My More Magazine Shoot!

Hi chickadees! Ooo this post is fun to write as it gives me a huuuge smile to say I was in More Magazine! I couldn't get chance to blog as the time but it was a couple of issues ago as I was part of their 'How would you wear...' feature, where five different girls style up an item with their own wardrobe. We got sent a picture of the item a few days before the London shoot, which were a pair of Jaeger cropped floral trousers at a hefty £99. Each issue the different item is something quite hard to style so I was super pleased these trousers were simple, even though I only ever wear high waist bottoms and these were so not my style!

My outfit was totally something I would wear though! Also handy as I had already turned up to the shoot wearing this hat, top and bag, with the Jeffrey Campbell studded shoes freshly purchased from the Office in Topshop Oxfrd Circus. Yes I got them just for this day and took them straight back afterwards - they were incredibly uncomfortable haha!

I did originally bring a stack of Motel to wear but none of our prints quite went with the trousers, so I went back to my Tobi off shoulder lace crop top (now sold out) which I love! I'll do a separate post on Tobi as it's a newish US website and I had a mixed order from them - I loved this top but returned a dress that was absolutely awful in real life! I'm OBSESSED with off the shoulder tops and dresses right now - look out for more from Motel soon like this dip dye Dana Off Shoulder Crop!

And did you ever think I'd wear a hat? Well you know I'm having a bit of a Demi Lovato fan girl moment and the wide brim hat is totally me wanting to have her hair and look! Its a H&M bowler hat but in size Large so the brim is wider, and I just sit it on the back of my hair! I added some small accessories from the amazing table on offer and my Topshop rucksack that I've been using all year, and that was the outfit complete!

Thank you to More Magazine who featured some Motel items too and the awesome hair and makeup team, what a treat! The photos themselves only took five minutes to shoot and I did a lot of fake laughing haha!

You can apply to be in the feature as a blogger or reader too just by emailing They've recently had a makeover and it is packed with fashion trends and high street buys, and is the most readable weekly out there right now. We get them all each week at work and I don't know why Look magazine has gone all Dorothy Perkins on us but More is my new weekly magazine fix!

Company Style Blogger Awards 2012

I feel like the most rushed around girl in the world at the moment but the absolute whirlwind highlight of my week so far was the amazing Company Style Blogger Awards! I only headed to London to literally hit the awards and head back but it was the most perfectly polished event on in a long time that had no agenda but to have fun and celebrate blogging. I have to pick and choose any blog events carefully as I don't have a lot of my own free time now I'm in full time work, but I had time for a quick spruce up before hopping on the train to debut my new Litas and my newest Motel dress! Of course I generally would pick out Motel to wear to any event hehe but I think I am in true love with this dress! It's the Goldie and there are a few more colours too, and it's so damn flattering with the long sleeves and curved paneling to sneakily emphasise a smaller waist. We've called the colour periwinkle blue but it could almost be dubbed a lilac or mauve (and I was extra swayed by Kendall Jenner wearing it too!!!). There's not many colours that look great with red hair but I think this is one! I did have a bra drama as you can slightly see it at the side so I opted for a new seamless H&M nude one I just got - very handy. By the way I do actually buy all my own Motel things with my own money (haha I can't blog gift myself!) so if I wear it and haven't got bored of seeing it for months before the collections hit the shops, it's definitely love! We currently have up to the June collection samples in the office and I am dying for summer!

And the Litas! I can confirm they are SO easy to walk in and comfortable, it's unreal. Your foot is very flat so they don't feel like heels at all, and they are very light so you don't actually notice them on your feet! The only thing is that the front is slightly curved upwards so sometimes you do rock forwards, which is a bit dangerous when dashing up or down tube escalators. I need to get some suede spray before I wear them next just in case and I'm not quite sure if I like them with socks or not. The ones I wore are coral lace but they look a bit like school socks in the photo haha!


I saw so many of my blogger favourites that I'd be afraid to mention them all and leave someone out! It was like fashion blogger soup, with a familiar face and smile at every turn. I had a lovely chat and browse of the New Look collection with Florrie and Pearl, and I didn't realise how beautifully coordinated our outfit shades were until seeing the above photo!

