Press Days

H! look at me!

Picture me rushing down crammed Oxford Street on one of the hottest days of the year, hair shoved in what earlier resembled a bun (not a cool Scandinavian top knot but a attempt at any style that satisfied getting hair out of the way), crumpled t-shirt, and makeup, what makeup? That sweated off hours ago! Is this any way to go to a press event? Probably not, but oh well. I don't go to many press things as you know I don't live in London and I'm not quite sure people like to read about them? But I was invited to an event at Debenhams and, as I used to work there aiding the nation's bust, I have a little soft spot for the store. I've just started working in another high street store for the summer and the manager who interviewed me had managed in Debs before and said, 'I know if you can do the lingerie section at Debenhams over Christmas, you can do anything!' But I had been doing all the things that make up an internship during the day of the event and really I have a blog, not a modeling contract! It probably was worse not to have ate since 1pm so by 7 I definitely passed on the champagne!


The event was for the current and future H! by Henry Holland collections, where I suppose Debenhams are being quite kind as most other high street x designer collabs have you camping outside the store at 4am. The sad thing is I'm not sure the target market frequents Debenhams as much as Primark or Topshop, and I suppose events like this are meant to change that. My camera wouldn't have made much of a dent so I only snapped one photo, but there were two full racks to browse. It was mostly school inspired stuff like blazers with checked lining, random prints like giraffe leggings, and mismatching patterns like a colourful playsuit. We were kindly told there we could generously take home two things and, like when you have just been paid or have been gifted store vouchers, you have no idea what to choose! 

Everyone on earth now seems firmly addicted to maxi dresses and nearly all the bloggers at the event made a beeline for this dress. I have a mental radar warning me automatically against grey as it washes out my skin-tone. As much as I'd love to try grey jersey and studs and ripped tees, it just doesn't suit me. But as time went by chatting to the bloggers there, my future trend radar started warming up and I know khaki is going to be huge in Autumn. Army prints have been popping up in unexpected places and as trends are always in cycles, I'm starting to wish I still had all my Spice Girsl-esque army print stuff from the '90s, especially a mini backpack with one of those push fastenings. The smaller sizes had been snagged but you could put your name down for the next batch, so I've been eagerly awaiting this dress in the post. My house number was a little mixed up on the package but somehow the postman must know what house a Selina lives in; most probably because he has to lug my packages down the road all the time! Sorry Postie!


This dress could be quite the miracle dress, but I don't do it justice, I do it too much justice! I'm not tooting my own horn, let me explain. There are definite design skills here because the black vertical seams of the dress as already sewn in a curved shape, and the ties at the waist are adjustable, so it gives you an hourglass automatically. The green section gives the illusion that that's the main silhouette of the front of your body, making you appear slimmer. And somehow it's flattering on my tiny bust as there's the separate grey section, and if you notice it slopes down underneath, creating a fuller illusion, and there are strong-looking straps to make it appear there is something worth supporting! It doesn't attract attention to what's missing and gives a balanced look. Yet some bloggers, after taking one look and saying 'there's no way my boobs will fit in that dress', tried it on and loved it! The straps are adjustable so that might help, but this would also make the dress a bit shorter or longer if needed, and it even has a slit up to just below the knee, letting you move and flash your ankles, oh my!

The problem is this dress is too flattering! I live in the second biggest city in England and I could not walk around in this dress, even in flats. I would not take a photo from the side in the dress as I've said many times, I'm very bootylicious, and the close cut and the lines of this dress enhance that dramatically. I'm already hourglass-y so the dress is less casual and more hello boys. I've had some trouble with maxis so far because the close cut ones suit me the best as fuller ones that hang from the bust would make mine look smaller and make me look bottom heavy, so they have to show my waist but also go back in at the bottom or I'd look like I had a small top half and big bottom half. So I'm afraid even in London, people (well, men) have leaned out cars to make remarks, and especially where I live in Birmingham, aka chav and general 'lad' haven, you generally can't walk around without looks, calls, and comments anyway. I've addressed this before on my blog and at least in London you have the freedom of everyone being super busy and commuting around constantly, so you don't notice one person or spend much time thinking about them as you genuinely pass thousands each day. But when I'm innocently argan oil shopping on my local high street and some guys are waiting at the bus stop (with a pram too!), you're probably one of the very few girls aged between 16 and 25 that they'll see, and if you have something that's unexpected, you are going to hear a purposely loud 'look at the arse' remark. 

