The Weekly Gloss

Hello November

Where the heck did October go?! This has been the quickest month ever and November is set to go even faster! Going from being a student to working full time is drastically different, and blogging and shopping has a totally different purpose. When I was a student I bought things that I only could end up wearing to a few lectures a week and now at work I can get wear out of 5 cool outfits a week - but then again, only the people at the office see! As a student, the weekends dragged out and every evening was free unless it was party time, but now I'm living for the weekend! Every week night flies by. It's different! However, now I'm living as 'myself' rather than being a 'student' so I've started to wear exactly whatever I fancy again and have a bit more freedom to do nice things on days off!

Anyway, here's how my October goals went... it ain't good!

October's Goals Revisited:

1. Cook a large variety of things - Hmmm I didn't end up cooking much in October but I ate at home more and took my lunch to work most days!

2. Blog more! - I hardly had chance to blog at all!

3. Make more effort with outfits and buy key things - I'm well into the swing of autumn and am really happy with the things I bought this month! Ankle boots, jumpers and leather skirts.

4. Sort my hair out - I didn't get my keratin treatment done yet as I've got the Charles Worthington 40 Day Straight treatment on right now! I'll keep you posted how it goes.

5. Use my days off! - I had some looovely days off and Katy Perry was AMAZING! And I took part in the Bristol Zombie Walk haha! Thousands of people took to the city centre chanting 'braaaains' much to the confusion of shoppers! I was embarrassed but went for the laugh; I love dressing up!

November Goals:

1. Actually cook! - Today I did the first marginally big food shop since I've moved to Bristol! Seriously! I've just been getting bits and bobs since I moved as I didn't want to buy loads and waste it, but it always left me short and eating out. I'll definitely cook more this month, promise! I got these goodies from Holland and Barrett yesterday too.

2. Blog more - definitely!

3. De-stress - How do you de-stress and wind down? I spend all day on a computer  so spending alllll night on the laptop isn't what it used to be! I'm going to Zumba at the gym every week and might start reading again. I still like young fiction about teenage girls - do you have any recommendations maybe? I haven't found an adult chic lit book that I like! Going out to eat and the cinema is also a nice night away from home but it's a bit on the expensive side.

4. Buy no clothes/makeup - On a bit of a spending ban at the moment to try and shift some student debt - no clothes! No makeup! Maybe a few little H&M things here and there but nooo big purchases! Also I just got tickets to see The Saturdays in Cardiff for a night out with my sister woop! That will be my big purchase of this month.

5. Eat breakfast! Every day.

Snapshots of the Week(s)

Right, it's time! Face mask - check. Internet TV - check. Munchies - check. Finally a night off, woop! Not that I work at night, but my brain does work at night and I live with a million people, so there's not many chances to relaaax in peace and quiet. I've had some holiday from work this week so I've been home to Birmingham again, but I fully booked up my time so haven't stopped! I haven't been snapping photos for blog posts very much but I have been logging things with my Blackberry camera so here are a few buys, outfits and outings, including what I came home for - a Katy Perry concert!!! I have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go on a Zombie Walk back in Bristol.... how do I get talked into these things?!

So starting from two weekends ago when I came home for a friend's birthday, it was of course tan o'clock! I am a rubbish tanner and it all may seem OK in a dark club, but I am streaks galore the next day. My sister just came home too and had a quick outfit change that desired a tan, and she was quite alarmed when she started putting on this DARK lotion! On my pale skin it makes me a nice warm colour though.

This is a sort of 'Nails of the Week' post as I had these flouro green nails for a while! I was fed up of about 4 months of coral so I went for the craziest colour and sort of hated it but sort of loved it.

My Mom gets my sister and I very random little presents sometimes as we both live away now and she found these tweezers that look like me! Seriously, haha!

I live by quite a cheap and cheerful highstreet so I raided the shops and found these mini drawers in Poundland which can house my every-day makeup, and stocked up on cheapie lashes. I forgot to add a disclaimer to my last post on how I store my makeup as I do know I have loooooads of it! However, watching loads of beauty videos showing people with huge collections made me loose touch a bit, even though most of those people are actually makeup artists and if I went near anyone else's face, it would be a disaster!

