Miss Selfridge

Party Time Chapter 1

Living for the weekend is certainly something I do, filling my calendar with concerts and girly nights. If you have nothing to look forward to, the weeks sure go slowly! I have not been in the shops hunting for new party outfits although I have a few dresses flying high on my wishlist that I have spotted online. Do I wear something I already have or buy something new? My argument is if I buy something new I can always resell it... not the best analogy for my savings!

So I have picked out a few items that I definitely have on my agenda this season. There are quite a few so I will space them out across the week and by the end I know I will be so ready to begin the party season. First up is this Miss Selfridge fluffy bag, which I actually got earlier this year. I had another fluffy bag a few years ago too as I love fur textures, but I have yet to take this one out as it is SO FLUFFY! It's a gorgeous lavender, nude colour and may look like a small animal being carried under my arm, but it definitely adds something new to an outfit. Fur is an alternative to sequins for the most glamorous month of the year, and will add that grown up touch that I definitely need to explore now that I am almost in the year I turn 25, eeek! How did that happen?!

This bag isn't sold anymore but Topshop have a few fur offerings and I could definitely imagine this River Island fur backpack sitting on my lap on the train to work. A few years ago fur wasn't a common fabric unless it was a vintage coat so I'm loving the texture now in daily life.

My next MUST have are lashes, and when I say must, I mean must. My makeup just doesn't look right without lashes, and I don't feel like I'm really making the most of the night without a fluttering pair. My signature 202 Eylure Double Lashes are now around £7.50 in shops which is eye-wateringly expensive for something that you stick on your face, but I've found my local bargain Savers store has a selection of Eylure lashes for sale, and I found this top-and-bottom pair for a mere £1.99. Lower lashes is definitely something I'm looking forward to trying wish a shimmering champagne eye, bronze blush and a deep rose lip. Eylure lashes are by far the best out there because the strip is super thin, so they can sit very close to your lash-line without pinging off. See you tomorrow for the next post!

Pin Up

We did a photoshoot today at work so I got photo babe Lora to snap these photos! In however many years I've been buying my own clothes, I'm not sure if I have ever owned a proper pinafore! Not one with buttons or straps or a classic square neckline. This Miss Selfridge one is the cutest thing I've ever laid eyes on! It's also a soft knitted material so wearing it is total comfort, especially for me at a desk most of the day. I think it looks best with an off shoulder top, but I might try a polo top too. The socks were for the photoshoot, but when the sun comes I will be busting these babies out!

I've got a couple of days off work next week and this Saturday I'm seeing Girls Aloud with Fritha and Kristabel! I am SO exciteddd, I've been listening to their old school tunes non-stop and know it will be a super girly atmosphere. Also it's a chance to hit London and of course super lashes too!


Glam Happenings

I feel very lacking in the glamour department as of late and want a few gloriously fabulous things in my life! Things that are just damn fabulous. I'm starting my Christmas shopping on Saturday and may look around for a few cheeky pieces for myself. I desperately need some new heels as my feet have shrunk a size for some reason and I keep falling out of my own! My friend has these Topshop Lassie Platforms in black and cork and they are the kind that make a statement but basically look great with everything. The brown with black straps are probably most versatile but these leopard ones would be quite amazing. They are super high but look really comfy, and £55 is a decent Topshop shoe price.

I let myself loose in Oxford Circus Topshop the day after the Motel bloggers party in London (woo!) but it was cut even shorter when an alarm went off and everyone was somewhat calmly evacuated. I had walked through Miss Selfridge and spotted this glitter encrusted bag covered in studs, complete with a handy hand strap (hoho), and dubbed it my next 'going out' bag. You can't see all the studs in the picture but it is covered! Alas this purchase wasn't meant to be as I had to leave the shop with everyone else quite sharpish after the alarm started, but I'm going to go to Miss S here on Saturday to have a closer look. £30 made me wince a little though!

Topshop has some wedges like this a while ago that were simply a blast of iridescent glitter, and hopefully these New Look versions will be the same. I just fancied a bit of sparkle, and if the glitter is multicoloured then they should look a lot more expensive. If not, maybe not.