Congratulations to all the night's winners! I had a hold of one of the awards and they were serious glass jobbies, practically Oscar worthy! Company had some really lovely touches to the event and I know how hard it is to event plan and make everything works together! Even the lighting down to the Pink Pigeon Mauritian Mule cocktails were seamlessly chic.

I had a good ruffle through the New Look SS12 collection showcased downstairs and spurred by my recent New Look splurge below, I saw many a thing I liked! I might go and hunt these neon skinnies as, true to my lifelong habits, in spring for some reason I start wearing jeans and trousers. No idea why but it's always the same! I really fancy this neon peach/orange pair but an also eyeing lilac and neon green! I'll have to try them on and hope for a dream fit. Give me everything candy this spring!! I had a lovely chat with their press team too as it's always great to talk to other fashion industry peeps - I feel quite far away from it all in Bristol!

And so it was a dash across the tube where I bumped into Milly who helped steer me in the right direction (and wore Motel too woo!) and then off home! I went to the (superbly hot) dentist today and turns out my wisdom teeth were getting infected so now I'm in on antibiotics instead of out partying, sob!! It felt like the weirdest day and has been a long week so I'm going home to Birmingham tomorrow yay. Have a great weekend all!x

The Look Show Westfield Stratford 2011!

Afternoon all! I started writing this from my Birmingham home town as I was up here for yet another fashion show on the weekend! But last weekend I was the luckiest girl alive as Look Magazine blogging competition winner Fritha of The Fish Tank invited me as her plus one to The Look Show at the new Westfield! I haven't been to any Westfields before so I was extatic to be attending the show and seeing the brand new shopping mall.

I headed to London on Saturday morning and was not prepared for the HEAVING shopping centre; it look me about half an hour to get from the tube and across the mall to meet Fritha! I'd love to go back there on maybe a Tuesday morning as it is an absolute shopping heaven. Every shop is a brand spanking new flagship store with things like Twitter mirrors and staff iPads! I met Fritha at the Look Lounge which was a pop up shop with handy computers, and we went off to leave our things at the hotel! Yes as part of Fritha's prize, we had a hotel stay at the Premiere Inn inside Westfield; it was lush! Westfield was still manic though so we stopped off for a sandwich, had to convince a security guy that we did actually have show seats, and then hit the catwalk!


We had the most amazing seats on the front row! I'm not sure how it was a few rows back but being so close to actually see the makeup and the details made a huge difference and it was just like shopping - it was so inspiring! I have tried to best share my favourite looks with you which has resulted in a huuuge AW11 shopping list for me but sorry if the photos are a mish mash, I don't have the best camera! They seem to get better as they go along but I'll link to the proper Look catwalk show image for each outfit too, where you can buy the items featured and see them a bit better...

So the first exciting thing that I found out the day before the show was that Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud was walking in it! Fritha and I were oohing and ahhing as Sarah strutted out looking super tall and fierceee. Her walk matched all the other models and she was wearing a gorgeous dress - for the latest Occasion Dresses visit Kaleidoscope!

Each shop featured in the show had a section and some we had to guess if we didn't notice the teaser video on the catwalk screen. My first lusting was after this boxy Warehouse coat as it's so not my style but it just looks great with ankle boots and bare legs. I find Urban Outfitters hideously over priced and not great quality but I love the chunky scarf with this red shirt and midi skirt. Also love the fluffy scarf, and the one over the dress from Dorothy Perkins.

The entire show made me absolutely crave brights as the colours looked so fresh! Love this bright red coat from Oasis even though again it's not my style, but the cute orange skirt is! I'm after a really cute little shift skirt this season. Also all the long tops under dresses caught my eye as a great way to wear dresses in autumn, but thinking about it, I don't have many dresses now! I'm planning on sorting out my wardrobe tomorrow to unearth some forgotten treasures hopefully. I had a delve through my wardrobe this weekend and spotted a faux fur gillet, which was worn over a leather dress at Mango.

Now we're onto the fun things! Holey moley just look at these brights! The acid yellow colour with the pink was from New Look, which is definitely a random pairing to have in your wardrobe, but somehow it works! Again I love the cute shirts worn under dresses, and definitely want a bright blouse like this yellow Forever 21 one. Top of my shopping list is a shirt like this one from Next to pair with cute skirts and ankle boots - I must have a shirt somewhere in my wardrobe! I really want to pair one with a cute black bow, my hair bow cravings are returning guys...!!!

