London Fashion Week


Happy Saturday y'all! I've had the daytime free today and have ran all my errands, donated a bunch of things to charity, food shopped, had my nails done, and now I'm sat with a face mask on! Very different to yesterday when myself and all the Motel girls were at London Fashion Week!

As our office for the Motel Rocks website (which has had an incredibleee makeover!) is in Bristol, we only went up to London for one day to get as much coverage as possible, and along with fellow office babes Lora, Sophie and Fran, there was a host of street teamers wearing Motel and style snapping too! I always recruit a big team so we have a little Motel army everywhere at Somerset House ready to capture everything!

We plan things MONTHS in advance at work (Christmas is under way already!) and so I've been thinking towards fashion week for ages, but only decided on my outfit the night before. As the Motel warehouse is in the Midlands, we excitedly order our favourites that we want to buy in the post too so I got a few things sent and settled on this matching crop top and skirt! The Carie Crop has straps that cross at the back so it's quite a unique shape from the from, and Kadie Skirts are super flattering circle skirts - I have the black too and there's a really cute one with stud crosses on!

I am a lover of crop tops and skirts, especially with Litas/any lace up boots, but I think I did subconsciously get this outfit idea because Tulisa wore it on an Alan Carr show! She's been wearing a tonne of Motel recently, but I love the New World print anyway as it mixes the cool lilac pastels with warmer orange and yellow. I borrowed this outfit as samples but I might keep it!

Photo Credit

I also wore my new River Island leopard rucksack to clash prints - I got it as my pay day treat as I've been using my faux leather Topshop one for about 6 months! I of course wore my Litas too for comfort and I put on the H&M hat throughout the day as it got so sunny!

The first day always starts off quite calmly and I'd say this year there were fewer extreme outfits where people might showcase an insane hat of their own design or crazy shoes. There seemed to be a lot of random people who may have just stumbled across Somerset House and came in to have a look (including the best looking homeless guy we've ever seen who started talking to us), but of course there were also the masses of photographers, show go-ers and general fashionable people. 

We were on high alert for celebrity spots as I managed to meet (and lurk all over) Pixie Lott last season, and we soon spotted Jameela Jamil! She was tied up by a random film crew and there was almost a little queue of people waiting to talk to her, but she said she loved my outfit and loved Motel - her first TV outfit was Motel apparently! Then we had a photo and I said 'see you soon!' haha no idea why, I was a bit star struck?! We also nearly got mowed down by the paparazzi stampede following Kelly Brooke; it was almost dangerous!

I also hung out with great bloggers Lily, Stella, Camille, Laura, Dina, Natalie, Rosie (are there any bloggers I haven't met yet?!), and a special shout out to Anouska (and her bf photographer!) who it was amazing to finally meet - one of the best bloggers to work with and such a friendly, humble girl!!

And here are a few little snaps of the day! I'd tell anyone to just get dressed up, go down and see who you meet and who you spot! It's also a great opportunity to hopefully get some professional photos of yourself, especially if like me you are not talented at taking good blog photos! Just make sure you ask for the details or a card of everyone who snaps you. I wish we were there for more days but it was hard enough to decide on one outfit!

London Fashion Week SS12

Hi guys! Gosh I don't know if I'm coming or going as the past week has been so busy! I went back and forth to London on Thursday and Friday and again on Saturday as Fritha invited me as her +1 to the Look Show at the new Westfield! I'll talk about that tomorrow but for now I'll bypass my Thursday in London where I had Motel meetings and I accidentally spent loads in Forever 21, and talk about fashion week! I've only been to fashion week once where I traipsed round loads of shows in my killer heels and there was a LOT of queueing. This time however I was there for Motel as we were taking street style snaps and I went one show, and it was great!

It may have been because I got there on the first day but I'm sure this season's fashion week was much calmer than normal. I was really excited for my one show as it was in the main tent at Somerset House, so I got to London nice and early and hopped on the tube. I changed into my Miu Miu shoes in a random fake Apple shop nearby and walked about a centimetre a minute to the main venue as those shoes are damn high! The day was really sunny and warm but the place almost had a beachy vibe where everyone was laid back and soaking up the atmosphere rather than creating it. Sure I spotted a few crazy outfits, but everyone seemed to take a step backwards and be wearing something more subtle. As I was navigating the cobbles with my heels, I heard a call from Kristabel and met a group of friendly bloggers! It always feels quite nice to stick together and we had a little chat before I dashed into the Caroline Charles show.


I've been to a few shows before but I only applied to a few morning ones this year on the off chance I'd get a ticket. I presumed I was standing so I walked all the way around the edge to near the catwalk entrance, but there I found about 5 rows of benches free! I still stood near the top though so I could see and lets just say I will definitely buy a straw boater hat in Spring! I looked along the front row and love to wonder just who everyone is - probably writers of the magazine articles I read every month and I'd never know!


After the show I simply hung around on my Blackberry before the fantastic Motel photographer came, and people keep coming up to you for photos! I wore all Motel of course, which was the Talia Lace Top and Mandy Rockies Skirt, which the photographers loved! I knew they always look for interesting prints, and loads and loads took photos of just my Miu Miu teacup shoes too. My bag is 

We shot some SERIOUSLY amazing looks for the Motel Blog so do keep checking the coverage there over the next few days, I'm so excited to publish it all! These photos are all by the Motel photographer and all round amazingly lady Lora English, whose snaps are so lovely. She also got some of Nicola Robers entering a show!!


