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V Festival Mood Board

Hey all! I've been gathering inspiration for my festival looks, even though it's not as cool nowadays to try too hard at a festival. I'm going V Festival again because it's so local to me and my friend was keen to go; plus I'm so the kind of person that never says no to an opportunity! Even if the music isn't your dream line-up, you're pretty much guaranteed to know most of the bands at a festival like V, and my highlights will be dressing like you're on holiday with a dash of hippie, hitting the headphone disco on the first night, and bopping around in a field releasing my inner flower child. I'm not so into the beers and the camp fires (are you even allowed to light fires?!), I literally just take my entire makeup bag and use the weekend as a mini holiday!

My mood board may differ from the common wellies-and-denim-shorts attire but at a festival, I wouldn't really say that is the optimum outfit. Girls arrive to V with a head full of hair curlers and an outfit only appropriate for a club anyway! I got to the proper backstage artist's area a few years ago as I knew an artist and ended up having dinner with Beyonce's dentist. I went back into the area the next day as I had the access pass and the artist had moved onto the other festival location, I helped myself to the free hair and massage stands, and then stocked up on drinks to take out to my friends! But alas, that is a story for another time. Here are the looks I'm feeling this year, featuring mostly chokers, plaits and lashes. The weather forecast says rain anyway so my co-ords will sadly be under a rain mac and umbrella! All pictures are from my Tumblr.

Festival mood board

April Mood Board


Here are the looks I've been obsessing over this month! I'm seriously inspired by the '70s trend coming through but can't embrace this for a few months until I can pack away coats and jackets, so I'm still coveting khaki shades, nude hues, and denim. Topshop had some new jeans with frayed, cropped hems which I really had my eye on but they only came out in black! I've also been lusting after homewear as I'm getting that urge for a Spring clean and bedroom refresh. If I had my own place, the themes would be marble, gold, nude, jade green and white. All pictures are from my Tumblr!

November Mood Board

Hi guys! Happy Monday. Due to leaf fall, my trains have been cut by two thirds in the morning and so here I am at work half an hour early! I'm not sure if this is better than having to change trains or try to squeeze on during sardine season, but it's much better than being late. I'm thinking I'll spend the first free half an hour of the day blogging! I've actually picked this post up again this evening to finish so yay to me for completing Monday!

Maybe you know by now I'm a Tumblr obsessive and I find reblogging pictures that I love so satisfying. Scrolling through gorgeous images is definitely my guilty pleasure rolled, and I'll only reblog pictures of combinations or looks I haven't quite seen before. I feel like these will either sink into my wardrobe via spiritual osmosis or if I have an event/gig/night out approaching, I'll look towards my selection and choose the details I want to emulate. 

So here is my November mood board and I'm feeling very moody shall we say. Just working on streamlining my life, pinpointing anything that makes me stressed/broke/down and saying oh no you don't! I don't get much joy out of candles, drinking teas or the other things that look like they might be nice from reading blogs and watching evening routine videos. I just refuse to do anything homely as I don't want to settle down in any sense any time soon, and so I spend time daydreaming about how I can move forward, change and evolve. I'm not the best at taking photos and documenting all of my buys and outfits but I'll aim to get a chance to try out all of my inspiration ideas this month and show you.

You know I finally got some ripped jeans but are they ripped enough?! I'm not so sure! I dug out some of my old jeans but they are all dark, solid denim and I think rips look better on washed out jeans. I'm wanting a boyfriend fit style that are tight at the top and high waisted, but trying on jeans is definitely a commitment! Next time I go shopping I might wear a skirt or leggings and make sure to try on a few pairs out of curiosity. Going shopping or browsing is one of the few times I get to wear my own clothes though!

Hair-wise I'm into really curly, textured hair with a heavy flipped over parting, or I really want to try the total opposite of something sleek and pushed back. Straight hair just doesn't suit me though so maybe I need to pin some bits behind my ears, or try straightening my hair and styling it up into plaits. Of all the double french braid styles floating around at the moment, where each plait starts right at the front of the head and is then tight against your neck, I like the ones above that look thick and chunky. I might have too many colours in my hair at the moment for the roots to be so exposed, so I may get one of my friends to do a side braid for me. I really liked my blue ends that I sprayed for Milan and I picked up some hair dyes in Poudland, so watch this space. Are Kylie-esque ends overdone? Oh well!

As for nails, I have a ballet shoe shape at the moment and it feels like such a fresh change from a fair few months of pointed, stiletto nails. I like the matte pink in the photo above; almost sickly sweet.

My lace up Zara-via-Choies heels are still my favourites but the quality isn't top notch so they aren't my most comfy to wear, and have loosened a little with wear. I'm ever so patiently waiting for this Missguided nude lace up pair to come back into stock in a size 6 (size up - my usual 5s didn't fit me) and maybe I'll cave and get the black pair if they never return. Something about lace up shoes add so much to an outfit and look amazing with an androgynous piece or an awkward length. I only see pencil skirts in prim lengths so my eyeballs are peels of a Kim K maxi length or a definite calf length. Also, am I ready to wear a sports bra as a top? I don't think I can pull off my Calvin K undies in public, but I'll figure something out!

Which trends are you eyeing up for November? Are there any you would think I'd like? I managed to grab tickets to 1xtra Live which should be such a girlie laugh of lots of dancing and people watching as I bet the crowd will be turning out some serious style, and I've added a Current Listening tab to my sidebar too <---- 
Then I want to get back into the swing of lots of sleep/water/gym to be ready for Christmas fun. I have a gym membership through work so technically all of those things are free too! Or I'll just come home at night and Tumblr away :)