I have a slight Forever 21 addiction (see below) as they make amazing tops as far as I'm concerned! I got this Disney top with Minnie Mouse bows on a few months ago from the London Oxford Street store and it is sooo cute.

And from cute to erm, glam? Haha my green nails really were a sight! Here I am about to go out for my friend's birthday, wearing double lashes and the Motel Elsa Dress, which is my current 'wear to every occasion with every group of friends until it is all over Facebook' dress as I love it x a million! But I am of course biased :)

Last Friday at work we were discussing top secret and confidential Christmas plans (ooo it's only round the corner!!) and I ended up wearing 3 different types of animal, so to speak. I got a fur coat off eBay that was in River Island last year, and wore a huge River Island Dalmatian print sweatshirt with velvet leggings and New Look leopard print loafers. Usually I dress a lot smarter for work but there are very few of us in our office on Fridays so I take it down a notch.

Also in that animal photo was my GlossyBox under my arm! I can't really review mine as I always share it with everyone in the office, and I don't review things here exactly, but sometimes I just feel like I need to top up my makeup collection, you know? I do sometimes feel mine has space to grow (LOL).

I came home on Tuesday night after work so I could spend Wednesday preparing for Kaaaty Perryyy ahhh! I went to the nail salon as I had desperately outgrown gels by then and couldn't decide on bright coral (again) or neon yellow/green.

I had a little peek in New Look and spotted these gorgeous heels in the blue that I am obsessed with at the moment, I am very tempted!!

Also did a little shop of the cheapie stores and got my favourite hairspray and tan at discount prices and some blood for this zombie walk. Not sure I'll be walking the streets saying 'bbbrrraaaiiinnssss' but I intend to at least have good makeup!


First though, omgeee Katy Perryyyyy!!! I went with my FAB uni friends Ellie and Natalie and wowowow it was SO GOOD! The whole thing was a story with your expected crazy sets and antics and it was amazing! Standing in an arena is great as there was loads of room and we could basically stand where ever we wanted! I didn't actually take my camera as I knew I'd spend lots of time taking photos rather than watching but I'll try and nick some of my friend's for you!


Haha Natalie got us all blue wigs!! We wore ours for a few comedy photos and during one song but they were quite wild and made us look mental haha! There were loads of great Katy Perry costumes at the gig though. I really want to see The Saturdays and Rihanna now!

Today I shopped round the Bullring and got a few payday purchases! However I'm curbing it now as it's all Christmas present shopping from here on!

I saw these F21 sweatshirts on a few American Tumblrs but I'm so glad they came over here, OF COURSE I got the Little Mermaid one! They also had Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Cinderella there.

Oh Lordy, here are my nails for this week! Like I said, I couldn't decide which colours to go for so I went for both! Very Katy Perry in the Last Friday Night video I thought! I was also talked into getting a tacky flower gem on my ring finger, I have problems saying no!

After Katy Perry, we went to an infamous Birmingham club called Snobs and I just discovered this in my bag that I stole off the wall, haha I'm sure you Midland people will have a chuckle! Snobs is the least calm place. EVER.

And so we come to tonight, where I was chatting to my sister while she got ready to go out and she showed me her new MAC lipstick collection addition- Ruby Woo (on the right). It's really funny how every MAC lipstick she has is an insane colour! (Impassioned/Morange/Cyber/Ruby Woo) I suppose if you are spending that much, it might as well be worth it! I should remember that thought :)

Hello October

Hi everyone! Gosh it's October already, and today it dawned on my that I made some goals for the past month and nearly forgot! It's been a really hectic month with a burst of travelling to London loads and visiting home, and I'll do the same this month too. The photo above is from a Motel company-wide team bonding day where we had to do loads of tasks in teams that ended in building rafts and sailing them across this river! (P.S. It is 20% off everything tonight only!) I was soaking by the end after going into the river to swim our raft across rather than paddle as it fell apart (!!) but I did loads of things like climb over a huuuge wooden wall on two guys shoulders and it was fab meeting everyone! Thankfully it was a gorgeous day as it might have been a bit miserable if it was raining!

