Sneak peek: River Island AW16

Call me a genius or call me cheeky but I recently had a brilliant idea! I could do with buying a few new work outfits and I really need an awesome new bag but I have no idea what to buy! I had a quick browse in the shops a week ago and was SO overwhelmed with the sales, especially in Zara where it seemed the entire store was on offer. Woah! But really we only have a few weeks left before AW16 takes over so there's no value in investing in trends of the moment, and we don't have long to wear summery things! I have my festival outfits just about sorted but I'd rather save my money now and wait to buy things I can wear for the next 6 months...
The September magazine issues usually give an overview of upcoming trends so you can scope out the first autumn drops right away, and fashion week in September is the perfect time to scout street style from editors and bloggers. I've browsed catwalk trends but by the time they hit the highstreet, they've been moulded and shaped into something much more wearable. I want to know now! So I had the brainwave of stalking the #AW16 hashtags on Instagram and thanks to the lovely people that managed to attended the press days and also the in-house designers behind the ranges, I've grabbed a few snaps of the upcoming collections! And let's start with River Island because they seem to channel trends in the most wearable yet desirable styles, and unlike Topshop, you don't see someone in the same outfit at every turn. The quality is top notch too.
Now I can't WAIT until autumn! There are so many things I love below, from the continuation of this season's retro patch trend into bright embroidery of florals and slogans. I'm definitely going to invest in more denim and upgrade to a pair of seriously statement ankle boots. I fancy taking my bomber jackets of this season and learning how to embroider a slogan onto the back or customise with the perfect patches, and I'm SO drawn to that pink puffa coat! 
PicMonkey Collage4PicMonkey Collage5PicMonkey Collage6PicMonkey Collage2PicMonkey Collage3
PicMonkey Collage1
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Check Mate

I'm writing this with a dog nearby rather than a cat, which is very strange. I've moved out of my mom's house into a place much nearer work with a few of my siblings and I definitely miss my mom's cooking! We are also looking after my dad's dog Oscar and I am really not a dog person. It's not quite fear but I find these furry friends a little too boysterious! Oscar is getting cuter though.

As for what's running through my mind and wardrobe for the weekends, I can't stop wearing a check shirt tied over everything. There is just about nothing  that will not look better with a shirt. I haven't worn one over my shoulders once, and I don't think I will! Tied above your hips all the way.

Pictures from Tumblr.

Crochet Crazy

I don't find the weather alters my wardrobe needs but rather I only buy things for any upcoming occasions or events. I plan my outfits in advance of any calendar entry instead of stocking up on seasonal items or having a huge splurge, and at the moment I am only considering that I have a few festivals and my birthday coming up this season. After that, we are into a whole other realm of clothing as we pull out our winter threads (sorry for saying that!). Who knows how the weather will fare - all I know is I have enough sunny day outfits stocked up and I don't really need anything right now, like say how you might need a winter coat to stave off frostbite. I already have my Wireless and V Fest outfits sorted!

However, welcome all the things I simply want! A lust list is different as it may not even be things that would suit you but you find yourself reblogging and repinning until you realise these things really would make your life that little bit better. Or at least your wardrobe! Right now I've been searching pictures of crochet everything and one eBay search for crochet kimonos lead to a ShopStyle search for crochet dresses and now I'm hovering with my debit card thinking where can I wear such an item?! A festival maybe, but what about the mud? A club maybe, but wouldn't it be a bit hot? Will it look like a carpet or beach dress? I do believe if you are going to go for a trend, you need to go the full way and really invest in it so I saw the fashion blogger favourite crochet brand Emma on Karla's Closet and it was as though the fashion Gods had sent it straight to me. 

Emma not only has a fantastic selection of midi, maxi, tight and lose dresses, but they all come in cream OR white, and they are ethically sourced. The dresses are handmade in Zimbabwe and each purchase contributes to kids and families in Zimbabwe. There are also sweet quotes accompanying each dress such as 'When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you' and 'Be the change you want to see in the world.'