And lastly, I still can't think of a colour to get my nails painted on Saturday apart from white with glitter over the top again! Hmmm! Topshop's Rising Star polish would be perfect over a pearly white polish, but I haven't bought my own in ages since realising I might as well use the salon selection always!

Miss Selfridge Sale Wish List

I was answering a tweet about winter coats and spotted the Miss Selfridge mid season sale has launched, ohlala! My favourite high street shops are generally H&M, River Island, New Look and Miss S so if I wasn't saving money, I would have snapped up these beauties in a second. Oh it is miserable not shopping buy hey ho, once I reach a happy bank balance I can shop away! I'm moving house in a few weeks and have to pay two rents in one month, it's very sad times!

Blogging can be *almost* as good as shopping so here are my picks:

Black sheer skirt, Black eyelet crop, Floral Crop, Silver Flower Shorts, High Waist Jeggings.

There are lots of sheer skirts in the sale and I think maxis and midis work great in winter with black tights! You could also layer up for a middle ground by wearing bare legs but with cute socks and creepers or ankle boots for maybe drinks after work.

It's always great if you find something in the sale at an amazing price that you were about to buy before! I tried on this black eyelet crop top and even bought the floral one, but it was for a specific outfit that I ended up wearing with a top I already owned so I returned it. They're cute and cotton and I swear all I wear is crop tops!

I'm quite obsessed with denim shorts right now but I do already own a perfectly fitting pair. I would like a more oversized pair as mine are very short and tight, but how many times in a week exactly can I wear denim shorts!? If I needed a pair, these flower gem ones are really cute and I'd wear a stack of silver jewellery with them.

Now the best jeggings I ever bought were these ultra soft ones from Miss Selfridge and the fact they now do them with a high waist and they're in the sale kinda breaks my shopping heart as they look great! I have a bunch of high waist trousers I love though so it wouldn't be worth me buying these right now, but if I was still at uni and hitting lectures all the time, these bad boys would be right up my street.


Hey guys! I am slightly surprised that it is already the end of June, maybe I should do another blogger challenge? This month has flown by with a few trips to London for work and I'm generally not sure what in between. I think the bank holiday throws you off!

Being almost July though, it is time to find some sun and I am about to book up a few days away with some friends, fingers crossed! It might be a bit mad that I am already starting to keep my eyes peeled for holiday bargains but the shops are already throwing all their summer things into the mid season sales. Miss Selfridge is finally back in Bristol and I much prefer it over Topshop, so I spotted this neon green bikini for £15 and had to get a bit of neon in for summer! Just imagine, on a beach with a (fake) tan, ahh!

I've been seeing American flag bikinis on blogs and something in me also needed one immediately. Maybe I was thinking along the lines of Lana Del Rey, with massive sunglasses and high waist denim shorts and a big flower! I got this one from a swedish site called Mad Lady, as I've been browsing websites recently rather than shops. This is mostly so I don't actually go into the shop and can just close the browser! But I love the chunky bow ties of this bikini and the way the bottoms are all stars.

Then after much deliberation and a few times of trying on (which I never do - I always buy what I like!), I finally got these gorgeous New Look wedges, which absolutely scream holidayyy. The nude straps don't cut off your legs as they make them look longer, and the wedge is absolutely massive. I will possibly fall over but I can time wearing them to the optimum occasion with little walking. Bring on the summer! (I found a link to New Look's sale preview too, holla!!!)

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 5

    5. Your favourite pair of jeans

Ooo cutting it fine for today's challenge! My favourite jeans of 2011 are without a doubt my Miss Selfridges skinny jeggings, which were only £25, and you get student discount on top! They've barely stretched out at all and they're a great dark navy blue. I'm having trouble wearing skirts at the moment because I don't want to wear black tights, and I don't have black flats on the go right now so they wouldn't look right anyway. Depends on the weather for bare legs! Now I must get on with a presentation and report in for tomorrow, been working on it all day!

