The Belfry Spa & Afternoon Tea Review, Sutton Coldfield

I will start this review with revealing that I have never been to a spa... ever!!! I have had plenty of facials and usually a monthly massage, but I have never had a girls' weekend or hen do situation at a spa. It's not quite the activity I'd embark on alone as I had no idea on spa etiquette until The Belfry invited me to try their Fire & Ice experience. A massage, afternoon tea and spa experience sounded sublime! I've had a really hectic few months and had a job change, so could a spa day slow down my whirring brain cogs for once?

It was a sunny Sunday when I travelled to the legendary golfing resort and strode into the leisure area. There is a swimming pool and gym area, but there are no screaming children here - it's a calm, clear space and much of the spa lounging facilities are tucked away in a zone upstairs, swathed in warm nudes and creams. After combing through the brochure of what to bring, I was already in my cozzie on arrival, and so I just wrapped up in my towelling robe in the changing room area. It was complete with dressing tables with hair dryers, plus huge cupboard lockers so I could lay out my things and store my fluffy towel.

My back massage was definitely one of the best I've had. When I visit a local salon for my usual 30 minute session, I hurriedly arrive carrying all of the stress of the day, just about unwind, and suddenly I'm throwing my clothes back on and setting out again. I completely appreciated the upgrade of having the chance to relax into the setting and let the effects of the massage continue all day. It was the perfect start to the day; drifting off with the tension kneaded out of my tense shoulders. Oh, the perils of working at a computer all day long! The knots in my back could support a ship! I had a chance to sniff and choose the oils used too, and the bed was firm, rather than the fold up variety, set in a real room rather than a sectioned corner of a salon.

Next up was the Fire & Ice experience, so I padded back down to the circular tunnel housing various doors into small rooms. I began with a sauna and travelled across to an aromatic caldarium, igloo, hydrotherapy pool, and steam room... wow! The description of each stop and suggested timings were labelled at each door so even a novice like me could navigate clearly! There were quite a few people on their own and a few couples, so many times I was alone in the rooms despite it being a weekend. I spent around an hour exploring the different zones as I was curious to see what was next, but you could spend around 1.5hrs enjoying the contrasting experiences. I wasn't brave enough to tip the bucket of ice water over my head but I might have been if I were with a friend!


I had a good hour before my scheduled afternoon tea once I had showered and was back in my robe. My next destination was the relaxation room; a zen lounge full of sofas, beds and snug little cubby corners with tassel curtains. Other guests were chatting softly or mostly napping, and I picked out the corner sofa, drew back the curtain and dived into my book (HPDH if you're wondering). I cannot tell you just how relaxed I felt, it was like I couldn't have been brought back to the woes and to-dos of reality even if I tried! I was absolutely loving the feeling after soothing my body with the warming spa experience and now being contained in my soft bubble. My book was even slipping out of my hands, I was so chilled!

DSC06520 (2)DSC06520 (2)DSC06520 (2)

Soon I was soothed into a dream-like state and was floating around in an alternative universe! I felt safe and warm, and my to-do list was so irrelevant as I was completely in the present moment, doing exactly what I needed to be doing. I was definitely peckish by the time my afternoon tea was scheduled and I tucked into quaint sandwiches, fluffy, warm scones piled with sweet jam and thick cream, and sampled delectable little cakes. I had the time to savour each tasty bite and really enjoyed the lunch. As it was a Sunday, my instinct was to now head home and make a start on my endless task list, but I ignored that familiar nagging voice and was drawn back to the relaxation lounge where my own corner was still vacant and welcomed me in. I spent a few more hours reading and continuing the feeling of utter contentment. What bliss!

Thank you to The Belfry Spa for having me - hope I'll see you again very soon!

A Week With The Nokia Lumia 1020

I said a few posts back that I was thinking about getting a decent camera. By decent I mean one that shows I'm wearing colour, have makeup on, and my hair isn't brown! Your standard digital camera isn't too effective for these which is fine, but when I have some precious time to invest in my lovely blog, I want it to be the best it can be. The problem is I don't quite have the time to work out how to use a DSLR and my family usually take my outfit photos anyway.