It's quite hard to locate any photos taken but I met The Style Scout and Mr Newton, who nearly got ran over when he took a photo of me near the entrance and then said 'They photos are great but the wind is blowing the skirt between your legs' hahaha! I am certainly not chic but I recommend heading to fashion week to everyone! Just put on your favourite outfit and soak up the atmosphere with a friend!

Mius, shoes, and substitute socks


A beautiful day in snowy Sweden!

Anyway, did you watch the live stream of the Miu Miu AW10 show? I held my breath after the first stumble but the cut-outs reign on! I posted my lustings over the SS10 collection last week and despite being a few weeks behind on my Google Reader, it seems the blogging world has developed an intense love too. An INTENSE love. Every time I see bits of the collection pop up here, there, and everywhere, I start to get a little crazy. The collection is scarily good. I might have found a happy substitute though, along the theme of yesterday's post... Thank you for all your thoughtful and interesting comments! Seems you only live once but should still have self restraint in your back pocket.

Lucky Alexa Chung tweeted 'Congrats Miu Miu, you've created the perfect shoe.' Not all of her followers agreed (are you blind?) but if Alexa can get hold of them, can I?

'The Miu Mix' has got to be one of the most stunning editorials of the season, and another reason to buy Abbey Lee's pink streaked cover of Australian Vogue March 2010. The model Samantha Harris is SO GORGEOUS. Those lips, those eyebrows, that skin! Check her out in the TV campaign on I Like Tweet, thanks for putting a name to a face Clare! Pics from tfs. I have no idea where to buy international Vogues now Borders has gone hmmmmm. Any ideas Brummies?


And then there's British Vogue's nod to pin up in their April issue, with the editorial 'Private Dancer'. Love the trendy side plait but without a parting, but not so inspired by the sequined granny pants; a bit last year? They feature some of the SS10 shoes though, and they look unbelievably good. The shoes attract me so much because they look sturdy. We know the Miu Mius I own will break if you tap them! But this time they look so chunky that you could navigate cobbles and stairs quite easily. Pics from Fashion Gone Rogue.


Today I finished a report at lunch and then paid rent in the bank and returned something to H&M. I popped into good old Gina Tricot and happened to spot these socks in the boxes in front of the tills. Oh my, oh wow, straight away I thought 'Miu Miu!!!!!'. If I can't get the shoes (heck, since when did I have £360 to spare!), I will pay some sort of homage to them on my feet anyway!


To return to the Luella debate, they're obviously inspired by Miu Miu but I think it's quite a nice idea to make the print into socks. They seem the perfect pair to wear with bare legs, sandal wedges, and vintage dresses in the summer without looking too twee. And I must add, I've been getting lots of emails throughout the year about buying Swedish things for people, and while I'd like to do that, it's impossible to get to the post office. It's a miles walk away up and down hills, through a forest and over a bridge, and with the snow and ice it would be even more impossible. Plus I have no idea of the postage and tracking system here. Sorry guys!

Also I've been meaning to say for days, I found myself on ASOS!! This photo must have been taken by the lady who said she was from Elle, maybe she changed clients, as I think this is the photo taken near the Hilton just before I got a cab up to Victoria House. I'm so pleased to find an actual full outfit photo from London Fashion Week!! The shoes are cut off but at least you can see everything else and it's obviously a good camera as I don't look this in tune usually. You know photos on the posher street style blogs always seem to capture people whose colours always seem to work together? Like the Sart always does closeups of colours and textures, and I always think wow, that person is so organised and pristine and must have spent ages picking out the perfect colour combinations. But really, it's just the camera!! And I was carry a mess of invites and maps until the lady held them during the photo haha. To think I saw this coat so many times during last term and only really considered buying it when it was in the sale. And now it's one of my favourites!

London Fashion Week- Day One and Only! Final Part Three...

Hi guys, I'm back in Sweden! The next time I go home I'll be all packed up and leaving for good! That will be my thirteenth flight?! Ah I'm a bit superstitions about that now and also quite guilty of my carbon footprint! I got back to a broken sink and anonymous tightie whities in the shower so it isn't looking up!

I must wrap up London as I have to get onto the other fashion weeks and then go back to September to see what we want to wear this season, so confusing! I warn you, this is loooong, maybe one for weekend reading! I left off when Aminaka Wilmont had just finished, one half of the design duo an alumni of my Uni in Borås! I was walking out in the slow but pushy crowd and ended up standing next to the lady I'd spoke to outside with the cool hat. I feel a bit stupid actually talking about fashion shows because I only ever read or write about them, so when it comes to a discussion it feels quite strange and clique to point out the direction or pick out details. Just showing that fashion people are very nice and it helps to be friendly back, the lady, whose name was Hazel I believe, said she had a show clash later in the day with Bora Aksu and offered me a ticket to an On|Off show! How kind! More on that later. By now it was nearing 2pm as the show had started late, and I walked out onto the fashion packed street towards Freemasons' Hall. As I was crossing the street, I noticed the girl next to me and she recognised me from here! I knew I recognised the swish of long, dark hair and behind super cool Alex Wang style glasses was Natalie of Canned Fashion. I knew her too despite just starting to read the newish blog (among the other daily 300) as it's really great! You know some blog that are just the kind you like to read and reinforce that there's always fresh inspiration out there; check out her amazing collection of colourful coats and even a hair scrunchie or two, woah! We had a quick chat and she introduced me to her gorgeous friend Georgia who I think is a model but I had to dash off, argh what a shame! Next time I'm reserving ten hours of free time!