Miss Uniform

I haven't posted a picture of myself in so long! Today was such a lovely day and my lectures finished just after lunch so I don't have an excuse not to share what I've been wearing constantly for just about the past month; coincidentally the Miss Selfridge coat that I got in the Christmas sales and some jeggings I got at the start of term. It's been so cold recently that my skirts have stayed stored away, and throwing on jeggings is so much faster than finding tights and shoes, especially as I've been wearing nude flats too, and they don't look quite right with black tights. I also ditched my skirts because this coat is quite short and my skirts are very summery and bright! So nothing is quite working right now apart from a cute coat and standard jeggings. My Topshop Leigh jeggings are too stretched out now but I got these Miss S. ones quite tight and they're lasting so well! And they were around £20 with student discount. I tried on the jeans that were basically the same but around £38, but these are better and a lower price! Nothing makes you feel more chic but still casual than dark skinnies. Funny how I used to live in skirts! This blog is however four years old, so some things have gotta give!

Also check out this webcam magic mirror Miss Selfridge have on their site where you can 'try on' the clothes, just hold up your hand and wiggle your fingers over the 'buttons' on the screen haha! It's a shame the Manchester store is so teeny because it's totally winning over Topshop for me right now, and I can't think of any other high street shops I'm liking. I did manage to get the H&M skirt I was hunting down though, I'll show you asap! Hopefully tomorrow if the day is just as lovely xx

Polka Dot Polly

I've said recently how I've fallen into a clothes rut and that I really need to buy new things as my wardrobe favourites are going into old age! But in some ways now I know the shops and fits that suit me best and the items I'll get the most wear out of. This makes it hard to shop as I scrutinise everything against many standards (hence why I've got LOADS of makeup now instead!) and only buy things I have nothing similar too. That's why my wardrobe is so random! I'm not sure how many of you readers here watch my YouTube videos but would you like to see a wardrobe tour some time? I've removed some crazy offenders ready for the bank holiday car-boots so it's not too obscure, and I've put a few things on eBay here. I put a Buy It Now on all items and there's not many left, half sold in the first night! If you're eBaying, just add BINs so you don't have to wait around for a week for people to change their mind about bidding. 

One positive side of being a critical shopper is for going out clothes. When I say 'going out', I mean to a club! I just about never go out for drinks (unless before the club) or dinners or anything like that; when I'm at Uni I'll go to a student club about once a week and at home I'll go out maybe once a month. So going out clothes are really in a league of their own because I don't dress at night how I would dress in the day at all. If I'm out at night, finding cute boys is high on the agenda and it's also a chance to wear a tonne of makeup and have big hair. I've probably got about fifteen going out dresses (and one playsuit!) but I alternate about eight. I still have things on rotation from freshers! 50% of my favourites are American Apparel (all u-neck) and 50% are Motel (have you seen my sidebar discount code yet?), and all the others I like but have found fault in. Maybe they're too tight or too short. I don't mind wearing sort of the same thing at night because I know what I feel best in and what I'll gravitate towards. If I feel like I need a new addition to the selection, I go to AA or Motel. And I've recently confirmed that my go-to place for heels is Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge have great girly things and out of Arcadia you'd go there for something a bit more feminine or Gossip Girl style. I had a pair of navy triple strap Mary Janes from there in freshers year (do you long time readers remember me sticking Rodarte inspired spikes on them?) and they were actually quite high despite the pics, in fact I might root around my old things to see if I still have them! Well those shoes lasted so long and they were so reasonably priced. I only own one pair of shoes in each style (boots, flats, sandals, etc) because most of the time shoes are so expensive!


Socks from Gina Tricot in Sweden, tights from H&M.

My most recent heels were from the amazing Liverpool One shopping centre that I got when visiting a friend. She took us to an amazing club called Heebie Jeebies, any of you know it by any chance?! I really needed some new heels and spotted these ABSOLUTE BEAUTIES online. Seriously that required capitals because they are the shoes of my dreams, the shoes of perfection. The night before I went right to the Miss Selfridge site because I knew I'd find amazing and well-priced heels there, and I had no doubt in getting these in 'Polly Grey'. Only £36 minus the 10% student discount! They're most definitely Charlotte Olympia copies as they have a cut off platform and hot pink soles. But these have huuuge bows on the toes and they're a little pointed but still round. They're so lovely! I had to spend a while deciding which size to get as they're very high so you need them quite tight or else your foot will slip out. I got a size smaller than I normally do so my toes do get squished but no pain, no gain! They're the kind of shoe that I might panic buy ten pairs as I love them so. On the site they have this amazing polka dot pair, and the red pair would look so great with all my black dresses too. They had just my grey polka dot and a black pair when they first came out but these are too much! Ahhh! (And they ship worldwide like Topshop FYI!)