Camilla at Nokia saw my post and tweeted me to kindly offer a trial of the Nokia Lumia 1020 for a couple of weeks. Why the devil not I thought, and soon I received a parcel and tipped out a banana yellow phone. This thing means business, with a slab of a screen so bright and clear, the days of squinting south to your lap are over. After a few days I wondered why all phones weren't this smart and clutter free, rather than bouncing with fiddly apps. Windows 8 aside, I would definitely go for the white or black colour as the yellow felt like a beacon in my hand, but I do like large phones and this chunky model felt like a real product rather than something as-thin-as-can- be.

The screen is huge and it's almost like looking at a small TV screen because it's just so clear;  a stonking 41 megapixels to be exact. Just look at the iPhone 5 photo above and the Lumia photos below. You can tinker with techy things like the shutter speed and ISO, which my novice curiosity had a dabble in below at my mom's house. The photos are fantastic from the first click, and there are no fuzzy frames as the clip on case turns a standard phone into an easy-grip camera with a shutter button; even my nan could use this! My recent outfit posts have been taken using it and I barely needed any different shots to choose a top few. I really asked myself why I would pay more each month for a sleek iPhone when I could get a phone and awesome camera in one, and not have to lug around two devices. 

I'm interested if you have took the plunge and invested in a snazzy camera. Was it worth it?

Hello September

Hi all! Sorry for not posting here recently, it's been one of those weeks!! I had a really great Bank Holiday Weekend after rushing to the train station in the pouring rain on the Friday and jumping the ticket barrier as my ticket didn't come out of the machine, and then having a great night in East London! I saw two of my oldest friends who were then sharing a room in student halls so it was jam packed with clothes and shoes, heaven! I should have snapped the Jeffrey Campbell Foxywood shoes my friend Vanessa wore in leopard print that she got in the Office sale for £30! Litas are still permanently on my wishlist. As I was on the train, it went past Reading Festival where I could see the stage so closely! Haha I do believe that basically means I went this year :D


Then I travelled back on the Saturday morning with Nicole Scherzinger stuck in my head after all of us singing it really loudly when someone's Mom picked us up from the club in the early hours, blasting it out of her car! My great friend Ellie visited that night so I showed her the parts of Bristol I know now and had such a great night! The week before the council let loads of amazing grafitti artists paint all over a street leading to town for the See No Evil project, where it covers huge buildings and there are all sorts of beautiful things, not just graphics and cartoons. However my favourite is the crying Frankenstein, aww he looks so sad! See more pictures here. As I was walking home one day I saw them setting up with boxes aned boxes of spray paint cans, and apparently the girls who live opposite me are the ones who wrapped the tree up in pink and purple! The day after there was a huge street party and rave, Bristol is so cool.


I did plan on getting some sleep on Saturday but I was too busy sorting my room and things, and ended up going out on Sunday night too with another new girl housemate! We ended up in a basement club full of 17 year olds in bralettes and bodycon skirts, where the glasses were so filthy that I had to drink alcopops all night! The novelty of a Bank Holiday is amazing now I work 9-5 and I don't think I've done three nights in a row in my life!

Then the week has been busy at work planning fashion week and competitions and student promos and all that jazz! I can't wait to show you all the Motel items we have arriving in the next few months and the amazing lookbook, I don't want to bombard the blog with Motel stuff though so I'll point you in the direction! The buyers were deciding on the Christmas collection last week and I tried on some items to show them how the fits were - trying on Motel things is a dream for me! I have a LONG autumn wishlist!

I haven't had a moment in the evenings to even check my emails but I've got everything sorted now for hopefully a smooth week, even though I don't feel very well! Tomorrow I'll be on honey and lemon all day and will try to relax in the evenings. September still feels like a fresh month of change as half of me is still in a student mind frame, and I'm excited to see how Bristol changes at the students get back. Quite a few blogs I read (especially foodie ones) make monthly goals so here are some things I'll try to begin/keep up during September:

1. Make Lunch and Dinner - My 'professional' house was pretty grimy from the day I moved in and now the recent sightings of Minnie and Mickey mouse in the kitchen really don't make me want to cook anything! I have cooked something hot maybe three times in two months? Don't worry I do eat, but I spend a lot eating out and buying fresh things for just that day. I always eat out on vouchers and deals but it would be much cheaper to bring food to work, so I will try! I also want to keep up with the smoothies with my new hand blender. It's hard because I live in the city centre so can't get to a big supermarket, but I could definitely shop better food-wise and buy fewer Boots meal deals. I love eating out with a magazine though! I went to a Thai/Chinese place this week and had amazing tofu and tried a melon bubble team, inspired by Winnie! I love trying the weirdest drinks (much to my old housemate Sophia's annoyance hahaha) and this was lush! Like a slushi with sweets!