This might have been time to change into flats but as you're walking through fashion week, that's when you need to wear your heels! If I was seated at shows it would have been OK but standing for hours on end was taking it's toll. I could feel my knees wobbling as I navigated the uneven London pavements, but Freemasons' Hall was quite close thanks to Natalie and Georgia's helpful directions- right at Starbucks FYI! It's quite a shame that I can recall information like that from two weeks ago but nothing of the lecture I had earlier!

There was already a big crowd outside, expanding then crushing up as lorries tried to squeeze down the narrow side street. I waited for about fifteen minutes before edging close enough to see people with invites were allowed to push inside. Luckily I had one, although they spelt my name wrong!

If you're an X Factor viewer then hiii, I totally watched even from Sweden. But to the point, remember when Cheryl wore that black dress with the two huge embellished circular curves protruding at the front? Beyonce wore one too at the MTV awards where she fabulously said 'I just want to thank Jay... for putting a ring on it' upon winning an award for single ladies. Well that's David Koma! Refresh your memory here. Celebrities wearing designs made it much more prominent in my mind than if I'd previously just looked at catwalk images, as they bring the clothes from art to reality, and Cheryl and Beyonce are both curvaceous women so his designs are very cool and also clever. A Central St Martins graduate too, David Koma had a lot of people at his show, and by my eavesdropping they seemed important! I was so thankful to be let straight into the show but then you were faced with just another wait in a hall. I have no idea what happened to people through all the rain later in the fashion week, were they let in earlier? My feet were really, reeeally starting to ache now. The pressure on my knees was painful too and the shoes are really high so it's hard to balance your weight. I'd just been pavement stomping and now standing still with a heavy bag on my arm made the pain jump up a level to 'uncomfortable with hints of tiny daggers.'

As exciting as the first time, I spotted Susie Bubble in front through the crowd! She was in a group so I couldn't really barge through the queue and throw myself into the circle but it was very cool. The ladies next to me were jabbing away at Blackberries and one mentioned Avril Mair, who is a fashion editor at Elle, so maybe they were Elle members too! Would you be excited too? I know it wouldn't really wow people if I said I stood next to some of the Elle team but these are the women sending out a magazine to thousands and thousands of people and forming fashion culture, so quite important really!

About an hour passed and I was starting to wonder whether being at fashion week for about four hours was worth it for only ten minutes of relevant show time. It's not a lot when you add it up! Was it worth getting the very first glimpse of the show when it will be online so soon afterwards, and in some cases broadcast live online anyway! I never thought this in Copenhagen as the whole experience of the lavish shows and settings felt like it could never be experienced fully otherwise. But the shows I saw in London had paired down sets and were much smaller. Maybe my purpose would have been better if I could have got some good photos or better footage to offer you. As I was standing, I didn't have any information about the show and couldn't take clear pictures or see the shoes or details. This isn't a complaint as I know the show is hardly dependent on whether little me gets a decent photo of a shoe, but I had to have a bit of a think on how I would document the shows. As you can see I decided on retelling the whole experience at great, long-winded lengths!

I wasn't quite at the front of the crowd when the queue fiiinally got moving, but I walked around the catwalk again to stand at the front corner. This way you can see the models right away so have more time to digest the outfit, so you don't miss a great look. I also like to see the models wait at the sides of the catwalk before they walk out and see their faces, but mostly they came straight out from the back. I put my bag on the floor in front of me and saw that directly opposite on the front row facing me was Susie Bubble! After a seconds doubt I thought yes, this is my chance to meet Susie, and I went to walk around the benches to the right, but just as I said excuse me to get past one of the organisers, another lady beat me to it! She sat next to Susie who had previously sat alone, the perfect meeting time, and Susie put her hands to her face in a cute little gasp, so I guessed the lady was quite important! Therefore I refrained from barging in and vowed to wait until the show finished.

Again the lights went down, the music jumped to a start, and the first model stepped out. Everyone sits up to attention and cranes their necks, it's so cool! You know when you're in a cinema sometimes and you get distracted by the people around you for a minute and totally loose the film because you realise you're in a massive dark room with everyone staring at the same thing, totally absorbed? Well a fashion show is just the same, and as my view wasn't great and I didn't have my glasses or um, binoculars (must put on the list for next time haha), I couldn't really get much from the clothes until seeing the online pictures. It also felt very surreal to be at an actual show with everyone having a look on their face like they're really considering and pondering each look. It's quite funny! I got distracted a lot by looking at the crowd reaction.

A bit stalkerish (again, I apologise!!), but you can see Susie in the photo above! As for the collection, it was all teeth. Thick, muggy nudes cut into sharp zigzags on moulded or bandage dresses came out, with now signature boulder curves at the hips. I'm hankering after a dress with boulder hips now as I've never seen anything structural enough on the high-street. I couldn't put my finger on it but I felt like I'd seen the collection before. Funnily enough when I was in Starbucks a bit later I heard two ladies talking about the show and comparing it directly to another designer, but I don't remember who; any ideas? Even so, creating dresses like this that are protective enough to hide flesh but still enhance curves, and grab the eye but with safe colours, are bound to be picked up by lots of women. 