There were a couple of absolute stand out looks for me at the show, the first being this Forever 21 wonder outfit of a colour pop blouse, furry sweater (which Fritha and I both bought a version of!), faux leather skirt and nude mary janes. I want all of these things in my wardrobe right now!!

Also half way through the show I saw Alesha Dixon was in the front row opposite! I'm not an Alesha fan but I am a celebrity spot fan! Lolll at the lady filming with her iPad, that just looked weird! 

As the show went on, my lust factor hit the roof! I could imagine wearing this abstract pencil skirt from Monsoon to work with maybe a cropped jumper. I really do need some autumn colours in my wardrobe like the coral and mustard look here from H&M because it's full of pink and nude summery things! I'm lusting after anything in this mauve blue and green, they're lovely together! Also we were discussing our dislike for polo necks but I can feel a few more midi skirt investments coming along for autumn after my summer maxi dress craze!

Dionne Bromfield stole the show with her singing performance in the middle of the show; she was wearing such high heels and singing!

This H&M swing coat looked amazing on the catwalk and I actually own that floppy hat! It was interesting to see the Limited M&S collection as they're trying that big push towards younger people- this bodycon dress is definitely hot stuff. I love this turquoise skirt too from Miss Selfridge, one of my favourite shops!

Funny how my second favourite look of all is also made up of a leather skirt and colourful top! Love the clashing heels too from Miss Selfridge. Wearing clashing clothes/pattern mixing is something I'm trying to master at the moment! Also try womens clothes by ellos.

Finally, I also loved this zesty Miss Selfridge skirt paired with a textured lace crop top, and the navy skirt paired with pink. Now that my hair is darker and redder, I LOVE blue! The bright pink cardigan over the blinged up dress looked amazing (and we have a sparkly sequin dress coming into Motel for Christmas that has my name alllll over it!). I haven't worn trousers for months but this M&S look with the hat has made me think I should look into trousers again.


Here's a little snap of Fritha and I, although she has much better versions on her blog! Isn't she hot stuff! We met up with Lily of LLYMLRS and Gem of Gem Fatale who said they were looking out for red hair haha! Finally meeting Gem was like seeing a friend I haven't seen for ages, even though we've never met, she's so sweet! We HAVE to meet again! Fritha and I were also joined by Emma of Milkteef and Hannah of Away with the Fairies for some cheeky cocktails! Then later all the Look winners and their plus ones had dinner at Bumpkin in Westfield and we all happened to order the £40 bottles of wine hehehe! Here's a video of my outfit and some show clips!

So a huuuuge thank you to Fritha for inviting me to the show and congratulations to the other winners, it was so, so lovely to meet you Sarah, Sarah, Jade and Cassie!

A Glamour Glaze Addiction

It is officially Friday, yay! I have lots of work to do but I am taking the day off tomorrow to do some cool blog things and then go out in the evening to say goodbye to a marvy friend about to go travelling. I haven't been out in almost a month due to work or going home and I have a new Motel dress to wear and just did my nails! I'll show you them tomorrow! My friends and I only go out on weekends now because our lectures during the week are a little more serious in final year, and I even have seminars this time. I take a class in the business school which is really strange as my lectures have no guys in them usually and we never have debates or discussions. The topic is around human resource management and I'm not used to talking in class, but all my retail experience comes in handy and now it's like no problem! Haha one girl the other day asked if I got commission working at River Island?! Not exactly possible!

My friends and I have a weekly ritual now where we meet in town after Friday lectures and shop around for new lashes or dresses, and then go to Nandos or Pizza Hut or Yo! Sushi, and then get a Krispy Kreme and eat it while we're getting ready to go out! You can probably predict it takes me a looong time to get ready and I am always one of the last, putting my bag together when the taxi is on its way. This morning before work however I did things slightly early and got a whole lovely box of the new Glamour Glaze Krispy Kremes- perfect timing for the leaving do tomorrow! They're inspired by lipgloss to celebrate Glamour mag's 10th anniversary and omg, if you are a Krispy Kreme fan you must go and try the strawberry, especially if the glazed are your favourite! The blackcurrant are more fruity but the strawberry are sugar heaven. And they're glittery!

I'm aiming to post every day this March as I always have enough content but never enough time, but if I try I think I can do it! I'll also try to include more photos of myself and outfits as I've got out of the swing of them, and more photos in general.