Here is the progress I made with my goals and my new October ideas...


1. Make Lunch and Dinner - Since it was a five week month, I definitely cut back on eating out and invested a little bit more in 'nicer' foods for lunch and potentially dinner, as I'd spend more buying lunch anyway! I got in lots of nice cheese and sun dried tomatoes and great bread for sandwiches, which made me wince at the time of buying when it's £3 for a jar of tomatoes but it's cheaper in the long run. I still need to make larger dinners though as my quick fixes could involve a larger variety of ingredients.

2. Go to the Gym! - Hmm OK so I went to the gym ONCE! How awful! I went to a level 1 spinning class and was quite shocked when the instructor turned the lights off so it was pitch black, but it was good! I'll try to go every week as the Zumba class is always full, and maybe brave it alone on a weekend. I hear the gym is much busier now the students are back though!

3. Hit Fashion Week! - Fashion Week was great! I still need to hunt down all the photos but I've spotted myself on loads of great sites which feels amazing, and I met loads of fabulous people.

4. Sort my room - I have barely spent any time in my room sice the mouse fiasco! They blocked up one set of holes but there has been more mouse sightings and I am super paranoid so I've been staying in the spare bed of another housemate and popping in and out when I'm getting ready for work or bed! However I have kept up with sorting out my wardrobe each week and sterilising and cleaning all my makeup, which is very stress-relieving! I'm still after a clear plastic/perspex storage set for my makeup but they're so expensive on eBay and beyond!

5. Get back into nail art - I didn't even have time to think about nails this month! However I went to the salon today finally and on my housemate's request, I got a BRIGHT green polish like the Hulk! They match my new River Island jumper and it will be nice to have an interesting flash of colour again, even if it is very garish. I kind of love it but hate it at the same time!

So I subconsciously touched on my September goals but didn't make great progress. Here are the aims for October...

1. Cook a large variety of things - I'm hoping to stock up on vegetables like I used to and pre-prepare loads so I can whack things into a stir fry or soup or pasta for dinner. I've had loads of fruit recently as you don't need to cook it, which is ironic as I never used to eat fruit but used to eat a million vegetables! I also have a little confession: I ate some fish! For over five years I've been totally vegetarian but I've been wanting to coax myself into eating a little fish for the great health benefits and while in Yo! Sushi, a prawn roll was calling to me! It's small steps but I'd love to eat sustainable fish more often and will hopefully see the difference. Still feel a bit nervous about it though!

2. Blog more! - I'm full of ideas and wishlists at the moment but I'm lacking on taking actual photos of myself. I never have time in the morning but maybe setting my alarm 10 minutes earlier will help!

3. Make more effort with outfits and buy key things - I'm shifting my wardrobe to autumn and I'm automatically starting to hate my summer things, but I need to invest in some key things to bring everything together for autumn again.

4. Sort my hair out - I got a keratin treatment on GroupOn so I have that booked; hello frizz free locks! I also need to keep an eye on my roots and keep my dyed hair in good condition.

5. Use my days off! - I have three days off near the end of October for a Katy Perry concert! And my two friends and I all have purple wigs for it!! I'm hoping to make some lovely plans during the days off but take time to totally relax too.

Do you have any October goals? I'd love to hear!

