One Studded Lady

I had a Topshop voucher at Christmas but saved it up for their SS13 drop. I have visited the shops a few times to return things or buy presents recently but the shops are totally dull! It might be the January vibe but as it is such a long month, the sales are drawing out so there are only random unwanted items left, and there is not quite anything new just yet. The biggest transitional trend is clearly monochrome and I'm bored of black and white - I already own so much! I'm not a huge fan of graphic, metric prints either so nothing has been catching my eye.

One thing on my mental shopping list was a new bag, as they are one of your most used purchases and we will still be wearing coats to cover our outfits for a few months. I've had backpacks and rucksacks throughout the past year which I love but my current leopard one started feeling a bit sloppy, and I want to be a little more chic this year.

I was browsing the shops on Thursday feeling very downbeat with everything there and after two trips around Topshop, I resigned myself to exchange some things for just a gift card, but spotted this lone bag on a shelf. It's the Studded Lady Holdall in 'dirty pink' but I'm going to call it a dark blush/nude! It's not a pale - it's definitely a warm rose colour. Topshop have loads of leather bags but they always seem to do a great faux leather bag at a lower price point, and £40 is pretty good! They do it in black and grey too, but I nabbed this one. It will be nice to have a bag on my arm again rather than hanging off my shoulder.

Starry Night

Hi all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was very different to the norm but it's so lovely to be at home even for a little while, and despite travel complications because of the flooding, I manged to see all the special people I wanted to! I have been a bit under the weather but purposely have tried to do very little and want to ring in the new year in perfect style.

Here are a few snaps from a few weeks ago! I lusted and I avoided but I have a very big soft spot of Wildfox. I have the classic logo tee and had the ouija board dress once, but nowadays the prices are way out of my reach. I've seen a few really cheap knockoffs of the Seeing Stars Lennon sweater but I saw this jumper in Topshop and the rest is history.

Topshop jumperMiss Selfridge maxi dress, River Island creepers

I have a few black maxi dresses now and always layer them for work on a casual day. These photos were taken near work with Motel girls Lucia and Sophie! As daylight is so short, we all have trouble taking good photos so we came together in all our blogging glory. You have to check out their blogs, these are two of the best girlies!

The Wildfox Fall 2011 collection lookbook is the best one ever in my opinion - I LOVE '70s flares and the curls and the platforms. I'm tempted to cut up my jumper into laddered holes when I've had my wear out of it, and wear it with my denim high waist flares and a floral headband.

Glam Happenings

I feel very lacking in the glamour department as of late and want a few gloriously fabulous things in my life! Things that are just damn fabulous. I'm starting my Christmas shopping on Saturday and may look around for a few cheeky pieces for myself. I desperately need some new heels as my feet have shrunk a size for some reason and I keep falling out of my own! My friend has these Topshop Lassie Platforms in black and cork and they are the kind that make a statement but basically look great with everything. The brown with black straps are probably most versatile but these leopard ones would be quite amazing. They are super high but look really comfy, and £55 is a decent Topshop shoe price.

I let myself loose in Oxford Circus Topshop the day after the Motel bloggers party in London (woo!) but it was cut even shorter when an alarm went off and everyone was somewhat calmly evacuated. I had walked through Miss Selfridge and spotted this glitter encrusted bag covered in studs, complete with a handy hand strap (hoho), and dubbed it my next 'going out' bag. You can't see all the studs in the picture but it is covered! Alas this purchase wasn't meant to be as I had to leave the shop with everyone else quite sharpish after the alarm started, but I'm going to go to Miss S here on Saturday to have a closer look. £30 made me wince a little though!

Topshop has some wedges like this a while ago that were simply a blast of iridescent glitter, and hopefully these New Look versions will be the same. I just fancied a bit of sparkle, and if the glitter is multicoloured then they should look a lot more expensive. If not, maybe not.