Hmmm my hair isn't this dark in real life but you can see how impractical my nails seem! I've been on the cash desk at work this week and every other person has commented on them, I guess they look a bit extreme but they feel fine! To answer some common questions- I get the gems just off the cheapest eBay sellers, as long as you pay through Paypal you are protected and the companies are great in Hong Kong and China. And I'm not sure how they'd be on real nails! I've seen YouTubers sticking them on their natural nails so I'm sure it would be fine.

I also did a dash around three mini supermarkets today to find the Glamour with the Clinique Moisture Surge as I have a little bottle of the moisturising lotion already and they're doing a million different freebies so I had to dig round the shelves for this one! I was going to buy up loads of copies and get all the different freebies but buying the same magazine is a waste of print and paper so it's just one sample for me. I'm going to read it on the train when I go to Liverpool tomorrow, I'll fill you in then!xx

In good Company with Whitney

Thank you to lovely @CazSchuh of My Stylisms for tweeting me that I was the 'Nice to tweet you' blogger in this month's Company magazine! I read Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Company so I might have had mild shock if I'd turned the page and saw myself, even though it's a very teeny photo! I am not one to jump into the shot when a camera is pulled out so don't have many good photos of myself, and didn't know it would be a face shot! But I'm really proud Flying Saucer was featured in one of my favourite magazines and actually bought some to celebrate!


Also I'm especially excited that Whitney Port is the cover girl. I remember aaages ago I said on here that I didn't understand the point of The Hills, then promptly started watching all of the last few series, and so became a convert to The City! You get a great (if not staged) peek into the Elle US offices and can gather some tips on what not to do if you work in fashion (aka Olivia and Stephanie!). Also I LOVE Whitney! She's so cool and genuine but I mostly love her style and makeup. She's one of those people that actually has a true personal style and her outfits would look wrong on anyone else but her. She brings her gorgeous LA glowing tan and Chloé waves to New York so she immediately stands out, but her outfits always have a quirky print or material, especially lace. She doesn't accessorise very much either which is inspiration for my previous post on how I can't accessorise, as she pulls it off by having really beautiful clothes that look great quality, and has lovely skin and hair. She also wears really natural makeup so if you see a photo of her with loads on, it just looks strange! I might make a resolution to get my skin in tip top condition so you can throw on anything and look really put together and fresh.

The article has been shortened and changed a bit but you can click the picture below to enlarge it or I've added my original answers below! It was great that they printed some blogs I recommended that I was loving (and still do!) at time time. Thank you Company and YOU for reading this blog! xxx


What go you into blogging? 
There weren't many fashion mediums apart from magazines, and discovering some great blogs tempted me to share my thoughts too.

Tell us why we should log onto your blog? 
I chat about fashion and beauty that students can afford and access, and mix it with gossip, discussions and video blogs.

What's it all about? 
Mostly the things I'm thinking of buying or new trends I'm wearing, all my thoughts on fashion in one place.

What's your biggest fashion tip?
Keep new buys in the store bags with the receipts inside until you actually wear them. If not, send them back easily.

Where do you buy your clothes?
I fill my wardrobe with H&M and mix Topshop tights with American Apparel dresses for nights out. I keep tabs on ebay for unique buys.

Is blogging your only job? 
I'm a Management of Textiles student at Manchester Uni and am doing fashion internships in London now after studying in Sweden this year.

Top tip for interesting blog entry? 
Original pictures and content that inspire or make people laugh. Show your opinion and don't force yourself to post, blogging should be fun!

What other blogs do you love? 
I love Style Bubble, Diamond Canopy, Gem Fatale, The Clothes Horse, Canned Fashion, Discoteque Confusion, Fashionista, Thrills and Frills...

teen dreams


I'm just coming to the end of my diary and will probably hit Paperchase for a new one, but it's still full of random to-do lists with endless ideas. I love lists! Especially when reading magazines and browsing blogs, I always jot down things to look up and find when I've got a spare minute. I might get a Filofax as Gala Darling makes them sound amazing! One thing I've been meaning to do for a while is subscribe to some teen magazines. Maybe before I didn't have the funds to throw on things that I didn't actually need but I don't subscribe to any magazines at all, even if it's better value! I got my Mom a Glamour subscription for Mother's Day so they're sorted when I'm at home but there hasn't been any great freebie subscription gifts with Elle in the past months to persuade me, despite me buying it every month anyway. In fact I'm a bit fed up with the past few issues as they're getting a bit predictable and there's not a huge amount of content? I appreciate the high quality over quantity but I do like magazines like Glamour and Look that keep throwing pieces and articles at you.

