My Christmas Wishlist 2016 #sp

Hey guys! Did you know I have been posting weekly vlogs recently? How did you not! I’ve been picking up my camera a little more recently, as inspired by a host of weekly vloggers who are paving the way for a more natural style of content. You will have seen in a most recent vlog that I popped over to my mom’s house to talk everything Christmas, and her house is absolute Pinterest goals.

I’m apparently notorious to buy for as I’m one of those people who will just buy everything they want themselves; I don’t like to wait! I’m really not afraid to treat myself either, but here is my list of the things that are just too indulgent for my usual weekly shop.


My mom helped me to recreate the Bailey’s Eggnog recipe from thebar.com to enjoy as we nattered. It's one of their Christmas cocktails and it was darn delicious! Christmas is the time to indulge in everything rich and warming, and this recipe incorporates classic Baileys with spicy cinnamon. Heavenly!

This post is sponsored by Diageo. All thoughts are my own!

Crochet Crazy

I don't find the weather alters my wardrobe needs but rather I only buy things for any upcoming occasions or events. I plan my outfits in advance of any calendar entry instead of stocking up on seasonal items or having a huge splurge, and at the moment I am only considering that I have a few festivals and my birthday coming up this season. After that, we are into a whole other realm of clothing as we pull out our winter threads (sorry for saying that!). Who knows how the weather will fare - all I know is I have enough sunny day outfits stocked up and I don't really need anything right now, like say how you might need a winter coat to stave off frostbite. I already have my Wireless and V Fest outfits sorted!

However, welcome all the things I simply want! A lust list is different as it may not even be things that would suit you but you find yourself reblogging and repinning until you realise these things really would make your life that little bit better. Or at least your wardrobe! Right now I've been searching pictures of crochet everything and one eBay search for crochet kimonos lead to a ShopStyle search for crochet dresses and now I'm hovering with my debit card thinking where can I wear such an item?! A festival maybe, but what about the mud? A club maybe, but wouldn't it be a bit hot? Will it look like a carpet or beach dress? I do believe if you are going to go for a trend, you need to go the full way and really invest in it so I saw the fashion blogger favourite crochet brand Emma on Karla's Closet and it was as though the fashion Gods had sent it straight to me. 

Emma not only has a fantastic selection of midi, maxi, tight and lose dresses, but they all come in cream OR white, and they are ethically sourced. The dresses are handmade in Zimbabwe and each purchase contributes to kids and families in Zimbabwe. There are also sweet quotes accompanying each dress such as 'When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch you' and 'Be the change you want to see in the world.'

The question is whether to indulge in your trend lustings or let the urge pass you by and wait for another to overtake? Or in my case, the answer is to take a few old trends you did invest in, sell them on eBay, and raise your own funds to invest in your latest trend love!

I've seen a few bloggers in the middle ASOS dress but a mini one would suit better for me. The white one on the right could be perfect but something isn't quite right, maybe it's a little more like lace than crochet? If the black was in white then it would be 100% mine!

The Missguided ombré dress is super sweet but I wanted pure white and inky grey tones don't suit me as much, and the black dress could be perfect but maybe the super hot model could make anything look great?! The Emma dresses seem the way to go, but I haven't bitten yet. I'll see if the urge passes!

Bring Me Sunshine

The photo of these shorts has been circulating on Tumblr for a few days and they have been tracked down to a new American Apparel pair. Hello beauties! I don't have a particularly short body and I have a definite booty so high waisted things never sit very high on me, but American Apparel has the highest of high waisted bottoms out there. My Riding Pants definitely hit above my belly button! So I'm hoping these Bull Shorts will have a great fit and I love the chunky cuff too. 

For some reason I've gone off skirts for the moment as dare I say it, I'm swaying from my girly looks to something hopefully a little more chic and grown up! Still of course with some nail gems and sugary phone cases thrown in, but a little more streamlined maybe. We'll see! I'm not wearing my skater skirts mostly because I'm not a fan of tights in spring and at the moment it's too chilly to go bare legged. At the moment I'm living in high waisted jeggings and I would only wear these shorts with bare legs too, but next week a heat wave is coming right?! We'll also see! Motel shorts are pretty high waisted too but I think American Apparel go the each inch, and it's one of those shops where everything fits me. I don't have as much luck with Arcadia!

I was told there is a 20% off night in the Bristol AA store on Friday when I was in there this Saturday comparing Topshop's Joni Jeans with their Easy Jean, but I was planning on travelling home straight from work. I will wait to see if AA will release an online code for the bank holiday and maybe snap them up then after payday! I know they will be fab quality and these are the only things on my fashion wishlist at the moment!