The question is whether to indulge in your trend lustings or let the urge pass you by and wait for another to overtake? Or in my case, the answer is to take a few old trends you did invest in, sell them on eBay, and raise your own funds to invest in your latest trend love!

I've seen a few bloggers in the middle ASOS dress but a mini one would suit better for me. The white one on the right could be perfect but something isn't quite right, maybe it's a little more like lace than crochet? If the black was in white then it would be 100% mine!

The Missguided ombré dress is super sweet but I wanted pure white and inky grey tones don't suit me as much, and the black dress could be perfect but maybe the super hot model could make anything look great?! The Emma dresses seem the way to go, but I haven't bitten yet. I'll see if the urge passes!

AW11 Trends: '70s

This may be sad but hey, I do like to plan these things! I'm thinking about what I want to wear this autumn as I want to buy things for a reason rather than ending up with a bunch of mismatching things, which is what I have done in past years. I used to be confused by buying lovely things but only having lectures to wear them to! But now I have to look decent at least five days a week so clothes need to be wearable, well fitting/good quality, and feel a bit special so I feel nice!

I'm flicking through Cosmo and Company right now as I don't buy Vogue and the past few issues of Elle UK have been a snooze fest! I took my subscriber copy on the train home and didn't read it, and even left it in Birmingham unread because one flick and I was tired and bored. Everything in there is just a bit heavy and long. However I love a good all round mag with embarrassing moments and problem pages and tips so I bought these two when I thought I was going to be without internet for the week (thanks again Sarah!).

They both funnily enough have the same autumn trend breakdowns, although I find my purchases always fall into the categories of: On Trend, Personal Style, Definite Wear, and Welcome Addition. On Trend things are of course the items that haven't been on the high street before and are key pieces for the season that will filter all the way down to a Primark copy; Personal Style items are ones that you see and you just love no matter what; Definite Wear things can be hard to pinpoint but they are things you will end up wearing loads with everything; and Welcome Additions are fun injections to freshen up your wardrobe. Welcome Additions can often be impulses for me though and things I move on from quickly, so I don't end up exploring all the different ways they can be worn. 

After looking at the autumn fashion trends, I can see a few where I can adapt what I already own and can see a few items to add to my shopping list. The end result is to have a wardrobe where you don't find yourself stuck five minutes before you leave the house because you don't have the right belt/shoes/cardigan, but you end up getting good wear out of everything. It also has to feel fresh and exciting. Very tricky!!

So a major trend is '70s because it flows nicely from Spring/Summer stock. Flared palazzo trousers seem to be on the sale racks and the new racks but I won't be buying heavily into this trend as I fear it is soon to die a death! 

First I already have a few furry coats that could certainly nod to the trend but I will be most likely wearing an open knit black poncho I got in the Topshop sale. It's not exactly an Ugly Betty poncho as it's more like a shawl, where you throw it around your shoulders, but it's super warm and can be thrown over all my maxi dresses and skirts when it starts to get cold, and thrown off quickly again if I'm going shopping or indoors. There's something quite luxurious about a draped coat/shawl and a long maxi skirt as they both wrap around the body but have lots of material to them, so I think that's a bit '70s luxe! 

I have bright maxi skirts which, when paired with a soft curly blow dry, a felt hat, and maybe a gold belt, could definitely nod to the trend; especially as I just bought a felt hat! It's from H&M and I'm not sure I'll feel too normal wearing it as it seems pointless to wear a hat so it is just a showy item! But I will test it one day on the walk to work when I'm feeling brave. I'll take it off when I get there so wearing it for 20 minutes of the day definitely seems posey. I'm worried the wind would blow it off my head!

