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Khaki Kid | New Look Khaki Shirt & Topshop Jamie Jean

Khakishirty3 Khakishirty3 Khakishirty3

Hi guys, little time no speak! I took these photos (well, my brother did) last week and I don't usually like racking up posts, but I am indeed still wearing this whole outfit whenever I am free. Come the weekend, I actually feel like a different person. It could be all psychological or due to office bathroom lighting, but I almost feel like I look totally different by Saturday morning. I don't splash out on the weekend, but I do feel like I look a million bucks better! Weekend millionaire indeed. Office wear is just never going to be my thing.

This outfit is my AW staple because of the two key elements:

1.  The khaki shirt - There's something about khaki green that fits so well with all of the camel colours this season but is still a little beat up and boyish. Teaming a military shirt with curve-hugging jeans, a pencil skirt or a slick bun creates a contrast that adds a sexy vibe to normcore; the whole subtle, classic, solid trend of the moment. This New Look shirt has just enough of a casual vibe due to the material but the slim fit and neat pockets can keep it sophisticated.

2.  The ripped skinnies - I've been eyeing my favourite high waisted jeans sitting in my wardrobe and contemplating the scissors. But once you chop, there is no going back and I just could not bring myself to! So I invested in the Topshop Jamie Jean as my winter weekend purchase, and I like the sturdiness of the pockets and studs as a change to my jegging-like Joni Jean or River Island Tube Pants. Ripped knees just add another sexy skin flash while being tough and effortless. I have actually turned a corner with my weekend nightlife too and now actually hit the town in jeans, half because you can dress up jeans in a chic way now, and half because some nights are not worth donning a bodycon mini skirt when you have gossiping with your friends to do! I feel just as happy in what I deem as 'casual' wear now as I did in my party dresses of my Motel days. One could argue my super-tight jeans are a version of bodycon, and I still add my tan, lashes, and killer heels, but I'm cool with that haha.

The Oasis Draped Coat

Oasis Coat, Topshop Jumper, River Island Jeans, New Look heels via ASOS

This is what I wore to my mom's ouse for Mother's Day and I really wanted to share my new Oasis coat as I've had it for a month but the magic hasn't worn off! I invested in a River Island embellished parka with a fur lining for winter as I have a good walk from the train station to my office. As soon as it hits around February though, winter coats feel extra dark and heavy and I had a more glamorous coat in my mind. I toyed with a pink coat for a long time and held out for maybe a lilac one, but nowhere really offered the tones I was after, so I started hunting for a camel coat. There's something luxe about nudes and the oversized, belted coats on the catwalk gave me dreams of Celine.

Fast forward a few weeks where I started buying a few new bits for my work wardrobe, and I wandered into Oasis to take a peek. Their lilac coat is a beautiful colour but it was the shapes of their camel coats that saw me grabbing five different tones and lengths. You know when you can't decide between a few similar things and you end up trying each over and over? Well I couldn't pick between this light colour and a true camel colour, but the lovely sales assistant suggested this colour was more suited for spring. I was talked into signing up for an Oasis card (which I proptly cancelled) so I saved 15%, so it wasn't too harsh on the bank balance and I'm sure I can wear it into the autumn too!

I got this coat in a size Large and have rolled up the sleeves, as you really can wrap it round so it has an oversized, cocoon fit. Sort of like a fancy dressing gown! Wearing it open means it falls beautifully but I'm not much of a fan of hanging clothes - hence why I don't wear necklaces or bracelets either! I have an all nude outfit in my mind for evenings but have yet to find the right items, but for now this coat makes me feel that little bit smarter with little effort. I took the photos below after work when I had a half day and headed to London fo a TGT concert - soon! These pink trousers are my new work favourites as they have a blushed, lilac tint and the fabric is a little embellished. I'm definitely after the matching jacket but I'm hoping it will go into a sale!