Get in my wardrobe

Fashion week is approaching and so is a sudden new urge to shop, shop, shop! I think it's all hormonal as some weeks I'm obsessed with cleaning and sorting, and sometimes I just want a bunch of new things instantly. I'm obsessed with crop tops for every season so this New Look one is off shoulder perfection; yes I am signing up to off-shoulder-obsessed-anonymous meetings soon! I've never tried a frilled skirt but the way this Miss Selfridge skirt is half bodycon and half peplum seems a winner. I haven't wore my bargain Zara ankle strap heels yet but these with spikes are equally as beautiful.
I want some elaborate earrings ASAP and these ASOS cuties are right up my street, but I'm not keen on ordering online though so I expect there is something similar in H&M. A feathered clutch is something I would SO snap up right now but I'm looking for the perfect one, and this Miss Selfridge beauty has a chain strap too, so I'm considering getting it in my life. And lastly, I have all the Gucci perfumes and Gucci by Gucci is my favourite for a night out, so I really want to try Gucci Premiére. Maybe a Valentine's present to myself?

Glam Happenings

I feel very lacking in the glamour department as of late and want a few gloriously fabulous things in my life! Things that are just damn fabulous. I'm starting my Christmas shopping on Saturday and may look around for a few cheeky pieces for myself. I desperately need some new heels as my feet have shrunk a size for some reason and I keep falling out of my own! My friend has these Topshop Lassie Platforms in black and cork and they are the kind that make a statement but basically look great with everything. The brown with black straps are probably most versatile but these leopard ones would be quite amazing. They are super high but look really comfy, and £55 is a decent Topshop shoe price.

I let myself loose in Oxford Circus Topshop the day after the Motel bloggers party in London (woo!) but it was cut even shorter when an alarm went off and everyone was somewhat calmly evacuated. I had walked through Miss Selfridge and spotted this glitter encrusted bag covered in studs, complete with a handy hand strap (hoho), and dubbed it my next 'going out' bag. You can't see all the studs in the picture but it is covered! Alas this purchase wasn't meant to be as I had to leave the shop with everyone else quite sharpish after the alarm started, but I'm going to go to Miss S here on Saturday to have a closer look. £30 made me wince a little though!

Topshop has some wedges like this a while ago that were simply a blast of iridescent glitter, and hopefully these New Look versions will be the same. I just fancied a bit of sparkle, and if the glitter is multicoloured then they should look a lot more expensive. If not, maybe not.

And lastly, I still can't think of a colour to get my nails painted on Saturday apart from white with glitter over the top again! Hmmm! Topshop's Rising Star polish would be perfect over a pearly white polish, but I haven't bought my own in ages since realising I might as well use the salon selection always!

Monki for the UK!

With shipping at  €6, I am SO EXCITED that Monki now has an online store that ships to the UK! They're part of the H&M group so I shopped at Monki loads when I lived in Sweden as it's the most amazing shop. Everything is sweet but edgy, great quality but oversized and comfortable, and totally unique but not too 'out there'. Here is my current wishlist, clockwise from the top left:

Johanna Blouse: I'm looking for a lovely printed blouse and this merged geometric pattern it almost right! It has a gorgeous batwing fit too which would look great with more fitted bottoms and block ankle boots.

Patricia Top: This lace crop top is the sort of thing I know I will WEAR, it would go with everything!

Siliva Blouse: The peter pan collar shirt would be fab with a colour pop skirt and black tights for a bit of a '60s look.

Mona Boots: These are the ultimate '90s boots! So clumpy and chunky, they would make any outfit 100 times cooler.

Cara Top: Ah how cute is this top!!! I'm not sure how it would look with your actual hair over it but I love the idea.

Katy Top: I love the Monki family so this tee would be an ode to those cute critters!

Oki: If you are placing an order, you have to get one of the giant Monki teddies! I made sure I brought Oki home even though I had £80 over baggage fees when I left Sweden, but it was worth it as he's so cute and velvety soft!

Fran Top: I love a cropped top with long sleeves! A super flattering fit and perfect with high waisted skirts.

None of these things are quite amazing enough to place an order although they are damn good prices. However I can't think of Monki without thinking of it's edgier twin shop Weekday, and when I had a browse of their site, I spotted these amazing boots! I'm obsessed with navy/grey at the moment but nude looks so great with black, and they are only 50 euros each! I have the sudden need to order them through Filippa's shopping service from Sweden but I can't decide! I love the slanted heel of the grey middle pair but the higher pairs go that extra fabulous mile. Decisions decisions!