And of course I have my flared jeans! There is a rare day about once a month that I feel the urge to wear heels or wedges so I will get those out then. Apart from that, I'm not going to buy anything new with a '70s outfit in mind! I don't like wearing blouses and don't fancy a bright pair of trousers or a bright fur as they're a bit too much for me. A bright maxi skirt is easy to wear as it's one block colour but it would take a while to find a well fitting pair of trousers. Plus there are so many other new trends to check out!

P.S. Thank you for your interesting comments on my last post! I'm not on that pill anymore so I think I'll just have a break and let mother nature do her thing! With trying to feel better and healthier, I had a gym induction today but the huge machines, sweaty doors and many, many people were damn scary! I joined for the classes though so I'll maybe brave a machine or bike at a quiet time. When is a gym quiet?! I'm guessing in the middle of the day but I can't go then, damn!

A Short Story

Despite spending loooads and having a bunch of new stuff in my wardrobe, I have no idea what I'm wearing this season! I haven't been going out half naked but I'm confused! I had a couple of gaps like some kind of warm thing to wear with maxi dresses and a new skirt to go with all tights, but I haven't worn everything enough to totally know what's what. I'm barely in Uni this term and only have one lecture a day when I am, so I haven't been wearing that many things if that makes sense? But like I said, I had a shopping list at the start of term and on there was some high waisted shorts, preferably leather but not real! Sadly I have come to the conclusion that shorts just don't suit me. I want really high waisted ones that end up being wide at the hem but nowhere has had anything just right. I've tried on loads of pairs but they don't fit the way I want, though when the pair below came into store last week I was like hellooo! Everywhere's coming out with the cut out shorts and they're not leather and about £20 with my discount, but alas shorts are not my friend!! The pair at the bottom are the ASOS pair that I was waiting to come online for ages but they were real leather and I don't like the feel of it very much.

I do however like this girl's hair a lot! And I got a faux leather skater skirt in H&M as my autumn staple so I've got my leather quota and can admire shorts from afar. In the meantime I'll take some photos of my newest buys for you but to be honest this reading week I'm trying to not look decent so I will stay in and do work! I just had a quick browse at the River Island Christmas collection and will be awaiting this hopefully faux t-shirt arriving; cropped tees and maxi dresses are a match made in heaven!


Capes way ahead of time

Someone asked if I was thinking about what to wear in Autumn and it's just about all I'm thinking about! Last year I couldn't buy from the UK high street and had to gear my funds towards travelling, but this year I'm back at Uni for the final time and am really, really looking forward to getting some new stuff! I didn't buy a lot of anything last year and realised that most of the things I wear are years old. I can't get my head around getting rid of old purchases even if they're all miss-matched and worn many times. I've been trying to be as sustainable as possible and haven't bought any clothes for ages, but working in a shop and watching haul videos of people often buying new things is making me reconsider. I never actually 'shop' in the sense that you wander round looking at things that catch your eye and come home with random buys. I always think things through meticulously and buy things if I need them. I only have one pair of shoes to go out at night in and I'll wear them until they fall apart. Why would you need another pair? On a student budget, I don't have the luxury of being able to buy a range of things to choose from, I have to prioritise essentials, but the truth is that there's nothing fresh about my wardrobe. I'm going to do an overhaul as the bank holiday in two weeks means there will be loads of carboot sales, and my sister and I are planning on clearing out all the things we leave at home when we go to Uni. 

Within reason, I'm going to make a list of new things that I need to invest in, and I've been circling things in the September issues and saving runway images with ideas. I'll document all that on here as I haven't finished yet, but for the past few weeks I've been thinking about one cape. I have three coats; one is the amazing purple Reiss swing coat I got two years ago, one is the military, ruffle Gina Tricot coat I got before Christmas and wore to London Fashion Week, and one is a black New Look toggle coat I picked up to wear all the time in Sweden. They're all swing or dress shapes so aren't right for maxi or calf length skirts. This is where the cape comes in! I'll probably take all my coats to Uni and I love buying a new one almost every year because you get so much wear out of a great coat. I wore my Reiss one in my second year from about October to March, that's so many times! All the things in my wardrobe that I've only worn once or twice could equal the price of it.