At the end of the show, which went by in an absolute blur, I made a dash for the front row but Susie was heading backstage, nooo! Ah well, maybe next year! We will meet one day I'm sure. For now, I had other priorities, mostly being my legs which were bidding a sad farewell to my feet. We had reached the 'crippled yet heated' phase, where the burn of pain was reaching all areas. I marched outside and past the main entrance of Freemason's Hall where another show was about to start, and a guy stopped me to ask if he could take a snap of my shoes. Why not! These shoes are my proudest moment. I asked what the photo was for and he said he was a blogger. As I said before, this happened a couple of times, how people would ask you about blogs or say they blogged and you'd be like 'oh, I'm actually a blogger!' But I kind of feel like an OAP of the blogging world and look upon all the new kids like young whipper snappers. It made me realise again how I let this blog sail along on it's merry little journey of fate, whereas this blogger had business cards and everything. Here's me three years down the line and I'm barely scraping the corner of fashion week. I have no time for blog promotion, I only just have time to blog! Hehe I stole the snap, check out the original source and blog The Very Simon G for the post. And shout out to a commenter who spotted the snap too!

Just as I went off, I met another blogger!! Cat (or maybe spelled Kat!) of hippyhippychic! I knew her blog from the name but visiting later I'd definitely checked it before. And I'm happy to say it is almost as cute as the owner! I don't want to be patronising but Cat was the youngest person I saw and was so fun to talk to, when I'm writing my posts I always imagine teen girls reading them, I don't know why! We should have got a photo really, bad bloggers! I was acting a bit loony all over fashion week as a) I was super happy and flattered when someone recognised me and I could actually talk to someone after hours of stony silence, and b) the shoe pain was going to my brain! I hobbled off and bought the biggest hot chocolate in Starbucks, where I spotted Saga, the photographer of the blog Never Ending Story and friend of Gala Gonzalez. I do people-watch but only from afar so I didn't check everyone out in Starbucks before or I might have said hello! I only saw her from behind my gigantic mug as she walked out, and even then I was perched on the corner of someone else's table because the little shop was full, and mostly with fashion people! I knew I couldn't take my shoes off because putting them on again would be hell and I was feeling the burn even sitting down, so I started putting a little cocoa butter down the sides to possibly ease the feeling, but that just made me more conscious of every. painful. step. Ah I forgot the best thing! My Mom had made me some egg mayo sandwiches and wrapped them in foil, so all day I was strutting round with a packed lunch from my Mom, haha how uncool! I was wanting to whip them out but it wasn't the time or place, so I got to my feet (ouch) and went off back to Victoria House to crash the free ticket show. Then it  struck me: Boots (the drugstore)! Oh how I love thee.

Indeed! I grabbed some heel cushions and a lady let me sit on a stool behind the counter to put then in, yay! But HORROR of HORRORS struck. My shoes broke again!!! Nooooo! As I lifted my foot up one of the curls knocked against the stool and it snapped. As if they sell £350 shoes with plastic curls? Couldn't they just be metal! Thankfully if they were to snap at any point in the day, I'm glad it was then as I've kept the little piece; it's the smaller curl at the bottom so I'll glue it back on, and even though there'll be a split, hopefully from head height you won't be able to notice! But still, aaargh!!

As I walked out the shop I said I silent thank you to the heavens as the relief was immense! Finally I could walk again! Sure it was still like walking on spiked stilts but it was ten million times better. Everyone else was walking in killer heels so I'd love to see their pain! But really, those are the people who have the cars driving them to each show! I went back to Victoria House and had to walk through the OnOff exhibitions to get to the show. All the designs seemed to blend into one now as they're all structural, moulded, ruffled, and textured. Like was the demise of Luella really a sign that no one wants bows and froufrou anymore? Well I do! And Luella was the example of how you can be girly and fashion forward. We need a new example pronto! Or someone please back Luella!

I technically crashed this show as the invite wasn't mine, but I think if it had gone differently this might have been my favourite show! That was if I hadn't died a shoe related death! The basements of Victoria House was all white washed walls and different turn-offs, so the queue for the Ashley Isham show was just around a corner in a long, white hall with a low ceiling. I joined the third queue for standing tickets against one wall and was about twenty minutes early. BIG mistake! Fifteen minutes went by and my feet were about to fall off. The mixture of them being so high meaning all your pressure is on small parts, and then my knees and legs were so tired too. Half an hour went by and I couldn't find a position to stand that helped my swollen feet. You're probably thinking OK it is a bit stupid to wear high heels and not expect pain, but I did wear them to a Girls Aloud concert and an after club and they were fine! It's because of all the standing, literally hours and hours of standing still and then walking and then standing for another hour and a half and then walking again. Also I didn't want to be a baby and just thought five more minutes and they'll let us in... OK ten more minutes... this show was the worst though! After forty five minutes the queues were so long and thick that it was basically a crowd. This was annoying to the people like me who'd queued orderly and quietly for ages, and people kept pushing through and soon the queues had no meaning. The organisers kept coming back and forth and letting one person round the corner and placing some people in certain queues and soon people were just pushing themselves beside you. After an hour they were letting in a few people but our 'queue' wasn't going anywhere. I didn't even care that much when Jodie Harsh pushed past, although I wouldn't mind some of that pink hair.