Hello September

Hi all! Sorry for not posting here recently, it's been one of those weeks!! I had a really great Bank Holiday Weekend after rushing to the train station in the pouring rain on the Friday and jumping the ticket barrier as my ticket didn't come out of the machine, and then having a great night in East London! I saw two of my oldest friends who were then sharing a room in student halls so it was jam packed with clothes and shoes, heaven! I should have snapped the Jeffrey Campbell Foxywood shoes my friend Vanessa wore in leopard print that she got in the Office sale for £30! Litas are still permanently on my wishlist. As I was on the train, it went past Reading Festival where I could see the stage so closely! Haha I do believe that basically means I went this year :D


Then I travelled back on the Saturday morning with Nicole Scherzinger stuck in my head after all of us singing it really loudly when someone's Mom picked us up from the club in the early hours, blasting it out of her car! My great friend Ellie visited that night so I showed her the parts of Bristol I know now and had such a great night! The week before the council let loads of amazing grafitti artists paint all over a street leading to town for the See No Evil project, where it covers huge buildings and there are all sorts of beautiful things, not just graphics and cartoons. However my favourite is the crying Frankenstein, aww he looks so sad! See more pictures here. As I was walking home one day I saw them setting up with boxes aned boxes of spray paint cans, and apparently the girls who live opposite me are the ones who wrapped the tree up in pink and purple! The day after there was a huge street party and rave, Bristol is so cool.


I did plan on getting some sleep on Saturday but I was too busy sorting my room and things, and ended up going out on Sunday night too with another new girl housemate! We ended up in a basement club full of 17 year olds in bralettes and bodycon skirts, where the glasses were so filthy that I had to drink alcopops all night! The novelty of a Bank Holiday is amazing now I work 9-5 and I don't think I've done three nights in a row in my life!

Then the week has been busy at work planning fashion week and competitions and student promos and all that jazz! I can't wait to show you all the Motel items we have arriving in the next few months and the amazing lookbook, I don't want to bombard the blog with Motel stuff though so I'll point you in the direction! The buyers were deciding on the Christmas collection last week and I tried on some items to show them how the fits were - trying on Motel things is a dream for me! I have a LONG autumn wishlist!

I haven't had a moment in the evenings to even check my emails but I've got everything sorted now for hopefully a smooth week, even though I don't feel very well! Tomorrow I'll be on honey and lemon all day and will try to relax in the evenings. September still feels like a fresh month of change as half of me is still in a student mind frame, and I'm excited to see how Bristol changes at the students get back. Quite a few blogs I read (especially foodie ones) make monthly goals so here are some things I'll try to begin/keep up during September:

1. Make Lunch and Dinner - My 'professional' house was pretty grimy from the day I moved in and now the recent sightings of Minnie and Mickey mouse in the kitchen really don't make me want to cook anything! I have cooked something hot maybe three times in two months? Don't worry I do eat, but I spend a lot eating out and buying fresh things for just that day. I always eat out on vouchers and deals but it would be much cheaper to bring food to work, so I will try! I also want to keep up with the smoothies with my new hand blender. It's hard because I live in the city centre so can't get to a big supermarket, but I could definitely shop better food-wise and buy fewer Boots meal deals. I love eating out with a magazine though! I went to a Thai/Chinese place this week and had amazing tofu and tried a melon bubble team, inspired by Winnie! I love trying the weirdest drinks (much to my old housemate Sophia's annoyance hahaha) and this was lush! Like a slushi with sweets!

2. Go to the Gym! - I told myself I wouldn't be one of those people with a gym membership that never goes, but I am! I only went to that one Legs, Bums n Tums class that left me hobbling for days but I'm not so sure how to use the machines so I'm still hesitant to go! I've booked a low level spinning class for this week so hopefully I'll learn how to use the bikes and can go in my own time rather than to just classes.

3. Hit Fashion Week! - I'll be covering London Fashion Week for Motel so I'll be around! I'm not sure what to wear but I'm thinking we will be flaunting Motel! I'm not sure what day I'll go down either but I think it will be the first day.

4. Sort my room - Now I have got into a Bristol routine, I need to adapt my bedroom more so the same things don't end up thrown on my bed each morning and the things that I don't use aren't out on any shelf/display space. I'd love some new makeup and product storage but that will have to wait for a few pay days as it's not a necessity, but I dream of perspex Muji makeup draws!