I was thinking of a camel coat ever since the fashion weeks but don't think I'd do the androgynous shapes justice, and then I saw the Olivia Palermo shoot in ASOS Magazine featuring a great cape. It's featured twice in the issue and both times it looks different. Even on the buying page on the site, it's featured on two models and it doesn't quite look the same. There's even a video of the shoot and the standard ASOS item video and they still look different! I haven't ordered it to try myself because 1) Even if it's amazing, isn't it a bit early? Would I still love it in two months when I first get to wear it? and 2) Will something better come out on the high street? My thoughts were confirmed when I spotted this cape in a H&M Autumn preview post on Nitrolicious, which is great for checking out new monthly and seasonal H&M stock but a lot of the rest is American brands. I'm guessing this cape would be more like £50 to ASOS's £80, but I wish the piping colour swapped so it had brown leather like the ASOS cape! Both need to be tried on so I'm tentatively watching ASOS as no sizes are sold out yet, and I might try to find out the release date of the H&M cape, or at least keep tabs on the store!


I've actually got to zero on my google reader for the first time since April (woooohooooooooo!!!) so I'm getting on with the rest of the Internship Guide and also have someone for you to soon meet! Have you got any premature Autumn buys in mind?

Arcadia AW10 - Evans

Home for the summer wooooooooo!! I've been storing these photos for far too long though, and is it just me or has all this hot weather brought on Autumn thinking? I'm not planning on buying any more summery things because I've already got loads and I'm not lucky enough to have any holidays abroad booked. It also feels like the countdown to going back up to Manchester for my final year which judging by all the news from my friends completing their degrees, it's just about the worst year ever! But what with the growth of blogs and general competition in the fashion and retail industry, next year needs to be super focused and fashionable. Time to start planning!

So when I hit the Arcadia AW10 press day, I didn't pass up the Evans area; of course I had a mooch everywhere and I wasn't just there to look for myself but to share. And it definitely exceeded every expectation I had. I'm signed up to every store newsletter including Evans so I knew they create some on-trend stuff and I bloody love Crystal Renn, but I wasn't expecting so many great things one after the other, making for a seriously strong collection.

I've never been the biggest maxi dress fan before and now I've got three; I'm sure maxis are insanely good this year. All the Arcadia brands had winter maxis and I'll be wearing mine this autumn I hope. They look the best with jackets rather than coats and Evans had an amazing shearling jacket that you can see poking out in this photo, but the single photo didn't turn out. The head designer told me they modeled it on an air fighter pilot jacket found at a flea market in America, which is pretty cool for a plus-size retailer.

They had a load of lingerie but I'm just not much of a lingerie buyer? I don't need to invest in expensive bras and prefer cute stuff anyway so lace and satin makes me glaze over. However I did like the little tee that was almost like secret lounging around, slob wear but hot!


I have no idea how the first collection went down in terms of sales but they've officially got Beth Ditto back on board to design another collection. 


These are examples of key things that I didn't think Evans were quite fashion forward enough to stock, but considering they're the sister of Topshop, Miss Selfridges and Dorothy Perkins, it's no wonder.


I really liked the boots, especially the knee high pair. Some I got in Sweden are almost the same but the laces are at the back.


This coat was very inviting as it was dusty purple, especially soft, and the fur was even twirled into roses. Every time I see these pics it gets more and more attractive, and if this was stocked in Topshop you'd probably think twice. Come winter I might take a closer look at a small size.


The coat on the left is actually a rich navy blue with bright red buttons, and you can just see the sleeve in the bottom corner in the true colours. Loved it!

Was also eyeing up the duffel coat in plaid as there's so many woodstock and hippy vibes all around. I need to invest in some hair tongs for some huge waves pronto!