2. Go to the Gym! - I told myself I wouldn't be one of those people with a gym membership that never goes, but I am! I only went to that one Legs, Bums n Tums class that left me hobbling for days but I'm not so sure how to use the machines so I'm still hesitant to go! I've booked a low level spinning class for this week so hopefully I'll learn how to use the bikes and can go in my own time rather than to just classes.

3. Hit Fashion Week! - I'll be covering London Fashion Week for Motel so I'll be around! I'm not sure what to wear but I'm thinking we will be flaunting Motel! I'm not sure what day I'll go down either but I think it will be the first day.

4. Sort my room - Now I have got into a Bristol routine, I need to adapt my bedroom more so the same things don't end up thrown on my bed each morning and the things that I don't use aren't out on any shelf/display space. I'd love some new makeup and product storage but that will have to wait for a few pay days as it's not a necessity, but I dream of perspex Muji makeup draws!

5. Get back into nail art - I try to dress my version of 'smart' for work, which is maxi dresses and well fitting things, and crazy 3D nails just isn't part of that! So I'll try to get back into nail art at least and start using my nail tools and accessories again. I also need to get out of my coral polish rut as I haven't tried a new colour for months.

This post has worn me out but my head is so hot that I can't sleep! I'll maybe watch some YouTube videos and try to get an earlier night ready for the busy Monday mornings. My friend Ellie just booked us Katy Perry tickets for October, ahhh!! I am going to wear so much glitter!


Hi guys! On the weekend I went to a festival in a park right by my house and the reason for the website pic above is that I randomly won a ticket! My housemate tagged me in a picture on Facebook and then they put up a status saying they were looking for a Selina, and they had actually messaged me but my Facebook doesn't work! I get notifications about ten years later. Part of the prize was to have your face in the Parklife wall, can you spot mine? It's like a Where's Wally, I've pointed it out at the end of this post! I also made a video of the day at the end too.

My housemate Sophia and I got there bright and early but as we were in the queue, a literal plague struck and it started absolutely chucking it down, and then started hailing! Some girls in front of us only had sandals on and soon it was a big rush to get to the front of the queue, so we shared our umbrellas with them and hurried to get in!

 After that downpour, the weather was fine! We hit this vitaminwater free photobooth but Sophia wasn't too happy when it created an album on her Facebook of 'great memories' hahaha. This was in a weird field where everything was all hippy dippy and a bit random. Why there were halves of baths, I do not know!

I wore a H&M bright coral maxi dress with a H&M cardigan over the top, and thankfully I didn't throw away my furry New Look booties after winter as they were perfect for the mud.

The first day was quite sunny and we had some looovely noodles at the wagamama lounge, you know we love to eat and party! Also a nice change from the greasy burger stands, even though mine is always vege! The big green ring below was a light up one from the Desperado's tent that lit up in the dark, I don't usually wear huge lime green rings haha.

The festival is one that all students go to so we didn't really consider the line up as top priority, but it was fab! Katy B had bright red hair, a girl after my own heart.

And this was Kelis! It was a dance festival so she was some light relief and said loads of weird things like how it was more fun for her than us watching, which didn't really get you enthused!

On the second day we woke to CONSTANT rain ALL day ahhhh! Mark Ronson did a really good set even though it was a total mud bath and you had to wave your umbrella around.

We also saw Darwin Deez who you might know off the New Look advert, and they did loads of funny Napoleon Dynamite-style dances in between some songs haha!

wagamama had an interactive wall where you could 'paint' a picture with a spray can (although nothing real came out of course!) and Sophia made this masterpiece of Belle and Ariel, awww!

Since it was a student festival, the mud baths turned into mud wars and people were wrestling each other in their underwear! One girl who must have been totally out of her tree managed to walk into the centre of the circle before realising where she was, and a totally muddy man floored her as she made a run for the side, poor girl!!

We ended the festival with Mystery Jets as we'd had so much dance and drum & bass all weekend! We spotted a security guard having a snooze at the side haha.

Did you notice me in the picture? How strange!

And here's a little video collection from the festival. Thank God it wasn't camping!

