The Camel Coat

I thought a LOT about my winter coat this year, as I do have my super thick, furry, embellished River Island parka coat to keep me toasty, but not every day has an arctic chill! The months of September to December and March onwards need a decent cover-up that doesn't make you too hot under the collar, and as I do an hour's worth of watching and train hopping every day to work, I can't suffocate when the carriage is full or I'm power walking!

I ummed and ahhed over the Zara £139 draped wool coat that a succession of bloggers snapped up, but the price point for what really is a glorified cardigan did deter me. I browsed ASOS and Missguided for their camel boyfriend coats, but an oversized fit just doesn't suit my frame, and I've never been able to rock androgynous, casual wear. There are many different shades of camel too, and a golden haired pale gal like myself would be washed out by a dull cream.

And so came the Mango coat: the long-length, belted, sleek offering that when examined in person, is lined beautifully, hangs in a structured, slimline fit, and hints at dressing gown-chic while still looking super professional. I tried on a medium but the store adviser confirmed that this coat is all about a chic statement, rather than a casual fit.

I knew of this coat for around a month and stalked ASOS like a gawk for a good discount code. When they sent out a 20%, I snapped it up but sadly it arrived folded in a clear bag and had so many creases, it resembled an zig-zagged accordion! Luckily I had also signed up to the Mango newsletters and they sent me a 30% discount announcement, when I hot-footed it to the Bullring store (after calling and reserving my size!) and got the £140 coat for less than £97!

A coat purchase is so important to get right because it is something you wear every day, should transition every outfit, and hopefully will come out again next year. It's worn beautifully and has not lost any of it's structure, which really makes this coat so smart and statement. Mango are doing a 30% Black Friday discount across the weekend so it's time to invest...

Considering Mid-lengths

I used to only wear short skirts and dresses but I have bought a pair of jeggings and some flowery Zara trousers this season, really weird! I think I'll start wearing skirts and tights once I find some cute flat boots but I've worn skirts and tights for years, what's new?! However I pursued the AW10 runways seriously a few months ago and vowed to get a mid length skirt. It was a case of waiting for the high street to bring stuff out though and everyone seemed a bit too concerned with shearling and camel; in fact most retailers are in a tizz because their suppliers can't keep up with demands! I tried on a few skirts in Zara but it was too summer then, but now I'm trying to figure out how to wear longer skirts with coats. I think you can just about get away with a big cardigan or chunky jumper right now but when it's wet and rainy you can't really flounce around while your umbrella is flying all over the place! 

I loooved the short sleeve jumpers and calf length skirts at Louis Vuitton and almost bought the Zara £19.99 version in every colour, especially the dark green, but I just got the camel one as it pretty much goes with everything. I was doing some naughty shopping with my housemates last week (after going to Yo! Sushi, yummm!) and stumbled across the most perfect skirt ever in Mango! If you merge the jumper in the first look below and the skirt in the second then I almost have the perfect outfit!

Unfortunately there are a few problems and this outfit shall never be. Even more sad as I just got these nude pointed flats in the River Island sale; you can't see too well but nude flats look great with everything! A bit more grown up than normal ballet flats and less like school shoes than usual plain black. Anyway I'm going to return the skirt because it's £50 and I don't think I can get £50 worth of wear out of it. I'm only in uni for one lecture three times a week, and on one of those days I have to wear my work jeans as I have a shift straight after! So I only really need two outfits a week and the rest is just stuff to wear to run errands or go to the library, and I already have a full wardrobe that could fill many weeks of wear. It's just one of those things that I do really love but I won't have a gap if it's gone, no matter how gorgeous it is. It's really soft and full and swishes amazingly when you walk!

If I had an aviator jacket I may reconsider as it looks really great in the Mango lookbook. Mango and Zara are killing it this season! I didn't have an aviator jacket in mind as leather jackets aren't really me but I see so many girls looking really great in them! It's too late to get one now and they are absolutely everywhere, but I appreciate them from afar!


If I were to keep the skirt, I could wear jumpers over it but I need some kind of coat/jacket to get to and from Uni. In December, January and February there's really no way you can get away with no coat! Here's a lil bit of inspiration from my huge file, I'm not a trench coat kinda girl but longer skirts look great with them thrown over. I've got a load of maxi dresses so now that I've just got the hang of wearing those, a mid length skirt is something else! I almost don't have enough days to try wearing something longer and putting together that many outfits. Maybe if I worked five days a week 9-5, but in reality I could get away with wearing leggings and a hoodie every single day!

Runway pics from, inspiration pics from The Sartorialist x 2, What Elle Wears to Work, Garance Dore (I think!)