Facing Facts with MAC Face and Body


As a member of the pale, fair skinned club, I have foundation woes all the time! I generally do a light tan if I'm going to bare my limbs at the weekend, and I would welcome a Sally Hansen-style skin foundation in my milky shade, but a light coat of fake tan usually does the job to give a more even skin tone on my legs, cover any bruises or veins, and feel a little exotic. I like to either be definitely tanned or 100% not, as the in-between patchy stage is just rough! I don't tan my face so across the week it means my body is various shades and I need to warm up my face to avoid looking ghostly from the neck up in comparison.

If you've ever tried wearing a foundation that isn't your colour, you will know that in a number of hours, it naturally fades or wears off in certain areas and leaves that not-so-hot patchy complexion. I'll pile on the primer and powder for a night out, but on your standard Tuesday, I don't want to look various shades of orange!

So I racked my brains for a past foundation that worked for my pale days and faux tanned days. I'm a fan of good coverage but that means you have to take your unnatural shade right down your neck and up to your ears, and for day time it's just too much. I needed a product that gave a wash of pigmented colour for those in-between days that wasn't too heavy. Light foundations with good colour pay-offs are hard to come by and I remembered when I had Face and Body, way back when. I believe this was one of my first MAC purchases when I went to an awards ceremony in London in the early days of this blog and I had a MAC makeover. Face and Body dribbles like water; it's so smooth and liquid, but it has that deep colour payoff that MAC products offer. When you first apply it in long sweeping motions, the formula glides over every contour without drying out on the brush and it feels almost tacky; the feeling like when you apply fake tan and have to wait for it to dry. A few moments later, the benefits are a definite colour pay off, rather than mattifying or masking your skin. In the day time I don't really have the time or need to be wearing anything heavier that then warrants contouring and highlighting. I don't mind being any skin tone as long as it's even, and that's the aim here!

I went to the stand-alone MAC store in Birmingham, which has an MUA I really like, but I generally prefer the Selfridges counter, which is now HUGE and also has an MUA friend! I assumed the large Face and Body bottles were only available at the store though, but due to the poor lighting I couldn't tell which shade to get! It's so hard to choose a tone different to your own, and communicate that you want a colour for when you are slightly tanned. I ended up with C3, which is deeper than my skin tone but for reference, I used to wear C2 for nights out at uni when I didn't wear tan. Face and Body is perfect to add to legs and arms, which I would do with a lighter shade if I didn't fear it rubbing off on light clothing, and I would want to cover my entire legs! But for daytime it's the perfect light-coverage-but-full-pigment shade that I need as my tan is being scrubbed away as fast as possible. Now I'm slightly blonde (ahhh!) I'm embracing the pale skin even more though... watch this space! If you are pale skinned, do you know a way to help out legs and arms without tanning? I'm lusting after Iggy Azelia's perfect paleness!


Make Up Lust

I'm getting back into makeup quite seriously at the moment. I can't really be too experimental with my clothes so makeup is on the agenda. I had almost a year of 'using up what I have' and since I dyed my hair a darker red, I've had to look into different shades and styles. I'm still a very firm fan of MAC makeovers and I only invest in new things once they have been chosen by a professional, even if MAC faces can be very heavy and 'done'. A look I personally love!! Remember you spend £30 on a makeover but then you can claim £30 off any products.

Right now my obsessions are clear, glowing skin, plump, nude lips and arched brows. Over the summer I was trying to channel my inner Victoria Secret model and I had a MAC makeover before a gig. A gig might seem a strange occasion but sometimes I have makeovers when I know I'm going to spend £30 in store in the near future anyway, and a gig actually has more promise than a night out because you know you're going to see someone you love perform, rather than go to a club that could turn out a bit lifeless. Gigs are the new clubs for sure and it was a Kendrick Lamar gig by the way! I had one of the most tanned faces I've had at this particular makeover but the look was freshened with the shimmery, pearlescent pink beauty that is Lust MSF. Mineralised Skin Finish powders are known for being swirls of glitter goodness and this one adds a flush of an angel. Pair with a twinkle in your eye and let your cheekbones do the talking.


    29th. Face of the day

This is a bit of a weird challenge as I am not usually one to take many photos of myself, although I am trying to change this as I really want to make my blog a true representation of myself again, and not just the things around me. I have a standard set of daily makeup products and then usually change up my blushers or lipsticks depending on what I'm wearing or how I feel. Today I wore:

Base: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 mixed with Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect in 74 Beige, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium, 17 Blush/Bronzer in Brickie and 17 Blush in Damson Wine

I'm running low on Fix Fluid and I'm trying to scrimp in all areas at the moment to save for fun. I just pulled out a foundation in the nearest shade and mixed so I used less of the MAC foundation, which turned out OK enough but not too amazing. Also Brickie is a great contour/bronzer colour for the very fair as it's more of a taupe blush, and it's cheap.

Eyes: MAC Orb, Kid, Swiss Chocolate and Mythology Eye Shadows, Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner, L'oreal Million Lashes Mascara

I use very warm toned/reddish shadows to make my eyes more blue and usually a bit of Swiss Chocolate in my brows too. All these eye shadows were used on me in makeovers at MAC over time - I would never just buy a shadow as I never know what suits me! My favourite mascara is so dried out now but I don't want to spend £10 on a new one so bought the Glamour issue today with a free Benefit Bad Gal mascara. I've tried it before and wasn't too fussed but it's not bad for £2.

Lips: MAC Creme D' Nude

A classic, pale nude to make your lips fuller! 


I'm a Surf Baby!

I totally didn't get a foundation when I had a MAC makeover on Saturday, I can get that any time! I just said do something dramatic with dark eyes as I was going out, so the makeup artist did toootally black eyes and bright coral cheeks with a red/coral lip. Also apologies for photos in the Bullring toilets! I just wanted to get some photos right after haha!

I did take some lashes but apparently they really have to be MAC ones that they use so I got a pair of theirs and got the blush and lipstick because they're limited edition! I've read on a few blogs that people weren't really fussed with the Surf, Baby! collection as the stand out colours are greens and oranges but everything else is coral, which is right up my street.

Also I used to wear a really orangey-red lip if I ever wore red lipstick, but since my hair is darker, I wasn't sure what to do! So I got Hibiscus, a rich coral-red that looks great with dark eyes and warm cheeks. The blush is a gooorgeous popping coral, much brighter in real life! 

I'm not sure how to use this as the gold shimmer is just an overlay so will use up quite quickly. I might swirl a bit in so the blush has a little shimmer for now, as the gold is a bit too yellow for a highlight.

These are swatches of the lipstick and then blush, the shimmer, and both swirled together (top-bottom).

So check out the collection if you love corals, I hope it gets more love! The blush is sold out online and I got one of the last ones at that counter, but I'm sure there are a few more floating around.