Arcadia AW10 - Dorothy Perkins

Hello, hello! I'm back from Paris and have had interviews all week; is there anything worse than a group interview? But last week the day before my flight (woo, no ash!), I went to the Arcadia AW10 press day in London! I don't really have the time or the funds to travel all the way and get around London for each press day but Arcadia houses Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Wallis, Burton and Topman, so that really is value for money! Haha well it is such an honour to go to an Arcadia event, especially as I study retail and all that jazz, so an opportunity to mingle with the pros is amazing. And of course I love checking out press day posts (often the Topshop one on Style Bubble) to spot things I might nab and to get a bit organised for the future. When you go shopping you can really think, 'hmmm I'm totally not going to be wearing this in four months, it's not worth the impulse.' If you plan your wardrobe direction, you'll be sorted when the time comes and can eeease into Autumn Winter.

I didn't know of any other bloggers going as there was a postal invite so I went round myself the whole time and it was beyond what I expected! I'd been to some shows during London Fashion Week at Victoria House (well, two out of three shows haha), so I hopped on and off the tube and sauntered in past the posh security guards and into the basements down the marble stairs. When you walk in it's just like walking into a huge Primark; you don't really know where to look first! I was going to make one huge post on all the stores but realised I've got a million pics and it would be insanely long. So I'll split up each brand as they really deserve their own blurb. 


I felt a bit sorry for the other stores as Topshop got their own room whereas the other women's shops were in one big room. This wasn't a problem though as each corner was transformed and as you wandered around you were totally into each store. In the end I didn't sample any of the champagne or food that was being constantly offered; they even has mini muffins and little bowls of pasta! As I was alone I felt a bit weird tucking into a plate in a room full of clothes so I always politely declined, and will try find another blogger to go with next time and tuck right in!


First I've got to note that these aren't the best photos as it was quite hard to snap and browse. It wasn't busy but there was always people browsing around you and in most places there were spotlights, so some things were harder to capture. I went around 1pm so I assumed most people were on lunch breaks. At each brand they had a visitors book and I had a little nose at where others were from and previous messages were from TV shows and magazines! As with fashion week, I had no idea who the other attendees were but always wondered who they could be and assumed everyone was very important!


As you walked in you turned the corner and were faced with Dorothy Perkins first. I didn't understand the layout and thought it was a circle but in the end you had to go back on yourself after Topshop so I ended up admiring the DP models a LOT.


Each brand had a different way of customising their section of the room and Dotty Ps put their efforts in these amazing mannequins with huge crimped/afro hair and burnt orange lashes! I really want a crimper. Seriously.

In the beginning I felt a bit weird browsing as it's not like you're shopping and not everyone is taking photos. There were many people schmoozing with drinks around the DJ in the centre of the room and people milling around each section. Turns out not only the press team were there but the actual collection designers were at each stand. In fact I'd assume all members of the Arcadia team were there. After all, it would be a key event in the calender and most were dressed very well with false lashes and all! It was a real privilege to talk to the designers of the clothes that thousands of people wear, and for most, what appears in the stores is what sets fashion trends. I wasn't asking too many details and didn't write anything down but I asked what were the key things for each store and what themes they were channeling. If you can't be bothered reading the future posts, there will be a LOT of fur, tonnes of leather, all things gothic, and new directions for military; less marching band and more pilot jackets and army prints. Yep, army print! Hello 1996.

I got into the swing of it and started flicking rails and getting distracted by all the new clothes here, there and everywhere. First thing you will want and need is a shearling jacket. If you followed the AW10 runways you will already know this (see Burberry Prorsum), but if not, here's the memo: SHEARLING WILL BE HUGE! It's all about aviator chic. Isn't it funny how you can add chic on the end of everything and it becomes a fashion term?

The DP shearling coat was my first encounter, with a lot of cowboy flavour. I wouldn't fully take on this trend with a coat as it wouldn't withstand time enough, but I'll be wearing beige and tan definitely, and will try to get a shearling scarf or some soft fur on a jacket. It's about huge collars.


