Wireless Festival | Birmingham Day Two

Hey guys, I have returned from my Amsterdam holiday and am back with a bang! The bang of the plane that is, as I spent yesterday sleeping and watching Friends re-runs to feel up and ready for the new week ahead. I ran out of time before going away but I have been so excited to tell you about the second day of Wireless and one of my favourite festival days ever!

The weekend is still a blur but after the first day of torrential, relentless rain, I woke up in my own bed instead of a tent, washed my frizz-ball hair, and had a facial. Yes, a facial! I was a £10 one at my local market at a Chinese medicine stand, but the lady is my favourite person right now and I've been going to her for months as I sometimes get shoulder pain from typing on a computer all day. She suggested a facial last time I went, and after 20 minutes I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe the difference! After a day in the rain and wind, my face was scultped and smoothed, with no puffiness at all. Magical!

We didn't hit the festival until around 3pm and it was thankfully such a beautiful, sunny day. I was waiting until the final day but I bit the bullet and donned the most vibrant Lemonade co-ord from Motel that I have ever laid eyes on! The lemon stamp print is absolutely gorgeous and really warms up a fair skin tone like mine, and literally feels like a ray of sunshine all day long! Also a skirt is much more handy in those festival portaloos, which I can say were so clean at Wireless! I also wore my black Roshe Runs that I usually wear to the gym as they are dream-comfy and it wasn't muddy at all!

The festival site was much busier as we expected after the first Drake day, and we found a spot on the grass for J. Cole, who I rather like but admired from a distance. We were accosted by some dudes from London (and swiftly sidestepped) and a random boy asked if I was Selina and named the place I work before just walking off - so bizarre! We grabbed a snack and caught a few notes from Ellie Goulding, before cramming into the BrumBrum tent for a totally classic set from Sean Paul! The tent was rammed and we squeezed through the crowd to find a decent dancing spot. Last year at V Festival I met a new friend in our camping group of gals, who was literally a pro at weaving through the crowd with so much charm that any standing crowd members didn't even notice her chatting them up and subtly maneuvering in front of them before continuing towards the stage! I however do not have these skills, so we danced in the middle of the crowds to the old school songs and new favourites, Got To Love Ya beings our Madrid holiday song from 2012! It was awesome!

This flowed beautifully into the cool vibes from Outkast at the Main Stage, which was pretty damn rad to see - especially their outfits! It felt a bit like being transported back in time to when I watched music channels as a teen (when YouTube didn't even exist!). Knowing it would be the last song, we hit the BrumBrum tent again for Robin Thicke's set just as he closed with Blurred Lines, which was hilarious! Is there a better feel-good song?!

Now the headliner for Saturday was Bruno Mars and I wasn't a fan before. He reminds me of an old idiot boyfriend and I just didn't get him. Howwwever his set was SO fun and SO happy and his live band moved in sync, almost like a fabulous boy band. It was still light as they played and while standing at the side of the stage, it felt like they could see us as we danced away! It's so funny that you get to a festival and tentatively side step the mud and attempt to walk casually in wellies, but soon enough you're dancing away in a field! Amazing! We were so hyped up we decided to head into town and carry on dancing (in Snobs of all places for you Birmingham residents!) and seriously looked forward to the next day full of even more acts. To be continued!

Postcards from Wireless

I'm SO tired but SO delighted after an amazing weekend at Wireless! I'm just gathering up all of my photos and footage, whilst also trying to coordinate everything for my holiday on Wednesday! Eeek! I'll give all the details of the crazy happenings tomorrow and I have the day off work so will also share my holiday vibes and plans! I just heard Holland are still in the World Cup and whilst I'm not a football fan, it's sure going to be amazing to watch the game live in Dam Square! Speak soon!

Remarkable Sparkles

Season's greetings everyone! I hope you are positively glowing with Christmas spirit and all of the new beauty products Santa left under your tree! I think the highlight of my day was the most scrumptious dinner I've had all year and some smellies I can't wait to share a shower with.

I'm backtracking a little though to a few days before Christmas where I had my work 'do and a few nights out with my best girls. I have spent most of the year perfecting a look that says 'I may look like this every day too' with copious amounts of makeup and tan, but Christmas is the time to make the boldest statement, especially with sequins! I wore this Motel sparkling super dress; a glitter bomb of iridescent purples, blues and greens. 

The off shoulder style added a little more wearability for me so the sequins weren't too overloaded, especially as the sleeves make the sequin statement too. A smokey eye and glossy lip is a heavenly match!

Outfit Of The Night: Ruby Red

Oh lighting, the bane of a blogger's life! I tried to take a photo at 1pm on Monday and it was too dark! It may also be apparent that unlike other bloggers who have been around for as long as me (hello 7 years), I have not upgraded to a snazzy camera and Macbook. I have figured out a white bathroom will allow for some makeup detail though, yipee!

