My Handwriting

I'm so excited to share this illustration by Clare of  Tweet as part of a fab blogger project! Clare is collecting handwritten notes and posts, and then is fab enough to kindly create an illustration to accompany each piece. I am attempting to step away from my hair bows but have been relapsing all week so I am so pleased there is one in this drawing! Thank you Clare! Check out the Handwritten blog for posts and pictures from some of my favourite bloggers, and maybe some of yours too. I started looping my letters when I was younger because I thought it looked sophisticated and they've stuck ever since!xx

twinkle twinkle

I still absolutely love my main title image by the wonderful Emily Mews, she has such a beautiful talent. I'd love to be able to draw or sing or do something creative like that! I danced ballet and modern for about eight years and absolutely loved the costumes, I remember once I was about to go into an exam and suddenly realised I had some random nail polish on my tiny ten year old's nails so ran off crying! There's no way you could have chipped or even any polish in a ballet exam. And there was an examiner who was always lovely called Linda Locket, what a cool name. Well the point of this post was that it's finally September and I can show you part of Emily's dissertation where she made some bloggers into calender girls! I feel so lucky to have a drawing of myself, I might always use this instead of photos in the future! I am Miss September and you can click on the pic to read the super cute suggestions for this month, including going for a Swedish fika. I feel a lot of fika is needed for this coming final year! Thank you so much Emily xx

p.s. Emily is now doing portraits in this style or a style of your choice, as well as blog banners at a flat fee of £40 each! Contact her at and she'll be happy to help! xx