But the reason I bought Bliss, Sugar and Shout yesterday was because I'd love to work at a teen magazine, it's my dream job! One reason is because I'm definitely a bit more youthful for my age? I would say young for my age but I don't think you can say that at 20, it's not like I'm going around acting like a 17 year old by partying in parks instead of clubs! But my birthday is right at the end of the school year so I've always been one of the very youngest in the class, and especially when I got to Uni, I realised there are lots of girls who just seem to be a bit more mature? Many people at uni are quite affluent and at 18, a large majority of girls already wore designer makeup and went for cocktails, and probably wouldn't touch my sailor dresses and Hello Kitty swag with a bargepole!

Also I was OBSESSED with magazines when I was a teenager. The internet only really came into homes when I was about 16, so from the age of 11 to 15, magazines were the only source of information and gossip about anything! Other than my five best friends at school and all the other girls in my class, there was no other access to different girls or boys. I'd go home from school, watch teens in Byker Grove or Grange Hill, and that was it. As I went to a girl's school, I didn't know any boys, and developed a crush on all of my friend's brothers at least once! Even shops were simply a sales room of clothes rather than providing the diverse offering that they do now. So in the  early noughties, if you were a young teen, there wasn't a lot on offer! If you had a fashion interest, you could only satisfy it with magazines or books. There's no interaction with teens across the country and the only way I could see what other girl's lives were like and the things they were doing and the problems they had were through magazines! If you are a teen reading this, could you survive if the internet shut down completely? So I devoured magazines and regarded them like bibles each month. If there was a fashion spread, it as your only source of fashion, so I would follow it religiously and know that it was the absolute only fashion out there. You and your friends grow up together so you learn things at the same time, and as I am the oldest of four, I didn't have any older role models. Teen 'zines were my role models! I still can only read 'young adult' books now too because I loaned out almost the whole bookcase in the library over time and really don't like today's adult chick lit, which is always man-obsessed and the characters work in an office. I used to hit the beauty section too, which compromised of some naff DIY beauty recipe books. In fact I just remembered that the library was the only place with internet and I used to go after school and play games! It was the only thing to do online back then.

Everybody in my year at Uni has just graduated, as there are hundreds of girls on my course and in my Uni school, but only about ten did the study abroad year. I d0n't know why so many decide not to go live in another country, no strings attached, but I suppose it's not for everyone. Still you can't ignore all the statistics on graduate jobs and just because you have a degree, it doesn't mean you're qualified. If I'm graduating at the same time with hundreds of girls (and a few guys) next year from my course who are all applying for the same jobs, you have to imagine ways you can offer more. I'd love to work at a teen magazine and it was a teen dream come true when I was featured Bliss magazine last year, but how can I hope to be hired by people if I have nothing to offer apart from a certificate and completed exams? Sure I loved teen magazines and remember all my favourite features and articles, especially since once I'd read the month's issue, I'd have nothing else to read so poured over old issues! But I converted to Glamour and More when I was about 16 and went to college, so I am not clued up on the teen magazine world now. America has Nylon and Teen Vogue, which is a but more fashion based, but British teenagers do not need to aspire to designer clothes because the high street here is amazing! Not that it isn't in America, Forever 21 is coming over here soon! But Topshop set the majority of fashion trends here.

So I picked up the best magazines and studied up! I might subscribe to just one or maybe pick up a couple with the best freebies each month, as you really do get a lot! Sugar comes with a Barry M lipgloss that smells SO good and two liners, and you can eat the lollipop while reading! The only things that have changed are the prices and that all three magazines are much thinner than when I used to buy them. I love the embarrassing moments and real life stories! And of course they are all Twilight, Bieber and Disney OBSESSED!! Luckily my sister is a Twihard fan and has a humongous Edward poster so I can give all the freebies and booklets to her. Don't even ask why she has a mannequin in her room, it was originally for an Art project and is called Pauline as it's from my Nan's friend Pauline, who has a shop called er, Pauline! Now we put her in front of the webcam and go on Chat Roulette, waving her plastic arm haha!