The people all around were getting a bit annoyed and there was a couple infront with total PDA issues haha! But then the girl behind me said something and we got chatting. If that hadn't happened I might have left, the show was never going to start!! She was really nice and a Chelsea graduate so we talked about school and other shows, and she was quite interested in blogging. She had great shoes too! I guess it's really hard to get into blogging nowadays but think of all the great blogs that have sprung up recently; as long as you have the passion it will be easy!! Finally, fiiiiiiiinally they started letting people into the shows and it seems there was no queuing system anymore, it was just file people in as orderly and quickly as possible. We literally walked in and stood where we were about a metre in. By this point it was not comfortable show viewing. Yet the show was amazing, from the music to the backdrop to the models, all were something flamboyant and energetic and fun; it wasn't trying hard to be new or cool, it just was!

In these photos I'm holding my camera up high as I was a few rows deep standing, so you had to crane your neck to see anything. Each look was so different that I couldn't follow the show as I had such a bad view.

Sophie Anderson on the front row...

At one point a ripple went through the crowd as a model seemed to loose her footing or her shoes. She was on her way back down the runway and the last girl, so all eyes were on her as she slowed right down and was taking one baby step at a time, as though dragging along a shoe. I couldn't see the malfunction but everyone was willing her down the runway and on the final walk, the designer came out arm in arm with the model and gave her a big hug and cheer!

I said goodbye to the girl I'd met, she was really fab, and finally had chance to change my shoes! I just sat on one of the benches as people were leaving and whipped them off. So good!!!! I still had to tread very slowly and softly at first but it was soooo nice!! By now it was about 6pm and getting dark outside. I was heading to my friend's later and wasn't sure if I'd be back or make it the next day, so I had a break in a coffee shop and ate my egg sandwiches (hahaha) and bought some more plasters from Boots. These were the real deal as I actually put my shoes on again!!! I'm not really crazy or a masochist, just once I used up ten plasters so basically covered my whole foot and had a break, they hurt so much anyway that I could barely feel them anymore! And I was only at fashion week once so I had to wear the shoes in Somerset House.

The area was very quiet now with only a few people still milling around. I actually went back to the press desk because earlier they'd given me a bag but not a pass. Finally I got one with my name on it, so cool! I wore it with pride! I was scanned into an exhibition, which all in all was a bit strange. It's hard to browse designers you have no affiliation with, but I think late in the day is the best time to go as you can talk to the team at each display. It's a very valuable experience for a Textile student like me, but I wasn't out to network!

The first rooms I went in were mainly accessories. This back room with the bags below was totally empty and as I walked in about five people were like 'hiii!'. I guess they don't know who you are at first and are really keen to showcase their brand, so everyone was very friendly, and it was like in a boutique where they leave you to browse for a moment and when you look interested they start selling. I was just browsing and none of it was really my style, but lots of people started talking and telling me about their collections. One lady at the Stephen Jones display was like 'Flying Saucer????? What's that then?' in the way adults talk to children loudly, because it was on my press pass. I wonder what would have happened if I'd got to wear it all day. One man started talking to me (starting with a compliment, most of them do!) and telling me enthusiastically about his stand and making comments about fashion week, and then when I was replying his eyes just glazed over and he wasn't even listening. Sales are a strange thing!

It was really getting late now but I wanted to squeeze the last drops out, so I asked a steward where she recommended and she said to go downstairs in the lift to the designer exhibition. And it turns out this was where all the Scandinavian designers were!!! I was in my element! I wandered round hearing titbits from the designers, and it was a really calm, cool environment because the day was winding down and it was pretty empty. The designers must have been knackered after selling all day!

I met part of the Kron Kron design team, a super cool Icelandic guy. Style Bubble has featured this brand quite a lot if you remember?

Cool Opening Ceremony boots.

I was wandering along and I spotted the Minimarket display!!! I was so excited, I told the girls there that I'd saw the show in Copenhagen the week before and it really blew me away, it was incredible! Sadly the shoes weren't arriving until the next day, worse luck!!! But they had the thigh high yellow suede boots, remember them from my show coverage by any chance? I also had a looong sit down and fab chat with the Wackerhaus people, a show I couldn't fit into my Copenhagen Fashion Week. I wish I could have gone back and really investigated each brand, every one had so much to offer and deserved a lot more time. Sadly it was 7pm and announcements were ringing out saying LFW was closing.

And that was the end of my fashion week! Oh no wait! As I walked out of the exhibitions and was walking around the big tent in the middle of the Somerset House courtyard, I saw Hilary Alexander and friend being directed to the toilets. Claim to fame!! Maybe I should have followed her in... yeah maybe not the best idea!

If you're wondering, yes I was still walking around in my shoes! It was the last leg and I love them so much and never get chance to wear them, so I just battled it out. I nearly fell down all the stairs because my legs physically couldn't bear the strain anymore but I'm a tough cookie. And that night I went out in different heels! Do you watch the amazing programme Snog, Marry, Avoid? My friend's housemate's friend was on the show and we went out with her, she was amazing!! Her friend was there too and they are both strippers so it was a wild and crazy night, and quite an eye opener. I don't condone it but they were absolutely loaded and partied away while their LV and YSL clutches were left on the label across the club!