Dungaree Days


I can definitely feel a rise in temperature this week, although those heatwave outfits still remain in my wardrobe. A burst of summer would be heavenly but I think you can dress for these cloudy days by going a bit boyish. Rather than pairing your pretty summer dresses with dark black tights, I wear high waisted jeggings, Riding Pants and even chic jogging bottoms! I don't like wearing skirts that flip up in windy, cold weather, but maybe an alternative are my new Motel Demi Dungarees! I got these in a sample sale as I don't think this dark blue will be produced for the website, but there is a lighter blue, the cult paisley and a sweet acid wash pair which I rather like too. Light denim is on my love list right now! 



I rarely buy impulsive things nowadays but this pretty crochet top from New Look caught my eye and I know it will go with everything. It actually has a centred dipped hem at the front and back which you can't quite see but it will surely be worn many times this summer. I think crop tops and dungarees are a match made in heaven as a flash of skin can take away the childishness of the dungarees.



My nails are Barry M's Blueberry at the moment which I hoped would be like Essie's Lapis of Luxury but as you can see, it's definitely not a pastel shade. I'm going to paint them nude myself this week as I don't want to go to the salon again before pay day comes, and I don't mind bright blue! It reminds me of the blue skies we sadly aren't seeing at the moment!


Glitter Bomb

Oh hellllloooo shoes of dreams! I went shopping with my housemates on Sunday but we only made it around a few shops as we had a major spree in New Look, where I scoped out the shoes I had in my last glam wishlist post. These glitter wedges are just as pretty in real life but they are SO HIGH I did fear a broken ankle. Wouldn't it be worth it though? I've had a couple of purchases throughout my life that were whistful pretty items I knew I wouldn't wear to death, and the glamour just wears off over time. I decided to leave these shoes on the shelf for a braver shopper. They are haunting me though... I may stop by New Look again so see if they are still there!

Glam Happenings

I feel very lacking in the glamour department as of late and want a few gloriously fabulous things in my life! Things that are just damn fabulous. I'm starting my Christmas shopping on Saturday and may look around for a few cheeky pieces for myself. I desperately need some new heels as my feet have shrunk a size for some reason and I keep falling out of my own! My friend has these Topshop Lassie Platforms in black and cork and they are the kind that make a statement but basically look great with everything. The brown with black straps are probably most versatile but these leopard ones would be quite amazing. They are super high but look really comfy, and £55 is a decent Topshop shoe price.

I let myself loose in Oxford Circus Topshop the day after the Motel bloggers party in London (woo!) but it was cut even shorter when an alarm went off and everyone was somewhat calmly evacuated. I had walked through Miss Selfridge and spotted this glitter encrusted bag covered in studs, complete with a handy hand strap (hoho), and dubbed it my next 'going out' bag. You can't see all the studs in the picture but it is covered! Alas this purchase wasn't meant to be as I had to leave the shop with everyone else quite sharpish after the alarm started, but I'm going to go to Miss S here on Saturday to have a closer look. £30 made me wince a little though!

Topshop has some wedges like this a while ago that were simply a blast of iridescent glitter, and hopefully these New Look versions will be the same. I just fancied a bit of sparkle, and if the glitter is multicoloured then they should look a lot more expensive. If not, maybe not.

And lastly, I still can't think of a colour to get my nails painted on Saturday apart from white with glitter over the top again! Hmmm! Topshop's Rising Star polish would be perfect over a pearly white polish, but I haven't bought my own in ages since realising I might as well use the salon selection always!


Hi guys! I took a holiday day off work today so I have been relaxin' to the max and prepping for Wireless Festival tomorrow woo! I haven't been to a festival in a year since Parklife in Manchester so I have been veeery excited, especially as I cannot wait to see Nicki Minaj and Drake!! I think it's going to be insannnne! The problem is I can't decide what to wear! I hit town a few days ago to pick up the essentials first...

The forecast is rain for most of the day, but it's not clear if this will be some drizzle or full on showers eeek! This means my hair will be ruined sob! In the past I have been to V and Reading festivals quite a few times and was always really optimistic about rain, and so didn't really plan properly and got drenched. This time I picked up this leopard print mac from New Look, where I debated getting a plain one but opted for the bright! I picked up some cheap wellies too but can't decide whether to wear these River Island flatform trainers instead, as the festival has no camping so I doubt Hyde Park will be a mud fest! What do you think? I'd rather ruin these and buy another pair of trainers and return the wellies! Also got the standard flower headband and will be wearing these aztec socks from New Look definitely! All about cool socks at the moment.