In about 2002 I had a coat just like this with shaggy fur all around the hems, when jeans were flared and embellished, and coloured feather jewellery were cool. I'm not 13 anymore though and don't quite know if I can wear this again! The coat on the left might not be my Winter coat either as it's part of a gothic collection, basically due to all the Twilight/vampire stuff invading the whole world. Not for me! Other shops are inspired by this too as you'll see later.


I'm thinking if clogs would be a good investment right now as they will go right through to winter, but by then they will be all furry or woolly.  I really liked these but still don't understand how you walk in them? Especially with the platform? I don't know about other girls but there are cobbles, hills, stairs, and public transport in my life, and sometimes I feel the high street doesn't quite understand this...


Casing point! Fantastic shoes but who can wear these?


I do have a furry bag from River Island a few months ago but the chain is realllly long and you can just about squeeze a tic tac in there. There's lots of furry bag offerings and this one is quite sweet but too classic for me. I try not to buy a Chanel shaped bag until I can afford the real thing (in the far, far future)!


All the 'gothic' stuff isn't exactly too scary but it's not too ground breaking. I'd expect lots of lace and ruffle details on everything black.


These shoes were an outside brand but I was glad there were some sparkles and bling somewhere! And an onslaught of furry coats. Now they are all shaggy and full and eveeerywhere.


Lots of knitwear of course but it's very thick and light coloured, so it could almost be a bit twee or little house on the prairie-ish.  As a wedge boot convert, I was eyeing these peep toes too, although I might enforce a black ban. It's all about tan!


Unlike most, DP did have some cute details. I liked this extra fuzzy jumper and the blouse below with a cat print. Not many others will be producing retro prints anymore, be warned!


Also get ready for the leather tshirt in a big way. If you get one this season you'll be all set. I really want some leather shorts but haven't spotted any cheap enough on the high street. I've just been googling around and Oasis have a cool pair but they're £60. They would carry you right through winter but guaranteed somewhere else will come up with a cheaper pair.

rip my heart out

Moral dilemmas all over the place here! First on the agenda are heart cut-out dresses. I am (was?) a huge Luella fan and the last SS10 collection was surely a prim and proper affair, but still in a sickly sweet way. I'd reduced the collection to bows and '50s dresses in my head and looking back it really was a good'un; what a shame it won't get the attention it deserves. But despite there only actually being 2 looks out of the 30 with heart cut-outs, those dresses were the most memorable.

The high street jumped on the trend though and the dilemma is whether to buy into it? Retailers are making money off Luella Bartley's creations and she isn't getting any return. Every high street trend is runway inspired but there's inspiration and then there's rip offs. The first examples are these dresses from Boohoo, the cheapie online retailer. They've hit a great market for fast fashion online at a lower price point, sort of the online Primark. But the models and the fits make me wonder about the quality, and quality worries usually mean ethical worries. The clothes being so trendy and so cheap probably mean they're made in Asia and as it's an online store, it's easier to scrimp on CSR policies. I'll email and hopefully find out how they produce. I'm not keen to spend money in stores that do not have sustainability practices and also rip off designs, which Boohoo might just be doing. I'm not pointing the finger of shame but their styles are certainly runway rips, and possibly too much so. Is it disloyal to Luella, a brand you admire and aspire to, to buy in Boohoo's copies? They are incomparable to the quality and cuts that Luella's dresses would have been and the low price does mean they'll come in synthetic materials or cotton. You have to think though, if you were a retailer, wouldn't you produce at least one item with a heart shaped cut-out, just because they're so cute and buyable?


My soon-to-be favourite UK high street store New Look is a great example of how to satisfy trends but respect designers. I did see a red dress with a heart cut-out at the front set for the teen department, and they've produced a number of women's dresses with heart cut-outs, BUT they're at the back. Ah ha! Inspired, not copied. They could have put the heart at the front but they chose the back, possibly making them more wearable and with better cuts. Some of the hearts on the Boohoo dresses seem to fit funny. New Look is also just as cheap and has good sustainability practices. I saw quite a few of these dresses at the Paris press day so I know they've been in production for a while rather than churned out quickly, causing more damage to the environment.