5. Get back into nail art - I try to dress my version of 'smart' for work, which is maxi dresses and well fitting things, and crazy 3D nails just isn't part of that! So I'll try to get back into nail art at least and start using my nail tools and accessories again. I also need to get out of my coral polish rut as I haven't tried a new colour for months.

This post has worn me out but my head is so hot that I can't sleep! I'll maybe watch some YouTube videos and try to get an earlier night ready for the busy Monday mornings. My friend Ellie just booked us Katy Perry tickets for October, ahhh!! I am going to wear so much glitter!

The Week Ahead

I came home for the weekend for my brothers' and sister's birthdays (all three in the space of four days!) so right now there is a cat on my lap! This makes it quite hard to type! And my sis couldn't come home anyway because she lost her bag in a club so I've mostly been working on my dissertation and eating a million Creme Eggs my Nan gave me!

I am definitely doing project 10 pan still, although I haven't ran out of anything and I just saw MAC have brought out N18 in the Studio Fix Fluid, and I've been mixing the last of my NC15 and NW15s for the past few weeks! That is first on my shopping list. I also still cannot find that coral H&M skirt in my size, but I'll look in the Birmingham Bullring store tomorrow morning before I leave and they might have one in. I did anticipate the MAC Wonder Woman collection but it came out surprisingly early in Selfridges so I went on down on Friday and picked up three Marquise D' lipsticks and the matching Emancipation gloss, which is huge! Maybe if it sells out quickly enough, they'll put the lipstick in the permanent line?

I made a lil video of what I bought! This week I need to make strides with my dissertation and get up to speed with my other classes, which will be hard work as I'm going to a networking event in London on Tuesday and have work on Weds and Thurs as usual, and then there's possibly another event on Friday and on Friday night I know I'm going out with my housemate! I haven't been out in weeks as I've been just out for drinks or been indoors studying instead so I'll get to wear a new Motel dress, the total amount of which I have lost track of. I think I have seven! It's a really long term too with still six weeks to go until the Easter break, so I am just savouring this moment being at home in my nice bed! The one thing I don't like in Manchester is still our house, as my bedroom walls are still all damp and nothing I do makes it feel nice!

Also I'm looking for some new flat pumps and I need to assess the shoes I have now to wear with my flared jeans. It's still quite cold so you can't go out without a coat yet which is a bit annoying as I want to start wearing spring stuff! I bought a load of nail stuff of eBay from HK but it didn't arriveso I only half-heartedly did one hand of nails- I'll have to match up the other tomorrow! Let's hope this week is a good one xx

The Weekly Gloss

I just wrote this post and the final spell check malfunctioned and I lost it all!!! 2500 words! It took me three hours to write! I'm so upset, if you're thinking of blogging with Typepad don't because it always causes me trouble and the features are so outdated! If I could turn back time I would 100% go with blogspot, and to think I actually pay for Typepad! Omg FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARGH anyway I'm determined to start the week with calmness and serenity!! Godddd that is so annoying!!!! My hands are aching from typing but I really enjoyed writing this post so I suppose I can enjoy writing it again! Not the best ending to a weekend, despite the fact that I really value weekends this term. In my second year, I worked every Saturday and Sunday so I love having some free days! I mostly spent the weekend in bed with my laptop working and blogging. Every Sunday I go through all the images I've saved in my inspiration folder across the week and pick out things I want to try. I'll gather some clothes and makeup that I especially want to wear and will lay them out so I can grab them in the mornings. So here is what I'm looking forward to this week...

Last week... I spent most of last week recovering from the deadlines I had the week before! It feels like I haven't accomplished very much school-wise, but actually I had a poster presentation due for Thursday that was cancelled on the day because of the snow. I worked some overtime too because our store has been re-done and it's looking amazing! We now have kids clothes too which are super cute, and I'm working quite a bit this week as the Christmas rush starts. I get paid on Friday but all my money should go right back on Christmas presents; I'll post my Christmas list this week but it's more of a wishlist as I won't get half the stuff on there!

