My Favourite...

My Favourite... Tumblrs

I'm so addicted to Tumblrs. So addicted! I have them in my google reader so as I'm going through all my new blog posts (usually at the '1000+' count), cool pictures will randomly pop up. I don't see much fun in going through pages and pages of inspiring pictures, but when they pop up as breaks in between text posts, they're much more interesting! And google reader only features the picture and any text, so you're not crowded or distracted by the page layouts or fonts of the original site. Sometimes there are little debates under photos when they're reposted from a few different tumblrs.

I just did a quick scan and have approximately 2000 inspiration pictures saved on my computer and half of them are from tumblrs. They're really useful when you can't decide what to wear or are feeling a bit bored with your wardrobe; you can just click through a few and instantly find a few ideas. There are jokes that tumblrs consist of mostly the same thing. If you're not familiar, they're just blog posts of photos, sometimes credited, mostly just random. The most popular ones are mainly full of skinny American girls in tiny denim shorts, and they all make you hanker after coloured nail polish, excessive rings, rainbow hair, tattooed boyfriends, and really sugary food. Some though are a bit more selective and have actual themes, so they're a great collective of something you particularly like. So here are my favourites. If there are any you love, I'd love to see!

Dirty Little Style Whore

DLSW continuously exceeds the daily posting limit and is basically the best collection of all the classic tumblr pictures, from style to nails to food to quotes to blog photos. The owner sometimes posts personal snippets of what she's doing that day and sometimes her own outfit photos. If you only subscribe to one, sub to this tumblr! There's loads of followers and a fair bit of controversy around the blog because the pictures aren't always credited and there was even a Dirty Little Style Store!

Zoe Claudia

Zoe Claudia is like DLSW put has a sweeter filter and posts cuter images. It also posts loads and everything is good quality, and there's more TV snaps.


This might be a bit self indulgent but having red hair isn't always great and I'd compare it to always having to wear a red/brown scarf every day with every outfit. But seeing pages of lovely red head pics, from natural to totally bright fire engine red, is inspiring and a confidence boost.

Fuck Yeah Gingers

FYG is pretty much the same but I couldn't pick between the two!

Fuck Yeah Hair

There's a Fuck Yeah for every need but Fuck Yeah Hair means you will never have a bad hair day or fall into a hair rut ever! All the gorgeous girls on tumblr may make you feel a bit inferior but it's all lighting and camera work; use it as a chance to get loads of inspiration and tips!

Fuck Yeah Rings

Self explanatory, lots of rings! Most pictures don't have rings as the focus, they just happen to have a cool ring in there somewhere, so it's a nice collection of photos. I'm partial to this picture though because I have the ring on the right and get compliments all the time! It's from Topshop.

Fuck Yeah Pretty Nails

FYPN is huge now, and it's more like looking at art in my opinion! I could never create nails so amazing as these, but they're fantastic to look at. You can submit photos too and often you see the same talented girl or pair of hands posting their weekly nails.

Fuck Yeah Slightly Amusing

This is just for fun as going through blogs can welcome a random laugh sometimes! This blog cracks me up so much. Crazy cat or angry bunny!?