I also just spotted these black wedge boots with a bow on the back! I have no idea if 'suedette' means real suede but these type of wedges are everywhere this winter but good old Miss S puts a bow on the back. Writing this post is actually making me want to buy another pair as I'm not sure a better pair of heels could exist (panic!), but I just looked over my Miss Selfridge Aw10 press day post (haha my blog is probably the most useful to myself!) to see if I saw them at the Arcadia press day and remembered these hotties:

Lets hope they come out just as my grey Pollys (as I'm now going to call them) bite the dust, as platform Mary Janes are another of my shoe idols. I did know that the grey would get scuffed up and was going to invest in some shoe cleaner, but I've rubbed at most marks caused by dancing with a baby wipe and they're not obvious when worn. I have to go into town tomorrow to claim my tax back since I started working, and will pop in store to have another look at the platforms in other colours. I suspect I may drool on them and be made to buy them due to the damage, but that is my secret master plan muhaha!

And of course Miss Selfridge is in the Bullring, where I've shopped for most of the things I've ever bought since I knew how to shop! It was where the T4 Frock Me show was filmed a few months ago and now I'm really excited to be writing some posts for their blog! It's on the site Browse: Bullring which is like the sister site to the main Bullring info site and has a load of fashion info and lookbooks and info on the Style Birmingham event in September (I'm so going to hunt down George Lamb!!). If you live in or around Birmingham, I'd subscribe to the magazine as it's free and delivered to your door, and is full of trends and tips. I know from my stats that quite a few Brummies have found this blog so just out of interest, are any reading this? If so, have you ever met up with people at the Bull? Actually there's no point in asking because I bet you 100% have! Check out the blog here and sub to the RSS feed as I'm writing posts exactly the same as I write them here and it's more about shopping! xx

Arcadia AW10 - Miss Selfridge


Onto Miss Selfridge! As I said before, I was lucky enough to attend the Arcadia AW10 press day and it was superbly fancy and fabulous. I probably walked in some crazy directions as I visited each brand more than once and veered off the track straight away to check out Miss Selfridge. Their section of the room was a sublime forest, you totally forgot you were in a fancy white hall and felt like it was autumn rather than spring. It must have taken a long time and a very creative team to put up the trees, shrubs, and leaf-covered double bed in the centre. As the area was dark and spotlighted, some photos are a little more blurry than I'd like but hopefully you can see the new stock!


So all of the Miss Selfridge stuff was displayed on mannequins, so it really did feel quite special to wander around and gaze at the scenery rather than thumb through a rail. As you first walked in though, you encountered this questionable peachy/coral embellished dress, floor length with a cut out cleavage. This dress stood so sorely out from the realm of 70's fur and black that I was a bit surprised, but as these clothes will all make perfect sense in six months, you have to take a step back and think forward. Hmmm I'm not planning on wearing a stretchy coral dress just yet, but it definitely stuck in my mind and woke me up. 


The outfit on the left is an example of what should become the norm come winter- fur gillets or jackets. Fur still has a stigma of belonging to divas or lux wannabes, or at least I feel like a diva when I wear fur! I've only ever see fur on older ladies who strut around or vintage fur on younger people. But hopefully it will be more wearable next season and become a boy-friendly fashion i.e. become so mainstream that fashion confused boyfriends won't bat an eyelid. I often rate items on a scale of boy-friendliness. If shaggy fur becomes really mainstream, it leaves room to be really creative and wear it in different cuts, colours, and textures.


Fur bags again popped up in each store and this MS one was my favourite shape and colour, apart from the thin gold chain. A bit chunkier and less bling would be perfect.