Chalet Chic with Ed Westwick

Hi guys! First off- I did not meet/touch Ed Westwick! Noooo! Saaad times. However, I was very close to him and can confirm, he is even hotter in real life than on screen! You didn't think that is possible? It is! Omg his voice and cheekbones and everything, ohmagod he remains superbly hot, and now thanks to a Chalet Girl goodie bag, a big poster of him graces the living room wall of my student house, along with Ricky Whittle, JLS, some random naked mexican men on horses, and a very suggestive Ann Summers calender. 

So here's some eye candy and gossip from the event; I started the day glueing my Miu Miu shoes on the train! Remember the gold bits on the back are actually rubbish plastic and snapped off again at London Fashion Week FW10? All good with superglue though!

I took my long time BFF Melissa so rushed across London and got ready super quick in  her halls. I didn't have time for lashes but I did wear a full face of makeup and wore tights in the end as I didn't tan my legs enough. We got a taxi across London to Westfield and met the Dare and Clean and Clear ladies at a posh bar, and had a cocktail with Amy of Wolf Whistle! Melissa and I had to strut through Westfield in the middle of the day in our insanley high heels and teeny dresses to get there, too funny! We saw on the invitation (or 'ski pass') that the dress code was 'Chalet Chic', looool! Cocktail dress with ski boots? Platforms with a puffy all-in-one?!

The premiere wasn't a strictly red carpet affair as it is a very teen-appeal movie, so first was a performance from a band that no one knew, Livingston. They were OK? I didn't exactly listen because Melissa and I were too busy trying to secure a spot on the bar alongside the red carpet. We asked a man if we could slot in beside him and he said,' Umm I'm saving this space for my sister...' Haha he totally didn't have a sister!

The place was rammed with girls obviously all there for Ed. Who could blame them?! The red carpet ended in a circle infront of the stage so some hardcore fans could stand in the barriers right in the middle.

After Livingston (?) performed, the celebs started coming, first with the girlie star of the movie (Felicity Jones) who did an interview on stage with a guy from T4 I think? Liked her dress a lot!

That was all well and nice but oh ma lordy, next out was Ed! The nearby photographers started going mental and suddenly I could actually see Ed's face in the flesh!!

I may have shouted 'Eddd please marry meee!' as he walked sooo coolly to the stage and did his Q&A. I can honestly say I don't remember anything he said! I was just thinking 'omggg it's him!!'

However in this photo it is clear he saw me and thought 'That girl! I must find her, incredible!' Well Ed, it is I, feel free to contact me! Don't worry, I will send you lots of unsolicited fan mail just in case you have trouble tracking me down.

Then shock horror, he started signing autographs that were nowhere near our barrier, oh the horror! He did quite a good run of most barriers but we went down the red carpet before then, and he didn't visit the barrier we were along so phew!

But yes, we did get to walk the red carpet!! Here's Melissa and I with the lovely Grace from Dare, and I am thinking 'Omggg on a red carpet!' All the girls along the barriers were looking at us with major envy as we strutted down attempting to look important. Ed was off doing press interviews so we couldn't have sidled over and asked for a photo, but we did oggle! 

OK I'll leave off the Ed worship for a bit. As we went upstairs, half of the cinema was roped off for the premiere so we got to watch the rest of the stars go down the red carpet and do their Q&As.

Tamsin Egerton's hair was soooo lush! Obviously a bunch of extensions but it looks incredible! [Edit- it's ALL her real hair, my mistake! It is unbelievably gorgeous!!] She is sooo gorgeous it's untrue! Someone needs to give her a big part in a movie pronto.

Soon it was time for the movie, and Melissa and I were about to stock up on sweets and popcorn when we discovered every seat in the theatre had a goody bag with some Clean & Clear stuff, vitamin water, a Sugar magazine (I love teen 'zines!), the above-mentioned Ed Westwick poster, and, some popcorn! Turns out that it was certainly the first viewing for most of the film production team and cast as they did some speeches at the front of the cinema and brought out the stars.

As Ed walked to his seat before the movie started, he was approximately two sets of shoulders away from me, omg!! Throughout the whole film I was thinking 'OMG, he's on the screen yet he's up there!' It made it very hard to concentrate!! But Chalet girl is so cute, very predictable and definitely not a film for adults, but my teen self laughed all the way through!