And lastly, I still can't think of a colour to get my nails painted on Saturday apart from white with glitter over the top again! Hmmm! Topshop's Rising Star polish would be perfect over a pearly white polish, but I haven't bought my own in ages since realising I might as well use the salon selection always!

Topshop Tartan

How disappointed I was when I went into River Island and scooped up the lust-worthy skater skirts of dreams and found even the size 6 was droopy and boring on! What a shame! I love skater skirts and despite having a bunch, I was very keen to get another but alas the fit was not meant to be. I love fuller, more structured skater skirts and spied this Topshop tartan skirt while I was browsing and trying on a few things. The fit is extremely flattering with a full 'poof' from the waist as it has a little underskirt layer. It's perfect with the polo neck crop tops that they've brought out in loads of colours - I nabbed a white one when they had sold out but now they have loads of colours! I got the black too but should have waited and maybe got a dress. The tops themselves are quite long so don't always come up super cropped, but I roll them under a little.
I'm still spending less and saving more but I have had a few buys this month which I'll show you soon! Half of the things I got I ended up returning so the things I have kept I really love. I really want a black rose headband that isn't huge or really long so if you see any, do let me know! x

Off Shoulder Florals

Evening all! So last week I had a brainwave at work as Motel girl Sophie had started a fashion blog! Sophie works with me talking to all bloggers out there about the current Motel gossip so it was fitting that she joined the blogging world, and you can find her super cute blog Across The Universe here! I've been struggling with ways to take outfit photos as the set up and lighting is just not working in my current room, so I thought maybe we could take snaps of each other when Sophie is in the office! These photos were taken by fellow Motel web team babe Lora, who also takes photos for Motel, and I'm so excited to finally share my current wardrobe with you again! This should make my blog much more accurate with what I'm wearing day to day.

Motel Debbie DressAmerican Apparel Circle Skirt, Topshop studded flats

So my off shoulder obsession continues with this Motel Debbie Dress worn as a top - one of the few bodycon dresses that I have just worn in the day time! I would have thought off shoulder things would be slightly uncomfortable but you pretty much forget about the neckline as they don't ride up or fall down. I'm still wearing my peach American Apparel Circle Skirt into autumn and want to team it with berry red and dark blue too, and I just wore my studded Topshop flats which are now only £15 in the Topshop sale?! For me I feel totally made together if my shoes and hair are both looking good! Wearing old, tattered ballet flats makes me sad.

And how amazing is this inspiration wall?! The Motel design team have an office below ours but they are usually based in Bali, Indonesia, so we can pop in and admire all the upcoming pieces.


Treats and Traumas

Hi guys! A little late night check in from me as I have been round the shops yet again and have not seen anything that I wanted to part with my cash for! What is going on?! I'm currently on a bottoms ban (aka no trousers, skirts, leggings, etc) as I have so many that I still love, but I could do with some knitwear as more of a 'priority'. I'd love a burgundy jumper but haven't seen the winner yet!

I'm still waiting to use someone's student discount on the soft River Island creepers but have bought a bunch of Topshop socks in preparation! I love the frillies and seriously love these the thick fold-over detail on the right pair. I'll be washing these in bleach so they stay the brightest white!

I also realised I had a decent amount of Boots points and tried to re-buy my favourite contour/bronzer colour, Brickie by 17. I got this probably two years ago and now they seem to have discontinued it, nooooo!! No signs on eBay or the'net either. Why didn't I stock up on this £3.50 beauty?! I did wonder if they had changed the name and it was now the rather similar shade Nude but alas they are not identical. Nude is still pretty though and shall get hopefully as much use as it's older sister.


I Want It Now: Topshop Show Offs

Oh holey moley, I love these shoes!!! I saw them on the Topshop website at the beginning of August and dubbed them as THE pay day purchase. I was biding my time as was very excited for a pay day shopping spree in Merry Hill in the Midlands - the kind of shopping trip where you really want to find something you LOVE and will let yourself get anything. Well I did not realise that nowadays Merry Hill is actually a rather small shopping centre and I saw nothing I loved, BUT I did find The Shoes. Yay!