This week... I'm realising I really need my eyes tested soon, they are so bad at the moment! I'm also working four days instead of my usual two but I don't mind because of the new store. I haven't been on a night out in over two weeks and I'm going out twice this week! I can't wait!! The first night is the birthday of one of my housemates from second year and she's coming up to celebrate with us! Also another of my second year housemates and a few other girls are coming I think so it should be really good! Hopefully as I'm working so much, the week will go really fast. I'm also thinking about next year and applying for some programmes of my dreams for when I graduate- wish me luck!

Coral... I'm obsessed with coral at the moment!! I finally had my nails done on Friday and I was looking for a mauve colour like the one Rihanna wears in the What's My Name video on rounded gels. The technician brought out a dark blue/purple colour instead which I was going to just have but then I spotted an amazing neon coral on the shelf and changed for that- it's gorgeous!! I'll show you tomorrow in my nails of the week. I'm fighting the urge to use all my new nail things as they are so perfect and shiny at the moment, and a clean pop of colour is really effective. I was inspired to dig out my coral American Apparel u-neck dress which for a moment I feared I'd left at home, but I might wear it this week! The dress is quite transparent and very tight so I'll have to head down to M&S for some magical underwear as I want to avoid VPL at all costs! I've seen terrible VPLs all over town with maxi dresses recently! Even though I am low on funds, I naughtily just bought a Topshop coral bodycon dress I remembered from a while ago as I found it for cheap on eBay! I really hope it comes in time! 

I'll also be wearing some coral lipsticks as I'm on a big coral kick right about now. I've pulled out No17's Dreamy, a creamy bubblegum pink, and Barry M's 147, a flamingo pink. I've got an OCC Liptar in Divine with is an amazing neon coral pink, but the formulas mean they are so time consuming to put on with a lip brush! Sometimes I'll blend a little over my lipstick to make the colour brighter. I also have these coral earrings I got in a River Island sale in the summer which I might wear to work; they remind me of strawberries! Rihanna is my ultimate colour inspiration right now; I want my life to have the colours from the Only Girl in the World video!


Pics from DirtyLittleStyleWhore tumblr

Makeup... I've also been really into bright blush at the moment, I'm going to film my November favourites beauty video tomorrow hopefully! Makeup that comes off throughout the day is the bane of my life and so I've been using this Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose under powders to make blush last longer. I put loads on but by the time you get out the door it seems to tone down perfectly and it lasts all day! Llymlrs has this colour too and it always looks gorgeous, love her blog!

I got this Lush lipscrub last week and can't stop wearing it, I put it on when I start doing my makeup in the morning to get rid of dry bits but I swear I just eat it for breakfast! I've also been inspired by tonnes of pictures recently to have much thicker eyeliner; I'll have to get a new one as this Rimmel liner is wearing thin! When I go out this week I'm planning on doing bright cheeks and lips with only black eyes, I'll probably use the black from the Sleek Circus palette that my sister Chloe got me my birthday and an Illamasqua eyebrow cake in Vehement (not on my eyebrows though haha!). I'll also layer a hot pink Barry M lipliner under my lipstick so it's brighter and lasts the night! I have to plan everything in advance as I even have recurring dreams that I'm not ready for things; I always dream I'm in a club with no makeup on!


Pic from Zoe Claudia tumblr

Lashes... I keep mucking up eyelashes at the moment and I go all butter fingers and end up getting glue all over my hands, my eyes and the lashes! I go through phases of being really good at putting them on or just being hopeless. I've ruined two pairs of Nicola x Eylure lashes recently and managed to salvage one so I might buy another pair as I can get them at work with my discount. Or I'll wear my Eylure double lashes which are like two pairs sewn together! They are SO long haha!

Hair dye... Remember when pastel hair streaks were an online trend early this year? I dabbled with pink in Sweden and even bleached a bit of my hair (it didn't work) but I might dust off my dye this week and have a few streaks! Nothing major, just maybe a couple or ends of a little section of the underneath part. Something really subtle though! My housemate has had a blonde and then purple section this year and it looked great!