London Fashion Week- Day One and Only! Part Two...

Alright my lovelies? Ah today I feel like my head isn't screwed on! Days in England are coming to an end and there's things to do, people to see, and no time! I haven't even thought about stocking up on chocolate rations, I need to get on that! I wish I had longer! But here's the rest of my London Fashion Week, no details spared as usual!


I left off when I was just about to hit the first (of two) shows I had invites to. Time was ticking and the road to Victoria House was looking miiighty long, so I hailed a cab! Well, first I considered how you actually hailed a cab, do they do that in London? I managed to spot one that was stopping anyway and had a nice chat with the driver, as you do in London! There was already a queue for the show full of all different kinds of people. The youngest people seemed to be dressed up the most, with lots of brown vintage, great coats, and shoe booties. Check the fab cape below.


Then there were the opposites of older (but I'm only talking like 30/40) women in normal black coats, who were probably more important! I thought the queue was quite long already but it continued up the road during the 45 minute wait. And that wait wasn't even bad! I have no idea how I managed to wear my Miu Mius to a Girls Aloud concert and an after club without pain, yet by now my feet were starting to hurt. Because the patent leather is a stiffer material, it does dig and rub, and they don't position your weight very well. Sometimes when I was walking I could feel my knees wobbling! There was a fabulous lady behind me in what turned out to be a Scottish hat. It wasn't something I've ever seen before, it was almost like a red cylinder with a black pompom on the top if I'm remembering rightly. I was quite intrigued as street style photographers kept asking for photos but she politely refused. That's when I saw Facehunter again!


Check out Claire from The View From Here who facehunted the Facehunter in Copenhagen! Her friend Ruth dared her and she actually did it, while we watched in awe saying 'omg!! facehunting the facehunter!!'. Now like I mentioned in the previous post, street style isn't all fun and games. Again Mr Facehunter went up the queue eyeing everyone up and asked the lady behind me with the amazing hat for a photo, which she sweetly declined. It's almost like your long time school crush rejecting you when Facehunter walks by and doesn't deem you fit for his site. Like Facehunter has been a major street style blog ever since I started and I always dreamed of being featured on there. After seeing the guy absolutely everywhere through Copenhagen and London Fashion Week the novelty kind of wears off and you see him taking photos of very specific looks. And by the way he's not actually looking each queue member up and down and then moving on, but I knew who he was so I spied him walking slowly up the queue checking out everyone.

I think I must have eagle eyes because suddenly I spotted my blog idol, Susie Bubble!! This is so stalkerish of me, I'm sorry Susie! But you can just make her out in the centre of the picture on the phone, in the cage skirt!! Seeing bloggers in real life isn't strange after 0.48475 seconds, it's just cool, almost like your friend! I had the urge to be like Susieeee just like if you see your friend while you're on a bus and have the need to bang on the window like heeey!!!


By now I was pretty bored to be honest and in a bit of pain, so really wanted to talk to the people around me. You assume people are busy on their blackberries or don't really want to make small talk, but that's so wrong! Eventually a few people started asking for people with pink or gold stars on their invitations to come to the front. This happened for about fifteen minutes and I said 'haha do you have a green pen?' to the cool hat lady. And with that we had a great little chat! I told her about Facehunter and asked why she wasn't keen on having photos taken. She didn't have a particular reason, just preferred being behind the camera! I guess you either say a blanket no to everyone or you say yes to everyone and who knows where your photo will end up! I have no idea where any of mine where and I posed for about ten.
Us bloggers may 'blag' our way into shows, but it's actually hard work! In Copenhagen you were at least let into shows on time and there were drinks provided, but in the shows in London we were outside for ages. I was glad I'd came early and wasn't at the back of the queue but that did mean I was standing for so long; at least the sun came out! These post fashion week cars started pulling up and I'd hold my breath each time the doors were opened but I didn't spot anyone I recognised!


Much to my delight, a street style photographer wanted to take my photo again! They'd kept looking right past me for the whole time I was queuing but this Japanese dude with the gold scrunchie asked for a snap! He said he liked my hair and bow, which fits I guess! So you can't take it all to heart, different photographers are looking for different things and he said he was from a Japanese magazine, and they're more interested in bows and red curls than maybe others are! Again, no idea what the magazine was, but I smiled anyway! His scrunchie reminded me of little babies when you tie a bobble to their small tufts of hair and they stick right up like a pineapple!


Maybe it's time to talk about the show! Finally the crowd started moving forward and we went straight into the small hall, all white and dimly lit. A white sticker means you're standing so I walked right round the side to get the first views of the models. Unlike Copenhagen there were no drinks, wide spaces, extra benches for the standing; it was just like a smush with most of the end of the queue pushed up at the back. It almost felt like it made no difference if you were at the show or not as the standers don't make any impact. It does make you feel a bit like an unimportant blagger! The reason I applied to this show was that one half of Aminaka Wilmont, Maki Aminaka, studied at my University in Sweden! So she walked the halls of the Textile building and at 10am sharp she probably joined the sudden influx of students on the mid morning break (classes are always 8.30-12 or 4.30 eek) all decked out in wedges and tight denim and hair buns. I might have to sneak my camera in there some time actually, it really is a nice sight! So it was quite special to apply for a show that was from my tiny University and so pleased I got a ticket! It was part of Blow's shows, who showed most of the off schedule shows too I think, so keep in mind that they consider bloggers.