Now onto the outfits! I cannot decide which of these shorts and tops to mix and match! I decided to definitely wear shorts for ease in portaloos and because I never really have chance to wear shorts in the day time! I'm not a huge fan of black tights and if not, that is a lotta leg on show for a normal work day. I might wear these Motel Rocks Dixie Shorts in the palm print (there are some Dixies in the sale for just £12 too!) as they are perfectly high waisted and the little cuts into the hem are really flattering (you can't really see them in these pics). Inspired by Taz, a member of the marvellous Motel web team, I could match prints with the matching palm crop top, or go with the ever cute white Hillary Crop - we sell a shed load of these as they can be worn with anything and stretch over your bra nicely so don't fall down.

Or I could go for classic denim high waist shorts from H&M like these with maybe this River Island neon lime crop top (only £3 in their sale!), Topshop skull bralette (although I think just about everyone owns this), or another Motel Rocks palm print Brandy Crop Top.

Decisions, decisions, what is your vote?! I'm swaying towards the palm shorts maybe, but then again the denim are so sturdy and reliable! I will most likely be wearing that mac so don't want to look too prints crazy. Also what are your thoughts on hats? I have a sort of black boater/bowler style hat like Demi Lovato but I am concerned someone cheeky would steal it off my head!!


Hey guys! I am slightly surprised that it is already the end of June, maybe I should do another blogger challenge? This month has flown by with a few trips to London for work and I'm generally not sure what in between. I think the bank holiday throws you off!

Being almost July though, it is time to find some sun and I am about to book up a few days away with some friends, fingers crossed! It might be a bit mad that I am already starting to keep my eyes peeled for holiday bargains but the shops are already throwing all their summer things into the mid season sales. Miss Selfridge is finally back in Bristol and I much prefer it over Topshop, so I spotted this neon green bikini for £15 and had to get a bit of neon in for summer! Just imagine, on a beach with a (fake) tan, ahh!

I've been seeing American flag bikinis on blogs and something in me also needed one immediately. Maybe I was thinking along the lines of Lana Del Rey, with massive sunglasses and high waist denim shorts and a big flower! I got this one from a swedish site called Mad Lady, as I've been browsing websites recently rather than shops. This is mostly so I don't actually go into the shop and can just close the browser! But I love the chunky bow ties of this bikini and the way the bottoms are all stars.

Then after much deliberation and a few times of trying on (which I never do - I always buy what I like!), I finally got these gorgeous New Look wedges, which absolutely scream holidayyy. The nude straps don't cut off your legs as they make them look longer, and the wedge is absolutely massive. I will possibly fall over but I can time wearing them to the optimum occasion with little walking. Bring on the summer! (I found a link to New Look's sale preview too, holla!!!)


Clockwise: Salvita Bralette and Becka Skirt // Gold Rush Dress // Double Cross Dress // Reverse Geo Print Dress // Mint Clutch // Raina Tropical Butterfly Dress // Leopard Passport Cover // Zoe Tropical Butterfly Dress // Raina Aztec Dress // Forever 21 Makeup Bag and Bottles // Eylure 202 Double Lashes // New Look Feather Print Wedges // MAC Viva Glam Nicki // New Look Steve Madden Aztec Wedges // St Moriz Tan // Venom Cut Out Dress // Day Glo Dress

I think I mentioned I'm going to Madrid soon! You know I was dying to book a holiday and after trawling through websites for weeks trying to first find a good Easter deal, we found a cheapie trip to Madrid and plan to partypartyparty!! I have saved my pennies this month to hit the shops just before and get a new outfit for each night, most of which will probably be Motel! Have you seen our new arrivals? An insider note: the new Aztec print is selling extra quickly and won't be replenished for a few weeks so get it while you can!! I have my eye on maybe the Aztec Kimmy Skirt and I loooove the new Tropical Butterfly Print - it reminds me of last year's floral print that I wore to death.