I wore the coral dress in the end but it actually ripped a little at the hem where my hand is!! It was £48 and I contacted Rare who were happy to give me a refund when I send it back, which is all good. I think Melissa is wearing a H&M dress and the most amazing Kurt Geiger shoes. After the film we hung around outside for aaaaages but as Ed entered in a secret door, he also left in a secret door so we did not get to talk to him. A girl we sat next to told us he talked to a few people in the cinema but blanked the rest and hurried on! Come on Ed, how do you expect to meet the girl of your dreams if you don't meet your fans and therefore eventually me!? We thanked the lovely Dare and Clean & Clear ladies and then went to Nandos, where we spotted the band from the film. I said hi and of course that I loooved the film haha; I think the band were Austrian though and there were no signs of an after party so we went on home!


All in all not a successful Ed meeting night but we felt super spesh at a real premiere on a real red carpet, and I got to see Ed in the flesh! You know I love an excuse to dress up too, even if I got ready in under an hour!xx

Happy Halloweeeeen


It's reading week, wooohoooo! I haven't been very well recently which is weird as I'm not normally ill so thank god for the week off! Although I still have work but we'll just consider that as intensive shopping time. Not that I end up buying much as my item cravings end up being satisfied by hanging said items twenty times. I went home quickly on Saturday and scrambled together a sort of Halloween outfit from a slutty Goldilocks costume I wore on my 18th birthday when my friends got a surprise fire engine limo! I was going to do the zip eyes again but as I said in the video below, I think lots of people have seen it and I've done it twice already. I did kind of anime eyes with three sets of false lashes and was meant to have really carved cheeks but they just look kinda normal in the picture! We got to the club reeeally early as they're always so full on Halloween and didn't have tickets, but we peaked so early and were home by midnight I think! Also examining the photos shows I must have added looooads more blood in the club, my dress was covered!


Haha we tried to be scary, not slutty and compared to some people in the club who went as something like an angel or didn't dress up at all, we tried! My housemate Sophia was snakes on a plane haha!

And here's a little video I made! Useful to note that I haven't even made my face whiter, that's how pale I am! To be fair I think the SPF in Estee Lauder Double Wear (still using samples teehee it's so expensive!) is just highlighted by the flash! I brought some tan from home as I'm a bit in love with Amy from The Only Way is Essex. Did you dress up for Halloween?? I'd love to hear your stories!

Bloggers Galore - Part One!


Sorry for not being around recently, it hasn't been a very good few weeks and rather than the usual reasons of being busy or tired, I just haven't felt like being enthusiastic about anything. But a total exception to this was a fantastic day in London on Monday for a meet up with some fabulous bloggers! Blog meet ups aren't really about meeting just because you have a website, it's about meeting people with whom you've developed a friendship with online and really want to have a real conversation with! Also you want to have a real impression rather than a 2D image on a screen and a voice rather than a font. I'm sure if you're reading this, you've most likely read the blog of at least one of the lovely ladies at the day and they all have much better photos (see here, here, here and here!). I have no photos of myself on my camera but there are many in their posts, including a fun poke at some classic blogger poses and a jumping gif! It was a cloudy but stuffy day and London is stuffy most of the time so it was hard to know what to wear, but I've found that when going to blog meets it's best not to make any extra effort at all! It might be different if you were going to an organised event where there were people you didn't know but if the blogger you will see is a good online friend and reader, they already know your style! Wear something comfortable and really others are focusing on your personality because they've never seen it before! Maybe that's easy for me to say though because all the bloggers I've met looked beauuutiful! I wore my favourite ever vintage dress which is probably about three years old! I knew I'd be comfortable in it all day and wouldn't need to think about it, but I did have semi-fake tan dramas and wore tights so I wouldn't need to deal! 

I got the train to London with Winnie of Diamond Canopy as we've met a few times before and we're both Birmingham bloggers! We were chatting all day about the possibility of a Birmingham meet or visit to the Forever 21 opening, which we'll have to discuss more as an open meet is a bit more of a networking, introduction thing. I do read a lot of blogs (subscribed to 328 at this very moment in time!) but there must be a gazillion more out there, and that's not including some that I can't subscribe to on googlereader and have to check when I remember! Anyway, if you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Winnie or can call her a friend then you are very, very lucky because she is the definition of kind-hearted and lovely. She also has one of my favourite blogs. In fact everyone at this meet has one of my favourite blogs! It was a pleasure to travel with Winnie, her style is a great example of being accessible by mere mortals (quite uncommon in the blogosphere!) but she has loads of quirky bits from other countries or unique brands. Meeting people you don't necessarily know in real life means you discuss things rather than just gossip!