The standers are obviously the last bunch to troop in as the show started almost straight away. As I'm reporting on the show and the ultimate end to the experience is putting up pictures and info here, it's quite hard when you're standing to get decent coverage. I understand that the seaters are getting information for buying and reporting purposes too, but being seated does make a huge difference. When I crashed the Minimarket front row the experience was so incredible, all the setting and makeup and music comes together as you can relax and enjoy it and get such a clear view, but when you're standing you can barely see the clothes, let alone the shoes/hair/makeup. I'm not complaining though, compared to Copenhagen the shows were even more atmospheric here. The models were thinner and taller and everything was that little bit more extreme but streamlined. Not being seated tends to mean you don't get any information on the show as there's usually a booklet or print out on your seat, but I found online that the show was inspired by the aftermath of a catastrophe and the beauty of being so raw. This fits so well when I look back and see the model's hair whipped into a wind-swept frenzy on one side, as though frozen in a chaotic moment.


The clothes seemed to have a marbled or paint-splattered effect, the sort of pattern that can be draped tightly against the body making it look effortless but still beautiful. Like say if the dress above was in a solid colour, it might almost look scruffy, but the fabric turns it into something else.


Forgive my questionable photos but you can  just make out the coats near the end of the show and the feather head pieces, which seemed quite melancholic to me, almost like the way birds can represent bad times or bad luck.


I'm a huge, huge model fan and was dying to go to a show with recognisable faces in it but I didn't recognise any here, although they were breathtaking. I'm not one for thinking about weight as truly every shape is beautiful but there's something amazing about such thin, tall frames draped in these dresses without underwear or bags and tights to get in the way. Like seeing them raw just put on a body is very beautiful and fresh. If there were 'plus size' models here like the Mark Fast show I can imagine the effect being the same- all you need is a naked body and a strut! And most of the models did have boobs and hips despite being very thin, we must stop thinking as models as something alien and remember they are women first, models second!

I've ran out of time now but I think this is long enough already! I'm going to Warwick tonight to visit the girls I met in Sweden ohlala! Have nice Fridays people, yay it's the weekend!

London Fashion Week- Day One and Only! Part One...

Argh it's a new resolution to blog before hitting the google reader but it's so hard!! Like who knows what's happened in the blogging world today!? Well I'm about a week behind so it could be a lot. Never mind, I can blog aimlessly and ignore the whole bloggers/blaggers thing! Where is the love?!

I think a few (and myself) were a bit confused on the whole aspect of getting into shows and fashion week in general. You can apply for accreditation to get a pass into the exhibitions, where designers who don't have shows will set up a little area to show off their clothes, and you can just email designers to politely request show invites, mentioning your accreditation or not. Contrary to the whole blagger thang, I applied to a few shows that I knew I could get down to London for and I actually liked! There's no point in taking up space for a name I've never really checked out before and that I know readers aren't so interested in. And contrary to another belief, bloggers don't get tickets so easily! I didn't get tickets to any of the big name shows I emailed but I wish I'd got fewer tickets than I did so I could have spent longer round Somerset House! My grand total was um two tickets and a freebie third! So my blog isn't the biggest but this baby has been around for a good three years now, can you believe it?! So long!


So finally after three years I was heading to fashion week. And really my purpose was to share the experience with you guys, find some cool new brands, find some cool new people, and help spread the word and love for fashion week. Just think, previously it was shrouded in exclusivity and mystery until us lot started taking pictures of the people watching the shows as much as the shows themselves! I wasn't too nervous after going to Copenhagen Fashion Week and I only had Beyonce on my new phone so I listened to that really loudly while sewing a button and painting my nails, day dreaming about all the cool things that could happen today! It was Friday by the way, the opening day of the week- surely when everyone is at their most fabulous!

I'd hopped on an early train and had to put my mini case in hold at Paddington as I was staying with a friend that night. Isn't it true that no matter how much you minimise your stuff, you still end up having a heavy bag? Or maybe that's because my Luella bag is stupidly heavy! The charms weigh as much as a couple of baby elephants alone. But as it was the first real fashion event I was attending, how can you not wear your 'best' things? I had a bit of trouble deciding an outfit because it's tempting to think 'right, what's my most fabulous dress? Ok and my most fabulous tights? And my most fabulous shoes? Ooo and fabulous makeup and accessories!!' and before long you are looking a bit loony and defeating the object of the best outfit, not the best individual things. So I knew straight off it was time for my Miu Miu shoes, I always said after breaking them a bit and having them sent back to Italy, I'd only wear them again to a fashion show. Along with them and my Gina Tricot coat with loads of bright gold buttons, you don't need much else! I was thinking of going for some patterned tights but from Copenhagen I realised it's not so comfortable to wear something attention-grabbing when you're making your way around. It's just nice to wear something cute if people happen to spot you. So I wore my all time trusty velvet leggings, the best buy this year on wear alone!

After taking a few tubes I got to Covent Garden and popped into the nearest place to change my flats. Of course I didn't go down in the heels haha, but my thoughts of changing into flats when walking around was quickly ruined as the whole point of LFW is to look fabulous while walking around. No one is looking at you in the shows, they're looking at the models and clothes! I spotted a Dune shoe shop and quickly asked if I could change my shoes, and it was then that the show cooing started! The sales assistants were admiring the shoes and throughout the day I was always saying 'I only got them on sale!!' to sort of show I don't exactly usually wear these and it's a bit of a lucky fluke I own them anyway! I put them on way too early and should have waited until the venue was in sight and these shoes and cobble stones do not mix!!