Pics from DirtyLittleStyleWhore tumblr

Food... Our house this year is slightly on the manky side, even if it is small and cute! My bedroom walls are wet with damp and our kitchen is teeny tiny, so I haven't been enthusiastic about cooking this term. I'll be really busy with school and work this week though, so I'll try and stock up on some quick things and make sure I take loads of vitamins! I'll definitely need the calming primrose oil, in fact I need an overdose of it right now!!!!!!! 

Body... Now that my nails are so lovely after finally being re-done, I'll try to keep my hands in tiptop condition by moisturising them loads. As I'm going out twice, I might apply a layer or two of fake tan, although you might consider me crazy if I go out with bare legs this week! I used to always wear tights even in the summer but now I think that I can wear tights when I'm older and might as well be happy with what I've got now! Plus a layer of tan only warms up my skin as I'm so fair and St. Moriz has a green undertone so it's not orange. It's only £2.99 from Savers and works a treat! It just gives a little bit of extra confidence.


Hair... Speaking of fake, I'm a little hesitant to admit I bought some hair extensions! I used to think fake tan and hair looked terrible but that was back when it was so obvious and tacky, but nowadays girls have such subtle and lovely tans and clip-ins that you don't notice! I waffled about this in a YouTube video I filmed on Friday evening! I'm not going to have the hair showing anyway, it is only as long as my shortest layers. I bought a humongous row for only £6 and I've sewn a few layers onto some comb clips. It's straight now but I'm going to curl it up a bit and my plan is that I'll backcomb it and clip it under the top layer of my hair. My thinking is that I can backcomb the fake bits to save me from backcombing my own hair for volume and damaging it! I've took a flash photo to compare the colour and hopefully it will blend in with my own hair when it's hidden. I didn't get real hair as the idea and the ethics make me feel a bit funny and it would be about £30!

Accessories... I've worn a hair bow everyday for the past five years!! I'll wear my larger Gina Tricot bow to work this week and of course my usual H&M bows every other day. I'll also try and wear some rings but you know I always forget to accessorise! I also think sometimes an outfit looks better with just a dress, hair and makeup as the focal points. I've pulled out these rings to wear though from Tanya Burr, Nasty Gal and River Island.


Outfits... Clothes-wise, I'll be wearing my work uniform (skinny jeans and staff t-shirt) most of this week so don't need many outfits! I really fancy wearing my Christopher Kane x Topshop alligator t-shirt though as I haven't worn it since Sweden and it makes you feel really cool! I am certainly not cool but I can try! I also might wear these Monki sky print trousers/jeggings as I'm a bit hesitant to wear them normally but maybe with my New Look furry boots they will look like leggings under my coat. I've also pulled out this chunky Zara camel jumper with elbow pads and this Topshop knitted cardigan thing with all lace down the back. I might wear some cream tights too and these leggings with criss-cross cut outs with black tights underneath! I've been wearing my velvet leggings too much this term!

Shopping list... Thank you for your recommendations of nail polish thinner- I won't be adding polish remover now! I can't find any in Boots or Superdrug so I may try online. I also really want a Yankee Candle as my room is so dull and my Keratin treatment has nearly washed out so I need a new conditioner! Eeek back to square one, how can I smooth my kinks and frizz?! I reeeally need my eyebrows done right now so that is first on my list, and as my rent is due I will try and not buy anything else!

Annoyances... I thought of loads of annoyances in the original post but now I can't remember them- how ironic haha! Typepad is definitely one!! Also my laptop is getting to old age and I have no comma and full stop keys, so every time I want to type one, I have to copy and paste it from somewhere! As you can imagine, this makes writing posts/assignments take ten million times longer!!

By the way, once decided, I lay out the clothes and makeup I pick out on my chair and dressing table (well, chest of drawers) so I can easily grab them in the morning. Haha I'll have to come back and reference this post so I remember all my plans, should make it much easier! I hope your week starts well, do tell me if you're planning on wearing anything, I know many bloggers ask this at the end of posts but I love to hear! It's almost like me reading other people's posts xx