Soon we were in London and we hopped on the tube to South Kensington and saw Kristabel of I Want You To Know in the station distance. Winnie and I both had met Kristabel before for some cupcake and shopping action and her blog is a really rich read because she has just spent a term interning in New York! I'm so impressed by her knitting skills as that's her degree field and throughout the day she was noting cool fabric patterns and techniques. Kristabel is a pleasure to be with as she's full of chatter and positivity totally radiates from her! Could this be due to her gorgeous skin? Possibly! Getting fabulous glowing skin is my current obsession.

The meet came about because infamous Rebecca of The Clothes Horse (omg, I feel like that should be in capitals or something because it's The Clothes Horse!!!) is visiting Europe this summer with her sister and she contacted us about a meet. I've been reading TCH almost from the very beginning and remember when outfit shots were in dorms rather than forests! But what an amazing opportunity to meet a blogger that creates posts that make you go woooow every single day! Unlike many of us, Rebecca goes into detail about her fashion and art loves on her blog but will not natter about random things, so meeting her felt really special because I didn't totally know what to expect!  We came out the station and were right away all face to face, which is surreal for a few minutes but soon seems very normal! Rebecca is every bit as sweet, eloquent and warm-hearted as you'd expect from her lovely blog posts, and it was really cool to heard about some of her amazing trips. The American blogging world has evolved in different ways than here in the UK and it was interesting to discuss and debate comments and freebies and endorsements.

We decided on the Hummingbird Bakery as the perfect place to sample cupcakes and chat, and were very shortly joined by Kylie of Nice and Shiny! Kylie is in London for some time all the way from Canada to live the London life for a while, how cool is that! We discussed meeting last summer when she first came so when this opportunity arose she had to be there! She's one of my nicest commenters and we have loads of random things in common, like her cool and quirky love of British pop music and my childish love of British pop music! Haha OK we all know Girls Aloud and The Saturdays are the best but she was a fellow teen McFly fan and she has an amazing confidence to pull the fiercest poses and wear the coolest clothes. So pleased we met! She inspires me so much!

OK this is already a super epic post and I haven't even got into what we did all day! Rather than continuing this tomorrow, I'll post this up now and do part two tomorrow! There are loads more photos and details xx

A birthday outfit

I wish it was OK to post mirror outfit shots with the camera in front of your face like the good old blogging days. Things were much faster and you had no worry of looking posed or awkward. Now standards are much higher than having a bathroom in the background and generally I see how they're a lot nicer to see, but if you haven't noticed recently I haven't been posting many pictures of my own outfits. The process of taking loads of photos of yourself and then choosing the most decent one isn't very fun and mine never turn out great anyway! Certainly I'm no great poser and definitely don't have the face for random snaps; I am a serial untagger! And it's not the people you don't know that you think about as hopefully readers come here because they want to see outfits, it's the people you do know that you worry will judge you for putting up loads of pictures of yourself and therefore looking like you're saying that they're really good! That might not be the case, but it definitely stops me. If I ever have to send photos anywhere from the blog for an interview or something, I never have any suitable!


Anyway, today my family went for a meal at San Carlo to celebrate my Nan's birthday and I got my brother to take a photo as I was wearing the River Island Miu Miu copies for the first time. Glad to report, they are quite easy to walk in! Stairs are a bit tricky because you feel super tall but walking down the street is fine. I also wore a River Island dress that I got in the sale for only £12, and looking at this photo really reminds me of something Alexa Chung might have worn. I can't find the exact photo I'm thinking of but I think it's sort of a mash up of these three. I'm loving the longer lengths in everything.

I still don't even have anywhere to live in Manchester yet as my friends have only just came home from their years abroad, but living at home with my family is turning me insane! My sister was taking a photo for me and this is just to prove how very annoying my brother is, pretending to pick his nose and casually on purpose wandering into the shots!