Sadly the shoes were on the dreaded 'Last Chance To Buy' shelf and both were a size 4, as apparently they were just pairs returned to the store. Gutted! The nude pair are just beautiful, in more of a creamy colour rather than a pink colour, but if I did purchase them it would have to be the black so they wouldn't look dirty easily. They are extremely high but I've had a life-long love affair with Mary Janes and could wear these all season until they broke. As long as a shoe is really high, they will be fierce even if they are girly.

Alas I have not since had funds to purchase them, especially as I'm not hitting the town each week like a student, but I will keep my eye on them in case I have a sudden windfall.


Hi lovelies! I've had a really productive Monday calmly working through my to-do list, and I have a wee outfit to share from the weekend! I took the chance to go home and usually I'll team it with a night out, but I stayed in with family to make the most of it and relax! I wouldn't advise all graduates to move away from home so quickly as it really is hard to fit in time to see and do everything in a short weekend at home!

My Mom has recently moved so I timed it with my sister visiting her too so we could have a catch up and gossip - and she gave me my belated birthday present of a MAC lipstick and a lush body butter! I cannot tell you how VERY little makeup I have bought in the past 3 months at least, and how many things I've hit the metal pan of! I'm still awaiting this damn camera charger lead in the post so I'll definitely be making makeup videos again ASAP.

It was a rather hot weekend but I have some stubborn tan streaks again so I brought my non-fuss H&M net skirt home and a few bralettes. Everyone thinks this skirt is American Apparel but it was only around £15 about a year ago! My hair looks slightly purple but it is just a bright red.

Motel bralettes, H&M Skirt, Topshop studded flats

I had a busy week with a trip to London for a My Celebrity Fashion event, and there is another this week for fashion week! I'm going to wear something crazy, I have decided! Motel's SS13 range definitely has some beauties. Also I want to shout out to a really lovely and impeccably gorgeous blogger I met at the MCF event called Henriette, check out her YouTube channel too! Sometimes I forget I'm Flying Saucer Selina and well as Motel Selina when someone says they know my blog haha. Here's to a great (and very fast!) week x

May Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 17

    17th. Something you wear when it's sunny

Evening all! Today's challenge fit quite nicely with my wears this week. I haven't worn this skirt for months and months as I don't think it looks right with black tights, but at the moment now tht it's spring, I wear skin coloured tights and wore it twice this week! It's a really full, light skirt from H&M which swishes and kicks up when you walk, but not it an overly dramatic way. It has lots of layers so it isn't sheer, and I can wear it really high waisted so it goes with my shortest crop tops. Today I wore it with my Topshop skull print bralette and on Tuesday I was really inspired by this white, cream, nude and gold outfit by Angelica Blick (she is so stunning!!!) and wore another Topshop crop top!

I actually tried to take this top back as the studs are sewn on without stretch, so it's impossible to get the top on! Well, obviously not impossible as I am not half naked, but it takes a lot of crazy arm positions and a possible cricked neck. I couldn't return it as it had makeup on, but my explanation that I accidentally got makeup on it when I tried it on because it was hard to get on didn't work and I was referred to customer services. I certainly do not have time to go through Topshop's CS so I decided to lump it and keep the top, as I rather like it anyway! I wore it with Miss Selfridge gold hoops, which I'm wearing non-stop, and one of my H&M gold cuffs.

I also made a video of this outfit! Something strange has happened and it has got loads of views in only a few days - I have no idea why! I've been really busy this week so I'm not sure if someone mentioned my channel as I haven't managed to watch any videos or read any blogs this week!

The nice thing about this challenge is that I probably wouldn't have blogged this skirt because I would have thought 'It's just a skirt, not exactly interesting!' but actually it's just what I should be blogging! I will definitely jump on any content once the challenge is over as when I blogged a few years ago, it really was an extension of (the fashion side of) my brain.