mind waaaay back to about 2008 (yes, my blog is an oldie!) when I used to post about something I was 'wanting right now' by using Veruca. Well I feel it's time to bring her back because at the moment I cannot afford anything, yet I want everything! If any of you remember when I used to blog Veruca, I'd love to know!

Yes my friends, it is a sad time where I really want to start digging myself out of any student debt, and even though that will take years, the motto is to 'get better and not worse'. I've reached a point where I scrimp on food, travel, makeup, basically everything and now clothes are taking the hit. I still buy clothes and get the odd Motel treat, but I don't want to be spending and spending. I figure I can get just as much joy as posting (hmmm) so from now on I am sharing all my lustings on here and only purchasing where absolutely necessary! Sounds like a plan.

Some things I have had open in my tabs for about two weeks are these AHmazing jogger and sweatshirt sets from ASOS in Disney and Barbie prints! Of course it's the Barbie one I want in all it's amazing '90s wonderness - what fun I'd have in this! I have no idea when I would wear it but it would definitely be a weekend and it would definitely be a time to party!

When my sister and I were younger, we had loads of Barbies and I remember on had chopped off, wonky hair due to a hair bobble tangle incident, and for some reason we dubbed her Rudie Nudie Barbie and she was always naked! And as our posh American Barbies were doing Barbie things like dressing Shelley or changing velcro outfits in their plastic houses, Rudie Nudie would come knocking on the door all naked and crazy and be like 'Heeeey I'm Rudie Nudie!', and all the other Barbies would scream and shun her, hahahahahha! I've probably proved I'm insane but hey, I hope it made you smile :)