Then I had a cruise around Nasty Gal, which I don't really considering seriously buying from as in the past everything I've ordered has been cheapie China quality and I've heard horrific customs stories. However I love everything bright and neon!!! I'll try and take no little black dresses away as this holiday is really to start off the summer.

I'd have to try on the white Reverse Dress as it looks like a top on the ASOS model but she is 5'10! Any light coloured dresses ring huge alarm bells with me though as someone would definitely spill something on you.

Then there's some wedges from New Look which seem necessary as wedges always remind me of summer! My friends and I all chipped in for one hold suitcase just for shoes and hair products haha! The feather print nude ones are only £25 and come in more colours, I must find them in store ASAP.

I just need to find a cute bag now as I love clutches but they scare me to death! Actually on the weekend I somehow removed the chain strap from my bag and left it behind so had to take it as a clutch bag and it's a miracle I hung onto it all night!! I also wore my Litas and they're slightly more distressed now shall we say, but still fabulous! Isn't it funny how the more we spend on something, the less we use it? When you think about it, it doesn't really make sense! If you have been to Madrid, please tell me your party tips!

Company Style Blogger Awards 2012

I feel like the most rushed around girl in the world at the moment but the absolute whirlwind highlight of my week so far was the amazing Company Style Blogger Awards! I only headed to London to literally hit the awards and head back but it was the most perfectly polished event on in a long time that had no agenda but to have fun and celebrate blogging. I have to pick and choose any blog events carefully as I don't have a lot of my own free time now I'm in full time work, but I had time for a quick spruce up before hopping on the train to debut my new Litas and my newest Motel dress! Of course I generally would pick out Motel to wear to any event hehe but I think I am in true love with this dress! It's the Goldie and there are a few more colours too, and it's so damn flattering with the long sleeves and curved paneling to sneakily emphasise a smaller waist. We've called the colour periwinkle blue but it could almost be dubbed a lilac or mauve (and I was extra swayed by Kendall Jenner wearing it too!!!). There's not many colours that look great with red hair but I think this is one! I did have a bra drama as you can slightly see it at the side so I opted for a new seamless H&M nude one I just got - very handy. By the way I do actually buy all my own Motel things with my own money (haha I can't blog gift myself!) so if I wear it and haven't got bored of seeing it for months before the collections hit the shops, it's definitely love! We currently have up to the June collection samples in the office and I am dying for summer!

And the Litas! I can confirm they are SO easy to walk in and comfortable, it's unreal. Your foot is very flat so they don't feel like heels at all, and they are very light so you don't actually notice them on your feet! The only thing is that the front is slightly curved upwards so sometimes you do rock forwards, which is a bit dangerous when dashing up or down tube escalators. I need to get some suede spray before I wear them next just in case and I'm not quite sure if I like them with socks or not. The ones I wore are coral lace but they look a bit like school socks in the photo haha!


I saw so many of my blogger favourites that I'd be afraid to mention them all and leave someone out! It was like fashion blogger soup, with a familiar face and smile at every turn. I had a lovely chat and browse of the New Look collection with Florrie and Pearl, and I didn't realise how beautifully coordinated our outfit shades were until seeing the above photo!

Congratulations to all the night's winners! I had a hold of one of the awards and they were serious glass jobbies, practically Oscar worthy! Company had some really lovely touches to the event and I know how hard it is to event plan and make everything works together! Even the lighting down to the Pink Pigeon Mauritian Mule cocktails were seamlessly chic.

I had a good ruffle through the New Look SS12 collection showcased downstairs and spurred by my recent New Look splurge below, I saw many a thing I liked! I might go and hunt these neon skinnies as, true to my lifelong habits, in spring for some reason I start wearing jeans and trousers. No idea why but it's always the same! I really fancy this neon peach/orange pair but an also eyeing lilac and neon green! I'll have to try them on and hope for a dream fit. Give me everything candy this spring!! I had a lovely chat with their press team too as it's always great to talk to other fashion industry peeps - I feel quite far away from it all in Bristol!