I'm pretty good with directions but in London if you turn off a wrong street, it points you in a totally different direction and you are suddenly at a different landmark or famous street! I walked past Covent Garden and down Strand the wrong way for Somerset House, the main venue where the shows and exhibitions were held. People's eyes kept going down to my feet as these shoes are super high and I was tottering along with my heavy bag on one arm, charms jangling excitedly. A lady even said 'hey, your shoes are wicked!' and I was like ahhh thanks! A compliment from a woman is nicer than a call from a man most of the time! Well unless the man is talking about your shoes and not just being pervy! I eventually saw some fashionable looking girls walking in the opposite direction and stopped the kind gentlemen below asking for directions. I love businessmen with London accents! They were like 'ooo allllriiight, you're orrrf to fashion week aren't ya?', haha!


I strutted on allll the way down and finally got to Somerset House! I wasn't exactly sure what it would be, like a house that happened to have huge rooms big enough to house catwalks?? Right in the middle of this busy street? I started noticing quite fashionable looking people all around and felt like I was part of a cool club!


Turns out Somerset House is like you're transported to a stately home in the country side, and just as you walk off the street in the small entrance archway, there is a huge courtyard with the house all around, so there are many entrances and halls. It finally clicked that the 'tents' where they say shows are always held was just a huge black box in the middle of the courtyard. Hardly a tent! Despite it being massive, I didn't quite know how they could fit the whole catwalk and all the backstage stuff in there! The photo below shows some very overcast skies but the predicted rain stayed away that day luckily!


It was about 12 but there wasn't swarms of people like I'd imagined, but enough standing around and walking to and from the hall behind the tent, where you could get into exhibitions and pick up your passes. I'd applied for a press accreditation which got you into the exhibitions and sort of approved your status as a valid press member! I asked one of the guides where the hall was and she kindly pointed me around the house and I tottered on! It's so cool to see so many fashionable people, and it's certainly very London centric. By the end of the day everyone started blurring into a big fashionable tribe! I think I went round the wrongish side of the tent as I went right, but it was lucky as I bumped into Audrey of Frassy, a seriously great blogger! She is incredibly cool and I met her on the Eurostar Paris trip before so it was nice to see a friendly face! We had a little gossip and Audrey is a seasoned fashion week goer so I'm sure got some great coverage, check out her blog!

I went on to get my press pass and they scanned my print out and handed me a Mulberry doodled LFW tote bag with a mini guide inside. I was mistakenly not given my pass but I thought maybe the bag acted like a pass or that my pass was in the bag and didn't think much of it! I sorted out my bag on a seat and it struck me just how many people were there in the hall! I had no expectations but I looked at everyone like they were potentially a super important industry member or in the least had a reason to attend fashion week so they were beyond cool! Funnily enough I was approached by a lady doing video interviews about fashion blogs and I was like 'oh, I'm a fashion blogger!'. As bloggers seem to be the buzz topic of fashion week this happened quite a lot. I had to say on film a little about my favourite blog (I have so many but Style Bubble is my ultimate favourite!) and then another lady asked to take a snap of my shoes. It seems that once you are stopped by someone, many more people will approach you. I do think it's hard for street style photographers as I would be quite unnerved if I had to approach people who were walking with purpose, and if anyone approached me for a photo I'd always say 'umm what's it for?' rather than 'oh wow how flattering!' which I was also thinking!


I had a show a bit further away at 1.30 so I made my way around the other side of the tent where all the action seemed to be. I wished I'd had time to visit the Topshop Hot Choc Stop! I wonder if they were free? You can see people brandishing cameras all around and it's a bit strange when someone is obviously a street style photographer and they look at you but don't ask for a photo. No one really talks of the experience of being street style photographed and it is really cool but also comes with not being photographed! But I'll go into that later. As I'd got round the side of the tent a lady asked for a photo of my outfit, and then another lady hovered and asked for one of my shoes, and then a few more people waited! I was trying to stand in a normal position and thinking 'wow this is totally a fashion week, I'm being street styled for the first time!' when Fi of Save Our Shoes and Reena of Fashion Daydreams came over! I'd met them both on different occasions but they are totally lovely; the nicest bloggers you could meet! Maybe the fashion blog negativity is because the fashion bloggers are so nice and can form such great friendships!


Aren't they gorgeous! Doing London proud, what cool, quirky yet cute outfits! We had a little gossip about whether Facehunter was around and which other bloggers were out before I had to get off to the 1.30 show, getting a little lost on the way! I was checking my map outside the Hilton when a lady asked for a photo and said she was from Elle! My heart skipped a little beat but the photo isn't on the website boo! I asked each photographer where they were from so I could check back and put the photos up here but most were from trend forecasting sites or random places that weren't street style sites at all! I did pluck this photo from SOS! Save Our Shoes which so far is the only photo I can find, but I'll keep looking! Thank you Fi! If it helps I wore a big white bow in my standard curls and orangey/red lipstick.


This won't be the longest post ever (I've done way too many of those!) so I'll write tomorrow about getting extra tickets, seeing some minor celebs, and causing myself insane pain!