The Vlog #1

Guys - hey! I would like to share with you my veeery first VLOG! Well it's not my first, I've made over 100 YouTube videos, but I lost touch with filming after going into full time work and a time when I had to stop blogging for a while a few years ago.

I think there is currently a shift happening online, where there is definite room being carved out for the not so glossy and not so flawless. It could be on the back of the normcore trend, where natural, organic vibes are making glamorous, perfect appearances seem old fashioned. Even Beyonce's new 7/11 video has no fuss and airbrushing, just that home alone fun where you shed your armour and let loose. I'm not able to buy expensive cameras or set up a serene filming area, but a natural vlog definitely appeals to me, and I want to chat to you regular readers and my favourite blog gal pals off the cuff, when I have chance to the weekend. This sort of vlog is super easy to film as you are on the go and will help me work on my improv. and editing skills slowly, rather than putting on the pressure to only ever make amazing videos and lustrous content! My blog it purely a release for me, without an agenda to increase hits or views really, so I hope you enjoy the video and hit me up next weekend if you fancy watching more.



I'll be your American Dream

This post is a few nights merged into one, as I first wore this American Apparel floral dress for a Kendrick Lamar gig when the photo was taken above, and below is a video I filmed before I went on a night out a month later. I bought it after buying a lace dress I wanted for a while online, and when realising AA ships online orders all the way from America, I popped to the shop to buy it myself so I could have it to wear just in time. In the end I tried on this dress instead and walked away with it!

American Apparel clothing always fit my shape for bodycon (Topshop never does!) and I  don't mind spending there because the quality is so long-lasting and the styles will tweak you in at all the right places, plus the colours are spot on. The flowers on this dress are a little '50s but the backless cut brings it right up to date, and I definitely want it in other colours. I tried on the neon yellow and - KAPOW - it was a wonder dress, but heading out in fluorescent bodycon would surely bring you catcalls you would not necessarily need! I'm hopefully about to book a late holiday to Ibiza with my friends so it would be perfect for then; let me know if you spot a 30% off deal from American Apparel any time soon! For reference, I got this dress in a medium and it was still rather form fitting! Size up gals.

Outfit Of The Night: Christmas Velvet!

Hi loves! Here is a quick video I made on Saturday night of my outfit! I wore the new Motel Madame Dress with a super flattering sweetheat neckline (go up a size, it's very small), and my River Island creepers and leopard socks! It was super funny because my friend Vanessa wore an American Apparel velvet dress and creepers and leopard socks too! They were all different so we didn't exactly look the same, but our creeper party was on! I also wore the essential jewelled cat ears from Topshop, and most of my friends did at some point in the night too! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas; I'm a little under the weather but having a fabulous time at home. Merry Christmas! x


Haha my bedroom is SO SMALL! Evening everyone, what do you think of bigger photos? Easier to see outfits? I wore this yesterday and actually felt rather normal in it rather than rather fruity,haha! Isn't it funny how you feel totally comfortable in some things but in others you feel a bit on show? Give me a fluro maxi skirt and I'm fine!

I got this River Island maxi last year in the sale and it's a bit big so looks almost like it has a paper bag waist. Maxis are the easiest thing to wear as you don't need to worry about tights or tan and, if they are high waisted, they look right with just about any top. I got this body that looks like a corset from Berksha when I was in Madrid and it's so comfy! I'm really getting into strapless things at the moment which isn't my usual choice but once you find something that stays up, they can be great with high waisted things - which is basically all I own!

I also did a wee video too although I haven't made one in a while so I am a bit random! I'm about to book a holiday to Barcelona *fingers and toes crossed* so if you have been there before, please could you suggest any central hotels? I hope you are having a lovely week, I have a good feeling about this one! 

Recent OOTD Videos

Hey everyone! I'm in Birmingham for the weekend, woo! I just hit the cheapie high street near me for lashes and impulse beauty products, and I'm out later! Here are a few videos I haven't shared before if you're spending the weekend chilling; a night with X Factor would sound good to me too!xx

Work Outfits Video Collection 3

Hi all! I uploaded a collection of outfit videos yesterday that you might like to take a look at! Videos can be a bit hit and miss as I always watch them back and there's a little thing wrong like a bit of hair sticking up or your underwear drawer wide open in the background, haha both frequently happen to me! 

I'm making some more for this week and did one while the handy man was fixing the lock on my door this morning at 8.30am! This is also the said handy man that came into my room when I first moved in while I was just chilling in my bra, as you do, and walked right over to me without even noticing! That embarrassment seems to have disappeared though as now I have a lock, yay.

I just had my nails infilled and painted a fluro coral but I'm craving more of a pink. The salon didn't have a nice pink so I'm toying with repainting them myself. They will never look as perfect as a salon painting though! Maybe I'll be extra careful. I still haven't done much nail art recently as I still don't want my boss to think I'm a bit loony! I am also aching all over from the gym class yesterday and can't quite walk up stairs! Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of stairs everywhere.