And so it was a dash across the tube where I bumped into Milly who helped steer me in the right direction (and wore Motel too woo!) and then off home! I went to the (superbly hot) dentist today and turns out my wisdom teeth were getting infected so now I'm in on antibiotics instead of out partying, sob!! It felt like the weirdest day and has been a long week so I'm going home to Birmingham tomorrow yay. Have a great weekend all!x

New buys & Litas!

I dashed into town this evening to return my Litas! My second pair of Litas that is! Haha bet you're thinking WTH?!

Basically, you know I've been eyeing Jeffrey Campbell Litas for so long and I'm sure anyone who reads blogs or Tumblr will too! There's just no way you could have an aversion to them, it's like I'm brain washed. They're sort of like gold dust in the UK if you don't live in central London as there's nowhere to buy or try them and I've been watching various shoe sites for months to no avail. Also it's not often you just decide to splurge, but I've been after some 'smarter' heels for work dos and the like where you want to look 'put together' but still fashionable. The timing before just hasn't been right.

But a few Fridays ago one of our fab Motel interns and fellow Lita owner (American flag pair!) told me you could get Litas in Harvey Nichols in Bristol town! For only £95!! Considering they're £120 in Office and beyond that online/with international customs, that is a great deal. They also has the taupe version which were the ones I specifically wanted! So after ringing to reserve them to go at least try them on, a very helpful man told me they didn't have them but you could buy them over the phone from any store in the UK and have them delivered! So in an hour my Litas were on the way from Glasgow and I was excited!!!


However, they were too big! Nooooo!! I swear my feet have shrunk over the years as in heels I'm now a small 6, but the Harvey Nichols UK 6 is a US 9, which actually directly converts to a UK6.5. Once laced up they were fine but I could fit my finger down the back of the shoes right to the sole so really they didn't fit, and you don't want to be spending loads of money on something that isn't perfecto! So I rang around again and had a smaller UK 5 pair shipped from Manchester and they are spot on!!! So if you're a small UK 6 or UK 5.5, go for the Harvey Nichols 5 (or 8M on the actual Lita shoe). I now have two pairs as Harvey Nics wasn't open after 6pm today for my return so ring up on Friday morning and the Bristol store should have a size 7! Or I've spotted them on their website again with only a 7 left here. I'm afraid I won't sell them on here as Paypal is so dodgy nowadays! Eeek I'm so excited to join the world of Litas and they will get their first debut at the Company Blog Awards tomorrow! I'm so surprised I was nominated after everything that happened in the past few months when I didn't really blog at all but the boost the nomination has given me is enough, I love blogging!! I'm going to be strutting all over the place, can't wait to get these on my feet!

I'm quite worried as I usually come home from clubs with atrocious shoes so I'll have to buy some strong shoe protector spray. At least these are slightly distressed to begin with! Also in person, Litas look MASSIVE when you hold them but on they don't feel high because of the platform as your foot isn't very arched. I like dancing in super high heels as you sort of tip-toe though so that will be different. *Prays Motel Rocks will be getting Jeffrey Campbells in soon... ooo did I just type that? Hehehehehehe look out!*

I also had a little raid of New Look to get a few fresh things for my wardrobe as sure, I have lots of clothes, but they do get a bit 'old' after a few months of wear right? I hate it when tees go stretched in places and jumpers go baggy. I picked up some flats to walk to work in and was looking for a new bag so I plumped for this clutch and will put some holes in it for a strap! Also they have a big range of lace socks in all different pastel colours so I got some pastel peach ones for my Litas, only £1.99! Then I raided the teenage section, which is my secret shopping tip! Their kids clothes are all oversized or cropped so anything between age 12-16 will fit me if it's a top or jumper (lol forget about jeans!). I got this cropped lace vest and neon knit for super cheap, and you just have to roll up the sleeves a little so they seem cropped on purpose! They also have the jumper in neon yellow which I'm eyeing... ooo! Very nearly bought MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick too as the makeup artist insisted it would suit me loads but I'm pretty sure she said that to everyone that day!xx