A Quest For Lazer

Hey guys! Hmm I'm not sure where to start with catching up with you, I've had a few weeks of busy, busy weekends and busy, busy weekdays. By busy, I mean travelling lots to see family and friends and then keeping all of you fashion shoppers stocked with the latest Motel offerings. In my eyes there's always something productive to do so you won't often find me without a to-do list, and in the past few weeks I've continued to eBay like crazy too. I've made a tidy sum to save for a rainy day so the lengthy uploading process and lunch time trips to the post office do pay off.

I'm hoping I'll have more exciting outfits to share when the weather heats up, but right now we are stalling through a chilly spring and I have stayed true to my spring-means-trousers habit. I think I tend to always go for trousers during this time of year because I don't like to wear black tights when the days are light and breezy, and it's definitely not time to get your legs out yet. Enter my new Topshop joggers, which I actually got on eBay for £6. I was hunting some 'smart' joggers for a few weeks and Topshop only had pairs with graffiti prints, but some searching on good old eBay lead me to these. 

I had so many outfits in mind when pairing these with my ASOS ankle strap nude shoes. I've worn them SO much, literally every day to work, as they add a totally chic twist to every outfit. Kitten heels may be small but they make as much of an impact as towering heels do. They also feel very grown up and ladylike! 

I'm also still chuffed with the Zara lazer leather sweater I managed to find in the Birmingham store. I don't really shop a lot nowadays as I had a much larger disposable income when I was a student, but I am a lucky shopper and always seem to find popular, sell-out items. There are so many things to love about this sweater, from the faux leather applique front to the quilted sleeves to the sheer back panel. It's also the easiest thing to quickly throw on but will look eternally chic, so it's perfect for a grab-and-go outfit that still looks smart. I've streamlined my wardrobe so I can find an outfit in five minutes that will have as much effect as one that was carefully pulled together in twenty minutes by investing in easy pieces like this and not buying filler things like plain leggings or cardigans.

I hope that gives a snapshot of where my wardrobe is in terms of fashion lately; this blog has seen me go through so many different styles and inspirations over the years! You can also see my Tumblr for what I am feeling at the moment but I'm excited to bring more real-time outfits to this blog soon... and maybe with some sunshine too!

coats that came and went

I'm getting a little panicky. The perfect suits everything, wearable with camel, not too scary, fresh new coat has not appeared. Really I want something to go with longer skirts so maybe I should start looking at jackets? That way it will be cheaper and wearable right away. I went into town on Thursday (after work, hence the jeans) to run some errands and check out coats. I walked in one side of Topshop and walked straight out the other because I wouldn't get a coat from there as I don't think the quality is great for the price and I'd worry someone else would probably have it. I attend lectures with about 150 girls and guaranteed they all shop in Topshop! I find things from there stand out so much that they're harder to camouflage into your own style. I checked out H&M and saw that cape I posted below, but as someone commented, it is really orange in real life and very thin. I tried on one of the androgynous over-sized camel coats but they don't suit me at all!

I made a beeline for River Island because of my discount and saw this coat I'd spotted online. For some reason it's not there anymore though and I can't imagine it sold out! There was almost one of every size in store. I really love this coat as it has a sort of Icelandic feel which reminds me of Scandinavia and it has the best flared skirt but is still short. Also I LOVE pom poms!! But if the whole point was getting a coat to wear over 50's style high waisted thick skirts and maxi dresses, this wouldn't be a good investment and I'd be back to square one! Also it's a little bit too different and thus attention grabbing so I wouldn't be totally comfortable wearing this every day. There's some styles like child's dresses and 70's wear and sailor stuff that feels so natural that I don't think twice about wearing them at all, but if it were a day when I just wanted to go about my business quickly or didn't feel great, I wouldn't pick out this coat for that day. The same thing is with my purple Reiss coat but because that's such amazing quality, I try to remind myself it's just the colour that some days makes it feel a bit too noticeable, and a colour is a colour, no big deal!


I think I'd get that coat if it wasn't totally different to what I'm looking for. I had an incredible coat from Zara a few years ago and wore it for two winters, and would wear it again! It's 60's A-line with a peter pan collar and cropped sleeves, in a subtle black brocade print which has now seen better days. The lining is ripped to shreds! Back then in about 2006 it was only £89 but I tried on this creased, plain coat that day in Zara and it was £99!? I really liked the sleeves and the huge belt at the back but the creases made it seem such bad quality for the price. I also realised I won't be getting a camel coloured coat. The main reason is because I think it's too many of the same tones with my hair already being an orangey/tan colour! In some ways it could work but I'd rather be able to buy a few camel coloured things, and I already have a camel coloured bag.

Ah the search continues, not cool! Maybe I'll start scouting jackets.