It's a catch 22 situation that one of your, or at least one of my, natural and enforced daily aims is to be attractive. Not necessarily to every eye or to the 'norm', but I have to satisfy my own degree of attractiveness. I guess everyone has a level when they go out that determines whether they think 'today I feel a bit minging as I crashed at a friends after that 3am take-away' or think 'today I'm wearing my new top and feeling great!'. When I go out [Edit- as in to a club] I do wear body con dresses because I want to attract guys. It gets a bit tiresome if you get those annoying comments in clubs still, or if people take photos of you or literally assault you, which has happened to me because of my derrière, but you can hope for the proportion of people who will say I like her figure, wonder what her personality is like? So my point is, during the daytime I'm not on the pull and despite it being great if people think you look nice, I don't have an interest in attracting any unwanted attention. The solution is to fold the dress up until autumn and wear a thigh skimming jacket, or preferably my Monki hoodie with furry pom pom ties!

Despite my rant, this dress would be amazing on girls who want to enhance their whole figure, as the dress does wonders on every size it seems. Remember us bloggers are of course real ladies of all shapes and sizes, and I'm guessing at least half walked away from the event with this dress. I was going to exercise my new found sustainable habits and come away with just the one item, but I spotted the dress below and it had my sister's name all over it. Well it has flowers all over it and not 'Chloe', but anything with a bustier top is amazing on her. I took this dress away on the day but it's taken me weeks just to track her down and get a pic as even when I snapped this, her friends were in the garden on pre-lash (read: getting drunk before going out). With siblings aged 19, 17 and 15, my house is like a youth club and I can't even spend a day in my pyjamas on my computer without teenagers raiding the fridge and getting up to no good. I can say this because I'm 21 in a month and officially a grown up, gosh!


The maxi dress isn't out yet but this dress has been reduced in the Debenhams sale from £38 to £11.40?! And my sister has a fabulous but balanced figure with one of the largest bra sizes, and she says the cups are fine. Maybe Mr Holland worked his designing tricks with it too?


In true blogger style, I must say a shout out and a hiii to the people I met at the event, who were Natalie (and her friend!) from Canned Fashion, Fiona from SOS! Save Our Shoes, Reena from Fashion Daydreams, and then for the first time I met Amy from Wolf Whistle, Carina from Carina 100, Kirsty from Belle Fantaisie, and Dina from She Loves Mixtapes. Dina gave me some lovely feedback on my blog and she looked absolutely divine, the sort of outfit I might have to go up to someone and say wow, you look fantastic!

Also, what do you guys think of blogging about press events? If you don't have a blog but certainly read blogs, do you honestly like to read those posts?

Arcadia AW10 - Topshop


I think the collection everyone was truthfully checking out the Arcadia press day for was Topshop, even though I'm not the fan I used to be. Before, I'd check their new items daily on the site and knew exactly what was selling well, but now TS just isn't a place I long to shop at. The things don't often fit me well and the quality means that after the first wear, items just never look as good. When I met up with a Taiwanese friend from Sweden in London recently, I took her to Topshop and couldn't resist a maxi dress. I had a major debate with myself in the changing room as it was more expensive than some you can get on the high street and I knew the quality would deteriorate. True to form, after a few wears it's stretched and baggier, and where I have my bag on my shoulder the fabric has bobbled. Not unexpected but a bit disappointing. Still, their designs and huge range is what attracts people and they seem to set fashion trends all of their own. Years ago I'd look to their trend reports to see what was in fashion. Before you read on, at least in the showroom, there were no prints or retro things. The heart print jeans and bow back dresses were all pushed away and there won't be anything to tempt your cute radar.

Topshop was right at the end of the route around the showrooms and it was a huge room with one wall covered in leaves and foliage with a light up sign. Not sure what it was meant to convey as the green was more springy than wintery, but it was lovely and again transported you right into Topshop, so it didn't associate with the collections just a room away. This was also where all the canapes were coming from; even teeny bowls of pasta! I was told here that I couldn't take photos but a Japanese team nearby were pulling out and photographing every single thing so I carried on, I hope they're OK to be here!


It started quite nicely with nude and chiffon pieces that could be part of current collections, but everything had a bit more of a twist. For example this sheer dress was so delicate and unique, I was told everything is going into production but I can imagine this being a stand out piece!


All boots are fur lined, will you be adding fur to yours from last year? I'll definitely consider it for mine! I find these nude and sand colours quite hard to wear as the basis of my wardrobe is solid black, but I'm trying not to buy anything totally black any time soon to allow for some variety in winter.