It is a '70s summer

Maybe if you're a long time reader (which isn't hard because we're almost at the 5th year of Flying Saucer, OMG!), then you might know I have a soft spot for '70s style! Not exactly ABBA platforms and white disco suits but I love the tight denim but carefree styles in films like Dazed and Confused. If you like old American teen movies, check it out! The '70s were actually a really sexy era in my opinion because the jeans were super high waisted and tight, and there was all the free love of course! Watch that movie and I'm sure you'll agree, '70s girls were hot!

I had a huge obsession with flared jeans and lusted after a brand called 18th Amendment who made a bunch around 2007 and named them after old movie stars. They were super expensive but I randomly found a pair in a mall in Gothenburg when I studied in Sweden, knocked down to £45 from £240! I hadn't bought jeans in a while so I should of got them tighter, but today was actually the first time I've ever worn them! It took me a while to get the length altered and then there was no way I would wear heels to a lecture in final year as it wasn't worth the effort, and these look best with height. Mine are the Bacall jeans with heart pockets and Cheryl Cole even wore them once! You can still get them on eBay for bargainous prices.

They're quite hard to photograph but they are tight at the top and do flare out! I wore them in more of a '50s way I think, with a Forever 21 bodysuit, a New Look belt and white heart earrings which you can't see. I also wore my Weekday leopard wedges, also bought in Sweden! Now I really want to be asleep for midnight so I must quickly get ready for bed! I want to film my June Favourites video in the morning. Here's a video compilation of this outfit and two others from my YouTube channel; one outfit I didn't post on here is in it!xx


Hi guys! On the weekend I went to a festival in a park right by my house and the reason for the website pic above is that I randomly won a ticket! My housemate tagged me in a picture on Facebook and then they put up a status saying they were looking for a Selina, and they had actually messaged me but my Facebook doesn't work! I get notifications about ten years later. Part of the prize was to have your face in the Parklife wall, can you spot mine? It's like a Where's Wally, I've pointed it out at the end of this post! I also made a video of the day at the end too.

My housemate Sophia and I got there bright and early but as we were in the queue, a literal plague struck and it started absolutely chucking it down, and then started hailing! Some girls in front of us only had sandals on and soon it was a big rush to get to the front of the queue, so we shared our umbrellas with them and hurried to get in!

 After that downpour, the weather was fine! We hit this vitaminwater free photobooth but Sophia wasn't too happy when it created an album on her Facebook of 'great memories' hahaha. This was in a weird field where everything was all hippy dippy and a bit random. Why there were halves of baths, I do not know!

I wore a H&M bright coral maxi dress with a H&M cardigan over the top, and thankfully I didn't throw away my furry New Look booties after winter as they were perfect for the mud.

The first day was quite sunny and we had some looovely noodles at the wagamama lounge, you know we love to eat and party! Also a nice change from the greasy burger stands, even though mine is always vege! The big green ring below was a light up one from the Desperado's tent that lit up in the dark, I don't usually wear huge lime green rings haha.

The festival is one that all students go to so we didn't really consider the line up as top priority, but it was fab! Katy B had bright red hair, a girl after my own heart.

And this was Kelis! It was a dance festival so she was some light relief and said loads of weird things like how it was more fun for her than us watching, which didn't really get you enthused!

On the second day we woke to CONSTANT rain ALL day ahhhh! Mark Ronson did a really good set even though it was a total mud bath and you had to wave your umbrella around.

We also saw Darwin Deez who you might know off the New Look advert, and they did loads of funny Napoleon Dynamite-style dances in between some songs haha!

wagamama had an interactive wall where you could 'paint' a picture with a spray can (although nothing real came out of course!) and Sophia made this masterpiece of Belle and Ariel, awww!

Since it was a student festival, the mud baths turned into mud wars and people were wrestling each other in their underwear! One girl who must have been totally out of her tree managed to walk into the centre of the circle before realising where she was, and a totally muddy man floored her as she made a run for the side, poor girl!!

We ended the festival with Mystery Jets as we'd had so much dance and drum & bass all weekend! We spotted a security guard having a snooze at the side haha.

Did you notice me in the picture? How strange!

And here's a little video collection from the festival. Thank God it wasn't camping!

OOTDs Collection 1

I'm sure a lot of you are hard at work revising so if you're wanting a break, I made a few outfit videos over the week and put them together. My Motel dress is my new favourite for meetings and smart occasions, and I just took some new palazzo trousers and a maxi dress to a tailor so I can't wait to wear them! Somehow I've also bought two bikinis this year so I'm wishing for a chance to wear them too! The Palazzo Hotel is Vegas would be nice, please?!xx

30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 6

    6. A pair of pants that aren’t jeans

Almost a week of the challenge done! I did a presentation today and we handed in a 20 credit group project so things are coming to an end! No breaks yet though, I have an essay in for Monday, which is the extent of my weekend plans. 

I recorded this Outfit of the Day when I was at home and only just uploaded it as it coincidentally fits with today's challenge. I'm not sure about outfits of the day on video but they're much easier than photos, and a recorded outfit is better than no outfit! Some Youtubers who do whole 'lookbooks' of outfits that I like are BeautyCrush, SoTotallyVlog and ThePersianbabe; check them out as they're all great! It's easy to criticise outfits on film but they're entertaining to watch and I think give a tonne of inspiration, even if it's not something you would wear yourself.