And this is my Mom and Nan, just wanted to post the pic to remind myself not to worry about aging as it was my Nan's 80th! You wouldn't think my Mom is 50 in a few years either. I'm 21 in a few weeks and to be honest I'm not really looking forward to it! It's all a bit embarrassing!! In February my sister and brothers are going to be 16, 18 and 20 all within four days and today they were saying they're going to have a huge Super Sweet 16 style party, and if 150 people showed up to my sister's 18th last year, I think it might be a bit insane.

we are great in paris

I just realised that I never posted about when I visited my friend in Paris! How did this happen?! It was just before my internships so I didn't get a chance and then the weeks without internet went so quickly. I usually do mammoth posts about visiting places but I went there for five days so this post would be seriously long! So I picked out a few snaps to illustrate the crazy trip. It was lucky it even happened because it was during the ash cloud of doom and my flights were one of the very few that weren't cancelled; the airport was deserted! On the flight there, there were about six people on the plane and we had to all sit apart to balance out the weight. That scared me a lot! I also did the stupidest thing as had it in my mind that the flight was at 4pm, but the flight was actually getting in at 4 and the one on Monday was at 4, so I had to pack so quickly!

My friend Sophia is on Erasmus too but she spent the first term living with her Granddad in Spain going to uni there and is spending this term in Paris working! If that wasn't the coolest thing ever, I laughed the whole entire weekend as she is so funny and she was an amazing tour guide. I think we went to ever single sight imaginable! She lives in an apartment with those tall, slim windows and wooden floors and it's so amazing! The Eiffel Tower is ten minutes walk so when we finally met up at a metro station (I am greeeeat with directions, except that one time I got lost while finding Grazia and I think my internship people were just about to send a search party!), we hit the town! The weather was insanely hot and I saw about three clouds the whole weekend! We passed the Rue des Mauvais Garcons (the street of bad boys!) and went to the amazing L'as Du Fallafel in the Marais where you attack these huge pitas jam packed with so much good stuff, no wonder it's famous! I could so eat one right now omg.

I came on the Thursday so while Sophia worked on the Friday, I had a wander! First we met for lunch from a street stand that probably served better things than every cafe I know combined, and ate in a park with horny pigeons.  I stole these photos but maybe I'll ask Sophia what camera she has because the photos show my actual hair colour for once!


My first macaroon, ah nice memories! Even McDonalds sells them there.



And here is my beautiful friend Sophia herself, she is half Spanish, half amazingly fabulousss!

After lunch I had a nosey in Bon Marche, which was designer heaven in a really classic way. Selfridges et al try to be a bit more contemporary but here was all plush pillars and powder rooms.


This dress was made of broken records? Very sneaky photo taking in here I promise!


I also stumbled across Sephora and visited the French pharmacies; I made a youtube haul video of what I bought that I'll link at the end of the post! That evening we tried to point our fingers on the top of the Louvre but totally failed, and got a picnic tea of kids biscuits, crisps, chocolate, and some seriously dirt cheap demi sec stuff, fabulous! We hit the Sacre Coeur and sat with hundreds of people admiring the scenery and watching some loony robot dancing men. The highlight of the show was an old man who kept trying to join in by doing randomly timed high kicks.


We stayed there the whole night, buying beers from the sellers when it got dark and listening to an impromptu reggae concert. Men are really weird in France and will stare and come onto you like never before, and while we were brushing off lerky men, we were helped by a group of other Erasmus students all from different countries. They're everywhere! Next year we are going to positively abduct all the erasmus student coming Manchester. 


On Saturday we did a major sight seeing tour and had a picnic by the Eiffel Tower. We started off with these humongous ice creams that were sooo good for about half an hour but then were sooo bad as it became ice cream overload!

Some boys came and tried to charm us but ate all our picnic, and we weirdly bumped into the Erasmus people we'd met the night before but it was quite awkward as we may have looked like stalkers! We spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect person to approach to take our photo who didn't look like they might nick the camera, but some random nice men took this for us. I did take a photo of them but hey, may not be so appropriate! 


That night we got all dresses up and while both in strapless dresses, we went on Skype to our friend in Manchester and started bobbing around on webcam as with just our faces and shoulders showing, it looked like we were having a nudie party hahaha. All fun and games until she screen dumped and put it all over Facebook, thanks Ellie!!!! We didn't get out until about midnight and had a lovely convo with the French police before jumping metro barriers and going to a very random club called Lollypop that played some serious tunes!? We made friends with some people having a water fight in the bathrooms and stole some drinks off a supposed footballer who was about five foot tall. By 5am though my shoes hurt so much and I was like Sophia, taxi now!!! That's probably why we spent a lot of Sunday in bed and then watching way too much BBC world news and French Supernanny, before having another McDo (we are shameful) and hitting more sights.


We had a little marvel at the LV moving window displays.

Oh woah Sephora is heaven! I've never been in a shop before that made you want to buy so much. I managed to snag some stuff, watch the video to see! We met a gorgeous man at MAC who danced to Spice Girls and had amazing eyebrows.