Do you know your dream job? It took me years and years to decide on one thing I'd aspire to do and I get lots of emails from girls who feel confused and crowded by options. Don't worry if you have no idea, take all opportunities given and take the challenging but rewarding road!

cupcakes and egg

A couple of weeks ago I met up again with Winnie of Diamond Canopy and we went to London! We went to the Primrose Bakery in Covent Garden and met Kristabel of I Want You To Know, who is gorgeous and is studying abroad in New York right now! It sounds unbelievable. We chatted all afternoon about everything to do with blogs over the cutest cupcakes ever. If our degrees don't work out, Winnie and I will definitely set up a cupcake bakery in Birmingham! Eventually we left and went to Ella's Bakehouse for more cupcakes hehehe. I was very tempted to buy the edible glitter and have sparkly food forever more, but I left it to the experts and we went on to check out lots of vintage shops (one with a bizarre number of dead, stuffed animals!) and the new Anthropology store. After another cupcake stop, we ended up at Liberty where we met the fabulous Fiona, one half of Save Our Shoes. I lusted over the Shu Umera lashes and tested a bit too much of an insane lime perfume, and then we hit a really cool restaurant/bar called Vapiano where you put all your buys on a swipe card and pay on the way out, and they cook to order!

There's a few photos of us in Kristabel's post here but as usual I was too busy chatting to get snappy happy, but it's a resolution to photo whore more! I did get a few snaps in the Japan Centre that Winnie and I popped in before the cupcake fest.

The Gothloli magazines were fab but very expensive so we just flicked through them, and then stumbled upon a reduced shelf full of random magazines and books. I spotted an old FRUiTS issue but picked up this mag called egg!

It's quite hilarious and marvy all at the same time, even though I don't exactly understand it! I think it's part catalogue, part diary, with four different styles represented by different girls. It's all sort of westernised, with fake tan and lashes and lots of blonde extensions. There's even adverts for coloured contacts, plastic surgery, diet pills, everything! Haha the boys are so orange too. One section is for under-16s so I think it is a teenage magazine; I quite like all the fake lashes though!


The Twinkle In Your Eye

Yay I'm home! I've never appreciated Superdrug so much. SO MUCH! For all these Christmas dos and new year outings I'm just not out to buy new outfits. If you have different events or friendship groups or work dos then guaranteed you haven't worn the same things twice for everyone. And hopefully everything you buy makes you want to wear it a million times! I swear I'm still rotating the same outfits I wore this time last year. But that's another post. Right now I'm thinking it's all about makeup and lashes of course! Maybe pink.

In my little Swedish town there's actually quite a good makeup store. That's actually called Make Up Store. Oooh! It's very similar to MAC so it's strange to have a posh makeup shop and not a shop that sells lots of different makeup, only H&M. Anyway I popped into the Make Up Store shop a lot over the past term as there weren't many places to go and it had cool products that I couldn't quite translate. I bought a blusher that sadly cracked in transit and is now just a powder explosion every time I open it, and two brushes that come in clear resealable tubes that are super handy.

But funnily enough on the last night that my English friends were there, we went to the only club and there was a strange set on the stage and no DJ. At about midnight a random fashion show started! It was for the Make Up Store, even though there was no hope of seeing the makeup from the stage, but I thought the line of gorgeous Swedish girls in huge ball gowns was fabulous! I don't think many other people quite agree but a lot of the boys liked it! The best part was the end of the night where I spotted someone with a gift bag and was very excited for all the girls to get one! There were a few samples and a blue eye shadow which I gave away as I don't wear blue but it was super cool. I stole this picture from my friend, hi Emma!

The best part was a free in store magazine though which is AMAZING! It cements how you can do so many totally different and obscure things with makeup, even though in the stop it all looks so static. I love the 'Babydoll' collection and am thinking gems are the new coloured hair? The best thing is you could take the picture to a different makeup counter here and book a makeover to get the look! I bought the nail varnish above after seeing it in the magazine in the picture below on the guy. The rainbow sparkles photograph better there! They seem to have stores in many places, even the US, but sadly not the UK yet. But lucky for you, you can access the magazine online and all the past issues! And they're in super high quality and you can zoom in. AND it's in English! Here are some of my favourite pictures from the latest issue.