Clog boots? The embellished pair in the glass cover were so high, I hope they come in other colours!


I'm keen to wear leather but not so much if it's real, so I hope there's some synthetic pieces out there. I wear leather shoes but if you are wearing something that you're constantly touching and it used to be the skin of an animal, that's a bit creepy! I love the skirt though, definitely looks like something that would stay the same shape after a few wears.


The leather continued with this insane hat. Wearing this down the street would be my worst nightmare! But maybe someone else's wildest dream?


I've never had a substantial cardigan, mine are all mini and cropped. Maybe before you start wearing coats, a huuuge cardigan would be really cosy. Never had a cape either, interesting! Not sure what I think as you only need one major coat so I wouldn't get a cape on top of that, and I'd probably never buy a cape alone.


The only printed thing I found was this over-sized duck print top which literally channels the heritage, earthy vibes. A cheap way to channel the trend would be to sew elbow patches on old things like this jumper. 


This is another example of something I could never pull off in a million years. A holey jumper? Even grey jersey would look odd on me.


Miu Miu-esque crystals are always good in my book! Wouldn't you love to put this on day after day? If they crystals didn't fall off that is! I just bought the MOST AMAZING crystallized things, will stare tomorrow.............


These totally appeal to my magpie side, gems and nudes are lovely. It's all about investing your money in things you're excited to continuously wear, and you couldn't tire of something shiny!


Gold chain mail... woah!


Metal bra... woah!


God, these shorts are gorgeous. They look so buttery!


And these!


Topshop sometimes annoys me a bit when they always have lingerie inspired stuff. Like I know it's popular and people love it but when I see another slip skirt or bra top I'm just thinking same old, same old.


Haha imagine if I came home with this one day?!


Topshop always do a great feather pieces and this is the ultimate. Unless you were super fierce you might be verging on costume territory but I bet it feels amazing to stroke.


This is just about as far into the whole studs area that I would venture, and that's if I buy anymore flats. I'm so fed up with flats, they're so unsupportive and unethical and just plain rubbish, so annoying that they all stretch and break. I'm fed up of constantly buying pairs.


And you thought you'd seen it all?! Good Lord this could have your eye out. Imagine if you accidentally put it on inside out haha!

I've never had a leather jacket either, just don't like the feeling of real leather.


Now this is lush, denim and caramel and camel and orange. I'm trying to build up my non existent camel wardrobe with non existent funds. Oh.


Hello leather tee. Synthetic? Hell yeah, come to me!


This made me look twice, a sailor coat! The one thing that I thought would suit my style, but it's quite worn and tarnished so it's a bit too vintage looking.


Winter picnic anyone? 


Now imagine if one of these coats was your winter coat, how fab would you feel all the time!? They're so on trend so not too versatile but they're all gorgeous.


This was the only thing that was remotely printed or cute, and I'm sure I've seen it before? Maybe I'm imaging it but this would be great over a really bright bra.

In the corner was the Unique section and this stuff is amazing! There wasn't as much impact as on the runways with the hair and makeup but the hats were just enough and they had the show playing on a TV in the wall.


They speak for themselves right? The Unique things at the moment are quite minimal so it's interesting to have different colours and textures along the way. I've got my eye on the maxi dress above!

I had a sneak peek at Topshop makeup too but I'm sure you've seen it by now! I've heard great things about the cream blushers but when I bought an expensive £8 lipstick, it looked orange in store but matte red outside so I'm a bit disheartened to try any more!

Arcadia AW10 - Evans

Home for the summer wooooooooo!! I've been storing these photos for far too long though, and is it just me or has all this hot weather brought on Autumn thinking? I'm not planning on buying any more summery things because I've already got loads and I'm not lucky enough to have any holidays abroad booked. It also feels like the countdown to going back up to Manchester for my final year which judging by all the news from my friends completing their degrees, it's just about the worst year ever! But what with the growth of blogs and general competition in the fashion and retail industry, next year needs to be super focused and fashionable. Time to start planning!

So when I hit the Arcadia AW10 press day, I didn't pass up the Evans area; of course I had a mooch everywhere and I wasn't just there to look for myself but to share. And it definitely exceeded every expectation I had. I'm signed up to every store newsletter including Evans so I knew they create some on-trend stuff and I bloody love Crystal Renn, but I wasn't expecting so many great things one after the other, making for a seriously strong collection.