Work Wishlist 3

How fast has this week gone?! I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow. Usually the first week of term goes really slowly as you have new classes, but I'm only in three days a week, but I work the other two weekdays. I can't believe this is my last term, sob! The last term of being a student. Work hard, play hard? My classes have way more seminars than usual and a lot of group work, and I have my dissertation in soon, so I'm really busy! Not too busy to check out the shops though, as I did after I had my hair cut on Tuesday. There is absolutely nothing I like! I'm really fed up of camel and anything forest green/burgundy/mustard. So like most Spring/Summers, you just have to do your own thing! There are some trends that I like though and I've got my eye out for a few things, but I'm trying to save for maybe a summer holiday. I picked up Elle Collections in WHSmith and put it straight back down because this season is so varied, it's hard to group major trends and really invest in them. I'm looking out for the high street supplements of all the mags though!

I'm not sure how much I'll be paid tomorrow but if I get my tax back, I might buy a few things I've been admiring this week! I was off work over exams but actually I do really love my job and it's almost therapeutic to tidy or stand at the fitting room for a few hours. I would probably value the days off if I had them free for uni work, but I think working in a store is key if you want to get a job in retail or fashion! The main thing I've got my eye on at the moment is shoes. I want some with a sliiight heel so you can wear maxi dresses that aren't dragging along the floor. These suede wedges are pretty perfect but around 4 inches, which is a bit too high for daytime. I'll have to try them on and see as we don't have them in our store yet! Remember I had these flat studded shoes in a previous wishlist but in black? The nude/lilac pair is online now, the original pair I wanted, and they're sooo nice in real life. They'd be amazing with bare legs. The extra studded lilac pair are tooo fabulous haha! You remember the grey heels I have with the bows on from Miss Selfridge? They're too scuffed to clean now but I might try to spray paint them black, have any of you had any joy with anything like that?

I also need some new jeans/leggings/jeggings whatever you want to call them! I haven't worn a short skirt in ages and ages! I don't have any I really love anymore. That reminds me that I haven't shown you my new coat! Will try and do an outfit post tomorrow. The ankle zipper jeggings are reallllly soft and the light blue pair just look comfy. That's what I like wearing nowadays, just cute shoes/boots and concentrate more on hair and makeup rather than a crazy outfit. I need a new uni bag since I haven't got mine back yet and I'm not sure I want to use it now even if I do! I like this lace covered bag as it's quite chunky, but I don't love it enough to buy it yet. I'm terrible at shopping for bags as I just see them as purely functional and never find the 'perfect' bag. I need a new going-out bag but can't find anything! I've never used a clutch and I don't want to risk it in case I put it down and dance off! And lastly, this maxi dress is so pretty in real life, the print is like the sky! It's so light that it would be amazing over a bikini on a beach. And it's only £5 in the sale! I seriously need a holiday to look forward to!!

Wishlist of desperation!

Oh gosh, revision is sending me insane! Just the thought of two weeks more of zero fun makes me a feel a bit mental. I'm either going to quit my life or spend lots of money! Or I'll actually just revise solidly, accompanied by my revision essentials: Ribena, choc and lots of felt tips. I have to get my room really tidy, check all my emails, and do everything possibly distracting, then I'm on a role! I'm also on holiday from work over my exam timetable, which is OK but I do love my job! Especially as I do a mini shop during my shifts, checking out all the new stuff. I'm quite keen to try on some 'palazzo' trousers that everywhere is bringing out, but I don't know if I'd wear them. It's the whole problem of having to wear them with heels, so you never end up wearing them because you don't often wear heels. I know I'll wear heels to a lecture once in a blue moon! But I know I'll get wear out of my wedges with flared jeans this season, another thing every shop has now. I'm hoping to wear them with slouchy tshirts like this Wildfox one, although I'm not sure about the 'one size' fit, does anyone know how big that is? I did an internship at a PR agency that represented Wildfox and there was a huge box with about 300 Wildfox tshirts in it!

High waisted flares could also look fab with this cropped jumper from ASOS, that I just spotted on Niotillfem looking lovely. Sometimes cropped things feel a bit weird though; I always go to pull them down! Speaking of florals, I already own this Motel dress in black but I love the floral version! I also really like the sheer shirt dress that looks great in the Nasty Gal lookbook. Remember you can get 20% off Motel with my discount code in my sidebar! However I promised myself I'd spend only the money I earn in my wages on things like clothes and makeup, and my student loan on all the sensible things like rent/food/books etc. So back to revision it is! I can't wait until January 28th!!! But then it will be dissertation central. Uh ohhh!