Finally Finished!

Woohoo I've been fantasising about writing this post for weeks! And years! My exams are finally finished so I am now a Management and Marketing of Textiles BSc Hons graduate! It's been four long years at uni and finally everything is wrapped up. Sorry if you're still doing exams, I don't want to sound smug or anything, just happy! I'm nursing a slight hangover today and just spent a few hours clearing out my GoogleReader, so nice to just read blogs and feel no guilt! There is nothing worse than deadlines hanging over you so no time is free time. When you are studying, you are a student 100% of the time! I'm spending a couple of weeks in Manchester going to the end of term club nights and festivals that I booked ages ago until my student house contract runs out, and I really want to please go on holiday for a few days maybe?!

I have to pack up my things and take them home next week but I'll stay up here with a suitcase of stuff (which will involve very strategic outfit planning!), and then and the end of June at the soonest available time, I'm starting a job in Bristol! I've been looking and applying over the past months on top of my uni work and River Island work etc as I can't afford to have a free summer and don't really want to rely upon my Mom (especially with 3 other teens in the house), and I found a dream marketing job with one of my favourite brands! I didn't get it through my blog or anything, I applied along with all the other candidates and I study(ed?) marketing and did marketing internships so they played a big part. I wrote a guide to finding and applying for internships last year if it's the sort of thing you're thinking about. Some people did comment that doing small/menial tasks may not be rewarding, but the main gain of an internship is to learn about the processes around you, rather than you doing things, as you don't really know how to do important things yet! And there has to be someone in a company to do the odd jobs like posting, scanning, tidying showrooms, etc, so it's handy that you can help out the company while you gain from learning. You can also get contacts, get used to working 9-6 (not 9-5 anymore!), develop your professional manner, prove you have dedication, and observe many roles in the company to decide what you really want to do. 

If any of you are from Bristol or know Bristol, do please tell me anything you'd think I'd like to know as I am clueless about the city! I just put a deposit down on a room right in the town centre in a huge house with a million other people so fingers crossed everything works out! Now I'm going to throw on some clothes and get my eyebrows threaded, they have been neglected for weeks!! Good luck to any of you who still have exams, I hope this  post wasn't too sickly if you are still studying hard xx