The main focus of MS was maxi dresses in winter. MS seem to make their trade off key items, so they'll be throwing out long dresses as staples. I never impulse in there or buy little things, it always seems too expensive! Like clogs, if you buy a maxi dress this season that isn't only fit for over a bikini on the beach, you'll be good to go all year. They're bringing out a heavy 70's vibe with floral and native prints in purple, blue, brown, burgundy and orange. I love the 70's and will totally be wearing my flared high waisted jeans with fur jackets, and possibly some maxi dresses too. Once you find one at the right length, you will be an addict. I filmed for the T4 show Frock Me on Saturday (blog post to come, it was so cool!) and wore my ASOS maxi dress for the second time, and they feel so great! Not only do you feel tall and slim, but they're so comfortable because they hide so much and feel really relaxed. 


MS fuzzed up their clogs but added studs for an even more rustic, folk feel. Still don't know how you walk in them but maybe practice makes perfect! Next pair I see, I'm trying on.


If clogs aren't your thing, how about fluffy booties? It's really bugging me but I think in an old musical a girl is given a pair of slippers with fur around and they look really teeny and she puts them on and clicks her feet together like yaaay. Argh so annoying, what film is it?! I had a google and it just struck me, this is a bit weird but remember in The Little Princess and Becky is given some shoes with fur around? They reminded me of that! 

I lingered around these platforms for a looong time because I am a total mary jane girl, and I remember a time about four years ago when they didn't sell shoes like this in shops. Seriously! And I remember five years ago when they didn't sell ballet shoes or flats, and my friend got a gold pair and it was like, 'woah, you have flat little shoes in the shape of ballet pumps, insanity!'. Wow I sound old!


MS always has a great accessories range (and an even better sale at the end of the season!) so it wasn't surprising to see a chandelier of pearls and feathers  This is leading onto the next collection but I'd just like to point out the shearling jacket! You can't avoid them, they are coming for you! Warmed up to them yet?


Like Dorothy Perkins, MS has a gothic, Twilight-themed collection, with lots of little black dresses with velvet, lace and pearls. Sorry for the bad picture but I thought best to include this cute dress with the heart cut-out at the back with beaded fringing. Remember my post below on how far designers can take the Luella rip-off heart cut-out? I think this is a great example of being inspired but totally twisting the look on it's head and creating something new. Good work!


I loved this pearl collar too, reminded me of Carrie of WishWishWish!


As you rounded the displays, you went into a more lux version of the folk trend. The green, shiny dress shows things really will be earth toned and rich this autumn. Have you noticed there's nothing bright, kitschy, or printed yet? Say good bye to your retro, girly things of this spring because the direction in autumn will be so different! In fact in each collection at the presentation I didn't see anything flirty or in a funny print, so start contemplating that to save money later. Of course you wear what pleases you most but when the shops stop bringing out cute things and head off somewhere else, it's easier to consider it now and plan ahead than feel stuck with all the things you bought now that don't fit in with the new things you can buy.


It really is all about the dress and the coat, with this fur collared and cuffed jacket being one of my favourites. It's not a swamping coat that would hide your outfit but it's still warm enough to last through winter. Also loved this poofy prom dress, would love to have an excuse to wear this! 


Sitting on the bed was a mannequin in a heart printed hat, the only cute print I saw. And still all coats were furred up, so at least we will be warm in winter!

A main attraction was this maxi dress, which I couldn't photograph very well but it has a sheer, detailed back falling onto the sleeves too. This would be amazing for evening but so easily covered up during the day. A very 'Miss Selfridge' coat was this twee, ruffled one. This stuck out of the collection but it goes with the usual MS vibes or being quite Gossip Girl-y. They threw on a fur scarf but it still stands out! And as you can see from the first picture, where will be cute, little coats with double buttons. Overall, they've really homed in on the themes they wanted to follow and have a huge variation of the folk trend, but not forgetting their signature mini dresses and cute detailing.

I'll be posting Evans, Wallis, Burton, Topman and Topshop throughout the week, including accessories for all stores and a peek at Topshop makeup! I'm heading to London for the month tomorrow and I am really quite scared as I'm going to some very important places but I'll try my best to have the most amazing experience possible! Wardrobe planning is a nightmare though, why do all my things just make me look about 12?!?!