I've never been the biggest maxi dress fan before and now I've got three; I'm sure maxis are insanely good this year. All the Arcadia brands had winter maxis and I'll be wearing mine this autumn I hope. They look the best with jackets rather than coats and Evans had an amazing shearling jacket that you can see poking out in this photo, but the single photo didn't turn out. The head designer told me they modeled it on an air fighter pilot jacket found at a flea market in America, which is pretty cool for a plus-size retailer.

They had a load of lingerie but I'm just not much of a lingerie buyer? I don't need to invest in expensive bras and prefer cute stuff anyway so lace and satin makes me glaze over. However I did like the little tee that was almost like secret lounging around, slob wear but hot!


I have no idea how the first collection went down in terms of sales but they've officially got Beth Ditto back on board to design another collection. 


These are examples of key things that I didn't think Evans were quite fashion forward enough to stock, but considering they're the sister of Topshop, Miss Selfridges and Dorothy Perkins, it's no wonder.


I really liked the boots, especially the knee high pair. Some I got in Sweden are almost the same but the laces are at the back.


This coat was very inviting as it was dusty purple, especially soft, and the fur was even twirled into roses. Every time I see these pics it gets more and more attractive, and if this was stocked in Topshop you'd probably think twice. Come winter I might take a closer look at a small size.


The coat on the left is actually a rich navy blue with bright red buttons, and you can just see the sleeve in the bottom corner in the true colours. Loved it!

Was also eyeing up the duffel coat in plaid as there's so many woodstock and hippy vibes all around. I need to invest in some hair tongs for some huge waves pronto!

Arcadia AW10 - Miss Selfridge


Onto Miss Selfridge! As I said before, I was lucky enough to attend the Arcadia AW10 press day and it was superbly fancy and fabulous. I probably walked in some crazy directions as I visited each brand more than once and veered off the track straight away to check out Miss Selfridge. Their section of the room was a sublime forest, you totally forgot you were in a fancy white hall and felt like it was autumn rather than spring. It must have taken a long time and a very creative team to put up the trees, shrubs, and leaf-covered double bed in the centre. As the area was dark and spotlighted, some photos are a little more blurry than I'd like but hopefully you can see the new stock!


So all of the Miss Selfridge stuff was displayed on mannequins, so it really did feel quite special to wander around and gaze at the scenery rather than thumb through a rail. As you first walked in though, you encountered this questionable peachy/coral embellished dress, floor length with a cut out cleavage. This dress stood so sorely out from the realm of 70's fur and black that I was a bit surprised, but as these clothes will all make perfect sense in six months, you have to take a step back and think forward. Hmmm I'm not planning on wearing a stretchy coral dress just yet, but it definitely stuck in my mind and woke me up. 


The outfit on the left is an example of what should become the norm come winter- fur gillets or jackets. Fur still has a stigma of belonging to divas or lux wannabes, or at least I feel like a diva when I wear fur! I've only ever see fur on older ladies who strut around or vintage fur on younger people. But hopefully it will be more wearable next season and become a boy-friendly fashion i.e. become so mainstream that fashion confused boyfriends won't bat an eyelid. I often rate items on a scale of boy-friendliness. If shaggy fur becomes really mainstream, it leaves room to be really creative and wear it in different cuts, colours, and textures.


Fur bags again popped up in each store and this MS one was my favourite shape and colour, apart from the thin gold chain. A bit chunkier and less bling would be perfect.


The main focus of MS was maxi dresses in winter. MS seem to make their trade off key items, so they'll be throwing out long dresses as staples. I never impulse in there or buy little things, it always seems too expensive! Like clogs, if you buy a maxi dress this season that isn't only fit for over a bikini on the beach, you'll be good to go all year. They're bringing out a heavy 70's vibe with floral and native prints in purple, blue, brown, burgundy and orange. I love the 70's and will totally be wearing my flared high waisted jeans with fur jackets, and possibly some maxi dresses too. Once you find one at the right length, you will be an addict. I filmed for the T4 show Frock Me on Saturday (blog post to come, it was so cool!) and wore my ASOS maxi dress for the second time, and they feel so great! Not only do you feel tall and slim, but they're so comfortable because they hide so much and feel really relaxed. 


MS fuzzed up their clogs but added studs for an even more rustic, folk feel. Still don't know how you walk in them but maybe practice makes perfect! Next pair I see, I'm trying on.


If clogs aren't your thing, how about fluffy booties? It's really bugging me but I think in an old musical a girl is given a pair of slippers with fur around and they look really teeny and she puts them on and clicks her feet together like yaaay. Argh so annoying, what film is it?! I had a google and it just struck me, this is a bit weird but remember in The Little Princess and Becky is given some shoes with fur around? They reminded me of that! 