I wore my Motel Henna Hand print dress last weekend and I still love the black print on white. White dresses are rather rare, especially in a thicker stretch cotton like this so it isn't see-through. Funnily enough, in the summer it didn't quite feel right, but in spring and now winter it some how makes more sense. As my hair is red, I find a ruby red eye suits it, with MAC Mythology being the perfect jewel shade. I also added a few similar shadows from an old Sleek palette, which I really had to dust off as I haven't used any palettes in ages. Also FYI I do not have strange roots, it's just the light hitting the top of my hair! That's the real colour, it isn't dark in real life.


Also here is a little video I made too where I mostly laugh and sneeze!

We Like To Party

The week has begun: the Christmas party week! I have my work party on Wednesday with 800+ people and then a night out on Saturday; an event my friends and I celebrate every year the weekend before Christmas. A punch is always made and the night is not always remembered!

I receive a gorgeous Motel Rocks parcel this weekend after eyeing up their sequin arsenal for the past few weeks. As soon as I knew the date of the work Christmas party, I booked a MAC makeover, booked the afternoon off, and started to consider more festive outfits. I wouldn't necessarily wear sequins to a club yet a Christmas 'do really calls for something more festive. To also branch out into more colour, I've waved my LBD addiction and lusted after this burgundy Gabby dress. The dark sequins with a hint of plum when the lights shine will surely be perfect dance floor attire and it calls to be paired with a glitter lid or wine lip.

My plum Zara heels would add to the autumnal vibes, almost a colour theme of mulled wine. I think strappy, mid heels are much more appropriate for a work event as you do not want to be carefully walking like Bambi when your favourite song comes on. I have a few other outfits up my sleeve too but still no NYE outfit, so we'll see on that one! 


Motel Rocks Crop Top and High Waist Shorts, New Look sandals, H&M Neck Collar and Arm Cuff

I was all set to whip out my autumn foray yesterday but a rare day of sunshine came upon a Monday and so I put on this two piece for possibly the last time. I am off to France next week for a girly 3-night break where I'm hoping the weather is 25 degrees at least, but our £15 flights only mean hand luggage so I can't over pack! I would like to pack this outfit though as my summer was dominated by co-ordinating two-pieces and there is nothing more fun to wear! With the confidence of a two piece suit but the fun of a printed playsuit, there's something about a matching top and shorts that feels wonderful. The Motel paisley print was one print I couldn't miss and I'm a big fan of blue with my redder hair. This was one of my V Festival outfits when I saw Beyonce and I hope I'll be wearing it again next summer too!

Wireless 2013!

I am so glad I booked a very last minute ticket to Wireless Festival! It dawned on me earlier that any international readers may not be so familiar with festivals and I've seen a lot of bloggers attending Wireless last weekend as guests. Wireless is a London based festival without camping so you just rock up each day looking fresh and fabulous, and my friends and I travelled there on the day and checked into a hotel before hand. We went last year for Drake and when we realised a few of us could book Monday off this year, we booked up and hit London! The current heatwave in the UK means after travelling on the train to London and across on the tube, I had another cold shower at the hotel before pinning in a standard hair flower and throwing on my Motel two piece!

Haha obviously loving life in these photos, the festival was amazing! This year it was in Olympic Park where the 2012 Olympics were held, right by Westfield Shopping Centre. In a strange school trip-style formation, you had to walk through the shopping centre along with all the other festivaal goers and then onto a looong, dusty walkway to the park. It was more of a building site than a park as there was no grass anywhere at the festival but instead this green straw sheet on the ground at the stages! It totally looks like grass in the photos though right? Well it wasn't!
The heat was sweltering but we got through the gates and headed to the main stage where A$AP Rocky was about to come on stage. I've seen him (and met him!) recently so we dove straight into the thick of the crowd near the front. On TV the crowds look so close together but when you're in them, you do have space around you and we were dancing and putting our hands in the air, loving the show! At one point A$AP Twelvy crowd-surfed and fell into the crowd but couldn't get back over the barrier so stayed behind it and carried on haha! There were girls all around him screaming in his face and the cameras for the big screens were just showing him and the whole crowd were laughing so much, it was hilarious! I think it was a little early for such stage craziness as the crowd wasn't really hyped up yet, but the day was just beginning.

Most people were sitting so we moved back and found a spot to chill, where we stayed for the rest of the day! When you're in the crowd you can't see over people's heads and you get jostled and pushed so we laid back and enjoyed all the acts where we could dance and pop to any food or drinks stands. As for my outfit, I got the Motel Fonda crop top with the matching skirt AND shorts as I was sure the skirt would ride up when you walked. After some road testing, I found it was fine so I was super comfortable all day as this outfit is so light and breezy! I love everything matching right now.

We made loads of friends and none-stop danced right through the day until Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake made the crowd all stand up, and then Rihanna came out for a suprise set! I thought it was just a soundtrack as I was having so much fun dancing and then my friend Vanessa was saying 'Look Rihanna is on stage!'. I wish she had played a longer set but I'm so happy to have seen Rihanna live! Also these girls are the most fun ever, I can't wait until even more of our group head to V Festival in a month! 

It was such a fun day; a festival really feels like a holiday but with tens of thousands of other holiday makers around you and constant great music. The next day Vanessa and I recovered at The Breakfast Club, a retro London cafe with the best menu! I had a veggie English breakfast with pancakes and a green smoothie; it was all so tasty and was the perfect setting to remember the festival highlights.

