30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 18

    18. A piece of jewelry that you someone made.

I'm going to dust off the 30 Day Challenge as I want to complete this baby! Of course I failed at doing it in 30 days but I'd like to finish it, although today I have changed the challenge as I don't have any jewellery that I have made myself. My Mom just went on a little holiday to Fife in Scotland to see a folk band and brought me back this SUPER cute ring which I think seems handmade! I can't find the brand Papyrus online with the actual ring but she has orange hair and a hair bow, just like me!

P.S. Please could you say a little prayer that one of our family cats is found! She has been missing for a few days and we don't want to lose another cat :'(

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 12

    12. A piece of jewelry that everyone complements you on

This week has gone so fast! I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. I'm home in Birmingham for a couple of reasons, including a friend's birthday on Saturday. Those friends are into rock/metal music so you can imagine me in a club playing that in my little dresses and heels haha! I've had this Topshop ring for a looong time, maybe over 2 years, and you can see close up that it's all tarnished now. However from afar it looks fine, and because it's so big, people comment on it a lot; especially sales assistants. Maybe because it looks quite vintage, but it's definitely standard Topshop!

Ring Things

So Easter has officially begun and I did my last shift at River! I don't know what I'll do on a Wednesday and Thursday now! Well, I know it's going to be time for revision and exams but I haven't done anything else on those days for about seven months. It was sad to leave, I love my job! And I'll always have a soft spot for River Island when I go shopping, that store has some serious hidden gems and the new Chelsea Girl collection is based on archived pieces. Loads of customers come in to say they used to work at Chelsea Girl (before it became River) and recognise the clothes! There's a styling competition on the website for Cosmo too if any of you are fashion students!

I was looking round the store this week for any last buys with my staff discount and I am very intrigued by all these 'palazo' trousers. When I was at the River charity jeans day in Liverpool, there were loads of girls shopping in super tall wedges and huge, floaty floral trousers looking great! Maybe if a pair were short enough they could be worn with flats, almost disguised as a maxi skirt? I could get away with wearing them to lectures with flats, they just look super comfy! I'll have to have a day in town and try on loads of pairs, the most reasonably priced ones I've seen are in River Island; have you seen any nice ones anywhere else? They would also be PERFECT on a beach holiday, of which I haven't booked yet but I am definitely planning for!

I bought a couple of things recently online and in shops, I think it was the great weather and because I didn't really buy anything for the whole of March. I was home a few weekends ago and popped into Forever21 in the Bullring after I'd met my friend, and was pleasantly surprised! I actually got some clothes, which I showed in a haul video that I still have to edit. All my editing programmes put the sound out of sync so I'm still searching for something that works! The F21 jewellery section is like nothing else and I got this ring for only £5.90. It's like an amour ring with jewels in and it moves into three different parts. Sadly the quality is rubbish as another ring I got from there broke straight away and now one part of this one keeps falling off. If I'm in town soon I'll see if they have any more in stock or see if my brothers can fix it.

It's not my normal style but you can go a bit crazy with rings; it's only a ring! I also got this black and tarnished silver ring below, almost like a 'tube' ring. I put it on my little finger for this photo though as it's gets totally stuck on my other fingers and is so thick, it won't come off! It was £4.90.

In the River Island sale right now I got this huuuge ring that has already been in a million sales! I kept seeing it and now it's only £4, so I thought it would be good on a night out with no other jewellery. The middle part is a mirror!

I don't normally buy into blogger trends but one day I thought 'I need a double finger cross ring in my life!!!' So I got this cute tarnished gold one from Dainty Dollymix, also a fab beauty blog!

I'm still not sure on this Revlon polish, it's quite milky so it can look a bit dirty and dull. It's just not doing it for me! I'll wait until inspiration strikes to do my next nails though, at the moment I'm trying to crack on with work! I've got my GoogleReader down to zero and brought home a million heavy books yesterday so I'm on the way! I sound very on track on here but I'm trying to do it early and slowly so I don't get the exam depression and desperation!