I'm really keen to invest in one of these dresses but I still don't know! I just think of Luella Bartley looking at girls walking past in dresses that are rightfully her design, from a company she put her passion into that's now gone (hopefully not for long). Of all the brands, Luella should not be missing, but we can't expect brands to survive when we invest in cheaper copies rather than the original. I've been waiting for the dress in the top left hand corner all season and can't wait to find it in store if there are any left! The cups look like they might sit strangely so I'll try before I buy, but the white floral dress is also gorgeous in real life. I spotted it on my trip home and it's made of stiff cotton so it sits well and looks more expensive.

In the end it will come down to a real life decision, although it's tempting to order online so I've got packages waiting for me when I go home. I'm thinking of coming in just two weeks! For good! That sounds crazy but I finish classes very soon and I can just hang around for a bit or save April's rent and come home. I can still travel to visit other Erasmus friends and work at home so it won't be a lazy five month summer; I've applied for lots of things that I'll hopefully be accepted for! There really are a lot of summer programmes out there, I didn't know my Uni offered so many, it's worth a look at. Leaving so soon is a bit unnerving as or one thing, I'll have to fit my whole room into 38kgs and I highly doubt that's going to happen. I don't know what to do with the magazines I've bought here; it's either be optimistic and try to pack them, or accept they'll account for way too much weight and cut them up to save the best editorials? I love to collect magazines so that will be a bit upsetting! Also I've collected a lot of 'crap', you know like the bits and bobs that you tack onto your wall as memories and even lots of beauty products,which all account for weight.

Along the theme of moral dilemmas, I'm a bit worried to leave so early before getting my course grades, as I need to make sure I've completed all my credits. The course I'm taking now is the course from hell, and after a group project including three reports, a final report and two presentations, then there's also a second group ten-page report and an online test. A girl in my group told me a few days ago though that she knows a boy who took the course last term and has the answers to the test, so you can get a least 80%. She said the test was impossibly hard and judging by the course so far, that's understandable. So if I take the test I don't think I'll do very well and I can't afford to fail the subject and have to take another course for two more months. And if I fail I can have no allowance because half the class will have done exceptionally well, so I'll just look like I didn't try hard enough. There's no way I'd use the answers because I'm only in a group with the girl and it's not fair on the rest of the class members if I join the people getting great marks, and also I don't take classes so I can cheat! I really don't want to be in the position of telling the lecturer people already had the answers though, they might have cheated but they didn't think they were going to get caught. Please tell me what would you do, it would really help! Sure I should sort my own problems out now but it feels like things like this will happen throughout your whole life! And what you think of the other dilemmas too, heart dresses are important in life too!

angel wings


brooke shields, russh, ?, prada ss10 lookbook

There were side plaits at Alexander Wang and Miu Miu but I think most of us don't have hair that long! Getting a chunky plait requires longer hair and fewer layers, and for the first time in my life I have shorter hair and loads of layers! Whhhy! Well it's not the end of the world because there's something happening with pig tails/bunches. Did you know according to Wikipedia some people call them angel wings? How sweet!

So bunches require a few changes to make them less school girl, more grungy. I am not grungy, but I can make them a but less cutesy than below. If Prada sends it down the runway, you know it's hot!

Chriskanewiw26 Chriskanewiw27

Mango crushed velvet dress via ASOS

Learning from the pictures above, they have to be messy. Back comb the underneath of your hair at the roots and use some dry shampoo to add some bulk. Then you have to bring them right in front of your ears and it would help if you didn't have curls like me! The final rule? As much as you want to, don't use baby hair ties, no matter how cute they are! I'm thinking bunches will be great with a glossy Prada bright red/orange lipstick.