We carried on sightseeing and then the next day I went home, boo! I haven't included all photos but we were proper tourists. I'm looking forward to the last year at Manchester in September and we're all set to work hard, play hard!!


p.s. the sound on this video is poor but I've fixed it in my newest videos!xx

The last shopper

Am I allowed to make religious puns? Well it is Easter! And today was the last shopping trip to Gothenburg, sob sob. Well it's not sinking, I can return one day, but it is very sad. The end of an era! It almost was the end of all era's when I ended up a bit stranded on a motorway, but that's a different story!

So I rushed around doing errands all morning- you need SO many forms for Erasmus! And it's going to be a nightmare journey again with dreaded Ryan Air and some how getting through London with three cases at midnight. I just about made the bus that I'd planned to get just after lunch time and in an hour I was in a very busy Gothenburg. It reminded me why I always shop on weekday mornings because I was constantly dodging people and hovering on rails waiting for people to browse faster and generally going slowlyyy. All the schools are off of course! But despite H&M being a let down, I actually found the things I was looking for later! This never happens. I did try these H&M skirts but realised grey really isn't my colour.


Also Gina Tricot is really pushing the Miu Miu print rip-off; the shirt was cute but nothing special.


I headed to Weekday and found the leopard shoes I posted about! They didn't have my size out and I assumed they'd sold out, but on a whim I spotted an SA and she retrieved me a pair! Again, you can use Filippa's shopping service if you want Swedish stuff as I recommend these booties, they are so comfy! And they're roomy and don't feel high when on as they're really light. I thought the way they lace up might hit an unflattering part of the ankle but they're cut quite low so your legs don't look stumpy at all, and the peep toe is verrry small. I haven't worn peep toe in years! I was so surprised to actually find them that I took them to the counter straight away, and they were only about £45. They're canvas, and considering Weekday sells t-shirts for £20, that's really good! 


I also hovered over these Cheap Monday jeans because I always turn to trousers in Spring for some reason, and they looked seriously cute. Loads of people were trying them on though and I took a step back and though hmmm, if they weren't Cheap Monday I probably wouldn't be so attracted to the farmer vibe. Also all the changing rooms were full for ages, and Weekday have those weird mirrored cubicles where the doors are two feet off the ground and only come up to your neck, so you can see exactly who is in there and people can just walk past and look over the door! It's almost like you must be totally gorgeous and confident if you want to shop in Weekday. Shopping for jeans takes lots of trial and error so I decided to leave them, despite a cute SA asking if I needed help. I'm going to miss all these well dressed guys!! Also whenever people speak Swedish to me in shops (as in every time) and I say ah I'm sorry, can we speak English?, they always say 'ohhh, you look Swedish!'. And how do you look Swedish? Ditch the eyeliner, people! I don't wear any anymore and it's fabulous.


I also went to Bik Bok, Zara, Topshop, the other Weekday, three Monki's, Ahlens, and Din Sko. Sweden definitely does winter better than summer, I just didn't see anything exciting. If you're wondering, Gothenburg is right by rivers and it's a mix of old trams and massive new malls. It's not as traditional as I though it would be.


I popped into another H&M and found it to have much better Divided stock than in the main mall, and found a jacket I'd been looking for too! I'd asked an SA in the mall if they were sold out in-store as well as online, and she gave me a pitying look and said 'aww no, that jacket sold out', so I assumed it was loooong gone, but then found loads in the nearby H&M! It's like a mini biker jacket but in cream lace, I bet they're in the UK soon or now; I'll post it when I can take an outfit photo! 

I started feeling really sad in Monki as you just can't get the strange, over-sized cuts anywhere else in such crazy patterns. I wanted to buy up everything! But in the end again I got what I came for, a Monki teddy! You know their logo are these little Monki animals called 'Monki friends' and they have teddies all around the store with different faces and in different colours. I knew I wanted one since I first came here because it's the best memento of my year abroad and the great times I've had shopping in there with friends and even myself. Instead of sticking photos on the wall, I can always have the teddy in my room and it will represent the time when I could visit the best shop ever!  It really is an important Swedish shop! I wanted the pink one but I picked the one with the nicest face and it's called 'Oki' apparently! Thank god everything I bought today is really light, even the shoes, as tomorrow is packing D-Day. Will everything fit? Nope!