I lingered around these platforms for a looong time because I am a total mary jane girl, and I remember a time about four years ago when they didn't sell shoes like this in shops. Seriously! And I remember five years ago when they didn't sell ballet shoes or flats, and my friend got a gold pair and it was like, 'woah, you have flat little shoes in the shape of ballet pumps, insanity!'. Wow I sound old!


MS always has a great accessories range (and an even better sale at the end of the season!) so it wasn't surprising to see a chandelier of pearls and feathers  This is leading onto the next collection but I'd just like to point out the shearling jacket! You can't avoid them, they are coming for you! Warmed up to them yet?


Like Dorothy Perkins, MS has a gothic, Twilight-themed collection, with lots of little black dresses with velvet, lace and pearls. Sorry for the bad picture but I thought best to include this cute dress with the heart cut-out at the back with beaded fringing. Remember my post below on how far designers can take the Luella rip-off heart cut-out? I think this is a great example of being inspired but totally twisting the look on it's head and creating something new. Good work!


I loved this pearl collar too, reminded me of Carrie of WishWishWish!


As you rounded the displays, you went into a more lux version of the folk trend. The green, shiny dress shows things really will be earth toned and rich this autumn. Have you noticed there's nothing bright, kitschy, or printed yet? Say good bye to your retro, girly things of this spring because the direction in autumn will be so different! In fact in each collection at the presentation I didn't see anything flirty or in a funny print, so start contemplating that to save money later. Of course you wear what pleases you most but when the shops stop bringing out cute things and head off somewhere else, it's easier to consider it now and plan ahead than feel stuck with all the things you bought now that don't fit in with the new things you can buy.


It really is all about the dress and the coat, with this fur collared and cuffed jacket being one of my favourites. It's not a swamping coat that would hide your outfit but it's still warm enough to last through winter. Also loved this poofy prom dress, would love to have an excuse to wear this! 


Sitting on the bed was a mannequin in a heart printed hat, the only cute print I saw. And still all coats were furred up, so at least we will be warm in winter!

A main attraction was this maxi dress, which I couldn't photograph very well but it has a sheer, detailed back falling onto the sleeves too. This would be amazing for evening but so easily covered up during the day. A very 'Miss Selfridge' coat was this twee, ruffled one. This stuck out of the collection but it goes with the usual MS vibes or being quite Gossip Girl-y. They threw on a fur scarf but it still stands out! And as you can see from the first picture, where will be cute, little coats with double buttons. Overall, they've really homed in on the themes they wanted to follow and have a huge variation of the folk trend, but not forgetting their signature mini dresses and cute detailing.

I'll be posting Evans, Wallis, Burton, Topman and Topshop throughout the week, including accessories for all stores and a peek at Topshop makeup! I'm heading to London for the month tomorrow and I am really quite scared as I'm going to some very important places but I'll try my best to have the most amazing experience possible! Wardrobe planning is a nightmare though, why do all my things just make me look about 12?!?!

Arcadia AW10 - Dorothy Perkins

Hello, hello! I'm back from Paris and have had interviews all week; is there anything worse than a group interview? But last week the day before my flight (woo, no ash!), I went to the Arcadia AW10 press day in London! I don't really have the time or the funds to travel all the way and get around London for each press day but Arcadia houses Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Wallis, Burton and Topman, so that really is value for money! Haha well it is such an honour to go to an Arcadia event, especially as I study retail and all that jazz, so an opportunity to mingle with the pros is amazing. And of course I love checking out press day posts (often the Topshop one on Style Bubble) to spot things I might nab and to get a bit organised for the future. When you go shopping you can really think, 'hmmm I'm totally not going to be wearing this in four months, it's not worth the impulse.' If you plan your wardrobe direction, you'll be sorted when the time comes and can eeease into Autumn Winter.

I didn't know of any other bloggers going as there was a postal invite so I went round myself the whole time and it was beyond what I expected! I'd been to some shows during London Fashion Week at Victoria House (well, two out of three shows haha), so I hopped on and off the tube and sauntered in past the posh security guards and into the basements down the marble stairs. When you walk in it's just like walking into a huge Primark; you don't really know where to look first! I was going to make one huge post on all the stores but realised I've got a million pics and it would be insanely long. So I'll split up each brand as they really deserve their own blurb. 