Dungaree Days


I can definitely feel a rise in temperature this week, although those heatwave outfits still remain in my wardrobe. A burst of summer would be heavenly but I think you can dress for these cloudy days by going a bit boyish. Rather than pairing your pretty summer dresses with dark black tights, I wear high waisted jeggings, Riding Pants and even chic jogging bottoms! I don't like wearing skirts that flip up in windy, cold weather, but maybe an alternative are my new Motel Demi Dungarees! I got these in a sample sale as I don't think this dark blue will be produced for the website, but there is a lighter blue, the cult paisley and a sweet acid wash pair which I rather like too. Light denim is on my love list right now! 



I rarely buy impulsive things nowadays but this pretty crochet top from New Look caught my eye and I know it will go with everything. It actually has a centred dipped hem at the front and back which you can't quite see but it will surely be worn many times this summer. I think crop tops and dungarees are a match made in heaven as a flash of skin can take away the childishness of the dungarees.



My nails are Barry M's Blueberry at the moment which I hoped would be like Essie's Lapis of Luxury but as you can see, it's definitely not a pastel shade. I'm going to paint them nude myself this week as I don't want to go to the salon again before pay day comes, and I don't mind bright blue! It reminds me of the blue skies we sadly aren't seeing at the moment!


Motel AW13 Press Day!

Hey yall! It's been a long week for me and I am looking forward to a calm weekend which starts NOW! I've been in bed with a cup of tea and my laptop since I woke up (with no alarm, just naturally!) and I'm catching up with lots of Youtube videos and writing this wee blog post for you. On Wednesday I was in London for the Motel AW13 Press Day and we decided to not just invite bloggers but have a special evening preview where we brought in a henna artist and Colour Xtreme for crazy hair dyes!

The press day showcases our future collection to stylists and editors as often they need to create all of the outfits for their autumn projects this early in advance. This is also how soon our designers will create collections and usually they will produce just one real life version of each item they have designed, which are the 'samples' above. Then our merchandisers and buyers decide which will sell the best and order different amounts of each style, and our factories get to work printing and sewing them, maybe with a few tweaks like a new button or bigger zip. Then our photography team will find a bunch of beach babes in Bali for our lookbook and at my office we decide how best to show you all the new trends and prints we have coming up. By now the editors and stylists who saw the items on our press day will be publishing their magazines featuring the items, just in time for them to be delivered to our warehouse so you can buy them from! That's when I come in and share our new things on social media and to bloggers across the world. Phew!

So that is why we have a press day, but also it's a lot of FUN! This season we definitely celebrated the brand as Motel was born in the '90s and our latest collections are heavily influenced by the cult decade. Enter our total time warp with a '90s bedroom set-up complete with a rainbow bed, blow up chair, lava lamp and television set with Spice World: The Movie on repeat! I went slightly retro with the floral Catalina Dress in the new Flower Buzz Print and a silver gem on my face, and dialed a few boys on Dream Phone, which my sister and I loved to play way-back-when! It's like Guess Who but you need to find out which boy fancies you by ringing some up and using the clues they tell you. Each boy comes with a photo and their hairstyles are hilarious!

There were also Rainbow Drops, pic-n-mix and flying saucers (holla!), and I was a bit young back then to appreciate Hooch but I did end the day with a slush puppy! 

As for the clothes, I have to be very careful with Motel as if I like anything, I usually buy it. If I went shopping on the high-street and bought everything I simply liked, I'd be bankrupt! So I need to have the same attitude to Motel and not buy all the things that catch my eye, just going for the favourites only. Things I'm liking are a flash of ethnic prints like the paisley and mandala patterns, in rich colours for autumn time like plum and turquoise.

I wasn't sure I would have time for henna but the lady was super speedy and I got a full hand on the left, with Motel girl Megan's pretty hand on the right. I love it! It could be something you could try yourself as the pattern doesn't have to be perfect, although if you mess up then your hand will be stained so you have to be accurate. The henna artist told me to put Vic's over it at night as it heats up and makes the colour darker so I may do that to prolong the tattoo!

London Fashion Week AW13

It has been a week since fashion week and it was probably my most favourite yet! I went down with the fab Motel girls as always and the sun was most definitely shining, making for a really cheerful atmosphere! I love spotting the celebs and saw so many reality stars; my favourite moment being metres away from Mollie King of The Saturdays at a show! I love The Sats so I felt like a super fangirl!

I wasn't too sure what to wear so I fitted in with what the other Motel girls wore by not choosing the same, and settled on my new Serena skirt. It doesn't seem to photograph so well unless you smooth it out, but it's a really cute little bodycon skirt with an almighty, ruffled peplum! This sparked a new peplum obsession so watch this space. I wore it with a new cropped sweater that isn't out yet but there are a few items in the print online, and I think I'll wear the Jolene dress to see Girls Aloud this week! I also wore my small Zara heels, shunning the traditional mega heels. Most bloggers always wear sunglasses like Ray Bans too which might make it easier to pose! It is very hard to do that natural street style pose so I was just smiling for every photo as it was genuinely such a fun fashion week!