Nails Of The Week 26: An Old Favourite and a New Ring

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet! I do not have much to share in the fashion stakes as I am going through a process of spring cleaning my wardrobe and selling anything and everything. I see my wardrobe almost like a bank account and as I don't buy a large amount of cheap, fast fashion, usually I can sell most things on. I only like to wear a dress for a night out a few times too so I sell those on eBay often!

I'm waiting until I've sold anything I know I won't be wearing anytime soon and then I'm going to assess anything new I really need. I've also been thinking about the items I grab quickly to wear on a daily basis and how they can be dressed up even more easily. Say if it is so easy to grab leggings, I can swap those for Riding Pants or high waisted jeans and wear ankle strap kitten heels instead of flats. Both only take the same amount of time to throw on but then you are stepping it up in the style stakes!

As you start selling things, you become quite tentative about putting things back into your wardrobe. If I buy something new now I wonder how much I can sell if for a few months down the line! Topshop items often sell well for example because they are so memorable. This is where accessories enter the menu! A new piece of jewellery can kick a shopping craving and can be mixed and matched with everything, so is a worthwhile buy. H&M does such chic jewellery on a budget and you don't have to dodge past any skulls or crosses usually. I was the ultimate magpie with this ring and for someone who wears so little jewellery like me, it makes enough impact alone. I love anything iridescent!

Also my favourite nail polish of all time made a comeback, W7's Fluroescent Pink 2. The fluro coral is ridiculously hard to photograph but it gets lots of compliments. I'm on a kick for brights as I've had nude nails a couple of times already. Oh the perils and indecisions of choosing nail colours!

Body chained

Sometimes some things just make sense. I don't think bodychains ever took off when they were in the shops recently as they were big and embellished; infact head chains were more common! But it was only tonight that I realised that body chains actually are probably meant to go against your body under your clothes à la Cassie, rather than over your clothes. Oh!

Now the seemingly obvious has been realised, a body chain could be the perfect additition to my many crop tops! A day does not go by when I don't wear something cropped with something high waisted. I could have fashioned my own chain for about 20p but I do not have the resources or the spare time to go hunting for chain and pliers, so I took the lazy route of order a ready-made one on eBay. No regrets!

Images from my tumblr.

Cuff It


My camera charger STILL isn't here!! I'm hoping it will arrive this week so I can take some photos and make videos; I've rearranged my shoebox room so now it is more of a cupboard and I have photo space, woo!

So right now I'm thinking about all the things I'm lusting after rather than things I can show you, and right now I'm thinking of cuffs. When I'm scrolling through Tumblr, my eye instantly goes to wrists and arms, and I'm really after a beautiful cuff. Ideally it would sit up a little higher than your wrist and at first may look like a few bracelets. The first few are rather out of my price range like the clothing at Avenue 32 but I love the black stones in the first cuff, and idealy I'd like the slim central line of the second. Alternatives are the simple ASOS banded or Mango clustered ones but they might not make enough of a statement, so I'm thinking about mixing in a cross like the plain Rock n Rose bracelet or ASOS link bracelet. I'm not sure if I'm bored of crosses and the whole soft goth trend as what else are we going to wear all winter if we tire of studs?!