I felt a bit sorry for the other stores as Topshop got their own room whereas the other women's shops were in one big room. This wasn't a problem though as each corner was transformed and as you wandered around you were totally into each store. In the end I didn't sample any of the champagne or food that was being constantly offered; they even has mini muffins and little bowls of pasta! As I was alone I felt a bit weird tucking into a plate in a room full of clothes so I always politely declined, and will try find another blogger to go with next time and tuck right in!


First I've got to note that these aren't the best photos as it was quite hard to snap and browse. It wasn't busy but there was always people browsing around you and in most places there were spotlights, so some things were harder to capture. I went around 1pm so I assumed most people were on lunch breaks. At each brand they had a visitors book and I had a little nose at where others were from and previous messages were from TV shows and magazines! As with fashion week, I had no idea who the other attendees were but always wondered who they could be and assumed everyone was very important!


As you walked in you turned the corner and were faced with Dorothy Perkins first. I didn't understand the layout and thought it was a circle but in the end you had to go back on yourself after Topshop so I ended up admiring the DP models a LOT.


Each brand had a different way of customising their section of the room and Dotty Ps put their efforts in these amazing mannequins with huge crimped/afro hair and burnt orange lashes! I really want a crimper. Seriously.

In the beginning I felt a bit weird browsing as it's not like you're shopping and not everyone is taking photos. There were many people schmoozing with drinks around the DJ in the centre of the room and people milling around each section. Turns out not only the press team were there but the actual collection designers were at each stand. In fact I'd assume all members of the Arcadia team were there. After all, it would be a key event in the calender and most were dressed very well with false lashes and all! It was a real privilege to talk to the designers of the clothes that thousands of people wear, and for most, what appears in the stores is what sets fashion trends. I wasn't asking too many details and didn't write anything down but I asked what were the key things for each store and what themes they were channeling. If you can't be bothered reading the future posts, there will be a LOT of fur, tonnes of leather, all things gothic, and new directions for military; less marching band and more pilot jackets and army prints. Yep, army print! Hello 1996.

I got into the swing of it and started flicking rails and getting distracted by all the new clothes here, there and everywhere. First thing you will want and need is a shearling jacket. If you followed the AW10 runways you will already know this (see Burberry Prorsum), but if not, here's the memo: SHEARLING WILL BE HUGE! It's all about aviator chic. Isn't it funny how you can add chic on the end of everything and it becomes a fashion term?

The DP shearling coat was my first encounter, with a lot of cowboy flavour. I wouldn't fully take on this trend with a coat as it wouldn't withstand time enough, but I'll be wearing beige and tan definitely, and will try to get a shearling scarf or some soft fur on a jacket. It's about huge collars.


In about 2002 I had a coat just like this with shaggy fur all around the hems, when jeans were flared and embellished, and coloured feather jewellery were cool. I'm not 13 anymore though and don't quite know if I can wear this again! The coat on the left might not be my Winter coat either as it's part of a gothic collection, basically due to all the Twilight/vampire stuff invading the whole world. Not for me! Other shops are inspired by this too as you'll see later.


I'm thinking if clogs would be a good investment right now as they will go right through to winter, but by then they will be all furry or woolly.  I really liked these but still don't understand how you walk in them? Especially with the platform? I don't know about other girls but there are cobbles, hills, stairs, and public transport in my life, and sometimes I feel the high street doesn't quite understand this...


Casing point! Fantastic shoes but who can wear these?


I do have a furry bag from River Island a few months ago but the chain is realllly long and you can just about squeeze a tic tac in there. There's lots of furry bag offerings and this one is quite sweet but too classic for me. I try not to buy a Chanel shaped bag until I can afford the real thing (in the far, far future)!


All the 'gothic' stuff isn't exactly too scary but it's not too ground breaking. I'd expect lots of lace and ruffle details on everything black.


These shoes were an outside brand but I was glad there were some sparkles and bling somewhere! And an onslaught of furry coats. Now they are all shaggy and full and eveeerywhere.


Lots of knitwear of course but it's very thick and light coloured, so it could almost be a bit twee or little house on the prairie-ish.  As a wedge boot convert, I was eyeing these peep toes too, although I might enforce a black ban. It's all about tan!


Unlike most, DP did have some cute details. I liked this extra fuzzy jumper and the blouse below with a cat print. Not many others will be producing retro prints anymore, be warned!


Also get ready for the leather tshirt in a big way. If you get one this season you'll be all set. I really want some leather shorts but haven't spotted any cheap enough on the high street. I've just been googling around and Oasis have a cool pair but they're £60. They would carry you right through winter but guaranteed somewhere else will come up with a cheaper pair.